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Summary: The rumors are increasing that a false flag operation on a previously unseen scale has been scheduled for the upcoming Olympic Games in London. Hopefully it’s all fear-mongering for the purpose of strengthening the police state and the argument for the one-world government. For the war against terror that has its origin in the 9/11 false flag operation -consolidated by the false flag operation of the London bombs on 7/7.2005.

But what particularly worries is that the big British (NWO-dominated) MSM is recently more concerned about a major terrorist attack. The head of the intelligence service MI5 also expects a big attack and has already blamed it on Iran and Hezbollah as the likely masterminds. This is extraordinary and arouses suspicion of a false flag operation in order to obtain a pretext for an attack on these forces. Furthermore, the Rockefeller Foundation in its future scenarios delivered a message that during the London Olympics 13,000 people were killed in a terrorist attack. In 1995, Illuminati-game producer Steven Jackson  issued a card game showing how the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are exploding. Another card shows the Big Ben exploding above the heads of people who are dressed in the colors of the Olympic rings.

Moreover, a British investigative undercover journalist took a job as a guard at the Danish / English corporation, G4S. He witnessed - like the British ITV News - lousy security and was told there was a plan for the evacuation of the whole of London. He adds that 100,000 British, US and EU regular troops are already in London - as well as lining for 200,000 coffins for 4-5 bodies each.
Surface to air missiles are being placed on residential complexes - badly guarded. The whole Olympic complex is built on a radioactive dump. The advice from locals: Stay away from London this summer!
The  probability of a terror attack is given as a strong possibility  (substantial). There still are 700.000 unsold tickets to the London OL games (fear?).

The G4S has a bad reputation: poor quality of their very expensive services, body guards and other security functions (long-term unemployed with little training), poor work and ethics as well as brutality.
The corporate world government elite, of course, hires a corporation to supervise us. The Olympic Games are a big opportunity to test this large-scale police-state monitoring. The elite need such monitoring, as people are growing impoverished and desperate because of the  economic crisis created by the elite, spendings on their invented war on terror, the useless and hypocritical CO2 combating with taxes and CO2 trading, further self-enrichment in the name of climate mitigation for developing countries, mass immigration.

Worse, G4S is present in 125 countries and is apparently associated with the U.S. FEMA concentration camp system. In addition, in 2011 the G4S made 120 million pounds in Israel by monitoring Palestinian detainees.

If in fact a major terrorist action is scheduled to occur at the Olympic Games, there is only one means to prevent it: We have to make it clear in great numbers to the elitists that after the 9/11 and London bombs of 7/7, we have  have seen through them, and we expect them to do something similar again - so that they might waive it. Or do they just intend to scare the wits out of us, making us hate their great enemy image, Iran, and accept their world government´s strike on that country?


Documentation of Summary

The Times of Israel 18 July 2012: Taking into account the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran during the 2012 Summer Games, the Olympic committee in charge of the London event has formed a special team to prepare for the contingency. According to the Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth on Wednesday., the team — consisting of politicians, diplomats, security officials and organizing committee personnel — wrote in a report that such a strike was entirely possible. England is thought to be within the range of Iranian missiles and UK officials believe that a military confrontation between Jerusalem and Tehran could involve the country against its will.

HAARETZ 22 July 2012:  Israeli officials have warned that an Iranian terror squad in Europe may be planning to attack its athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games. The Sunday Times reports further that “panic rooms have been installed beneath the stadium as a haven for VIPs and spectators in the event of an attack.” The Mossad, says the Sunday Times, “is hunting a group of white Europeans who are thought to have converted to Islam and to be working with the Iranian Quds force and Hezbollah, the terrorist group backed by Tehran.

As I have previously written there are rumors out there that a false flag operation is being prepared for the Zionist Summer Olympic in London to be opened on 27 July. However, they may be a double-edged sword: To discredit the credibility of a blog like this one, which tells the story of these rumors. However, in that case, it will cost even more credibility of the BBC, The Daily Telegraph MI5 and so on, too. So I run the risk of telling about the rumours.

Faulty security around the London Olympics
Many even advise people to stay away from England this summer.  It is impossible to tell, if this is real or just another attempt to scare people into accepting more police state in a world where chaos is deliberately being made out of order by false flag operations ( e.g. 9/11 2001 WTC and 7/7 2005 London) and the consequent war on terror . But Steven Jacksons Illuminati cards from 1995 showing Big Ben exploding above people clad in the colours of the Olympic rings as well as the statement in one of the Illuminati Rockefeller Foundation´s 4 scenarios for the future that 13.000 people were killed in a terrorist attack in the London Olympic Games arouse further misgivings, of course. But what is most scaring is that the Talmudist owned UK MSM also more than indicate terrorist action in the London Olympics.

Olympic-missilesOlympic-missiles-onroofThe Daily Mail 13 July 2012For the first time since WWII, London’s green space is transformed by anti-aircraft guns for Olympic ring of steel: Rapier and high-velocity missile systems are being installed in Leytonstone, Bow, Blackheath Common and Oxleas Wood, Enfield and Epping Forest
It is the biggest peacetime security operation the country has ever seen.
David Cameron will have the grim task of ordering the Armed Forces to use the missile defence systems to shoot down a passenger airliner over Britain if a suicide attack is suspected of being underway.

Home Secretary Theresa May has already faced accusations that Olympics security is a shambles after the Armed Forces were called in to plug a gap left by the failure of bungling G4S chiefs. With just two weeks to go until the opening ceremony, an extra 3,500 servicemen and women are being flown in after the firm, which has a history of mistakes, said it might not be able to provide enough guards for all the venues.

MPs accused the company of letting the country down, while Mrs May insisted ministers were told of the ‘absolute gap in the numbers’ only on Wednesday. In other developments in a growing pre-Games meltdown yesterday: At Heathrow, passengers arriving for the Olympics faced two-hour queues at immigration and millions face travel chaos because the M4, which links Heathrow to London, remains closed for repairs for the ‘foreseeable’ future; A G4S whistleblower claimed fake explosive devices and lethal weapons were smuggled past security trainees during Olympics test events; A parliamentary report said MI5 and MI6 have been put under ‘unprecedented pressure’ by the Olympics, leaving the country vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Indications of an upcoming disaster in the London Olympics
BCfm – Community Radio for Bristol 22 June 2012 has a story by investigative journalist “Lee Hazeldean”, who as an undercover journalist was applied by the G4S as a security guard – and experienced appalling lacks in the security surrounding the Olympic games of London – with longtime jobless persons as unqualified, untrained security guards. But worst of all: Also there are plans for the evacuation of London, G4S is going to be at the forefront, as well as 100,000 troops of regular British, American and European troops. Lee was not told why there would be any need for an evacuation of the whole of London, they just said it was to be a “defining moment in the history of London”. The troops are being held across London in various barracks. Lee also had this information confirmed by an army doctor who was shocked at all the foreign troops coming into London. There is also a shipment of what are being described as casket linings, each casket can hold four or five people and 200,000 casket linings have been delivered. This could all be precautionary in the event of a major terrorist attack.
British ITV News 27 June has looked into the security measures and is clearly worried.Ben-fellows-rafbf-294

Right: Now Hazeldean goes public and reveals his real name for fear of retaliation: His real name is Ben Fellows.

