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Abstract: The all-mighty Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), USA’s “invisible” government / State Dept., was founded by the Rothschild agents, the Jesuit-trained Communists, Edward Mandell House, and Paul Warburg in 1921. These two were also the driving forces behind the Coup d’Etat of Rothschilds FED in 1913. Furthermore, House was the driving force behind Pres. Wilson’s 14 points and the Treaty of Versailles. Now this private club is planning to take control of the whole world by the “study program” of the former chairman of the CFR, Knight of Malta/Jesuit David Rockefeller. Therefore, the CFR has consolidated its activity with an umbrella organization, the Council of Councils, for its daughter clubs in most G-20 countries.

The founding meeting of the Board of Directors was held on 12 March 2012. The participants addressed four main topics: • The general state of world government and multilateral cooperation • The status of nuclear non-proliferation (with a focus on Iran) • The future of the dollar as the reserve currency of the world • The criteria for humanitarian intervention in the wake of the regime change in Libya and the ongoing crisis in Syria.

The linked documents repeat what we see being continuously played out on the world stage to an extent that they are better understood as a blueprint. The above issues can best be distilled into the following 5 guidelines: 1: regulation of the global economic collapse and the loss of the dollar as a global reserve currency.2. Control “humanitarian intervention” and regime change by UN representatives. 3. Control of Eurasia, i.e. China’s economic and Russia´s political influence. 4.Regulation of nuclear “rogue states.” 5. Internet governance. The solutions will be discussed at think tank conferences in a wide range of disciplines of geopolitics, science, health, economics and communication - it is all merging into a global agenda for the central control.

The CFR is governed by Talmudists, i.e. Pharisaic Frankists to which Rothschild is committed. A special variety of these Pharisees are the crypto-Jews who converted to Catholicism under the name of “Jesuits” (founded 1534), led by Ignatius Loyola and specialized in infiltration - but  secretly working for the Talmudic program. Supposedly, they have now taken over the Vatican and have merged with the Knights of Malta - including a number of non-Jewish prominences such as the Presidents Ford and HW Bush, Zbigniew Brzezinski and board members of the CFR. A majority of the board of the CFR are Jesuits - as well as many universities, colleges and politicians in the USA, like Vice President Joe Biden. Even with CFRs Trilateral Commission, the Vatican is involved - and Freemasonry seems to have penetrated the Vatican.

Supposedly, the Jesuits / Knights of Malta rule  the * United Nations * NATO * European Commission * Council on Foreign Relations * various central banks * corporations * secret services * numerous societies and cults, such as Freemasonry (”The Brotherhood”) and Opus Dei

No wonder, as the man behind the Illuminati cabal, Rothschild puppet Adam Weishaupt, was himself a Jesuit. These Jesuits seem to stick behind the Satanism in the Vatican. I do not know if Rothschild controls the Jesuits, or vice versa - but in fact, Rothschilds Money does rule the world. The whole seems to be merged into the NWO. Coleman´s  Comittee of 300 around Rothschild may just be the Maltese / Jesuit order.

On 5 Jan. 2013, The News Mirror writes: … Frank Schirrmacher (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) has composed an entire book: “Do what you want is your entire law”. This book tells how, after the end of the Cold War, a new Cold War in the heart of our society was opened. It is the story of a manipulation, Sixty years of military and economists  developing the theoretical model of a human being: a selfish creature who isonly concerned with the achievement of its objectives to its advantage and tricking the other: a modern Homo economicus. The homo economicus is already working hard on a new world order. The creature of the military and economists is the perfect homo Satanicus that will ultimately find it totally “cool”, to burn up in a nuclear explosion for the benefit of its Redeemer.

That seems to be the goal of the CFR Board of Directors on behalf of the NWO. In other words, the Devil and his NWO are at large - and will do anything to create chaos and force people away from the only ennobling factor in history, Jesus Christ - blame their wickedness in the name of their corrupted churches on him. However, the time of the Jesuits / Talmudists will be short.


“Some governments are prepared to give up elements of sovereignty to address the threat of global climate change. All of this suggests that sovereignty must be redefined if states are to cope with globalization” . According the CFR, the only answer to this predicament is a progressive weakening of national sovereignty and a steady move to global government – or anarchy. “Sovereignty is no longer a sanctuary.” (CFR Pres. Richard Haas).

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister and chairman of the euro group until 1 Jan. 2013, Jean-Claude Juncker, is not known for his ability to lie. A little prophetically he warned the assembled press of Luxembourg, the year 2013 could be the year before war, such as the year 1913 was, when all people believed in peace until the war came. (“Alles Schall und Rauch” 9. Jan. 2013).


Documentation of Abstract

Time and again, I come to think of  Comte de Virieu (David Allen Rivera), a Mason from the Martiniste lodge at Lyons, upon his return home, when questioned about the Congress (Wilhelmsbad 1781 – where the Illuminati tookcontrol of the Freemason lodges, said: “I will not confide them to you. I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out, that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape it.”

Once upon a time, not so long ago, mentioning the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers etc.  as the rulers of the world  stamped you as a contemptible “conspiray theorist”. Now the leaders of these “secret societies” speak openly up about their conspiracy clubs (video below).

The Council of Councils
Activist Post 29 Dec. 2012:  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has launched an initiative called The Council of Councils. The title of the round table was Challenges for Global Governance in 2013. Here is a list of international founding CFR Institutions.

The party of the non-partisan CFR is the One World Party. The writings of elite think tanks tell us explicitly what the plan is: benefitting those in favor of a one world system and centralized control.

Just as we have seen from other think tanks such as the  Project for a New American Century -  with an impressive list of participants, incl. Pres. Bush, Ronald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, The Royal Society, which plays God with climate and our brains and the Brookings Institution, among others their thoughts translate to reality on a less-than-coincidental frequency.

The Council of Councils Inaugural Conference March 12, 2012—March 13, 2012. Participants tackled four major themes: • The overall state of global governance and multilateral cooperation • The status of the nuclear nonproliferation regime (with a focus on Iran) • The dollar’s future as the world’s reserve currency • The criteria for humanitarian intervention, in the wake of regime change in Libya, and an ongoing crisis in Syria.

The linked documents echo what we see currently playing out on the world stage to such an extent that they are better understood as a blueprint. The themes above can best be distilled into the following 5 directives: 1. Managing global economic collapse and the loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency (stabilizing the global financial system). 2. Managing “humanitarian intervention” through UN representation (fulfilling the narrative of abusive dictators in need of regime change). 3. Managing Eurasia, i.e. China’s economic influence and Russia’s political influence (Asia trade liberalization and Russian G20 chairmanship). 4. Managing nuclear “rogue states (Iran and North Korea - “proliferation”). 5. Managing the Internet (Cybersecurity and related institutions). The solutions being discussed at think tank conferences in a wide range of disciplines from geopolitics, to science, to health, to economics and communications are all beginning to coalesce into an overall agenda of centralized control.

Edward-mandell-houseThe Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
was founded in 1921 by the same forces that were behind the FED: The Rothschild agents, the   Jesuit (see belowEdward Mandel House (right) and Paul Warburg. House, a close friend of Pres. Wilson,  helped Wilson outline his Fourteen Points, and worked with the president on the drafting of the Treaty of Versailles and the Covenant of the League of Nations. House served on the League of Nations Commission on Mandates with Lord Milner (behind the Balfour Declaration by Cecil Rhodes/Rothschild´s Round Table).

Edward Mandell House and some of his schoolmates were also members of Cecil Rhodes/Rothschild´s Round Table group, which had four pet projects: a graduated income tax, a central bank in the USA, creation of a Central Intelligence Agency, and the League of Nations. The Group would take control of the State Department (see video below) and formulate government policy. The Group would control the CIA which would gather information about people, and script and produce psycho-political operations focused at the people to influence them to act in accord with Round Table Group State Department policy decisions. The Group would work to consolidate all the nations of the world into a single nation, with a single central bank under their control, and a single International Security System.  The Group would control the Universities by controlling the sources of their funding.  The Round Table was split into the British Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFA.

Edward Mandell House had this to say in a private meeting with President Woodrow Wilson: “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.  By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent,  forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call  “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.” House was born in Texas where he was the master of the Ku Klux Klan. The CFR wants to rule the world by means of David Rockefeller´s Study Program. To this belongs the Rockefeller Foundation´s Depopulation Program

The Journal of History 2011:  Baruch and Edward Mandel House were the day-to-day decision makers in the American branch of the London based Round Table of Cecil Rhodes. In the 1950s, yet more confirmation of how the First World War was manipulated was revealed by a US Congressional investigation into the Tax Exempt Foundations in the USA, like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace which the investigation found was manipulating WAR! The CFR has established a European daughter club through George Soros, German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer and Danish prime minister, Helle Thorning Schmidt, i.a.

Beginning in 1939 and lasting for five years, the Council achieved much greater prominence within the government and the State Department when it established the strictly confidential War and Peace Studies, funded entirely by the Rockefeller Foundation. Today it is an impressive power factor – in fact USA´s invisible unelected foreign ministry. Its members have to be US or Canadian citizens. Its corporate members are breathtaking – including Rothschild North America. Here are some of the well-known persons who are CFR members

The Pharisaic CFR and the Vatican are intimatlely interwoven Cfr-richard-haasZbigniew Brzezinski

Left: The evil spirit behind 5 US-Presidents, the CFR member Zbigniew Brzezinski, Knight of -Malta and a Jesuit. He is a Bilderberger and founder of the Trilateral Commission. Right: Jewish CFR chairman, Richard Haass, a Mason and papal court zionist. Below Right: CFR member, US vice-president  Joseph Biden: Papal Knight and Jesuit Temple co-adjutor . Also, the new CIA Boss, John Brennan, is a Jesuit, acc. to The Washington Post. Acc. to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities 30 alumni from the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities are currently serving in appointed positions to President Barack Obama.
Members of the Obama administration from AJCU institutions include Department of Defense Secretary CFR member Robert M. Gates, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Leon E. Panetta, Office of Management and Budget Director Jacob Lew (now appointed Secr. of the Treasury by Obama, and White House Chief of Staff William Daley  as well as CFR-member Secretary of State, John Kerry.


The CFR was created  by a Jesuit member of Rhodes/Rothschild´s Round Table
Colonel Edward Mandell House was an undercover Jesuit whose loyalty is to serve the Jesuit General (Society Of Jesus) w/ H.Q. in the Vatican Roma. The Cephas Library writes:  Edward Mandell House was a Jesuit. The late and high-ranking ex-Jesuit priest “Alberto Rivera” stated that the Jesuit Fathers are masters of deceit and well-known in factual world history as experts in deep infiltrations whether in government or private sectors. In the field of science, there are so many Jesuits who are seismologists, geologists, astronomers, doctors. There are Jesuit priests who are conducting seminars in the military & police organization. They are even present in the Trade Union Conference together with many businessmen, businesswomen, industrialists, and economists.The Jesuits are also busy in worldwide financial affairs, like their 51% share in the Bank Of America and being owners of the Lockheed Martin Corp. (Aviation & Space Defense Contractor) for the U.S. government and other countries. Manufacturer and suppliers of F-16 and F-22 advance jet fighters and space satellites for the NASA.

There are also evangelists or preachers shown in televisions posing as Protestants, Baptists, or other Christian faith denominations. In the secret societies particularly Freemasonry (Masonic Lodges), there are actually Jesuit priests who are also active freemasons. There are also Jesuit priest who are members of the Masonic organization of elite people like the Rotary Club International. Pope-trilateral commission
Catholic News 23 dec. 2010: If there’s one clear conclusion that can be drawn from the Vatican-related WikiLeaks disclosures, it’s that the United States takes the Vatican and its diplomatic activity very seriously. One “confidential” cable boiled it down to the simplest terms: “The Vatican strives to translate its religious beliefs and its humanitarian concerns into concrete policies.”

Pope-trilateral_commission-apr_18_1983.jpg2In 1983 Pope John Paul II made this speech to Rockefeller-Brzezinski´s NWO Trilateral Commission

Who are the Jesuits?
Bibliothecapleyades:  The Jesuit Order is an almost 500-year old covert operations, geo-political, male-only organization, structured as a secret military operation: demanding secret oaths and complete obedience to each direct superior, which is ultimately the Superior General (often nicknamed as the Black Pope, since he dresses in black and ’stands in the shadow’ of the white Pope).The Jesuit Order is since 1814 in complete control of the - obscenely wealthy - Vatican institution (and its Catholic clergy hierarchy) and presently also controls various other organizations together with the Military Order of Malta, such as: * the United Nations * NATO * European Commission *Council on Foreign Relations *various central banks * big corporations *secret services *numerous societies and cults, such as Freemasonry (”The Brotherhood”) and Opus Dei.

