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Summary: According to the “Foreign Affairs” of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, globalization has created a political collapse with a democratic deficit in the U.S., EU and Japan.

The question is whether  the U.S. ever was free - founded by and ever since standing under strong Freemason / Illuminati influence. Mayer Amschel Rothschild,  probably gave the U.S. its Masonic Great Seal with the inscription in Latin: “New World Order.” Already 1791-1811 Rothschild built The First Bank of the United States followed 1816-1836 by Rothschilds Second Bank of the United States.
According to Bismarck, the American Civil War was already decided by the European bankers long before its outbreak in order to achieve a division of the U.S.  so that American hegemony should not threaten Rothschilds world dominance. As Lincoln and Kennedy later tried to print U.S. government money (greenbacks), they were shot. Even Andrew Jackson experienced attempts on his life, as he declined to renew The Second U.S. Bank treaty. Finally, the “land of the free” was over and done with from 1913, when The Third U.S. Bank, the Federal Reserve, was established by a coup d’etat by the Talmudic bankers of London and the Wall Street. Since then, the USA is so deeply indebted to the FED that the forces behind the Fed conducts the U.S. policy conduct its policy through bought politicians. These forces were and are also behind the establishment of Israel in 1948.

The U.S. politicians are bought by these immensely rich interests and are now as puppets steering the NWO policy of the bankers towards their one-world government through three world wars (Albert Pike). Their task now is to be militarily strong and to eliminate the freedom and independent thinking of the Americans and the world’s populations, so that there is no resistance to the NWO plans in the current endgame.

For this reason, the U.S. government had to suspend the Constitution in the “war on terror” through false flag operations like 9/11. The EU has annulled the national constitutions by rejecting plebiscites on the Lisbon Treaty/EU-Constitution.

The fate of U.S. citizens is shocking: Through the Wall Street/ US-government organized economic crisis, the U.S. middle class, who created the prosperity and strength of the U.S. is losing their their homes (subprime mortgages), and their work, being sent on the street - and their mobile homes are not welcome there, either. To cope with the growing discontent with the government and the big banks for channeling the taxpayers’ money to the bankers through bank bail-outs, even under threats of martial law if not allowed by Congress, Pres. Obama has Introduced the NDAA, which allows the military to detain Americans in FEMA camps or psychiatric hospitals indefinitely on suspicion of terrorism – without trial. Since 2008, the Northern Command has stationed battle troops in Georgia to fight against the civilian population, which has been unusual since the American Civil War.

Millions of healthy people - including shy or defiant children, grieving relatives - will be wrongly  diagnosed by means a new international diagnostic manual as mentally ill. Behind this is the American Psychiatric Association,  Mental Hygiene. A person who is preparing for the disaster or food hoarding is imprisoned as a terrorist or Considered mentally ill and locked up in a psychiatry hospital.

With a global impact, and under the auspices of the Arch-Illuminatus, John D. Rockefeller IV, the U.S. and the EU have signed the ACTA legislation, which in the name of copy-right protection can quell the free Internet by closing down blogs under any accusation of a copyright transgression - the blogger can even be jailed.

In the U.S., every citizen is now considered a potential terrorist. At airports, train and bus stations, TSA examinations with patting – even of children – and by X-ray examinations of travelers are taking place. Soon there will be mobile facilities for DNA testing of travelers. All babies have had blood samples taken for DNA testing for many years without the knowledge of their parents - and  handed out to outside “researchers”.

To be able to monitor all 313,059,000 Americans and do the worst of them in, with or without judicial procedure, Congress is preparing a law for the use of 30.000 civilian and military drones in the U.S. airspace. Worse, the drones are to drop disposable computer software programs as self-destructive “bombs”. This fun has culminated in the planned dropping of F-BOMBS (Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors) to combat “Bad Men With Guns.”

Meanwhile, the foreign ministers of the G20 group are quietly meeting: “International institutions are often too clumsy and bureaucratic to be effective,” Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa said. She added that the group was “uniquely positioned to bring about the leadership that the world currently craves,” and could help in “transcending narrow national interests.” “We are all in one boat”, said the German foreign minister.

An organisation fighting for the free internet wrote to me: “It took 10 million-plus constituent contacts to beat back the “Stop Online Piracy Act”  – and we barely won.  That’s because a few wealthy interests had bought the allegiance of key members of Congress.  That’s why we’re teaming up with CREDO.
Very good apart from the fact that Credo is sponsored by Rockefeller´s Exxon, Dow (2 mighty Illuminati families) and the Citi group – and in return, Credo supports Jay (John D.)Rockefeller IV – who wants to kill the free internet!!!