The Express 1 July 2012 SECURITY for Olympic spectators and athletes has been slammed after the murder of a young man at a prestigious shopping centre right next to the gates of the main Games park. We were led to believe there would be rapid response units on stand by to deal with incidents quickly – but you have to ask, ‘Where were they when this incident happened?’ Former Metropolitan Police commander Dai Davies urged a re-think on security with the Games less than four weeks away “I am concerned that at the moment we are aboard the Titanic and no one is seeing the icebergs ahead.” The Daily Mail journalist, Ryan Kisiel, was recruited in just 90 seconds for a chaotic training, parading as an unemployed.

VIDEO: 100.000 planned to die in the Lonodon Olympics?

JonathanEvansMI5_2258204bWhat does Spy Chief Jonathan Evans (left), the current head of MI5 have to say about the rumours?
UKPA 26 June 2012 and The Irish Times 26 June 2012: “There is “no such thing a guaranteed security.” Jonathan Evans said there was no doubt that some terrorist groups had considered whether they could pull off an attack on Britain this summer.“ The Games present an attractive target for our enemies and they will be at the centre of the world’s attention in a month or so.”

The Telegraph 25 June 2012: Jonathan Evans: “A return to State-sponsored terrorism by Iran or its associates, such as Hizbollah, cannot be ruled out as pressure on the Iranian leadership increases,” he said. That, coupled with Iran’s nuclear intentions, also raised the chilling prospect of a dirty bomb attack.
The MI5 chief also publicly entered the row over monitoring emails and phone calls for the first time. The Government has faced criticism over plans to force providers to keep records of customer phone calls, emails and internet activity to allow the police and security services access to it.
Comment: The Truth Seeker 26 June 2012: IF an operation takes place under a false flag in the upcoming Olympic Games, two potential suspects have been named and Iran will be blamed for the debt and be used to pave the way for total war.

The Telegraph 29 June 2012Two Muslim converts have been arrested in East London on suspicion of plotting an attack against the London 2012 Olympic Games canoeing venue.  Mizanur Rahman, 29, said the arrests “might have had something to do with the fact that they recently went canoeing” on the River Lea, a branch of which runs through the Olympic site in east London. In one of the biggest vetting operations in 70 years, the backgrounds of half-a-million people have been screened amid concerns the Games remain threatened by terrorism. The terror level is currently at substantial, a notch below severe. A substantial threat level indicates that an attack is a strong possibility.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that a ring of ground-to-air missile launchers could be deployed around London to protect Olympic venues.

SAM-missilesIn March, the director-general of MI5, Jonathan Evans, took the rare step of briefing the whole Cabinet on the terrorism threat to the UK in the run up to the Olympics.

The Guardian 28 AprilBritain’s military has told residents of an upscale apartment development near the Olympic Park in east London it is installing a missile battery on top of a tower within their housing complex to defend the 2012 Games this summer – not seen since WWII. Acc. to Russia Today 30 April 2012 even airborne attack is expected – and no doubt a formidable psychological warfare is going on. The Telegraph 3 May 2012 London 2012 Olympics: Journalist Brian Whelan has filmed military equipment for a London 2012 Olympics security site left unguarded outside a block of flats in east London. The video appears to show crates of rockets and other military equipment piled up at the foot of a tower the Army plans to use as a surface-to-air missile base.
“There’s nobody around and there’s military equipment here, crates clearly full of missiles and not a person in sight.” An MoD spokesman said: “These were dummy missiles which are used to practice with, not live ammunition. In any case, as the video shows, there were three personnel there at the time.”

VIDEO: Missiles being placed on top of flat complex

Attacking-olympic-torchIn Coventry, 2 teenager boys showed how easy it was to attack the Olympic torch, before being caught by officials (The Daily Mail 3 July 2012)

So, certainly, the rumours necessitate safe security measures. This article will take a look at the corporation which has been entrusted with the security of the games, G4S, a Danish/British firm to which I used to subscribe for help in case of road accidents.
Wikipedia: G4S plc is a multinational security services company headquartered in Crawley, United Kingdom. It is the world’s largest security company measured by revenues and has operations in more than 125 countries. With over 657,000 employees, it is the world’s third-largest private sector employer. G4S has its origins in a guarding business founded in Copenhagen in 1901. Its records on human rights, working morale, efficiency, underpayment of its employees are appalling.

“Terror on the Tubes” (7/7) 27 June 2012 The security firm to ‘look after’ the forthcoming London Olympics, G4S, has deep Israeli connections and a dreadful human rights record. There have been quite a string of fabricated-terror events where Israeli security firms have been involved, enough to raise urgent concerns about what is in the pipeline for Londoners. If you have a ticket for the Olympics – get rid of it! Just stay away. G4S provides services to Israeli prisons, police army. Palestinian political prisoners from the occupied territories are held by G4S in contravention of international law. G4S made 120 million pounds in Israel last year.

The Olympic Site is said to be built on a radioactive dump site!


The Times of Cockaigne 7 June 2012: G4S are already contracted to provide security arrangements which meet similar requirements in Iraq and Afghanistan.
G4S’ literature details how the firm provides protection for UK diplomatic staff, and advertises for similar private bodyguard services which employ “former Gurkha and ex-military law enforcement personnel with recent operational experience, well-versed in managing civil disturbance”.

In essence, then, G4S employs an army of private mercenary soldiers for the protection of Very Important Persons (VIPs) – which, as far as corporate-government is concerned, is anyone who can afford the high fees.

There is a relationship between G4S and their activity especially the US where there is a possible link with the planned FEMA concentration camps.

The recent appearance of surface-to-air missiles on the London skyline is one example of how the British Establishment has tried to psychologically manipulate Londoners and other Britons, reading about events online, into the necessity of gross constitutional contraventions in the name of security.

Olympics’ security also represents the pioneering of forced social arrangements that will become increasingly necessary for the ruling elite to implement as their designed economic collapse brings more swathes of humanity into desperate material need. The plan for impoverishment of Western populations is the goal of the global plutocracy through the implementation of Agenda 21, which has already been incorporated into the policy-making decisions of many British local councils. Ultimately, this plan will need security arrangements to keep the ruling elite safe from a disaffected population, and even to keep those most dangerously malcontent in concentration camps.

The idea of corporate security to manage a social system is already implemented in the United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) concentration camps are a very real phenomenon that most citizens of that country do not know exist. With the recent signing by Obama of the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA), it is suspected that one of the uses of FEMA camps will be to house the civilians, who can be arrested and detained without due process. The NDAA basically decreed is code for identifying citizens who oppose the Government.

FEMA details in Bill of the House of Representatives 645 (111th): National Emergency Center´s Establishment Act of 22. Jan. 2009.


G4S’ name crops up many times in conjunction with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and FEMA in relation with counter-terror measures and providing prison security.