It and the Knights of Malta are being accused of a sea of misdeeds normally placed on the NWO banksters. No wonder. The jesuits were founded by the Crypto/Marrano Jew Ignatius Loyola and is a Jewish organisation apparently converted to Catholicism while pursuing the agenda of the Talmudic Pharisees Adam Weishaupt who founded Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s Illuminati was himself a Jesuit. In 1781 (Wilhelmsbad) Rothschild´s Illuminati took control over the Freemason lodges. The Illuminati have since then been behind all revolutions.

Jesuits in the Council on Foreign Relations
Jesuit-Joseph-OHare-2006The Vatican Assassins brings a long series of jesuit CFR members  The first of two Co-Chairmen of the CFR is Carla A. Hills. She held high positions under the Knights of Malta/Jesuit presidents Ford and H.W. Bush. She is part of the Executive Committee of the Trilateral Commission. Another one of the three chairmen of the Trilateral Commission (Peter Sutherland, former EU Commissioner – now UN adviser – demanding the EU to undermine nation states) was Jesuit-trained at Gonzaga College.

Right: The New York Jesuit of supreme power overseeing Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s Council on Foreign Relations is Jesuit Priest Joseph A. O’Hare.  He is a presider of the CFR. O’Hare was also responsible for putting papal “Court Jew” and CFR-member Michael R. Bloomberg into the mayor’s office of New York City.

Co-Chairman of the CFR is Jewish Freemason Robert E. Rubin, who served under President Bill Clinton.  He was a Clinton crony.  Rubin’s ties to Clinton are interesting, since Bill Clinton was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University, where he was close to the Jesuit faculty. Rubin has served on the board of the Center for National Policy (CNP), which is led by it’s President, Roman Catholic Tim Roemer (another graduate of the Roman Catholic University of Notre Dame as is CFR member and past Secretary of State, the mulatto CFR member Condolezza Rice).

The Vice Chairman of the CFR is Jewish Freemason, Richard E. Salomon, a senior adviser to the Jesuit cohort Knight of Malta and previous CFR Chairman David Rockefeller. Former CFR Pres. Peter Peterson, holding an honorary degree from Jesuit Georgetown University,

The President of the CFR is another Freemasonic papal court Jew, Richard Haass, a member of the Jesuit/Knight of Malta-controlled Bilderberg Group Haass is also a Rhodes Scholar (Rhodes Scholarships have been given out to Jesuit grads, in many cases). As is the typical Jesuit modus operandi: the Freemasonic Jews are placed in the foreground, while the White Gentile Jesuits and Papal Knights direct all policies from the background! A long series of CFR members are mentioned.

Thus, the Illuminati Council of Councils is deeply interwoven with the Vatican


The artist behind the bronze statue in Pope Paul VI´s Audience Hall in the Vatican is Pericle Fazzini. It shows the ascent of Christ from a nuclear bomb crater (Rome Reports 8. Okt. 2011). This Christ comes from below - not from above (Matth. 25) - and is therefore to be seen as the Antichrist. Paul VI was a masonic, anti-Christian anti-pope and Jewish High Priest, in his signature he had the number of 666, the number of the Antichrist (Revelation 13:18).
Paul666signature.2 jpg

However, there is strong evidence, i.a. by a Pinkerton detective,  that the
consecrated Paul VI was replaced by an impostor  pope, in order to promote the Marxist NWO through the spiritual influence of the church.
The Popes Johannes Paul II and Benedict XVI have reportedly had
Jewish Mothers and was/is clearly working for the NWO.


Paul VI and Impostor

The U.S. wants to lead the NWO politically by any means - including military
Nachrichtenspiegel 5 Jan. 2013: The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) represented i.a. the following propositions: American leadership is both good for the United States of America and for the world. * Such leadership requires military strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principles. * A multi-polar world has not secured the peace, but always led to wars. * The United States Government should capitalize on its technological and economic superiority in order to use all means  to achieve undisputed superiority - including military.
As world policeman” (or “world-order-keeper), the United States would have the power to maintain law and order in accordance with the standards set by the U.S. - if need be, without consultation with or consideration for allies and other supranational organizations, contracts and other legal liabilities (unilateralism

NWO-pyramidWe are dealing with a bunch of haughty Pharisaic elitists who have bought the world by means of their money. They have never been elected und have nevertheless grabbed the government over a world of “useless eaters”.
This hierarchy is pyramidal with the Rothschilds and its Jesuits at the top – and a lot of influential organisations below them to implement their NWO-policies (i.a. The Council on Foreign relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers – and the Club of Rome as their Communist brain trust. These organisations corrupt and intimidate politicians through their media and Free Mason lodges, their strongest weapons being their money and knowledge of dark sides of their politician slaves. At the bottom are we, “the useless eaters” – whose number is to be reduced to maximally 500 mio. (Georgia Guidestones).

Our total social order has been hijacked by the top of the NWO – in such clever manner that almost nobody has noticed it. All under the umbrella of “Pth! Conspiracy theory”. Dear fellow humans:Most of you are brainwashed and fooled – and you love it.

Nachrichtenspiegel 5 Jan. 2013: “Do what you want” be your whole law” … Frank Schirrmacher (FAZ) has written an entire book on it, which is currently being hotly discussed, although it has not yet come out.

This book tells how, after the end of the Cold War, a new Cold War opens in the heart of our society. It is the story of a manipulation: Sixty years ago, the theoretical model of a human being was developed by military and economists. A selfish creature that was only concerned about the achievement of its own objectives, to its advantage and tricking the other: a modern Homo economicus. The homo economicus is already working hard on a new world order. The creature from the military and economists is the perfect homo Satanicus that finds it will ultimately be totally “cool” to burn up in a nuclear explosion for the benefit of his Redeemer.

The Council of Councils like the CFR and like any other NWO organsation will pretend humanism – but practice wars and plundering of a brainwashed mankind.

In other words, the Devil and his NWO gang is at large - and will do anything to create chaos and to force mankind away from the only ennobling factor in history, Jesus Christ, by discrediting him for their wickedness in the name of and by means of the corrupted churches.

Abstract: “Socialist” Danish Prime Minister, former rotating EU president, Bilderberger and co-founder of George Soros’ European Council on Foreign Relations, has a husband, Stephen Kinnock, son of former EU Commissioner and Chairman of the Labour Party, Neil Kinnock, and MEP and European Affairs Glenys Kinnock. Stephen lived in Switzerland and worked for the NWO capitalist / corporate WEF (Davos), but stays a long in Denmark and works from here. Under the existing rules, he was taxable in Denmark - but paid no taxes there. Great scandal in the newspapers! But TAX Copenhagen made the case legal: secretly changed - probably after political pressure - the previous 18-year-old rule in the middle of the proceedings, which had made Kinnock taxable in Denmark – whereupon he was not taxable. Then, ´the boss of TAX Copenhagen and his assistant, were profitably promoted, according to former Minister Karen Jespersen.

That the EU is suffering badly from corruption is well known.

Danish MEP Morten Messerschmidt does not have much good to report on the EU system: wasting money on the altar of vanity, reflected by the fact that both the EU Parliament and the EU Commission maintain separate information centers in the member states and the United States (apart from the fact that the EU are building an embassy system in addition to the national embassies throughout the world). Sometimes Parliament and Commission offices  exist under the same roof.

The EU has at least 52 agencies, departments, directorates and think tanks - let’s call them growths - which currently cost about 20 billion Danish Kroner a year. The vast majority are unnecessary, and were they closed  only employees would notice that they were gone.

Take for example the EIGE, the European Institute for Gender Equality. EIGE costs taxpayers almost 58 million this year. But the EU is paying in advance to other instances with the same task: The EU Commission’s Advisory Board on Gender Equality, which comprises 68 members.The EU parliament has its Equality FEMM, which comprises 74 MEPs. The EU pays in advance for the European Women’s Lobby, which is a platform of countless women’s and gender associations. And additionally, all nationally funded organizations.

But what is being given to taxpayers for the 58 million DKr a year for the Foundation of EIGE? Numerous reports like “Gender, Equality and Climate Change” in the EU. Some excerpts from the “Gender Dimension of Climate Changes “:
“The gender dimension of climate change  has not yet occupied much space in the debate in the EU and other industrialized countries, but it is an important issue that should be examined, as the socially constructed roles and identities as well as the underlying distribution of power affects the way women and men contribute to, experience and respond to climate change.”
“One of the differences is that more women than men are affected by extreme weather events.” “The level of care and care work could increase as a result of climate change health effects or due to natural disasters, and thus put additional pressure on those with primary responsibility for this work.”. ” The few quantitative data available suggest that women emit fewer greenhouse gases than men.”. “There is a tendency for women to travel in a more sustainable way than men. “.” Women are more dependent on public transport, because fewer of them have cars”.
“Women usually spend more time indoors … and are more dependent on heating.” “Women are better advocates than men for political intervention to reduce private car driving.”

The report strongly suggests that women are aware of climate change, men almost indifferent to it, and therefore, more women are to have political influence before we perish. But if you take a look at the answers to questions by the two sexes, the differences are minimal! However, the EIGE  succeeds to extend all this hogwash to 28 pages.
The report strongly suggests that women are aware of climate change, men almost indifferent, therefore, more women have political influence before we perish. Assuming, however, in and sees the two sexes answers to questions, the differences are minimal! But all this hogwash succeed EIGE to stretch out to 28 pages. In addition funds are given for criticism of discrimination due to unilateral roles given to aging actresses and a report on no Muslim problems in the magnificent Tower of Babel, Malmö, where 130 languages are spoken ??and 40% have an immigrant background. The Rosengaard riots and violence are due simply to young people being  bored! (Why do you think they are not engaged and working like us?)

All parts of the EU see these outgrowths, overlapping, useless. But they are never cropped, quite the contrary. The 52 EU outgrowths currently cost around 20 billion dollars a year. This is an increase of 33 percent since 2010! Useless and unread reports will continue to flow in a current, while taxpayers have to tighten their belts.

Furthermore, Messerschmidt writes: 5.4 million Danish Kroner from the EU’s structural funds were spent on an Elton John concert. On 29 Sept.  Messerschmidt wrote on Catherine Ashton, that the EU’s inept High Representative / Foreign Secretary is hopelessly confused, incompetent, generally despised and infinitely expensive: Ashton gets 2,912,000 Danish Kroner  a year including supplements. When one day she leaves the EU, after 5 years as Foreign Minister and 1 year as Trade Minister, she will receive 585,000 Danish Kroner a year in retirement. And the day she packs, she will get 4,144,000 Danish Kroner at once for moving expenses and a golden handshake. She is the world’s highest paid female bureaucrat.

Still, no one ever, anywhere, elected Catherine Ashton for anything. She was treasurer of the Anti-Nuclear Movement, which had the Soviet Union’s attention, may also economically. Suddenly in 1999 she was lifted from anonymity by Tony Blair and made Baroness. Etc.


Documentation of Abstract

That the EU system is widely corrrupt has been repeatedly described and here and here and here and here and here and here on this blog.


At present, more and more questions arise about Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s husband´s , Stephen Kinnock’s, taxation, which a future prime minister could be expected to have known about.  Wikipedia: Stephen Kinnock is the son of the previous EU commissioner  and chairman of the Labour Party, Neil Kinnock, and the previous MEP and Europe Minister, Glenys Kinnock. The question has been raised whether Kinnock’s life interest is in Switzerland, where he lives, or in Denmark, where he is staying for long periods. But the latest is: Changes were suddenly made of the tax rules in his case. The BT 21. Okt. 2012 writes: Acc. to the previous rules adopted by both the National Tax Tribunal and the Tax Council,  Kinnock had to pay tax in Denmark, which has not happened. It would have been shown in the Tax Administration´s decision, had not the 18 year old judicial practice been undermined in the middle of the proceedings by a group of officials who suddenly called many years of practice ‘a mistake’. Was Tax under political pressure during the proceedings?