This pervasive corruption is the cause of the demise of the western world


It is no accident that the United States, Europe, and Japan are simultaneously experiencing political breakdown. The inability of democratic governments to address the needs of their broader publics has, in turn, only increased popular disaffection, further undermining the legitimacy and efficacy of representative institutions. Mass publics in the advanced democracies of North America, Europe, and East Asia have been particularly hard hit. (Foreign Affairs Jan./Febr. 2012).

Documentation of Summary

The FBI coaxes a Muslim to do perform a suicide attack on Capitol Hill, plans the whole thing, hands him the bomb – and then saves the US from their own terrorist plan!!! Purpose: False Flag terror to blame on Iran – more money for the FBI! What is going on in the USA?

Dollar Bill“Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh long may it wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave” (1814). The question is if the US ever was free. It was founded under strong influence of freemasonry and here. If it is correct that its Great Seal (right) with the inscription Novus Ordo seclorum (New World Order) was a gift from Rothschild the US was from the beginning meant to be enslaved under the New World order – or the Order of the New World.

1791– 1811 Rothschild established the First Bank of the United States. When the charter was not prolonged due to usury, England attacked the US again. In 1816-1836 Rothschild established a private Second Bank of the USOtto von Bismark, chancellor of Germany, said in 1876: “The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the US, if they remained as one block, and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world.” Pres. Lincoln started printing money - and was killed for it - just like Pres. Kennedy later on, when he started printing money after executive order no. 11.110. In 1913 the Federal Reserve was established through a kind of  coup d´etat - and since then the US has no longer been the land of the free. Now the NWO banksters show no reservations any more: They let their politician puppets and here wage their wars with a sleight of hand and have them introduce the dictatorial rules necessary for their world government.

The Japan Times 18 jan. 2012 (from the Washington Post): The US is no longer the land of the free. Here is a list of restrictions of civil liberties since 2001: Assassination of U.S. citizens, Indefinite detention, Arbitrary justice, Warrantless searches, Secret evidence - often under the cover of “classified information”, War crimes - covering up waterboarding terrorism suspects- thereby gutting international law and the Nuremberg principles, Secret court- the government has increased its use of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court,Immunity from judicial review, Continual monitoring of citizens,Extraordinary renditions

Infowars 17 dec. 2011: Washington has declared War on America and the Bill of Rights, by legalizing the indefinite detention of citizens without trial or recourse under the NDAA, and further, by declaring a cyber war where Pentagon agents will police the Internet and shut down websites under legislature like SOPA. Now, all criticism of US/Israeli wars and warmongering has been banned from US media.

There has been a long process in the US constraining democracy and marginalizing personal freedom. In 2008, the Northern Command stationed the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry at Ft. Stewart, Georgia acc. to the CNN 3 Oct. 2008. Use of active-duty military as a domestic police force has been severely limited since passage of the Posse Comitatus Act following the Civil War.
The US Dept. for Homeland Security has been accused of restricting personal freedom and surveilling the US population more and more closely, trying to criminalize too many things since the the US government and Wall Street banksters launched the economic crisis which has been dismantling the US middle class, the bearer of US´wealth, sending people from their houses to the streets to live in mobile homes, where they are hardly allowed to live, either.

ACTA-protestThe US senate has long been after the free internet under the leadership of John D.Rockefeller IV, who does not like criticism of his New World order initiatives. Under the guise of antipiracy legislation, he and his consorts want to shut down critical websites.


Therefore, the US has joined the ACTA – and even stricter internet control is on the way. Acc. to Activist Post 27 Jan. 2012 , theoretically, personal blogs can be removed for using company logos without permission or simply linking to copy written material; users could be criminalized, barred from accessing the internet and even imprisoned for sharing copyrighted material. Ultimately, these implications would be starkly detrimental toward the internet as a medium for free speech. The EU has also signed. But acc. to the the BBC 11 Febr. 2012, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the UK have delayed their signing as thousands of protesters are taking to the streets in an attempt to avert this undemocratic attempt on free speech in the internet. Now the EU has referred the ACTA to be tried at the European Court of Justice.

Right: Are Occupy Wall Street and the Tea party finding common ground against the NDAA?

The War on Terror gave the Homeland Security Dpt. a motive for quelling criticism, the definition of terrorism being very wide!
Washington´s Blog 12 Febr. 2012 Every American could – literally – be labeled a suspected terrorist under current governmental criteria – Just Like in Nazi Germany or Stasi East Germany. A long list of forbidden activities is given
See Something, Act Like a Snitch in Nazi Germany, Stasi East Germany or Iraq.

CFR´s “Foreign Affairs” Nov./Dec. 2011: Before leaving office earlier this year, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced cuts to the tune of $78 billion over the next five years, and the recent debt-ceiling deal could trigger another $350 billion in cuts from the defense budget over ten years.  Washington has narrowed its war aims in Afghanistan and Iraq, taken NATO expansion off its agenda, and let France and the United Kingdom lead the intervention in Libya.