The Huffington Post reported that Lincolnshire Police Authority chairman Barry Young and chief constable Richard Crompton were very happy with the prospect of G4S, a corporation with a private army at its disposal, helping to police Lincolnshire. The latter said that the arrangement “put us firmly in the vanguard for change in the way British policing is delivered,” which suggests the possibility that police forces all over the country are managed by terrifying Liberal-Fascist zealots who think that a mercenary force to impose a new social order is a wonderful thing.Thank you for links to Politaia 25 June 2012.

Hopefully the rumours and indications about a major false flag terror action during the Summer Ollympics are just scaremongering, an excuse to consolidate the police state and to strengthen the argument for the corporate world government Ltd. are just the usual NWO scaremongering – and not premonitions about an upcoming long planned false flag operation to be blamed on Iran for the purpose of attacking that country, which is unwilling to submit to the NWO money masters. There still are 700.000 unsold tickets to the London OL games (fear?).

If the Illuminati really plan such a disaster the only thong we can do is to tell them that we expect them to commit such a crime – as they did on 9/11 and 7/7.
If sufficiently many warn of that possibility they might refrain from implementing their plan.

Summary: In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation published 4 scenarios for the development, i.e. chaos, of the world in the period 2010-2030. Although it is pointed out, that the report is guesswork it is very interesting reading to see how the Illuminati planning the development of the world towards chaos see our future.

In the report, we find all the well-known words and ideas which on this blog have been repeated endlessly: central global government, nation states losing power and control of their economies, loss of welfare states, UN took new levels of authority, regionalisation, greener world, more poverty, better infrastructure, order out of NWO-created chaos, predetermined, top-down authoritarian government with increasing citizen pushback, a more controlled world willingly accepted by citizens in exchange for greater safety, corporations having more and more power, science serving money, civil unrest due to clashes between individual and government interests, unlimited growth with manmade climate change disasters, rising sea level, CO2–cap-and trade trading, coastal megacities (Agenda 21), more GMO food,  2010–2020 the doom decade with break-up of alliances and proxy wars, resource and food scarcities, increasing crime, resurgence of feudalism, hostile divisions of countries along ethnic lines, the distinction between developed and developing countries disappeared, immigrants unwanted – no jobs for them, so that they would return to their countries of origin.  This is of course very naïve: Social refugees will not return or be allowed to return by the also predicted world government behind the developing chaos. But worst of all: it was often a retreat to family ties, religious beliefs, or even national allegiance, thus doing Adam Weishaupt´s/Mayer Rothschild´s NWO 6-point program – which had been so successful - in.

However, there are some very worrisome predictions for the year 2012: 13.000 to be bombed to death at the London Olympic Games - and a very deadly flu epidemic killing 8 Mio. people in 2012. If such events do take place there will be no doubt as to who planned them.

By 2016, the global coordination and interconnectedness that had marked the post-Berlin Wall world was tenuous at best. With government power weakened, order rapidly disintegrating, and safety nets evaporating, violence and crime grew more rampant.
Countries with ethnic, religious, or class divisions saw especially sharp spikes in hostility. Meanwhile, overtaxed militaries and police forces could do little to stop growing communities of criminals and terrorists from gaining power.

Without the ability to boost economic activity, many countries saw their debts deepen and civil unrest climb. The United States, too, lost much of its presence and credibility on the international stage due to deepening debt, debilitated markets, and a distracted government. This, in turn,
led to the fracturing or decoupling of many international collaborations started by or reliant on the U.S.’s continued strength. Also in trouble was China, where social stability grew more precarious. Indeed, nearly all foreign investment in Africa — as well as formal, institutional flows of aid and other support for the poorest countries — was cut back.

Those who couldn’t buy their way out of chaos — which was most people — retreated to whatever “safety” they could find. With opportunity frozen and global mobility at a near standstill — no place wanted more people, especially not more poor people -trust was afforded to those who guaranteed safety and survival — whether it was a warlord, an evangelical preacher, or a mother. By 2030, the distinction between “developed” and “developing” nations no longer seemed particularly descriptive or relevant.

The decade 2010-2020 is called the Doom decade: criminality, proxy wars, parents omit to have their children vaccinated - so children die like flies! Global food shortage, break up of alliances, violence, order disintegrating. Everybody produces GMO foods in his backyard! The philantropic corporations come to the rescue of the poor along with their faithful hirelings, the NGOs.

Habakkuk 2:12 Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!
13 … that the people shall labour in the very fire, and the people shall weary themselves for very vanity? 16 Thou art filled with shame for glory..


CNBC admits that we are all slaves to Rothschild´s central banks. Rothschild´s right arm is Rockefeller.

When The Rockefeller Foundation, the world´s foremost advocate of New World Order and eugenics and population control, Rothschild´s strongest arm behind the US Federal Reserve and the US Council on Foreign Relations, makes a prognosis for the near future there is every reason to be attentive. In 2010, The Rockefeller Foundation – so intricately associated with the supplier of poisonous GMO food for the world, the Monsanto/US Dept. of Agriculture Ltd. issued a paper for world development/chaos of the the period of 2010–2030, called “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.

Big-ben-disasterIn it we find all the well-known words and ideas which on this blog have been repeated endlessly: central global government, nation states losing power and control of their economies, loss of welfare states, UN took new levels of authority, regionalisation greener world, more poverty, better infrastructure  Order out of chaos from NWO-created chaos, predetermined, top-down authoritarian government with increasing citizen pushback, (planned) pandemic 2012 killing millions and economy,  a more controlled world willingly accepted by citizens in exchange for greater safety, corporations having more and more power, science serving money, civil unrest deue to clashes between individual and government interests, unlimited growth with manmade climate change disasters, rising sea level, CO2–cap-and trade trading, coastal megacities (Agenda 21), more GMO food,  2010–2020 the doom decade with break-up of alliances and proxy wars, resource and food scarcities , increasing crime, resurgence of feudalism, hostile divisions of countries along ethnic lines, the distinction between developed and developing countries disappeared, immigrants unwanted – no jobs for them, so that they would return to their countries of origin. And worst of all: it was often a retreat to family ties, religious beliefs, or even national allegiance.

But ut most eery: The prognosis forecasts that 13.000 people will be killed by bombing of the London summer Olympics and here and a very virulent pandemic killing 8 million and affecting 20% of the world population as well as world economy. This means an early test of the credibility of the scenarios – and would prove that such scenarios are planned by the Illuminati.

Sustainability is rooted in the sick imagination of Rockefeller´s Club of Rome, which was officially born at Rockefeller´s Villa Serbelloni at Bellagio, Italy, in 1965. However, it existed already in 1953 – before the Bilderberg Club – with this bunch of globalists incl. David Rockefeller.

The excerpt below contains nothing surprising – but it does confirm the eery future for the world, planned by them on a bunch of lies like the global warming scam and the blessing of GMO food.  For comments on this, see Adrian Salbucchi.


It is important to realize that many such papers have been eerily accurate in the past and thus must be considered when such events unfold in the near future. The scenarios may also be seen as the wishful thinking of the globocrats.

The president of the Rockefeller, Judith Rodin, thanks i.a. Peter Schwarz of the Global Business Network for his role in the scenario. Peter Schwarz writes: “Throughout my 40-plus-year career as a scenario planner, I have worked with many of the world’s leading companies, governments, foundations, and nonprofits — and I know firsthand the power of the approach.” The scenario describes the connection between technology and development.