Ex-minister Karen Jespersen and ex-prime minister spindoctor, Ralf Pittelkow: The new interpretation  did not only apply to Kinnock but to any one in a corresponding situation, including people declared taxable acc. to the old rule. Their cases should perhaps be re-tried.
But they were not informed. Nothing was published about the revised interpretation. There was nothing in the new guide about a change. The taxation chief of Copenhagen did not even orient the Department Chief of the Ministry. He has now been promoted to a key post in the new taxation structure and so was his right hand helper. This tax boss is the regional leader who achieves the greatest promotion.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt was rotating EU president in the first half of 2012, a Bilderberger and here - thus being in the unelected cabal that controls the western governments (to manage a multinational organization you hire the best? people). Besides, she is a co-founder with the Rothschild-agent, George Soros of the  ‘European Council on Foreign Relations, an offshoot of the corresponding “invisible government” of the United States. In addition, she is a former MEP.

As of 19 October 2012, the Danish member of the European Parliament, Morten Messerschmidt, has  written 46 articles over as many days in Jyllands-Posten on the corruption of the EU-system. Below is a small selection:

Euposter-hammer-seglMEP Morten Messerschmidt, Jyllands-Posten 19 Okt. 2012: The EU has at least 52 agencies, Institutes, directorates and think tanks - let’s call them outgrowths - which currently cost about 20 billion Danish Kroner (DKr) a year. The vast majority are unnecessary, and were they were closed, only employees would  notice that they were gone.

Take, for example, the EIGE, the European Institute for Gender Equality. The EIGE costs taxpayers almost 58 million DKr this year. But I must point out that the EU already has and pays for other services with the same task: The EU Commission’s Advisory Board on Gender Equality, which comprises 68 members. The EU parliament has its Equality FEMM, which comprises 74 MEPs. The EU already is paying for the European Women’s Lobby, which is a platform of countless women’s and gender associations. And additionally, all the nationally funded organizations.

Left: This EU poster shows Adam Weishaupt´s and the Club of Rome´s - whose honorary member Mikhail Gorbachev is - and Council on Foreign Relations’ multicultural NWO. Note the hammer and sickle at the top of this photo - the symbol of one of the cruelest dictatorships the world has witnessed, the Soviet Union. Rightly, the Soviet dissident Wladimir Bokowsky called the EU the EUSSR.

But what is being given to taxpayers for the 58 million EU DKr a year for the Foundation of EIGE? Reports. Numerous reports like “Gender, Equality and Climate Change“. The report deals with women and climate change here in the EU. Some excerpts from the “Gender Dimension of Climate Changes “:
“The gender dimension of climate change  has not yet occupied much space in the debate in the EU and other industrialized countries, but it is an important issue that should be examined, as the socially constructed roles and identities as well as the underlying distribution of power affects the way women and men contribute to, experience and respond to climate change.”
“One of the differences is that more women than men are affected by extreme weather events.” “The level of care and care work could increase as a result of climate change health effects or due to natural disasters, and thus put additional pressure on those with primary responsibility for this work.”. ” The few quantitative data available suggest that women emit fewer greenhouse gases than men.”. “There is a tendency for women to travel in a more sustainable way than men. “.” Women are more dependent on public transport, because fewer of them have cars”.
“Women usually spend more time indoors … and are more dependent on heating.” “Women are better advocates than men for political intervention to reduce private car driving.”

The report strongly suggests that women are aware of climate change, men almost indifferent to it, and therefore, more women are to have political influence before we perish. But if you take a look at the answers to questions by the two sexes, the differences are minimal! However, the EIGE  succeeds to extend all this hogwash to 28 pages.

A 64-page report, which resulted in the following appeared on Discrimination against older actresses and the stereotypical roles they are placed in. Here the EU spent 1.1 million DKr, donated to the International Actors Association (FIA), which held five seminars and a conference:
“It was decided to look at the discrimination issue from the older female characters’ perspective, their career opportunities being limited by their gender and age. Acc. to the EU Commission, this can mean giving rise to discrimination and should be addressed at European level. The actors’ unions have a key role in combating gender stereotypes through close cooperation with all the media and entertainment industries. It should result in a realistic portrayal of women’s abilities and potentials in a modern society and avoid further presentations of women in a demeaning and insulting manner.”

In all parts of the EU, these outgrowths are seen, overlapping each other, and being of no benefit. But they are never cropped, quite the contrary. The 52 EU outgrowths currently cost around 20 billion dollars a year. This is an increase of 33 percent since 2010! EU elitists will go on lifting the most banal subjects up to pan-European dimensions. And those who get their livelihood, their travels, subsistences, conferences, hotel stays, times off and overtimes paid via the outgrowths will continue to look for new areas they can spread over so the show can continue. Useless and unread reports will continue to flow in a current, while taxpayers have to tighten their belts.

MEP Morten Messerschmidt, Jyllands-Posten 16th October, 2012: The EUROFOUND stands for the “European foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions”. The Eurofound areas are overlapped by 3-4 other EU outgrowths, and uses its 152 million DKr a year to poke its nose into everything. So the EUROFOUND has spent an unknown number of millions on having a number of reports  written  on the integration of immigrants in European capitals and major cities.
One of the reports is called “Intercultural policies and intergroup relations” and is a so-called case study of the integration of immigrants in Malmö.

European Union Tower of BabelThe authors describe enthusiastically how Malmö today is a true Tower of Babel with 174 nationalities and 130 languages, and that almost 40 percent of the city’s nearly 300,000 residents have an immigrant background. The Swedish version of information freedom does not allow to enumerate ethnic and religious affiliations, but the most common boy’s name in Malmö since 2004 is “Muhammed”. And rumor has it that precisely at Rosengaarden in Malmö, which is the goal of the scientific report, quite a few New-Swedes with Islamic fundamental attitude are living. In any case, 85 percent here have an immigrant background.
It was also at Rosengaarden that there were several days of rioting and street fighting with burning cars and institutions like in the French suburbs, when a mosque was closed. The report calls it “social unrest”.

Malmö is also known for the city’s approximately 1500 Jews having experienced very difficult times over the past decade. They are being harassed on the street, spat upon, and there have been a few petrol bomb attacks on their synagogue. About this, the report writes: “It is believed that the unrest in Gaza in 2008 led to inter-religious conflict in the streets and in the classrooms.”. “There is anecdotal evidence - though not confirmed - of tensions between Jews and Muslims, and there are concerns about the potential growth of a right-wing anti-immigration movement.”  Spokespersons from the Islamic Society in Malmö say in the report that no religious people were involved, but that socio-economic conditions were to blame. The Integration Centre of Malmö believes that the “incidents were caused by young people who are bored” and not due to Muslim hatred of Jews.
However, Malmö’s Social Democratic mayor, Reepallus, has said that Sweden’s Jews “… could even be said to be the reason for the attacks themselves because they do not clearly distance themselves from Israel,” and believes that Malmö’s Jews “… are under the leadership of the party called the “Sweden Democrats” (who protest against the mass immigration) – but you can not read that in the the report.Louise Weiss Building

In return, Malmö´s Muslims even have hurt feelings, which the report (or I) do not hesitate to pass on: Muslims are “exposed to inappropriate language and cultural carelessness from individual police officers. It occurred especially during the riots at Rosengaarden in December of 2008. This behavior was associated with police officers from other cities (a parallel to our infamous Jutlandish truncheon swimgers?), but also members of the Malmö police behaved inappropriately. After Swedish TV revealed inappropriate police behavior, tensions increased.”

Acc. to the report, Malmö is thought to have no particular problems with  Islamic extremists nor with honor killings, and blood feuds are dismissed as a Muslim phenomenon, although the report refers to more Muslim than non-Muslim women falling from their balconies in public housing.

Comment: Jyllands-Posten 15 Okt. 2012: During the first nine months of this year, 29,713 persons applied for asylum in Sweden, and this is an increase of 48 % as compared to the same period last year. At the same time, the flow of refugees shows no evidence to subside, so the Swedish immigration authorities notify. In Denmark, most asylum seekers currently come from Somalia, Syria and Afghanistan. Up to August of this year, 3,731 people had applied for asylum in Denmark. (However, those who have been granted asylum in Sweden can smoothly settle in Denmark due to the Schengen Agreement).

Ex-minister Karen Jespersen and former prime minister spindoktor Ralf Pittelkow on 19 Okt. 2012: The Police Intelligence is transferring an annual 10 billion DKr from Denmark to non-Western countries. In four years, DKr 1.4 billion were transferred to Somalia alone.
A few days ago, it was revealed that a large group of Danish-Somalis had for years cheated massively with taxes. Of a sample of 269, an astounding 248 had deductions of 12.5 million dollars, to which they were not entitled.
In fact, the authorities do not know much about where the money goes. Terrorist financing is one of the most difficult transactions to prove, says terrorism researcher Søren Hove.
NATO / EU-backed rebellion in Syria, Afghanistan and Libya chases refugees to the EU’s best welfare systems - which is carefully planned and here and here.

Morten Messerschmidt, Jyllands-Posten 14 Oct. 2012The EU has pumped more than 15 billion DKr into the robber State of Kosovo since 1999. Last year alone 50 million - despite the fact that the EU has lost hundreds of millions of dollars through fraud and theft to predatory clans who sit on the power. Most of the money has vanished without a trace, including the UN mazes, and the EU’s auditors have gradually given up.

Until 2008, the  EU funds for Kosovo were administered by the UN mission in the country, the UNMIK, which would control the construction of the public sector through the “Kosovo Trust Agency”. It was a bad idea, the local Albanian UN staff stole like magpies, one as much as 32 million dollars.
In 2002, EU auditors warned against massive fraud among UN staff and Kosovo’s new Albanian rulers, as well as among the KPMG consultants in 2005. In 2006, the Albanian authorities´ own audit could not account for all the money. Since the employed “consultants” were employed by the United Nations they could not be prosecuted in the European Union - although it was EU money they had stolen.
A UN study in which the EU anti-fraud corps, OLAF, participated, examined 50 cases and found thefts in 12. Of those, 11 were left to the UN in Kosovo to take care of – and one case to the OLAF.
Members of the EU Parliament have tried to stick to the case. But the UN has refused to cooperate. To be fair - in the UN, they have a more relaxed attitude toward “other people’s money” than the EU.

Eu-commission-office-scotlandEu-parliament-office-in-scotlandMEP Morten Messerschmidt, Jyllands-Posten 12 Oct. 2012: The European Commission has information offices in all 27 Member States. But - so has the EU Parliament, too. EU Parliament expenses for its 34 independent centers in the EU amount to approximately 350 million (a year).

Left: The EU Parliament´s office in Scotland. Right: The EU Commission´s office in Scotland.

The dual EU representation is not about workload or efficiency but about vanity and self-esteem - and you pay. In the EU parliament,  the political blocs working for the United States of Europe dominate (from socialists to liberals and so-called conservatives). EU citizens’ indifference and contempt rankle the minds of parliamentarians on a daily basis (except me). They feel themselves to be underestimated and are always jealous of the much more powerful and self-assured officials of the European Commission. Therefore, the EU Parliament has its very own information centres with its own staff, although in some places, like in London and Copenhagen, they are living under the same roof as the European Commission’s representation.

Indeed, in some EU countries - Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the UK - the EU Parliament runs two information offices. The most expensive of them is in the UK (41 million DKr) and France (25 million DKr).

Although the European Parliament has its official seat at Strasbourg (This unnecessary traveling circus costs EU citizens at least 1.5 billion dollars a year), the EU Parliament has, in fact, also got an information center  in Strasbourg, costing 10.5 million DKr a year - in addition to the information office in Brussels, where most activities take place (9 million DKr a year).

And the United States should not forget that in Europe, there is a very, very important parliament – so the EU Parliament also has its own representation there. Not because it makes sense, but because it gives a sense of importance. But this is a feeling you pay for.

Catherine-ashtonMorten Messerschmidt 19. okt. 2012:  5.4 million DKr from the EU’s structural fund were spent on an Elton John concert. On 29 Sept.,  Messerschmidt  wrote about Catherine Ashton (right posing as a saint - as so many other EU bosses), the EU’s inept High Representative / foreign minister, who is muddled, incompetent and generally despised and infinitely expensive: Ashton receives 2,912,000 DKr a year including bonus. When one day she leaves the EU, after 5 years as a foreign minister and 1 year as a Trade Minister, she will receive 585,000 dollars a year in retirement. And the day she packs, she will get 4,144,000 kroner for moving expenses and a golden handshake. She is the world’s highest paid female bureaucrat.