The following are 4 purely speculative scenarios - guesswork based on today´s scenario. Maybe Scenario 4 comes closest to today´s situation.

Introduction: Importantly, scenarios are not predictions. Rather, they are thoughtful hypotheses.

The Scenario Framework:  Predetermined elements are important to any scenario story, but they are not the foundation on which these stories are built.The scenarios that follow are not meant to be exhaustive — rather, they are designed to be both plausible and provocative. Each scenario tells a story of how the world, and in particular the developing world, might progress over the next 15 to 20 years.

I. LOCK STEP SCENARIO: A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing
citizen pushback

In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit. Unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new influenza strain — originating
from wild geese — was extremely virulent and deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the global population and killing 8 million in just seven months, the majority of
them healthy young adults. The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers. The pandemic blanketed the planet — though disproportionate numbers died in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America.

During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face
masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems — from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty — leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power. At first, the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval. Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty — and their privacy — to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability. In developed countries, this heightened oversight took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries. Scientists and innovators were often told by governments what research lines to pursue and were guided mostly toward projects that would make money.

Wherever national interests clashed with individual interests, there was conflict. Sporadic pushback became increasingly organized and coordinated, as disaffected youth and people who had seen their status and opportunities slip away — largely in developing countries — incited civil unrest.Maldives

II. CLEVER TOGETHER: A world in which highly coordinated and successful strategies emerge for addressing both urgent and entrenched worldwide issues.
The recession of 2008-10 did not turn into the decades-long global economic slide that many had feared. In fact, quite the opposite: strong global growth returned in force, with the world headed once again toward the demographic and economic projections forecasted before the downturn.
Expansion largely ignored the very real environmental consequences of their unrestricted growth. Undeniably, the planet’s climate was becoming increasingly unstable.
Sea levels were rising fast
, even as countries continued to build-out coastal mega-cities (Agenda 21). That same year, new measurements showing that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were climbing precipitously created new urgency and pressure for governments.
In 2015, a critical mass of middle income and developed countries with strong economic growth publicly committed to leveraging their resources against global-scale problems, beginning with climate change. Together, their governments hashed out plans for monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the short term and improving the absorptive capacity of the natural environment over the long term. A functioning global cap and trade system was also established. New globally coordinated systems for monitoring energy use capacity were rolled out.

Inspired by the success of this experiment in collective global action, large-scale coordinated initiatives intensified. Centralized global oversight and governance structures sprang up, not just for energy use but also for disease and technology standards. Nation-states lost some of their power and importance as global architecture strengthened and regional governance structures emerged. International oversight entities like the UN took on new levels of authority, as did regional systems like the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The worldwide spirit of collaboration also fostered new alliances and alignments among corporations, NGOs, and communities. Coordinated efforts to tackle long-entrenched problems like hunger, disease, and access to basic needs took hold. These strong alliances laid the groundwork for more global and participatory attempts to solve big problems and raise the standard of living of everyone. Coordinated efforts to tackle long-entrenched problems like hunger, disease, and access to basic needs took hold.

In 2022, a consortium of nations, NGOs, and companies established the Global Technology Assessment Office, providing easily accessible, real-time information about the costs and benefits of various technology applications to developing and developed countries alike. All of these efforts translated into real progress on real problems. In many parts of the developing world, economic growth rates increased due to a host of factors. Improved infrastructure accelerated the greater mobility of both people and goods, and urban and rural areas got better connected. Much of the growth in the developing world was achieved more cleanly and more “greenly.” The Desertec initiative to create massive thermal electricity plants to supply both North Africa and, via undersea cable lines, Southern Europe was a huge success.

In Africa, political architecture above the nation-state level, like the African Union, strengthened and contributed to a “good governance” drive. Regional integration through COMESA (the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) and other institutions allowed member nations to better organize to meet their collective needs as consumers and increasingly as producers. Over the course of two decades, enormous strides were made to make the world less wasteful, more efficient, and more inclusive.

The improved food distribution system, for example, generated a food production crisis due to greater demand. Indeed, demand for everything was growing exponentially. By 2028, despite ongoing efforts to guide “smart growth,” it was becoming clear that the world could not support such rapid
growth forever.

III. HACK ATTACK An economically unstable and shock-prone world in which governments weaken, criminals thrive, and dangerous innovations emerge Devastating.

The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the “doom decade” for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000, was followed closely by an earthquake in Indonesia killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost wiped out Nicaragua, and the onset of the West China Famine, caused by a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change. In 2015, the U.S. reallocated a large share of its defense spending to domestic concerns, pulling out of Afghanistan — where the resurgent Taliban seized power once again. In Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa, more and more nation states lost control of their public finances, along with the capacity to help their citizens and retain stability and order. Resource scarcities and trade disputes, together with severe economic and climate stresses, pushed many alliances and partnerships to the breaking point; they also sparked proxy wars and low-level conflict in resource-rich parts of the developing world. Nations raised trade barriers in order to protect their domestic sectors against imports and — in the face of global food and resource shortages — to reduce exports of agricultural produce and other commodities. By 2016, the global coordination and interconnectedness that had marked the post-Berlin Wall world was tenuous at best. With government power weakened, order rapidly disintegrating, and safety nets evaporating, violence and crime grew more rampant.
Countries with ethnic, religious, or class divisions saw especially sharp spikes in hostility. Meanwhile, overtaxed militaries and police forces could do little to stop growing communities of criminals and terrorists from gaining power.

Parents not just in Africa but elsewhere began to avoid vaccinating their children, and it wasn’t long before infant and child mortality rates rose to levels not seen since the 1970s. Interestingly, not all of the “hacking” was bad. Genetically modified crops (GMOs) and do-it-yourself (DIY) biotech became backyard and garage activities, producing important advances. In 2017, a network of renegade African scientists who had returned to their home countries after working in Western multinationals unveiled the first of a range of new GMOs that boosted agricultural productivity on the continent.
Those who couldn’t buy their way out of chaos — which was most people — retreated to whatever “safety” they could find. With opportunity frozen and global mobility at a near standstill — no place wanted more people, especially more poor people — it was often a retreat to the familiar: family ties, religious beliefs, or even national allegiance. Trust was afforded to those who guaranteed safety and survival — whether it was a warlord, an evangelical preacher, or a mother. In some places, the collapse of state capacity led to a resurgence of feudalism. By 2030, the distinction between “developed” and “developing” nations no longer seemed particularly descriptive or relevant.

IV SMART SCRAMBLE: An economically depressed world in which individuals and communities develop localized, makeshift solutions to a growing set of problems.
The global recession that started in 2008 did not trail off in 2010 but dragged onward. Vigorous attempts to jumpstart markets and economies didn’t work, or at least not fast enough to reverse the steady downward pull.

except in the gravest humanitarian emergencies stability grew more precarious.

Not that anyone had time to think about the future — present challenges were too pressing. In the developed world, unemployment rates skyrocketed. So did xenophobia, as companies and industries gave the few available jobs to native-born citizens, shunning foreign-born applicants. Great numbers of immigrants who had resettled in the developed world suddenly found that the economic opportunities that had drawn them were now paltry at best. By 2018, London had been drained of immigrants, as they headed back to their home countries, taking their education and skills with them. Reverse migration left holes in the communities of departure — both socially and literally — as stores formerly owned by immigrants stood empty. And their homelands needed them. Across the developing world and especially in Africa, economic survival was now firmly in local hands.

ADDENDUM: Henry Makow 21 May 2012 - The Avengers is the highest grossing movie of all time, making $1.1 billion in just two weeks. According to Aspen, it describes the Illuminati (i.e. Cabalist/Masonic Jewish) intention to produce the chaos and destruction necessary for the return of the Messiah and to bring about Illuminati dictatorship. At its heart, The Avengers reflects the Illuminati’s hatred of humanity, and their intention to kill it off.


Summary: There are many references by the world’s elite to a coming doomsday disaster - the year 2012 is said to be the crucial year - due to the conclusion of a cycle of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new one. This will take place on 21. December 2012. So, the NWO religion, New Age, has appointed this date to be the end of the world. Doomsday card games with pictures of the explosions of the WTC Twin Towers and the Pentagon seven years before the events - as well as cards showing the Third World War and population reduction, are causing worries. Moreover, the building of an imperishable seed vault on Svalbard with seeds of all plants in the world, to save them from a coming worldwide disaster and keep them for the afterworld, the Georgia Guidestones, murals at the Denver International Airport and The Bank of America showing the demise of the Old in favor of the New World Order, the construction of 140 giant bunkers in the United States and Patagonia for the world elite, a gloomy doomsday movie - “2012″ - (Hollywood is Illuminati property as are nearly the entire U.S. entertainment and media industries) by a German Hollywood film maker, Roland Emmerich; he seems to have a passion for disaster movies. All of this can be seen as warnings from the elite. “We were warned”  it is stated in “2012″.

Behind these scenarios is an elitist imagination that the elitists are descended from sages who escaped from the flooding of Atlantis. These sages escaped - as a  33 Degree Freemason explains - the flooding of Atlantis and brought their wisdom into the ancient world as well as to Central America and were considered gods there. They promised to return which has so far not happened.  However, in the meantime, the Illuminati have developed into gods and will see to the fulfilment of this promise!
The Masons view U.S. as The New Atlantis and founded it for the purpose of sharing the fate of Atlantis: That means destruction – for they imagine to be gods having the right do with their planet what they please while getting rid of the unwanted humanity.

Also the story of the Deluge and Noah animates the sick imaginations of the Illuminati / Freemasons. Therefore, the film “2012″, which is probably an occult Illuminati Warning, has the elite embark on Noah´s Arks before a global warming disaster (melting of the Earth’s core) with earthquakes and megatsunamis in order that they can found a New World Order based on their “divine”  Luciferian genes - without nation state and Christianity. That billions of “useless eaters”  are killed in the process has no significance to them.

Against this backdrop, it is interesting to know that researchers seem to have found Noah’s Ark at 200 meters altitude on Mount Ararat in Turkey. Something indicates that this may be true.

Doomsday is ruled by influential doomsday sects with a large influence on The Illuminati leaders of this world. They use the Bible as their road map. In the Bible, God told Noah that he would never again destroy the Earth by flooding - but by fire.  See Matt. 24th. Therefore, the movie “2012″ hardly tells the whole truth.

Probability is for the world elite using every chance to scare the wits out of us, so that we ask “our” world government to protect us from the demise evil that they are creating, as Henry Kissinger has said, and submit to it in gratitude. fear  driven  people to commit suicide.


Peter 2. Epistle 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.
6 …the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished. 7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men


Documentation of Summary

Twin-towers-pentagonBig-ben-disasterI have often referred to Freemason Albert Pike´s apocalyptic prophecy (written between 1885 and 1894) of the one world government and state through 3 world wars. Also to the description of the Apocalypse given in Matth. 24. – most likely Pike´s model. I have referred to the Denver Airport murals (1. video below) apparently describing the bloody transition from the old to the New World Order.  The year 2012 is by superstitious persons connected with the beginning of a new era/New Age acc. to the Mayan Calendar – in fact a phantasm of the NWO religion, New Age. The former Minnesotan governour, Jesse Ventura (2. video below) , has revealed that 140 underground private and governmental superbunkers are being built all over the US for the elite – ordered to be finished for use on 21 Dec. 2012 – while Israeli leaders and other Illuminati find Patagonia, Argentina safer.
I have described how sinister forces are influencing the leaders of the world to accelerate the conditions predicted in old prophecies to be the environment of the beginning of the Messianic era – and the completion of a New World order.


The Daily Mail 16 May 2012: Extensive planning and research set the groundwork to accurately capture the details and intricacies of an authentic Mayan temple (Kukulcan) down to the exact number of steps and panels representing numbers significant to the Mayan calendar. 18,239 pounds of chocolate was used for the temple built in the scale of 1:30.
The chocolate pyramid will be displayed at the Qzina Institute of Chocolate & Pastry, located in Irvine, California, and will be available to view from June until it is destroyed on December 21, 2012, when the Mayan calendar comes to an end.


Population-reductionMany think the Illuminati have planned the end of the old world – and have edited warnings of what is to come. Thus, game master Steven Jackson launched a card game in 1995 showing the Twin Towers and the Pentagon being blown up – 7 years before it happened. How could he know? Also, many are worried about the Olympic games in London in July – because one of Jackson´s cards shows Big Ben being blown up – and people are clad in the colours of WwIII-steven-Jacksonthe olympic rings.

More gruesome are the cards showing population reduction and WWIII

More and more bizarre elitist fancies about how and when that day will come keep popping up – true planning or meant to scare mankind to capitulate to our world government to save us from this evil.

Manmade HAARP disasters are also becoming more and more evident as are chemtrails with dangerous substances – now even admitted by the German federal government.


The movie “2012” Wikipedia: The film includes references to Mayanism, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar and the 2012 phenomenon in its portrayal of cataclysmic events unfolding in the year 2012. The film was internationally released on November 13, 2009. Approximately 400,000 elitist people are chosen to board “arks”. A megatsunami hits the arks. After flood waters from the tsunamis recede, the arks travel to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.Columbia-illuminati-lady

Right: The movie “2012” was distributed by Columbia Film – the logo of which shows the Illuminati torch illuminating the world.

Who is Roland Emmerich, the director of the movie “2012”? Wikipedia: Roland Emmerich, German film maker in Hollywood (an Illuminati stronghold),  is openly gay and a campaigner for an awareness of global warming and equal rights. He was inspired to become a film maker after watching Star Wars.
He adorns his homes with portraits of dictators and Communist figures and a wax sculpture of Pope John Paul II laughing as he reads his own obituary.
Emmerich is a financial supporter of U.S. progressive politics.

New-atlantis-012Fall-of-christVigilant Citizen 13 May 2012 on “2012”:  The world elite learns about 2012 a few years in advance, secretly plans its own rescue mission (while keeping the masses in the dark) and leaves the world to die while creating a new world that is only populated by the elite.
Does the movie accurately predict what will happen on December 21, 2012? Probably (hopefully) not, but the author does believe that the movie uses the 2012 scare tactic to communicate specific messages to the masses about the elite’s plans for a New World Order and the coming of the Age of Aquarius.