Still, no one ever, anywhere, elected Catherine Ashton for anything. She was treasurer of the Anti-Nuclear Movement, which had the Soviet Union’s attention, may also economically. Suddenly, in 1999 she was lifted from anonymity by Tony Blair and made Baroness. Etc.

World communism with its bureaucracy is being promoted at our expense by the New World Order´s EU. But what does it all mean? Northern Europeans still have  a high standard of living - and nothing else matters to them. In southern Europe, things are quite different - and Northern Europeans can not understand that  some day such times will reach them, too, because they have to participate in “solidarity compensations” to simply pay the southern European countries’ debt interest to Rothschild’s central banks and big banks which created the banking crises and the common currency. Whether you call the system democratic or dictatorial, and the nation state and our Christian culture survive or not: it is insignificant - we have sold these values long ago for the welfare state. But how about the situation when it is gone, too?

LATEST: In Centurean2,  6 Nov. 2011, M.J. Rosenberg writes: AIPAC (US “Central Council of Jews”) is working very closely (hand-in-glove) with the leaders of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who are feverishly engaged in promoting a new US war against Iran. And this Committee has just passed a bill which forbids negotiations between Iran and any US politician or official.
(M.J. Rosenberg is the former Director of Policy Analysis for Israel Policy Forum (IPF). MJ spent eighteen years within the United States government, fourteen on Capitol Hill as an aide to Representatives).

HAARETZ 7 Nov. 2011Iran will be able to build nuclear bomb within months, IAEA says.


Summary: After the communication in the HAARETZ on 3 Nov that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was seeking cabinet support for an attack on Iran´s nuclear plants, DEBKAfile on 6 Nov informed that all opposition against such an attack in the government has been overcome - and that the US seems to approve of it. Moreover, Israel´s president, Shimon Peres, says that the attack is becoming more and more likely. The Daily Mail tells that the US and the UK are drawing up a joint plan for an attack on Iran - and France is aboard, if Israel is threatened.

The official reason is that the forthcoming UN report will show clear indications that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. But the “Veterans Today” has quite a different motive: oil money. Sources have told the Veterans that meetings have taken place between Israel, Turkey, Russia and Iran over an agreed attack on Iranian oil plants “painted” by Iran herself- with the consent of Ahmedinejad´s government!!! The purpose would be to boost oil prices through war in the Middle East - as demanded by the Bilderbergers (i.a. “our” politicians) in June this year. For Israel has bought huge quantities of oil futures and will score tremendous sums through high oil prices. These, however, can only be achieved by the closure of the Strait of Hormuz as response to an Israeli/US attack on Iran.Israel has agreed to share the spoils with Iran. Russia has an evident interest in boosting energy prices, oil prices having nearly fallen to half of what it was a few months ago. Beyond this, both the Iranian and Israeli governments need to consolidate their power at home - soothing down severe social unrest.

CBSNews 4 Nov. 2011 points out that an Israeli attack would lead to a regional conflagration, in which Iran would use its proxies and allies and, most likely, terrorist units against US and Israeli targets across the region and even worldwide. The ripples would spread from there, including soaring oil prices (in the range of $150 to $200 per barrel). But an attack by either the United States or Israel makes no strategic sense. However, it does enrich the participants at our cost - possibly giving the coup de grace to western economy.

This is how the NWO Illuminati govern their one world. And it is just the beginning of a broader confrontation to begin in the Middle East acc. to Illuminati Guru Albert Pike - and from there to splash out over the whole world. The broader confrontation is unlikely to come right away: The gigantic subterranean bunkers to save the Illuminati will not be finished until 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends, a decisive mark for the superstitious Luciferian illuminati. Moreover, Bible prophecy does not state Iran/Persia to be the destroyer of Israel - but of Iraq. I guess that will not take place until the US has pulled out of Iraq - i.e. after 1 Jan. 2012. But it will come. Both Netanyahu and Ahmedinejad are Jews and Illuminati - the latter converted to Islam.And they are fanatic messianics fighting to create the apocalypse in which their messiahs are said to come to kill to secure his side total world dominance - this making ongoing war inevitable, of course, untill the real Messiah comes.


“For the LORD hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath he covered “(Isaiah 29:10).


DEBKAfile 6 Nov. 2011: American sources told Fox television early Sunday, Nov. 6 that all the senior Israeli ministers who were formerly against attacking Iran’s nuclear sites are now for it. All in all, public US administration responses to the prospect of Israel taking military action on Iran in own its hands have been unusually mild.  DR State TV 6 Nov. 2011According to the Israeli president Shimon Peres an attack on Iran, headed by Israel and other countries is more and more likely”. On Thursday, Israel staged a comprehensive civil defense exercise in the Tel Aviv area, with a simulated response to missile attacks with or without nuclear weapons

The rumors on war between Israel and Iran  –  as demanded by the Bilderbergers at their June 2011 meeting 2011 continue. Now Pres. Obama is telling allies that the US will attack Iran no later than the fall of 2012, unless she skips her “illegal” nuclear weapons program. The HAARETZ 3 Nov. 2011 refers to the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida, that former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin are those responsible for leaking information to the media regarding an attack on Iran - in an attempt to prevent this attack.  And indeed, the Pharisee-NWO controlled UN has disquieting communication on 8 Nov: Acc. to The Daily Mail 4 Nov. 2011, the IAEA will  make public findings which its authors say make little sense unless they are weapons-related. There is a ‘compelling case’ that Iran is secretly building an arsenal of nuclear warheads, warns the United Nations. French-(Jewish) President Nicolas Sarkozy hinted at potential divisions between Western powers when he said he would not back a preventative strike against Iran –  unless Israel is threatened.

The Daily Mail 2 Nov. 2011: UK and U.S. ‘draw up joint plan to attack Iran’: Evidence of nuclear programme raises tension in Middle East. Whitehall figures say Iran is ‘newly aggressive - and we are not sure why’. * Iran ‘has enough enriched uranium for four nuclear weapons’. * Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushing for invasion. * Tel Aviv test-fires rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads into Iran. * Report reveals China continues to supply Tehran with missiles and other conventional weapons. * Obama says nuclear programme remains a threat and calls on Iran to reveal its intentions

EUObserver 4 Nov. 2011: US President Barack Obama and French leader Nicolas Sarkozy have indicated that an upcoming UN report on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons programme could trigger new international action. But Obama’s signal that the IAEA report on 8 November could have serious consequences comes amid signals that the US, EU countries and Israel are considering military options. Also on Thursday in Brussels, Nato chief Anders Fogh-Rasmussen told press: NATO has no intention whatsoever to intervene in Iran.” (He has previously said the same thing on Syria). Comment: Even if NATO does not  intend to intervene, this does not preclude individual members from doing it –  and letting NATO be dragged into the quagmire.

Right: Acc. to the Guardian 2 Nov. 2011 these Iranian nuclear centrifuges will soon disappear into underground facilities out of reach.

The Guardian 2 Nov. 2011 Britain’s armed forces are stepping up their contingency planning for potential military action against Iran, the Guardian has learned. The Ministry of Defence believes the US may decide to fast-forward plans for targeted missile strikes at some key Iranian facilities. British officials say that if Washington presses ahead it will seek, and receive, UK military help for any mission. In anticipation of a potential attack, British military planners are examining where best to deploy Royal Navy ships and submarines equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles over the coming months as part of what would be an air and sea campaign. They also believe the US would ask permission to launch attacks from Diego Garcia, the British Indian ocean territory, which the Americans have used previously for conflicts in the Middle East.


Netanyahu_elections_484934aThe following is so incredible that only the brotherhood of the Illuminati could conceive it!

Veterans Today 27 Oct. 2011 Secret contacts between Prime Minister Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Khameni and counterparts in Israel, Russia and Turkey have been uncovered outlining a plan to stage an attack on Iran by Israel with full permission of the key groups within the leadership of the Iranian government and the clerics who oversee them. Members of opposition groups who have learned of this plan are livid.

The attack, scheduled for any day now, has one primary purpose.  It is meant to stabilize both the Iranian and Israeli governments, both of which have strong opposition at home and face charges of corruption and to correct major regional financial disaster each confront.  The “deal” between Israel and Iran is much closer to something out of the Sopranos than normal international relations. This is pure “mob rule.”

Strait-of-Hormuz-wallpaper1-640x464Americans note that gasoline prices, recently at $4.50 per gallon, now approach $2.99 despite the continuation of artificial price supports due to illegal market speculation.There has been an 8% decrease in demand for oil and other petrochemical products worldwide, causing massive downward pressure on oil prices.
Gas price manipulation bankrupted the auto companies and has bled trillions of dollars out of the American economy that, not only destroyed our balance of trade but has lowered our standard of living. New gas pipelines have broken Russia’s stranglehold on the market for natural gas and will push costs and profitability in that commodity through the floor. There is only one way to stabilize gasoline prices that are in “free fall,” closing the Straits of Hormuz, the narrow waterway serving Iraq, Kuwait and other Gulf States which is controlled militarily by Iran through its vast network of Silkworm missiles will do exactly that.
Added to “the deal” are provisions for generous financial windfalls for all involved. Discussions within the Iranian clergy, unknown to their new Israeli friends, indicate that the 6 nuclear devices bought from Ukraine, each deliverable by ballistic missile, will be made operational as a “safety measure.”  What can they be thinking? One must realize that this is the same religious organization that regularly has government officials charged with witchcraft.

Who is on the board of Veterans Today?
Gordon Duff - Chairman of the Board, U.S. Marines, Vietnam * Lt. General Hamid Gul – Director General ISI (Former Chief of Intelligence Services, Pakistan)
*Col. Eugene Khrushchev - Former Russian Army Officer and First Secretary, Soviet and Russian Embassies, Kabul, Afghanistan *Major Bobby Hanifin - US Air Force *Khalil Nouri - Afghanistan Political Expert and Military Specialist *Carol Duff - RN, BA, MSN, Veteran’s Health Issues Editor *Jim W. Dean – Military Order of World Wars, Association of Former Intelligence Officers *Debbie Menon -  Middle East Issues Editor. Gilad Atzmon is in the Speakers´Bureau.

When you speak of an Illuminati-founded state like Israel: Think of money and global power.
Veterans Today 4 Nov. 2011: Now “Veterans Today” is accused of having thwarted Israels plan to attack Iran.  There were so many “leakers”, Israel, Iran, Ukraine, US, that we hardly had time to talk to them all. Why the leaks?  As our initial report indicates, not only does Iran know the war is coming, they have agreed to “paint” the target themselves. They need it more than Israel does. The clumsy attempt on the Saudian ambassador to the US may have been an Iranian attempt to start this war.

Israel had bought billions in oil futures, bets based on secret knowledge of upcoming events that would make oil go up in price despite all indications otherwise. They knew something nobody else knew. Sources in Iran, not only confirmed Israel’s investment strategy but admitted as well that factions in Iran were set to share in Israel’s potential massive profits if, for some mysterious reason, an attack on Iran, one doomed to be at best a joke attack, were to go forward.
Sources in Iran, in actuality, confirmed, that they had knowledge of an Israeli attack and that some in Iran were fully complicit, willing to “stand aside” and allow Israel to fly 1400 miles to Iran under continual radar observation, total “sitting ducks,” for an attack that, considering the size of Iran, that would be like killing an elephant with a grain of sand. Carrier_dees-320x279

Iranian sources went further, naming those in Iran who had been offered payment by Israel, part of the oil future proceeds, proceeds that could become a massive debt, hundreds of billions, unless an attack is carried out soon and oil quickly goes above $120 a barrel, way above that, the price set by this round out “futures.”
Israel is in a hurry to push the US into war because Egypt still has its pro-Israeli army led by Mubarak era stooges.When they are gone, and an election will eliminate them quickly, Egypt has put Israel on notice that the Camp David Peace Accords will no longer apply.

CBSNews 4 Nov. 2011 An Israeli attack would lead to a regional conflagration, in which Iran would use its proxies and allies and, most likely, terrorist units against US and Israeli targets across the region and even worldwide. The ripples would spread from there, including soaring oil prices (in the range of $150 to $200 per barrel). FBut an attack by either the United States or Israel makes no strategic sense. President Obama, while pushing to isolate Iran and impose even tougher sanctions, isn’t likely to attack Iran.



Right: The Illuminati Antichrist. Mural at the Denver Airport.