At the top of the picture right of the falling Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is written: “We were warned”

The movie basically tells the story of gigantic conspiracy against the public, complete with cover-ups and murders. In the end, the elite saves itself and leaves billions of people to die.

Crack-in-michelangelo´s-paintingMeanwhile, as usual, the masses are portrayed as a herd of idiots, prone to panic and violence. All of the elite’s decision-making is done in secret and secluded meetings and involving only the world’s most powerful people.

Today’s secret societies perceive and refer to America as the “New Atlantis”, a country that was founded on the principles of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, the supposed descendants of Atlantean Mysteries. (Atlantis disappeared in a flood - and its sages were supposed to ecape to pass their knowledge on to Egyptians, Mayans etc.)

The same way Atlantis was completely submerged by water, America, the home base of today’s occult elite, will suffer a similar fate. The lucky few that will embark in a modern version of Noah’s Ark will be given the task to found a New World.Bank-ofAmerica
In one scene, the famous Brazilian monument “Christ the Redeemer” is shown falling down in a matter similar to the way statues of Saddam Hussein fell after the Gulf War.

The elite’s new world, is not only devoid of Christianity, but of all major religionsone of the goals of the New World Order. Scenes symbolize the fall of regular nation states before the formation of a single world government. Aquarius2

While most of the world’s population is getting killed by floods and earthquakes, the “chosen ones” are taken to China to embark in gigantic ArksNoah´s-ark-of-the-elite
For nearly the past 2,000 years the sun was in the zodiacal constellation of Pisces (represented by Two Fishes), meaning that we are in the Piscean Age. Every 2,000 years, the sun migrates to the previous sign of the zodiac, which means that the world is set to enter to Age of Aquarius.

The astrological sign of Aquarius consists of a cup-bearer pouring water. In Greek mythology, the cup-bearer is said to be the cause of the Great Flood that probably caused the disappearance of Atlantis. Its references to historical, Biblical, mythological and esoteric concepts give the movie a deeper meaning, one that fits with the world view of today’s occult elite. The movie uses the scare relating to the Mayan Calendar to communicate its plans for the future: The fall of religions, dissolution of Nations and the glorification of a select elite on the backs of the clueless masses. Everything that happens in the movie is remarkably on-par with the “ten commandments” found on the Georgia Guidestones. The way things go down is also reminiscent of the symbolic stories told on the prophetic murals found at the Denver International Airport - and in the Bank of America

Animals-carriedto-theships-by-helicopterApocalypse? Nonsense, most people say. However, mankind has experienced limited apocalypses in the course of time. One of them is known as the biblical story of Noah and his Ark (Gen. 6–9). This flood catastrophe is als oreferred to in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
Reuters 1 May 2012: Nearly 15 percent of people worldwide believe the world will end during their lifetime and 10 percent think the Mayan calendar could signify it will happen in 2012, according to a new poll.

The end of the Mayan calendar, which spans about 5,125 years, on December 21, 2012 has sparked interpretations and suggestions that it marks the end of the world.

Noah´s-Ark3Noah´s-Ark4Fox news 27 April 2010: A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers say wooden remains they have discovered on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey are the remains of Noah’s Ark.

The group claims that carbon dating proves the relics are 4,800 years old, meaning they date to around the same time the ark was said to be afloat.

“It’s not 100 percent that it is Noah’s Ark, but we think it is 99.9 percent that this is it.” “There’s a tremendous amount of solid evidence that the structure found on Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey is the legendary Ark of Noah.” Representatives of Noah’s Ark Ministries said the structure contained several compartments, some with wooden beams, that they believe were used to house animals.

Before It´s News 19 April 2012 The shape looked like hull of a ship. One end was pointed as you would expect from bow [below: D] and the opposite end was blunt like a stern. The distance from bow to stern was 515 feet, or exactly 300 Egyptian cubits. The average width was 50 cubits. These were the exact measurements mentioned in the Bible (Gen 6:15).
The smooth shape, larger than a football field, stood out from the rough and rocky terrain at an altitude of 6,300 feet near the Turkish border with Iran.

Noah´s-Ark5Noah´s-ark7Biblical accounts of the Ark describe it as having as many as six levels. The assumed shape of the Ark seems consistent with the bulge in the middle of the object. In fact, radar scans of the structure suggest that this bulge is the collapsed debris of these levels.

Tests by Galbraith Labs in Knoxville, Tennessee, showed the sample to contain over 0.7% organic carbon, consistent with fossilized wood. The specimen was once living matter. Even more surprising were laboratory analyses which not only revealed that the petrified wood contained carbon (proving it was once wood) but there were iron nails embedded in the wood!


Below left: bore hole and dung from the ship. Right: Structure of the ship.


Henry Makow Sept. 2009 has it: The satanic plague devouring humanity originated with the Sabbatean-Frankist cult, a Satanic Jewish heresy based on the Cabala that absorbed half the Jews in Europe in the 17th/18th Century. By pretending to convert, many Satanists infiltrated and subverted all important religions, organizations and governments. They are the progenitors of the Illuminati, of Zionism, Communism, Fascism and they control Freemasonry. The NWO is their goal. The Rothschilds were Sabbatean-Frankists.
It controls the world today. But ironically, while many Illuminati pretend to be Jews, they actually wish to destroy Jews who earlier had excommunicated and vilified them.Svalbard-doomsday-seed-vault

The Doomsday-Seed-vault on Svalbard (right), where the Illuminati are preserving seeds from all plants for the world after a worldwide disaster, does arouse misgivings as for the intentions of the Illuminati.

Among freemasons, the myth of Atlantis and its elitist superhumans who were hit by Nemesis and destroyed because of their hybris except for some refugees who brought civilisation to a primitive world apparently plays a decisive role. Ever since Plato’s description of this ‘utopian’ world became widely known, the elites have attempted to recreate it in all its glory. As suggested by Francis Bacon, they see America as ‘The New Atlantis’. Bacon was the leader of the Rosicrucian movement and the fledgling organisation that would become the Freemasonry. The Rosicrucians and Freemasons arrived in America in their great numbers during the mass migrations of the first half of the seventeenth century.

Hollywood 2o12Comment
In fact, Roland Emmerich does seem a possible messenger of the Illuminati – which does not bode well for the near future. But probably the message is: Accept our world government – for only that can save you!

Although the Maya Calendar and 21 Dec. 2012 is unfounded hysteria,  I do not know if 21 Dec. plays any role in the Illuminati´s sick New Age imaginations. I am convinced that the Illuminati have planned Albert Pike´s apocalypse – using the Bible (Matth. 24) as a model. That means both earthquakes and ensuing tsunamis, no doubt – brought about by electromagnetic impulses by HAARP, like in Haiti and Fukushima, Japan – as well as in New Zealand and Chile, and a blistering heat wave in Russia. Even U.S. Air Force has described HAARP as a powerful weapon to control weather and environment – and this has also worried the EU. Moreover neutron bombs, nuclear bombs can bring about mass death by radiation and electromagnetic impulses by an elite of mad super rich people who think they are gods to challenge their Creator and his work.  This is called Luciferianism.