So, what is one to believe? Is this once again war propaganda? It makes no strategic sense acc. to the CBS –  Most MSM do not even mention it! The third World war started 10 years ago with the “War on Terror”. What we are facing at some point is a wider confrontation in the Middle East over Israel leading to a confrontation between NATO and the Russia –  as described by Albert Pike and as aimed at by Brzezinski. But it is hardlytime for this phase now - for the Illuminati will only have their subterranean giant bunkers (see video below) available in 2012 -the year when the Mayan calendar expires –  wheras others, incl. the Israeli politicians, have bought free havens in Patagonia/Argentina. Besides, Biblical prophecy (the working plan of the Illuminati) does not mention Iran to be the destroyer of Israel - but of Iraq (Jeremiah 50 and: 51). The US wil not leave Iraq until the end of this year.

This is a religious endfight – the Pharisees` final showdown with their arch enemies: the followers of Christ.
Wheras the Illuminati propaganda has successfully largely abolished and ridiculed the teachings of Christ acc. to Adam Weishaupt´s diabolical 6–point program (”The Illuminati Grows”)  their top around Rothschild are deeply religious, seeing Lucifer and here as their god (therefore his all-seeing eye on the capstone of the Illuminati pyramid). Fritz Springmeyer even writes that Rothschild alwas has a set for Lucifer at his table. What is going to take place with the world in a foreseeable future is the final battle for the foregone battle over the world, a battle which Lucifer was been doomed to lose in the end 2000 years ago. He knows but will deprive Christ of as many of his masterpieces, man, as possible –  and in that effort Lucifer is very successful and here, e.g..

The story by the Veterans Today is difficult to believe –  but not unlikely in the light of the Illuminati´s foregone plan for the world. Ahmedinejad is a born Jew who converted to Islam! –  and thus born to be a member of the Illuminati, as he shows by his handsigns (“the Devils horns is the most frequent Illuminati sign). Both Ahmedinejad and Netanyahu are fanatic messianics. The Haqqanite Ahmedinejad sees himself as the chosen one to pave the way for the 12. Imam. Netanyahu is a paranoic Antiamalekite who wants to see himself as a new Moses –  or Churchill –  is awaiting Ben David. Both messiahs are to come in an apocalypse and would then fight each other until the genuine Messiah comes - if they existed.

The illuminati speculations on  high oil prices will enrich the banksters, Israel and her accomplices , but impoverish us. That is just intended by these hateful monsters.  And how can Israel trust the Muslims in Teheran who are just as full of lies as the Jewish Illuminati? A bad surprise may await Israel after all.

I have received an important and shocking comment from Finland: See after this article.

29 Jan 2010 Infowars: Prof. Ulrich Keil, a scientist with the World Health Organisation, has testified, during ongoing hearings in Strasbourg, France, that the swine flu pandemic was part of an overblown “angst campaign”, devised in conjunction with major drug companies to boost profits for vaccine manufacturers.

 Summary: The Chairman of the Health Committee of the Council of Europe, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, has started a hearing about the relationship between vaccine manufacturers and the WHO. Dr. Wodarg says that swine flu was a falsified pandemic, a mild flu, with the aim of increasing the profits of the vaccine producers by tapping countries for their meager health budgets and exposing people to risks with untested vaccines. He calls it one of the "greatest medical scandals of the century." He's right.  The BigPharma and governments initiated an unprecedented scaremongering by promising tens of millions of dead - while just 13,000 deaths actually occured globally - only approx. 5% of the death toll of an ordinary flu epidemic. Corporation's  earnings on this fraud is believed to havea amounted to 7-10 billion dollars. Dr. Wodarg believes that the companies first made the WHO mitigate the definition of a pandemic - and then declare the pandemic. Previously the vaccine producers had made  agreements obligating states to buy vaccines for their populations on the proclamation of a pandemic - and disclaimed all responsibility for side-effects. At least 11 out of 20 "experts" on the WHO Board receive money from the vaccine producers - a Finn received 6.3 billion euros from the GSK. The Pharmaceutical industry was founded by John D. Rockefeller - and that family now dominate both the pharmaceutical industry and the WHO as well as the media - in particular through Reuters and Murdoch. Experts therefore expect the media to ignore the Council of Europe hearing - like other New World Order scandals (The Euromediterranean, 9/11 as an inside job, the reasons for immigration, the financial crisis, the climate scandal revelations, etc.). By stealth, the WHO has introduced a tax on airline tickets in 13 countries - more to follow. Furthermore, the WHO will secretly and imperceptibly introduce taxes on Internet transactions including online payment of bills, to live up to its purpose: To be the UN World Government Department of Health and by means of our money to transfer the pharmaceutical industry to developing countries, where labor is cheap.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a 47 nation body encompassing democratically elected members of parliament, has begun hearings to investigate whether the H1N1 swine flu pandemic was falsified or exaggerated in an attempt to profit from vaccine sales.
Infowars 10 Jan. 2010:  WodargHeading the hearings will be chairman of the Health Committee of PACE, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a former German lawmaker, a medical doctor and epidemiologist. Wodarg charges that the WHO altered the definition of a pandemic from an outbreak in several continents at once with an above-average death rate, to one where the spread of the disease is constant. Pharmaceutical companies are thought to have made a profit of somewhere in the region of $7.5-$10 billion on H1N1 vaccines.. PACE will also hold a debate next week entitled Faked pandemics”, and here, a threat to health’, to be attended by representatives of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European pharmaceutical industry.“Unlike the European Parliament, it has no decision-making powers, but, as was demonstrated by its report into extraordinary rendition, it does have the power to make life uncomfortable for the powers that be,” notes the Irish Times. Swine flu: Standing Vaccine Commission (STIKO)  Germany, has been reported to the Public Prosecutor´s Office in Berlin by for having incessantly recommended swine flu vaccinations. .

The Daily Mail 11 Jan. 2010: Dr Wodarg has branded the H1N1 outbreak as 'one of the greatest medical scandals of the century', and he added: 'We have had a mild flu - and a false pandemic.'Money-wings

Wolfgang Wodarg, accused the makers of flu drugs and vaccines of influencing the WHO´s decision  to declare a pandemic. He added that their influence could have led the WHO to soften its definition of a pandemic  -  leading to the declaration of a worldwide outbreak last June. This led to the pharmaceutical firms ensuring 'enormous gains', while countries, including the UK, 'squandered' their meagre health budgets, with millions being vaccinated against a relatively mild disease.  Dr Wodarg said: 'In order to promote their patented drugs and vaccines against flu, pharmaceutical companies have influenced scientists and official agencies, responsible for public health standards, to alarm governments worldwide. Last year, the Daily Mail revealed that Sir Roy Anderson, a scientist who advises the Government on swine flu, also holds a Kister£116,000-a-year post on the board of GlaxoSmithKline. GSK makes anti-flu drugs and vaccines and is predicted to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic.

The Department of Health warned of 100,000 deaths a day, mass graves were openly promised. But there were  just 251 deaths overall.

He added the seeds of the scare were sown five years ago, when it was feared the much more lethal bird flu virus would mutate into a human form. The 'atmosphere of panic' led to governments stockpiling the anti-flu drug Tamiflu and putting in place 'sleeping contracts' for millions of doses of vaccine. Dr Wodarg said: 'The governments have sealed contracts with vaccine producers where they secure orders in advance and take upon themselves almost all the responsibility. 'In this way the producers of vaccines are sure of enormous gains without having any financial risks. 'So they just wait, until WHO says "pandemic" and activate the contracts.' He also claims that to further push their interests, leading drug companies placed 'their people' Margaret_Chanin the 'cogs' of the WHO and other influential organisations. 'They have made them squander tight healthcare resources for inefficient vaccine strategies and needlessly exposed millions of healthy people to the risks of unknown side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines.'

FukudaThe Washington Post 15 Jan. 2010: WHO´s Assistant Director General, Keiji Fukuda (Left), denies pharma influence on WHO´s pandemic declaration and defends it. WHO Director General, Margaret Chan, (right) declared the false pandemic.

Deutsche Welle 19 Jan. 2010: Amid criticism that it exaggerated the dangers of swine flu, the World Health Organization (WHO) has begun a week long meeting in Geneva. Critics accuse the organization of having been too quick to proclaim a false pandemic. Keiji Fukuda dismisses.

British member of parliament Paul Flynn wants an investigation into exactly how the pandemic was handled. "We want to know who decided the level of risk," he said. "Was it decided on medical and health grounds or was it decided to meet the priorities of making profits of the pharmaceutical organizations. The great danger is that having cried 'wolf' on avian flu and on swine flu, nobody is going to trust the WHO if they come our with another story of a horrible disease in the future.
Comment: Some think that this is exactly the intention, when the deadly super-virus which the CNN talks about om this video is turned loose on usOr will they simply scare us under the wings of the protecting one world government? 

"We will pay only for the deliveries we have received", Greece's health minister said at a press conference, adding "the country demands the refund of the advance orders", from GSK, and two other pharmaceutical firms Novartis and Sanofis.  Norway, Germany and Belgium have such treaties with GSK.

At least some former WHO pandemic specialists now work for the companies producing the vaccine, but Fukuda says the WHO's rules on conflict of interest are clear. The WHO and other responsible health authorities have adopted a precautionary approach; that means we have tried to prepare everyone for the worst in the hope for the best."

Natural family Blog. By Sherri Kane, a freelance investigative journalist and FOX News Network defector. 
During my interview of Dr. Wodarg on January 14th
,  he mentioned: “Many countries in Europe are very angry about what the WHO did and how they decided to have a pandemic when there was just a mild flu. The goal of our work is to reinstill trust into very important health organizations. This influenza was twice blown up, once as a bird flu, and the second time as the swine flu. There was no scientific evidence for either.”  

Many observers believe the urgently needed investigation is unlikely to make any significant difference in public perceptions since drug industrialists have a knack for steering their allies in  Rupert-murdoch-picture-4the media clear of controversy; “PharmaMedia controls the mass mind ” said Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard-trained media expert and world leading vaccine risk analyst. Dr. Horowitz is also the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal. According to Dr. Horowitz, media moguls spin the news and mass mindset impacting geopolitics, economics, and governmental policies on behalf of BigPharma because they are heavily invested in the drug cartel. News blackouts and promotional propaganda maintain the status quo in favor of ongoing fraud and mass murder. This is his conclusion based on rock solid evidence his colleagues and contributors have published in the peer review science journal Medical Veritas.

Rupert Murdoch will make sure that we do not hear the truth about the Council of Europe´s hearing

There were sufficient supplies of vaccines as widely acknowledged before October 16, 2009, but suddenly they disappeared following a  Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) meeting on this subject. The meeting group decided that the most effective response to the public’s overwhelming aversion to getting vaccinated was to feign a vaccine shortage. One week later, the media, led by Thomas Glocer’s Reuters News Service and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, suddenly declared the alleged shortages. Thomas Glocer, the CEO of Reuters, is also on the Board of Directors of Merck & Co., and a partner with Rupert Murdoch in the Partnership for New York City -  -  that personifies the heart of this drug ring. This PFNYC was founded by David Rockefeller who controls the CFR and World Health Organization (WHO). Rockefeller-approved Co-Chairs of the PFNYC include Rupert Murdoch and Lloyd Blankfein, the chief of Goldman Sachs.

Vaccination--Fox News 15 Jan. 2010: The World Health Organization (WHO) is considering a plan to ask governments to impose a global consumer tax on such things as Internet activity or everyday financial transactions like paying bills online. Such a scheme could raise "tens of billions of dollars" on behalf of the United Nations' public health arm from a broad base of consumers, which would then be used to transfer drug-making research, development and manufacturing capabilities, among other things, to the developing world —a "digital tax or 'hit' tax." The report says the levy "could yield tens of billions of U.S. dollars from a broad base of users"; a global health tax would go one big step further. And, as the experts point out, one trail-blazing version of their global consumer tax for medical research already exists: a germinating program known as UNITAID, which aims to battle against HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. UNITAID, which began in 2006 and is also hosted by WHO, is financed in part by a "solidarity contribution" levy of anywhere from $1.20 to $58 on airline tickets among a group of nations led by France, Brazil, Chile, Norway and Britain. According to the WHO experts report, it has raised around $1 billion since its inception, with 13 countries having already passed the airline tax legislation and "several" others in the process of doing so. Another major effort is the transfer of technology to poorer countries to produce vaccines.