They seem to be telling us that they have the right to doom us and start a New World based on their own unique and divine genes.  Since their own imagination seems pretty constrained they can apparently only take to the method of floods – although God told Noah that he would never flood the Earth again – but destroy it by fire the next time. Maybe Wolfgang Eggert´s Doomsday sects with so great influence will correct this small misconception in accordance with the fire conclusion described by Albert Pike and Matth. 24.

Before it´s News 15 May 2012:  A triangular planet Nibiru to hit the Earth on 21 July 2012 - and reports that NASA scientists have secretly confirmed it. I have seen other predictions that the collision would take place on 17 May 2012!!!
Nibiru would be mentioned in Mayan lore and Summerian religious lore (Video below).
Comment: I do not know who is behind this scaremongering nonsense - but it fits well in with NWO scaremongering - as does the tales of aliens visiting this Earth - a plan to scare people into accepting the necessity of a world government. The CNN and the BBC are confirming the Nibiru planet and NASA indicates its existence. This story is often prolonged to tell that the old Sumerian God Marduk and his aliens are ruling there!!! Nibiru is an NWO scaremongering fictitious fake from the Star War movies used by the NWO Illuminati to scare mankind to accept their world government.

As Henry Kissinger said at the Bilderberg meeting in 1991: “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e. an ‘alien' invasion], whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.

However, this does not mean that Doomsday is not approaching. It will be by war. See the signs in Matt. 24 and Biblical prophecies like Ezekiel 35–39, Isaiah 17, Joel and Jeremiah 25, e.g.

Summary: The year of 2012 has long been associated with premonitions of a world-shaking catastrophe. Disaster at the end of the Mayan Calendar is a New Age religious idea. The fear that a Planet X, Nibiru, could collide with Earth as well as other astrophysical events are rejected by NASA. However, there is a potential danger: that those who have this world in their hands are so superstitious as to believe in the New Age religion, which they themselves invented. In fact, they have long been believing to have developed into gods who have the right to shape this Earth to their liking. Mikhail Gorbachev has even declared 2012 to be the year of either world government or WWIII!

Not only that, they have even created the habit of prophecying in discrete ways which are their plans: Exercises identical with later actual events preceded both 11 September and the London bombs on 7 July 2005. Also in other ways, there are signs of a major transformation that has to do with the Mayan Calendar: In the airport of Denver, US, there are two large murals that describe a transition from the old world order in war, hardship and misery to a happy multicultural global future for the children of the world. An Indian child is holding an obvious Mayan symbol - and the boy in the central image is also Indian. Some see this as an indication of the end of the Mayan Calendar - and the suspicion corroborates, because the airport has a Masonic cornerstone, which points to a non-existent global flight services organization. The whole airport has a mighty underground survival space or concentration camp complex set up with sprinklers. In the year 1994, the well-known manufacturer of Illuminati games, Steven Jackson, issued 330 Illuminati playing cards  with exact references  to future, now arrived terrorist attacks. One of these cards is a powerful explosion that shatters the Big Ben. The people in the picture are dressed in the colours of the Olympic rings.

The Olympic rings were designed by a Freemason - even the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre Coubertin - to symbolize the five continents. However, in the logo of the London Olympics in 2012  and its 2 Mascots there are striking peculiarities. The mascots have one eye - like on the Illuminati pyramide.

The parts of the logo are not only the number 2012: There is a small element that can only be the dot of an “i”. If turned the logo shows the word “Zion,” which is also seen in the symbol of the 2008 Games in Beijing. The Olympic flame symbolizes Masonic Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to bring it to mankind “for mighty purposes” - as written at the  Rockefeller Center. The torch symbolizes the Illuminati . According to its founder, Adam Weishaupt, they are “Lucifer´s light holders“.
Not so strange. Weishaupt´s master was Mayer Amschel Rothschild of Frankfurt. The sponsorship of the OL-Games in Londen is in the hands of Jacob Rothschild’s National Lottery.

Zionism and Israel were founded by Theodor Herzl, and Edmond James de Rothschild financed it. In the Old Testament, Zion is the capital of the world, when God turns the fate of Israel in the End Times. Mankind will then go there to worship God, to revere the Jews and leave their gold and silver there. This is also the goal of the Illuminati, who  infiltrated the Freemason lodges in 1781. Zion is Jerusalem. Today, the building of the Supreme Court is a Rothschild-Illuminati temple with many Illuminati symbols. Zion symbolizes Rothschild´s NWO .

Now they are using the olympic games to proclaim openly that “Zion”, the Illuminati, are the lords of the nations of the world  - represented by the olympic games participants. Unfortunately, this elite´s inner circle consists of  Frankist Satanists,  Shabbateans, who are the very enemies of the God of Israel and of Jesus Christ. While the God of Israel will save Israel under his wings these Illuminati not only want to save Israel but the entire world under their own wings by their own power in mockery of God - by means of a military destruction of the Old World Order in favour of their “New World Order”. So the symbols of the olympics in 2012 are deeply Luciferian religious - anti-Christian.


“Weishaupt founded the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, which became known as the Order of the Illuminati. Weishaupt said that the name was derived from Luciferian teachings, and means, ‘Holders of the Light.’ In Latin, it means, the ‘enlightened ones.’ In layman’s terms, it means ‘to illuminate,’ or ‘to give light.’ It refers to someone who is enlightened, spiritually and intellectually. Satan, when he was an angel, was known as Lucifer, the ‘Bearer of Light,’ and being that the group’s name evolved from this, we can see the underlying nature of its goals.” (David Allen Rivera The Final Warning).


The year 2012 has long been associated with misgivings – especially after the New York 9/11 2001 and  London´s 7/7 2005 false flag operations. Mikhail Gorbachev has even declared 2012 to be the year of either world government or WWIII! The year 2012 is connected with the beginning of a new era/New Age acc. to the Mayan Calendar – in fact a phantasm of the NWO religion, New Age. It is unknown to me why this calendar of a far away pagan culture could possibly have any influence on us. There are rumours of a planet X, Nibiru, to hit the Earth – but the NASA can calm everybody believing in that: There is no such planet X. However, former Minnesota governour, Jesse Ventura (1. video below) , has revealed 140 underground private and governmental superbunkers all over the US for the elite – ordered to be finished for use on 21 Dec. 2012. What science cannot predict is global, destructive war. And if the powers that be and that rule the world believe in the 21. Dec. 2012 nonsense that date may play an important role for the globe. As we shall see, these forces are not only superstitious - they are so arrogant that they think they have become gods, who can shape the world as their destructive minds please by numerology, rituals and connection with connection with Lucifer and here and here. They love death (of others).
In The Denver Airport, The Illuminati appear to have detailed their plans for global genocide and a New World Order in two large murals (videos 2 and 3 below). The first depicts a huge Nazi soldier with dead women and children scattered around him, and the second shows Third World populations dying, a few elite species protected from the apocalypse in sealed containers, and a Mayan symbol (see the Mayan Calendar left) presiding over all.
In his petition: “Holocaust NO!” The German historian, Wolfgang Eggert, writes: “The radical American TV pastor Jack “Apocalypse” Van Impe predicts that the world’s final hour will come by 2012 at the latest. Van Impe is not the only doomsday pastor who was awarded the honour of advising the White House concerning world politics” (Pres. Bush Jr.).