Penge-i-ærmetThe Flu Case 17 Dec. 2009  A Finnish member of the WHO board, an advisor on vaccines, has received 46 million crowns (6 million euros) for his research centre from the vaccine manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline. WHO promises transparency, but this conflict of interests is not available for the public to see at WHO’s homepage. Professor Juhani Eskola is the director of the Finnish research vaccine programme (THL) and a new member of the WHO group, ‘Strategic Advisory Group of Experts’ (SAGE), which gives advice to the WHO Director-General, Margaret Chan. ‘SAGE’ also recommend which vaccines - and how many - member countries should purchase for the pandemic. 
These facts bring Professor Juhani Eskola in line with several other ‘WHO ’experts who play a double role by having financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry – a double role which notably is not published by WHO. Danish journalists have reported on other cases involving  SAGE experts with financial links to pharmaceutical companies, many of which have not been declared. 6 SAGEs are named.
Information 10.12.2009. In fact, 11 of 20 SAGE members are economicallt linked to the vaccine producers, acording to The Daily Mail, Jan. 14, 2010.

John_D__Rockefeller_1885John D. Rockefeller started the Pharma industry, inspired by his father, William,  who made his money selling snake oil elixir ! John D. founded the pharma industry and here through bribery of doctors, universities and hospitals.  The Rockefeller Foundation was involved in the tetanus vaccination  campaign for women aged 15–45 years in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. The vaccine contained human chorionic gonadotropin – ending all future pregnancies. 

As with "climate change" at Copenhagen, the WHO's experts see that health inequity as a malady that innovative and permanent forms of global taxation are just the right thing to help cure.
The WHO is closely affiliated to the Rockefeller Foundation.  The agreement strengthened  a relationship between the Rockefeller Foundation and the WHO that extends back to the early years of WHO.

Will this carry consequences in the New World Order system? No, just as little as the fraud of the NWO IPCC
Unfortunately, I must confess that the real source of the shortage scam was a Dane, one female Professor of the George Washington University, Lone Simonsen, who fell so deeply as to propose this: Council on Foreign Relations 16 Oct. 2009: “I think what would work better would be to say that there was a shortage and people tend to buy more of something that's in demand. (Laughter.) We saw that — there was one season where, really, people lined up all night to get a flu shot.”
Shame upon her. May she stay away from Denmark for ever. For there are already much more than enough of her miserable New World Order kind here.

The main problem is the changed definition of pandemic – and the WHO seems unwilling to change that.
The WHO is designed to become the Ministry of Health of the New World Order UN world government – as decided by the Bilderbergers in Greece in 2009. Many think the swine flu epidemic was designed to promote this function of the WHO after the slogan: “Global problems demand global solutions”. Instead the WHO has seen a severe backlash and its corruption has clearly been exposed to the whole world as well as its indifference to people´s health by allowing a vaccine which contained the poisonous squalene, strongly suspicious of having caused the gulf war syndrome – even in a dose of up to 1 mio times  higher than administered to the gulf war soldiers. By extension, the WHO is now insiduously imposing a global Glocerhealth tax upon us – besides the CO2–taxes also being imposed at the London Climate Exchange and the Bluenext and the CO2–taxes to come. The hardworking and enterprising of the world are to take pay for all those who are neither nor – but just hate us, because we are not Muslims. The aim is to to let us pay for  BigPharma´s transfer of its production  to the never-developing countries with cheap “labour” .

                                                                                       Thomas Glocer, CEO of Reuters (right) will assist Rupert Murdoch  in concealing the the Europe Council hearing.

Dr Wodarg and the Council of Europe do well in investigating into the WHO corruption – and no one cares, because Rockefeller and Rothschild Agent JP Morgan own the media and here. This is the same story whatever you try to promote for public debate, be it the Euromediterranean Process/The Union for the Mediterranean, climate, swine flu, financial crisis, war on terror, immigration etc.: As soon as you approach the roots of the evil, your discoveries will be hermetically silenced. Should something get out, people are so brainwashed by mental hygiene, that the can and will not believe you –  so brushing you off: “Pth! Conspiracy theory!”  The vaccine producers have made sure that governmental health authorities keep reported vaccination side-effects secret – Annexe D, item g). But most grotesque: Flu vaccination 2008 seems to double the risk of contracting swine flu!

Comment from Rokotusinfo, Finland
Pharmaceutical companies are very significant funders of Dr Eskola's place of employment, the THL. In THL and Finnish vaccine policies, there are huge conflicts of interest. Astoundingly, Dr. Eskola´s (above)  previous works were about management and consultation - although he has done some vaccine research. He was the vice-president of a major European vaccine manufacturer. The THL´s pharma authorisations are valid europe-wide. The THL breaks the law on conformed consent, performing vaccine experiments on children without the parents knowing. See the WHO rules for the declaration of interests for members of the SAGE.

Swine flu vaccine updates here. 

Abstract The article  proves a fact which everyone should now: There is 1 million times more squalene in the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine for the EU, Pandemrix, than there was in the anthrax vaccine which undoubtedly contributed to making  25% of 697.000 soldiers participating in the Gulf War 1990–1991 sick, deployed  abroad as well as not deployed (Gulf War Syndrome – GWS). The role of squalene in causing the Gulf War syndrome has been hushed up. See what the risk may be on this Discovery video.  Anthrax vaccination with squalene is shown. Radiation apparently had an effect. However, this does not explain why the non-deployed, vaccinated personnel at home fell equally ill with autoimmune diseases as those deployed in the Gulf region. Nor why “voluntary” Israeli soldiers vaccinated with US and Israeli anthrax vaccine had GWS - nor why 2 US volunteers vaccinated with squalene  had GWS. I have previously written on swine flu vaccine here, and here and here - and on the Global Research. Now it turns out that the WHO has allowed equally high squalene concentration in 22+ mio. seasonal flu vaccinations!  At the same time The European Congress of Endocrinology 2008 reported a disturbing increase in the rate of autoimmune diseases. Due to Squalene?

Grædende-dreng-vaccineresThe choice of vaccines posing the squalene Gulf War syndrome risk – as well as the thimerosal risk of developing autism (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) and of developing nervous cell damages – as well as the danger of the Guillan-Barré syndrome,  video 1 and video 2, is incomprehensible, since there is the alternative of nasal vaccination with AstraZeneca´s MedImmune. Which I advise you to demand if forced to take a vaccination.

Gulf-war-syndrome 4Now I want to draw your attention to the further development around the squalene containing anthrax vaccine
Gulf War Vets Home Page 16 Oct. 2006: The Pentagon’s mandatory anthrax vaccine program was halted in October 2004 when Washington, D.C. federal Judge Emmet Sullivan cited the FDA for failing to follow FDA licensing regulations. He issued a permanent injunction directing DOD to stop giving the experimental anthrax vaccine to military personnel without their voluntary, informed consent. In December 2005, the FDA issued a new Final Order declaring the vaccine safe and effective, but failed to provide evidence the vaccine was effective against inhalation (weaponized) anthrax, and failed to address published research studies and 5,000 adverse events reports received by FDA demonstrating that anthrax vaccine is causing serious health problems.”

On 29 June 2007a Government Accountability Office Report says that the Vaccine Health Centers are working with the Military Vaccine Agency (MILVAX) to research adverse reactions–but no studies have been reported in the medical literature. I (Meryl Nass) have heard from ill soldiers that several percent of their units were medevaced home prior to seeing any combat–due to heart attacks, gastrointestinal illnesses, and sudden development of autoimmune disorders.

Now it turned out in 2007 that “voluntary” 
Israeli soldier “guinea pigs” were also disabled by US and Israeli anthrax vaccinewithout apparently having been exposed to radiation. “The vaccinated (apparently not unvaccinated) soldiers suffer from breathing and skin problems and from having various degrees of difficulty with everyday functions. Until 2005 about half of the U.S.'s soldiers refused to be vaccinated with this substance due to the fear of after-effects.”  The Daily Mail on Aug. 27, 2009 reports of another 4 British soldiers having the Gulf war syndrome after a series of vaccinations.

Meryl-nassDr. Meryl Nass´testimony to the House Veterans Affairs Health Subcommittee. 26 July 2007
“I practice internal medicine in Maine, have a background in anthrax and biological warfare, and conduct a specialty clinic for patients with multisymptom illnesses such as Gulf War Syndrome, anthrax vaccine-induced illnesses, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The stories of those with Gulf War or anthrax vaccine-associated illnesses are usually heartrending.  Most became disabled in their 20s to 40s with a combination of physicial impairments, cognitive problems and often psychiatric disorders. They receive 10 to 15 diagnoses each, on average. 
First, anthrax vaccine (with squalene) can cause a wide range of disorders, but most commonly causes a syndrome clinically indistinguishable from Gulf War Syndrome.  Many studies have shown that it was a contributor, but certainly not the only contributor, to Gulf War illnesses.

Data from the military’s Defense Medical Surveillance System have shown that vaccinated service members have significantly elevated rates of heart attacks, several cancers, asthma, diabetes, Crohns Disease, psychoses, depression and blood clots, compared to prevaccination rates.

A GAO report last month cited CDC and military Vaccine Healthcare Center officials,  who said that 1 to 2% of anthrax vaccine recipients may experience potentially disabling side effects or death. The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs concurred with the report. See the entire GAO Communication here, especially pp. 1-4

Centers_for_Disease_Contr_451d0f404625bThe Centers for Disease Control  has been conducting a trial of anthrax vaccine in 1500 civilians since 2002.  Over 100 adverse event reports have been filed with FDA on trial subjects, but no preliminary data have been released to the public, and the investigators have decided to focus on short-term adverse events.  Congress could investigate this study and insist that adequate long-term safety data are collected.

In the case of Gulf War and anthrax vaccine studies, a number of issues can be identified that led to unusable results:• The wrong questions were asked • Data were withheld • Dubious methods were chosen • Sample sizes were inadequate to answer the questions asked • Control groups contained exposed subjects, and exposed groups contained unexposed subjects

Finally, former government officials who supported and expanded anthrax vaccinations while in office are now on the payroll of the vaccine manufacturer, or companies with government contracts related to anthrax vaccine.  This includes two former Health and Human Services  secretaries.” 

The role of squalene
Vaccine425% of 697.000 US personnel deployed abroad and at at home fell ill with Gulf War Syndrome (GWS). You can find this table of FDA analyses from the 1. Gulf War lots on the  The Military Vaccine Resource Directory website. a. AVA 020 - 11 ppb squalene (parts per billion), b. AVA 030 - 10 ppb squalene, c. AVA 038 - 27 ppb squalene, d. AVA 043 - 40 ppb squalene, e. AVA 047 - 83 ppb squalene. On an average 34.2 ppb of squalene were given. This website also notes: “Squalene has also been found in the vaccine administered in Great Britain, although the Ministry also denied its presence”. Interestingly, a reference to the “Ministry of Defense - UK - ANTHRAX VACCINE CONTAINS SQUALENE” has a link that leads to an emptied document!

As seen on p. 6 of this EMEA document,  the Pandemrix vaccine contains 10,68 mg of squalene per 0,5 ml. This corresponds to  2.136.000 mikrogrammes pr. billion mikrogrammes of water, i.e. one million times more squalene per dose than in the Gulf War vaccine. There is any reason to believe that this will make people sick to a much higher extent than in 1990/91. This appears murderous to me. More on Global Research.

I demanded the Danish Medicinal Agency to discard this vaccine. No reaction.

So far, the use of squalene has been banned by the FDA in the US according to Der Spiegel.  However, this may not last long: FDA: “Currently, no U.S. licensed vaccine contains the adjuvants MF-59 or ASO3 (squalene). It is expected that a novel influenza A (H1N1) vaccine manufactured using the same process as U.S. licensed seasonal inactivated influenza vaccine but administered with MF-59 or ASO3 will be authorized for emergency use only.”

Now for the immunological side effects of squalene to occur takes months to years – and cannot be evaluated after up to 6 weeks of observation. Der Spiegel  calls the mass vaccinations on  Europeans a gigantic costfree experiment to provide the FDA with mass vaccination experience to clear the vaccine producers´ track for sale in the US.
EMEA admits that side effects can only be found through extensive vaccination campaigns!

Here is what EMEA has to say about risks of GSK Pandemrix
EMEAs  Pandemrix is commonly or very commonly associated with a range of local and systemic adverse reactions but these are not often of severe intensity and the safety profile would not preclude the use of the vaccine in healthy adults aged 18-60 years or > 60 years.
However, there are some adverse reactions known to be very rarely associated with influenza vaccines and it is currently not possible to predict if higher rates might be observed with Pandemrix compared with, for example, seasonal influenza vaccines.

As for side effects: Squalene “contributed to the cascade of reactions called “ Gulf War syndrome”. Now the Swedish Medical Agency tells that as many as 900 Swedes could be befallen by Guillan-Barré paralyses (link now deleted!) due to vaccinations against this harmless swine flu. And the British government has sent a secret letter to senior neurologists to register every expected Guillan-Barré case in and after the vaccination campaign. Probably, the EU will search a common approach on swine flu vaccination, maybe forced vaccinations.  On Aug. 23, 2009 the first mainstream media, The Daily Express mentioned squalene as a danger.

Now what does the WHO have to say to this?
Who-logoWHO updated on 21 July, 2006 (Document posted below on this blog, as I am pretty sure that the WHO will soon remove it!): •A few people have tried to link the health problems of Gulf War veterans to the possible presence of squalene in the vaccines these soldiers received. • One published report suggested that some veterans who received anthrax vaccines developed anti-squalene antibodies and these antibodies caused disabilities.
It is now known that squalene was not added to the vaccines administered to these veterans, and technical deficiencies in the report suggesting an association have been published. (I have not been able to find a report on deficiencies in Prof. Garry´s studies. See Dr. Nass´ remarks above as for theincompetent research on the GWS. Der Spiegel:The EMEA guideline merely calls for safety studies in which side effects can be detected that occur in more than 1 percent of cases).

This  statement, that the Gulf soldiers got no squalene,  is a blatant lie, since we know the FDA demonstrated squalene in 5 of the lots used The Military Vaccine Resource Directory website. 

Then the WHO confesses: "As this vaccine and new squalene-containing vaccines are introduced in other age groups, post-marketing follow-up to detect any vaccine-related adverse events will need to be performed." The EU leaves it to the producers to make this follow-up!! I.e. so far blood-tests after 21 and 45 days! This is a confession of a gigantic experiment with our health!!

In a doctor´ thesis from Australia, 2003, I found on p. 84 the proof of the danger of squalene: “Two control subjects who volunteered to participate in a vaccine trial at the United States National Institutes of Health developed a multisystem disorder similar to that of Gulf War Syndrome. The trial involved the use of a squalene-containing adjuvant. One person . . . received a single injection and became ill within 3 weeks, with signs and symptoms including arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, photosensitive rashes, fatigue, headaches and fasciculations. The study therefore suggests “evidence of an immune factor based upon the adjuvancy of squalene” (p 62) in the aetiology in these cases of multisystemic illness, and this would indicate that great care needs to be taken with the use of even apparently “natural” adjuvants.”

The WHO tells us that 22 million shots against seasonal flu have been safely administered since 1997 (till 2006 and probably still today) with about 10 mg squalene per dose - mostly for elderly, less reactive people. How does the WHO know that this has been done safely? The WHO writes: "The absence of significant vaccine-related adverse events following this number of doses suggests that squalene in vaccines has no significant risk." Nothing about their follow ups, registrations, observation periods. They probably care just as little about that as about the extent of their pandemic. In July, the WHO ordered governments to stop registrating swine flu cases.
For, in fact, the incidence of autoimmune diseases is increasing – due to squalene? The European Congress of Endocrinology 2008: “Western countries are being confronted with a disturbing increase in the incidence of most immune disorders, including autoimmune and allergic diseases."

So, no wonder that a poll on Fox News on 28 Aug. at 16 o`clock showed 50% of alert Americans think  it is more dangerous to take the flu vaccine than having swine flu. Only 32% thought vice versa. 
What is even more extraordinary: In Russia Today journalist Wayne Madsen says he knows that scientists developing the swine flu vaccines dissuade their families and friends to take it – and that all over the US an anti-vaccine movement is arising. The WHO´s move: You can expect a much worse swine flu this fall!!

 Big money is certainly involved. And big lies and tremendous ruthlessness and recklessness.
And as we know, “our” politicians are easy to buy by means of promotion and money. The WHO is closely cooperating with the Rockefeller Foundation. So endeavours towards world governance and world government, “a global problem demanding a global solution”, are also connected with the entire swine flu vaccination campaign – e.g. making the WHO the Health Department of the UN – as demanded by the latest Rockefeller-Bilderberg meeting.
Why do the Europeans have to take a mortally dangerous vaccine which is forbidden in the USA, considering the harmless swine flu  should not be vaccinated for at all, only having an effect in 25%  and reducing the absence from the job by 1 1/2  hours per flu season per employee? – especially considering the danger of mass vaccinations by themselves developing a lethal pandemic?

Neuester Stand der Schweinegrippeimpfung hier


Zusammenfassung Dieser Artikel beschreibt eine Tatsache, die jeder kennen sollte: Es gibt 1 Million-mal mehr Squalen im Impfstoff von GlaxoSmithKline , Pandemrix, für die EU als im Milzbrand-Impfstoff, der zweifellos dazu beitrug/beiträgt, 25% von 697.000 Soldaten krank zu machen (Golfkriegs-Syndrom - GWS), die am Golf-Krieg 1990-1991 teilnahmen - und zwar entweder sie in der Golf-Region stationiert waren, oder nicht in den Golf gekommen sind. Strahlung hat wahrscheinlich eine Rolle gespielt - erklärt aber nicht, warum das zu Hause gebliebene, geimpfte Personal genauso von Autoimmunerkrankungen erkrankten wie die in der Golfregion Stationierten. Ebenso wenig, warum die "freiwilligen"  israelischen Soldaten nach der Impfung mit amerikanischem und israelischem Milzbrand-Impfstoff - oder warum 2 freiwillige squalengeimpfte Amerikaner das GWS bekamen. Die Rolle des Squalens in Bezug auf die Erregung von GWS-Krankheiten wird vertuscht. Sehen Sie mal das Risiko in diesem Discovery Video. Sie sehen Milz-Impfung mit Squalen. Ich habe vorhin über den Schweine-Grippe-Impfstoff hier und hier und hier sowie im Global Research geschrieben. Aber die WHO hat auch im saisonalen Influenza-Impfstoff eine ebenso hohe Squalenkonzentration erlaubt! Zur gleichen Zeit berichtet The European Congress of Endocrinology 2008  über einen alarmierenden Anstieg der Anzahl von Autoimmun-Krankheiten in der westlichen Welt. Squalenbedingt?

Die Wahl der Impfstoffe, die mit grosser Wahrscheinlichkeit eine Gefahr des squalenbedinten Golfkriegs-Syndroms darstellen - sowie das Thiomersalrisiko des Autismus bei Kindern (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) und Nervezellen-Beschädigung bei Föten und Kindern  - ebenso wie das Guillain-Barré-Syndrom,  video 1 og video 2, ist unverständlich, denn es gibt eine Alternative, und zwar die nasale Impfung mit AstraZeneca´s MedImmune. Ich rate dazu, die anzufordern, wenn Sie gezwungen werden sollten, sich einer Impfung zu unterziehen.

Gulf-war-syndrome 4Nun will ich die Aufmerksamkeit auf die weitere Entwicklung um den Impfstoff gegen Milzbrand mit Squalen hinlenken 
Gulf War Vets Home Page 16 Oct. 2006:  “Das obligatorische Milzbrand-Impfstoff-Programm des Pentagons  wurde im Oktober 2004 eingestellt, als der Washingtoner DC Bundesrichter, Emmet Sullivan, die FDA zitierte, weil sie die FDA-Zulassungs-Regeln nicht befolgte. Er erließ eine endgültige Verfügung, die dem Verteidigungsministerium den Befehl auferlegte, den experimentellen Milzbrand-Impfstoff an militärisches Personal, ohne ihre freiwillige Einwilligung nach Aufklärung, einzustellen. Im Dezember 2005 erstellte die FDA einen neuen, endgültigen Erlass, der den Impfstoff für sicher und wirksam erklärte, aber keine Beweise dafür vorlegte, dass der Impfstoff im Hinblick auf das Einatmen von Milzbrand-Bakterien als eine Waffe  sicher sei. Des Weiteren unterliess er, Forschungergebnisse – und 5000 veröffentlichte Berichte über Nebenwirkungen, die die FDA erhalten hatte, und die zeigen, dass Milzbrandimpfstoff ernsthafte gesundheitliche Probleme nach sich zieht, zu veröffentlichen."

2007 erschien ein Government Accountability Office Rapport, der besagt, das VHCs (Impfstoff-Gesundheits-Zentren) arbeiten mit der militärischen Vaccine Agency (MILVAX) über die Forschung der Nebenwirkungen zusammen – aber keine Studien sind in der  medizinischen Literatur erschienen.
Ich (Meryl Nass) habe von kranken Soldaten gehört, mehrere Prozent ihrer Einheiten seien aus medizinischen Gründen nach Hause geschickt worden,
bevor sie überhaupt im Kampf gewesen seien - und zwar wegen Herzinfarkten, Magen-Darm-Störungen und plötzlicher Entwicklung von Autoimmunerkrankungen.

Nun stellte es sich im Jahr 2007 heraus, dass "freiwillige" israelische Soldaten auch durch US- und israelischem Milzbrand-Impfstoff körperbehindert wurden - ohne anscheinend der radioaktiven Strahlung ausgesetzt gewesen zu sein. "Die geimpften (offensichtlich nicht die ungeimpften) Soldaten leiden unter Atmungs– und Hautproblemen sowie Schwierigkeiten mit den Funktionen des täglichen Lebens. Bis 2005 lehnte etwa die Hälfte der US-Soldaten ab, sich aus Furcht vor den Folgewirkungen mit dieser Substanz impfen zu lassen. The  Daily Mail am 27. Aug. 2009 berichtet über 4 neue Fälle von britischen Soldaten  mit dem Golfkriegs-Syndrom nach einer Reihe von Impfungen.

Meryl-nassDr. Meryl Nass´ 'Zeugnis vor dem Gesundheitsausschuss des House Veterans Affairs des Kongresses  am 26. Juli 2007
"Ich praktiziere Innere Medizin in Maine, habe einen Hintergrund mit Milzbrand und biologischen Kampfstoffen und leite eine Spezialklinik für Patienten mit Multi-Symptom-Krankheiten wie dem Golfkriegs-Syndrom, Erkrankungen, die durch Milzbrand-Impfstoff  verursacht werden, Fibromyalgie und chronischer Müdigkeit.

Diejenigen mit dem Golfkriegs-Syndrom oder Krankheiten nach der Impfung gegen Milzbrand haben in der Regel herzzerreißende Krankengeschichten. Die meisten wurden oft in ihren 20er bis 40er Jahren mit einer Kombination von körperlichen Beeinträchtigungen, Gedächtnisstörungen und psychiatrischen Erkrankungen behindert. Sie kaben je zwischen 10 und 15 Diagnosen im Durchschnitt.
Erstens kann Milzbrand-Impfstoff ein breites Spektrum von Krankheiten verursachen, führt aber am häufigsten zu einem Syndrom, das klinisch nicht vom Golfkriegs-Syndrom zu unterscheiden ist. Viele Studien haben gezeigt, dass der Impfstoff ein Beitrag , aber sicherlich nicht der einzige Beitrag,  zu den Golfkriegs-Krankheiten ist.

Daten von dem Military Defense Medical Surveillance System haben gezeigt, dass geimpfte Soldaten deutlich erhöhte Häufigkeiten von Herzinfarkten, einigen Krebserkrankungen, Asthma, Diabetes, Morbus Crohn, Psychose, Depression und Blutgerinnsel haben, verglichen mit den Häufigkeiten vor der Impfung.

Laut einem Bericht im letzten Monat von der US - Government Accountability Office (GAO U. S.) wurden Beamten der CDC und der militärischen Vaccine Healthcare Centers (VHC) zitiert. Sie sagten aus: "1-2% der Milzbrand-Impfstoff-Empfänger können potenziell körperbehimdernde Nebenwirkungen oder den Tod erleben.". Sehen Sie hier die Gesamte GAO Communication - insbes. die Seiten 1-4).

Der stellvertretende Verteidigungsminister für Gesundheits-Angelegenheiten stimmte dem Bericht zu.
Centers_for_Disease_Contr_451d0f404625bCenters for Disease Control führt eine Testreihe mit dem Milzbrand-Impfstoff  bei 1500 Zivilisten seit 2002 durch. Mehr als 100 Berichte über unerwünschte Nebenwirkungen sind bei der FDA über die Versuchspersonen vorgelegt, aber keine vorläufigen Daten wurden für die Öffentlichkeit freigegeben, und die Ermittler beschlossen, sich auf kurzfristige Nebenwirkungen zu konzentrieren. Der Kongress könnte diese Studie prüfen, und darauf bestehen, dass angemessene langfristige Sicherheitsdaten eingesammelt werden.