The Bilderberg Meeting 2012 is said to take place at Hotel Rothschild, Haifa, Israel – and/or Hotel Dan Carmel. Odd, because the Bilderbergers were founded as a discussion club for North American and European elitists.

In the Denver Airport there are paintings showing a great transition from tyrannic oppression and wars to a happy new world order in peace. The following apology for this having nothing to do with the Illuminati does, however, not negate that this change has something to do with the Mayan culture and thus the Mayan Calendar and its cycle end 2012– a distinct Mayan symbol being shown. Besides, the apologete seems to beignorant of the fact that the foundation-stone laying with Masonic symbols did lead to Institutions with more masonic symbols for Masonic rulers.

Nor does the above video refute the very odd subterranean cavity with sprinklers (video below). It may be seen as a 1. survival system in a cataclysm of the Earth. Some see it as a gigantic 2. concentration Camp (video below).

The London Olympics 2012

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold:
Bring me my arrows of desire:
Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire.

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land.

Pierre-de-coubertin-freemasonAn 18th century writer, artist and esotericist, William Blake, had connections with Freemasonry. He sympathized with the French Revolution. This lay is an alternative English national anthem.


The London Olympics´ Masonic connections explained

Right above: Father of modern Olympic games, Pierre de Coubertin, in Atlanta (Wikipedia). Left below: Freemasonry symbols. Freemasonry

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is the private sector company responsible for preparing and staging the 2012 Games. Wikipedia it is owned by the Government of the United Kingdom. It has a £2bn budget, with almost all of it to be raised from the private sector – above all from the National Lottery.

Dollar Bill

Jacob Rothschild plays an essential part as adviser to the National Lottery and hereSource Watch: ”Lord Rothschild has been active the field of philanthropy for many years. He was the first chairman of the Heritage Lottery Fund which distributed National Lottery proceeds to the heritage sector.”   The Royal commission on gambling, chaired by Lord Rothschild, recommended in 1978 that there should be a single National Lottery with its prodeeds going to arts, sports and other deserving. The possibility of generating new money has maintained interest in a National Lottery  since the Rothschild Report  (National Lottery Annual Report 1993/94).

Lord Rothschild was chairman of the National Heritage Memorial Fund from 1992 to 1998, and of the British National Heritage Lottery fund from 1995 to 1998. In this position he oversaw the distribution of £1.2billion from the National Lottery to the heritage sector. Just take a look at the logo of the National Lottery – the pyramid with a displaced eye and compare it with Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s gift: Lucifer/Osiris´ all-seeing eye on Great Seal of the USA – seen on every 1 dollar note.Zen Gardner 26 March 2012: What’s interesting is the architect used for this symbol laden Olympic OL-zionolympstadium in none other than the architect for Astana in Khazakstan, one of the planned capitols for the new world order.Zionolympics2

To militarize a sports event to such a degree…billions of dollars in expense on an already overburdened public, and to sensationalize and terrorize a people with such fear and jackboot police state pomp is trauma-based abusive conditioning to the max.

They really don’t care if we’re catching on. They see us as a soon to be exterminated pests who makes little difference. By Iran the logo has been interpreted as “Zion” – and the 5. little central rhombic figure can in fact only be a dot for an i – has nothing to do with the number of 2012.



Rik Clay, The Whale also sees the name of Zion in the logo of the China Olympices 2008 – judge for yourself.



Astana Architect Designed London Illuminati Olympic Arenas

The Olympic games are a luciferian  Illuminati/Freemason ritual – meant to make participants  protagonists of Luciferian one world government. Note the NWO pyramids right and left.

The Olympic Flame Olympic-torch carrier
Olympic-torch-greek_kindle_getty187.N.W.O OLYMPICS: The Olympic  burning  flame  is a representation of the sun a reference to Ra  or to LuciferIlluminati: In Greek mythology, the original “torch-bearer” was Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from the gods in order to give it to humanity. Prometheus is particularly revered in secret societies, as his myth is the ultimate representation of the philosophy and the goals of mystery schools: ascension towards divinity and immortality through man’s own means.

Left: Prometheus Fountain at the Rockefeller Center. Behind the fountain is written: “Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends.” Right: Another famous light carrier is the Statue of Liberty in New York by Fréderic Statue-of-liberty-2Bartholi – a French Freemason.

Some people expect the London Olympics 2012 to be a disaster – “terrorist” attacks by the forces behind New York 9/11 2001 and  London´s 7/7 2005 -this time with with a dirty nuclear bomb. This is partly based on Steven Jackson’s Illuminati cards from 1994 with so many disasters that have occurred - for example 9/11 2001.
On one card, you see a big explosion in London, where Big Ben is dispersed (video below). The people are waring clothes colours corresponding to the Olympic ring colours.

The video below shows many forebodings of such an inside catastrophe in London.

Zion is Jerusalem of the old Testament. Zionism was founded by Theodor Herzl (from 1895 of the timeline) and funded by Edmond James de Rothschild of Paris. This movement lead to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. The Supreme Court building in Jerusalem (right) is a Rothschild temple – full of his NWO symbols.

But why does the word Zion appear on the logo of the Summer Olympics in London 2012? Does this mean that the dynasty behind Israel and the so-called Rothschild Olympics in London, the Rothschilds, see Zion as a symbol for the New World Order ruled by the Jewish elite? This is what Zion ultimately means: Isaiah 60:3 “And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. 10 And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee. 14 The sons also of them that afflicted thee shall come bending unto thee; and all they that despised thee shall bow themselves down at the soles of thy feet; 16 Thou shalt also suck the milk of the Gentiles, and shalt suck the breast of kings; 17 For brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring silver, and for wood brass, and for stones iron.”
This is God´s promise to Israel after he has intervened and turned the fate of Israel. However, the Illuminati/Freemasons intend to help and save themselves and rule the world by their unrighteous rules  – not by those of the righteous God. They are todays Pharisees, they are making Zion the crippling Jewish NWO dictatorship of the world and their god is Lucifer.

Henry Makow Sept. 2009 has it: The satanic plague devouring humanity originated with the Sabbatean-Frankist cult, a Satanic Jewish heresy based on the Cabala that absorbed half the Jews in Europe in the 17th/18th Century. By pretending to convert, many Satanists infiltrated and subverted all important religions, organizations and governments. They are the progenitors of the Illuminati, of Zionism, Communism, Fascism and they control Freemasonry. The NWO is their goal. The Rothschilds were Sabbatean-FrankistsIt controls the world today. But ironically, while many Illuminati pretend to be Jews, they actually wish to destroy Jews who earlier had excommunicated and vilified them.

The video below contains quotations from the Talmud , the ideology behind Zionism– the same as seen here and here to show how today´s Pharisees see us.

Indeed, the “god of Freemasonry/Illuminat” (the same after the Wilhelmsbad Conference 1981) is not Jesus Christ´s father – but his adversary (here pp. 9–10)., “Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me” (John 14:30)

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