Im Falle von Studien des Golfkriegs-Syndroms und des Milzbrand-Impfstoffs, ist eine Reihe von Themen identifiziert, die zu unbrauchbaren Ergebnissen geführt haben: • Die falschen Fragen wurden gestellt • Daten wurden zurückgehalten • fragwürdige Methoden wurden gewählt • Die Stichprobenumfänge waren unzureichend, um die Fragen zu beantworten • Kontrollgruppen enthielten ausgesetzte Personen, und gefährdete Gruppen enthielten nicht-exponierte Personen

Schließlich sind ehemalige Regierungsbeamte, die die Milzbrandimpfungen unterstützten, als sie angestellt waren, nun auf der Gehaltsliste der Impfstoff-Hersteller oder von Unternehmen, die mit dem Milzbrand-Impfstoff Verbindung haben.
Dies schliesst 2 ehemalige Gesundheitsminister mit ein!"

 Rolle des Squalens 
Vaccine425% vom 697.000-Mann-grossen US-Personal, das in die Golfregion oder zu Hause eingesetzt wurde, erkrankten durch das Golfkriegssyndrom(GWS). Sie können diese Tabelle der FDA-Analysen über den Milzbrand-Impfstoff-Bestand des 1. Golfkrieges an The Military Vaccine Resource Directorys Website finden: a. AVA 020 mit 11 ppb Squalen (Mikrogramm Squalen pro eine Milliarde Mikrogramm Wasser) b. AVA 030 mit 10 ppb Squalen, c. AVA 038 mit 27 ppb Squalen, d. AVA 043 mit 40 ppb Squalen, e. AVA 047 bis 83 ppb Squalen. Im Durchschnitt 34,2 ppb Squalen wurden gegeben. Diese Website stellt außerdem fest: "Squalen wurde auch im Impfstoff des Vereinigten Königreichs gefunden, obwohl das Verteidigungsministerium sein Vorkommen bestreitet." Es ist interessant, man bezieht sich auf das "Ministry of Defense - Großbritannien – Anthrax-Impfstoff enthält Squalen”, aber das Link führt nur zu einem leeren Dokument! Mehr im Global Research.

Wie auf Seite 6 dieses EMEA Dokuments gesehen, enthält der Impfstoff Pandemrix für die EU 10,68 mg Squalen pro 0,5 ml. Dies entspricht 2.136.000 Mikrogramm Squalen pro 1 Milliarde Mikrogramm Wasser, also eine Million-mal mehr Squalen pro Dosis als in dem Golfkriegsimpfstoff. Es besteht Grund zu der Annahme, dass dies viel mehr Menschen krank machen wird als in den Jahren 1990/91. Dies scheint mir mörderisch.

Ich verlangte beim Dänischen Arzneimittelamt, dass sie diesen Pandemrix Impfstoff verwerfen. Keine Reaktion.

Bisher wurde die Verwendung von Squalen durch die FDA in den USA laut "Der Spiegel” untersagt. Das mag nicht lange dauern: FDA: "Derzeit darf kein US-Impfstoff-Adjuvans MF 59 oder AsO3 (Squalen) enthalten. Es wird erwartet, dass eine neue Influenza A (H1N1), durch den gleichen Prozess produziert wie der in den USA zulässige nationale saisonale inaktivierte Influenza-Impfstoff, genehmigt wird – jedoch mit MF-59 oder AsO3 (Squalen) verabreicht, aber nur für Notfälle.

Nun dauert es Monate oder Jahre, bevor die immunologischen Nebenwirkungen des Squalens auftreten - und sie können nicht nach 6 Wochen der Beobachtung beurteilt werden. Der Spiegel nennt die Massen-Impfungen der Europäer ein gigantisches kostenloses Experiment, um  durch die europäische Massenimpfung der FDA Erfahrungen zu besorgen, die dem Verkauf in den USA den Weg ebnen können. Die EMEA hat erkannt, dass Nebenwirkungen nur durch umfangreiche Impfkampagnen festgestellt werden können!

Hier ist, was die EMEA über die Gefahr von GSK Pandemrix zu sagen hat
Das Pandemrix der EMEA ist oft oder sehr oft mit einer Reihe von lokalen und systemischen Nebenwirkungen verbunden, aber diese sind oft nicht schwer, und das Sicherheitsprofil würde die Verwendung des Impfstoffs bei gesunden Erwachsenen im Alter von 18-60 Jahren oder > 60 Jahren nicht ausschließen.
Allerdings gibt es einige Nebenwirkungen, die bekanntermaßen sehr selten mit Influenza-Impfstoffen verbunden sind, und es ist derzeit nicht möglich, vorherzusagen, ob eine höhere Anzahl mit Pandemrix im Vergleich mit beispielsweise den saisonalen Influenza-Impfstoffen beobachtet werden könnten.

In Bezug auf Nebenwirkungen: Das Squalen hat zu einer Kaskade von Symptomen beigetragen , die man das "Golfkriegs-Syndrom” nennt
Nun sagt die schwedische Arzneimittelbehörde, so viele wie 900 Schweden können durch Guillain-Barré Lähmungen (Link jetzt gelöscht!) betroffen werden: Lähmung durch die Impfung gegen diese harmlose Schweinegrippe. Die britische Regierung hat einen geheimen Brief an die führenden Neurologen des Landes gesandt, um alle erwarteten Guillain-Barré-Fälle während und  nach der Impfkampagne zu erkennen. Wahrscheinlich wird die EU einen gemeinsamen Ansatz zur Schweinegrippe-Impfung suchen, vielleicht vorgeschriebene Impfungen. Am 23. August 2009, hat The "Daily Express " als die erste Mainstream-Medie das Squalen als eine Bedrohung erwähnt.

Who-logoWas hat die WHO dazu sagen? 
Die WHO, aktualisiert am 26. Juli, 2006: • Ein paar Leute haben versucht, die Gesundheitsprobleme  bei Golfkriegsveteranen mit dem möglichen  Vorhandensein von Squalen in Impfstoffen zu verbinden, die diese Soldaten erhalten haben. • ein veröffentlichter Bericht hat angedeutet, dass einige Veteranen, denen der Anthrax-Impfstoff verabreicht wurde, Anti-Squalen-Antikörper entwickelten und dass diese Antikörper Behinderung verursachen. • Es ist nun bekannt, dass Squalen  in den Impfstoffen nicht vorkam, die diesen Veteranen verabreicht wurden, und technische Mängel in dem Bericht, der auf eine Verbindung hindeutete,  wurden veröffentlicht. (Es ist mir nicht gelungen, Hinweise auf einen Bericht zu finden, der technische Mängel an den Befunden Garry's dokumentieren sollte. Siehe Dr. Nass´Aussage oben auf die untaugliche Forschung ums GWS. Der Spiegel: Die EMEA Richtschnur verlangt nur Sicherheitsstudien, in denen  Nebenwirkungen entdeckt werden können, die in mehr als 1% der Fälle auftreten.)

Daß es kein Squalen im Impfstoff für  die Golf-Soldaten geben sollte, ist eine glatte Lüge, denn wir wissen, dass die FDA Squalen in 5 der verwendeten Portionen nachwies -The  Military Vaccine Resource Directorys Website

Dann gesteht die WHO ein: "Da dieser Impfstoff und neue Impfstoffe mit Squalen  in andere Altersgruppen eingeführt werden, wird es notwendig sein, weiterzuverfolgen, um impfstoff-bezogene Nebenwirkungen zu entdecken, nachdem der Impfstoff vermarktet ist!" Die EU überlässt es den Herstellern, diese Weiterverfolgungen zu machen!! Dh. bisher Blutproben nach 21 und 45 Tagen! Dies ist ein Eingeständnis eines Riesenexperiments mit unserer Gesundheit!!

In einer Dissertation aus Australien, 2003, S. 84, fand ich Beleg für die Gefährlichkeit des Squalens: "Zwei Kontrollpersonen, die sich freiwillig meldeten, um an einer Impfstoff-Studie am US-amerikanischen "National Institutes of Health" teilzunehmen, entwickelten eine Multi-System-Erkrankung – ähnlich dem Golfkriegs-Syndrom. Das Experiment war mit der Verwendung eines Squalen-haltigen Adjuvans verbunden . … Eine Person  erhielt eine einmalige Injektion und erkrankte innerhalb von 3 Wochen mit Anzeichen und Symptomen, einschließlich Arthritis, Fibromyalgie, Lymphadenopathie, lichtempfindlichen Hautausschlags, Müdigkeit, Kopfschmerzen und unwillkürlicher Muskelzuckungen. Die Studie deutet daher auf "Beweise für einen immunologischen Faktor basiert auf dem Hilfsstoff Squalen" in der Ätiologie/ Ursache dieser Fälle von multi-systemischer Krankheit hin, und dies lässt darauf schließen, dass große Vorsicht bei der Verwendung von scheinbar "natürlichen" Hilfsstoffen" zugrunde gelegt werden müsse.”
Die WHO erzählt uns, dass 22 Millionen Impfungen gegen saisonale Grippe seit 1997 bis 2006 (und wohl heute noch) mit etwa 10 mg Squalen pro Dosis  sicher verabreicht worden seien - vorzugsweise für ältere, (weniger reaktive) Menschen. Wie weiß die  WHO, dass dies sicher geschehen sei? Die WHO schreibt: "Die Abwesenheit signifikanter impfstoff-bedingter unerwünschter Nebenwirkungen nach dieser Anzahl der Dosen legt nahe, dass Squalen in Impfstoffen kein signifikantes Risiko hat." Nichts über ihre Weiterverfolgungen, Registrierungen, Beobachtungszeiträume. Sie kümmern sich wahrscheinlich ebenso wenig um solche Kleinigkeiten wie um die tatsächliche Anzahl der Schweine-Grippe Fälle: Im Juli beorderte die WHO den Regierungen, die Registrierung der Schweinegrippe-Fälle zu stoppen.

Vaccine-dangerDenn in Wirklichkeit steigt die Inzidenz von Autoimmunerkrankungen - squalenbedingt? Die European Congress of Endocrinology 2008: "Westliche Länder sind mit einer alarmierenden Zunahme der Inzidenz der meisten Immunerkrankungen, darunter Autoimmun-und allergischer Erkrankungen, konfrontiert."

So ist es kein Wunder, dass eine Umfrage auf Fox News am. 28. Aug um 16 Uhr zeigte, dass 50% der Amerikaner glauben, es sei gefährlicher, den Grippe-Impfstoff als die Schweinegrippe zu bekommen. Nur 32% meinten andersrum.
Was aussergewöhnlicher ist: Auf “Russia Today” sagte der Journalist, Wayne Madsen, er wisse, dass Wissenschaftler, die den Schweinegrippe-Impfstoff entwickeln, ihren Familien und Freunden davon abraten, die Impfung zu nehmen – und dass in der ganzen USA eine Anti-Impfungsbewegung entstehe. Der Gegenzug der WHO: Sie können sich in diesem Herbst eine viel tödlichere Grippe erwarten!!

Grosses Geld ist beteiligt, sowie große Lügen, Rücksichtslosigkeit und Gewissenslosigkeit. Wie wir wissen, "unsere" Politiker sind leicht, mit Karriere und Geld zu kaufen. Die WHO arbeitet mit der Rockefeller Foundation eng zusammen. Deshalb sind die Bemühungen um World Governance und die Weltregierung ", ein globales Problem, das eine globale Lösung erfordere", auch mit der ganzen Schweine-Grippe-Impfkampagne verbunden - zum Beispiel, um die WHO zum Gesundheitsministerium der UN  zu machen,- wie von dem jüngsten Rockefeller-Bilderberg-Treffen verlangt.
Warum sollen die Europäer einen gefährlichen Impfstoff haben, der in den USA verboten ist, wenn die harmlose Schweinegrippe gar nicht geimpft werden sollte, weil der Impfstoff  nur bei 25% wirkt und die Krankentage nur um 1 1 / 2 Stunden pro Mitarbeiter und Grippesaison verkürzt werden? - vor allem angesichts der Bedrohung, dass Massenimpfungen an sich eine tödliche Pandemie entwickeln kann.

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