TSA patting  is done with X-ray examinations  in Airports (video below) and through mobile TSA teams everywhere in the US. Now experimentation with travellers´ DNA registration is going on.  Babies in the USA have their DNA registered in a governmental database without the consent of parents. And the DNA is often given to outside “researchers” .

ProzacAbuse of Psychiatry
Fox News 9 Febr.2012: Millions of healthy people - including shy or defiant children, grieving relatives and people with fetishes - may be wrongly labeled mentally ill by a new international diagnostic manual, specialists said on Thursday.
The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), due out next year, is described as ”silly” and at worst “worrying and dangerous and could give medical diagnoses for serial rapists and sex abusers - under labels like “paraphilic coercive disorder” - and may allow offenders to escape prison by providing what could be seen as an excuse for their behavior, they added.
The DSM is published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), is used internationally and is seen as the diagnostic “bible” for mental health medicine.

Other examples of diagnoses cited by experts as problematic included “gambling disorder,” “internet addiction disorder” and “oppositional defiant disorder” - a condition in which a child “actively refuses to comply with majority’s requests” and “performs deliberate actions to annoy others.” “That basically means children who say ‘no’ to their parents more than a certain number of times,” Kinderman said. “On that criteria, many of us would have to say our children are mentally ill.”

In the US, the insecurity at all levels has created an increasing mania called prepping”, suvivalists planning into details to leave their homes to become refugees for any kind of reason. But this is punishable

DroneRQ-170The US Congress is preparing a bill to fly drones in “national airspace
“The plan… shall provide for the safe integration of civil unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system as soon as practicable, but not later than September 30, 2015.”
Secrecy News 3 Febr. 2012: As of 2010, hundreds of Federal Aviation Administration authorizations had already been granted for use of unmanned aerial systems within U.S. airspace. In fact, 30.000 of them are expected.

Activist Post 12 febr. 2012: The latest proposed addition to the drone spy program is even creepier:  disposable computers with software programs funded by DARPA to be dropped as self-destructing “bombs.“This fun has culminated in the planned dropping of F-BOMBS (Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors) to combat “Bad Men With Guns.”

That reality has little to do with protecting citizens’ data and privacy, and everything to do with covering the tracks of government’s ubiquitous intrusion into our private lives.
CBC News 17 Febr. 2012: Canadian government scientists are still being hampered from talking to the media about their taxpayer-funded research – for fear that their results could be politicallty incorrect, e.g. on climate

WorldgovernanceThe purpose of quelling liberty is the fact that the elitist goal is world governance – which the peoples of the world do not want and have to be kept ignorant about
Deutsche Welle 20 Febr. 2012 under the heading of World governance”:  foreign ministers of the G20 group:International institutions are often too clumsy and bureaucratic to be effective,” Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa said. She added that the group was “uniquely positioned to bring about the leadership that the world currently craves,” and could help in “transcending narrow national interests.Atlas-300v

The world’s top officials went on a whale-watching trip off the coast in the Pacific Ocean. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said the outing was in keeping with the tone of the meeting. “We all sat in one boat. It was the theme of this meeting,” Westerwelle said.


Right: The statue of Atlas carrying the globe on his shoulders in front of the Rockefeller Center in new York tells the whole story of the Illuminati aim: One world governance.

Infowars 24 Febr. 2012: What if you are only allowed to vote because it doesn’t make a difference? What if no matter how you vote, the elites get to have it their way? What if democracy allows the government to do anything it wants, as long as more people bother to show up at the voting booth to support it than to oppose it? What if the government remains the same no matter who wins elections? What if governments originally established to protect people’s freedom heighten their control of the population? What if the government misinforms voters so as to justify anything the government wants to do? What if the government bribes people with the money it prints? What if it gives entitlements to the poor, tax breaks to the middle class and bailouts to the rich just to keep all of us dependent upon it?

The antidemocratic Big Brother initiatives are not limited to the US. Here is what the UK is doing  – in the name of War on Terror, the people being the terrorists: The Daily Mail 19 Febr. 2012: Details about text messages, phone calls, emails and every website visited by members of the public will be kept on record in a bid to combat terrorism. The information will be stored by individual companies rather than the government.

But why all this monkey business? For quite a long time I have regularly received e-mails from an organisation calling itself DemandProgress, which has been fighting against restrictions like John D. Rockefeller IV´s attempts to control the internet (see above). Acc. to the statements  of the organisation it has been successful through gathering protest signatures. However, on 22 Febr. 2012, Demand wrote:

“Anders, It took 10 million-plus constituent contacts to beat back the “Stop Online Piracy Act”  – and we barely won.  That’s because a few wealthy interests had bought the allegiance of key members of Congress. If we want to win the next fight, we need to reduce the role of special interest money in politics.   That’s why we’re teaming up with CREDO on a call to overturn Citizens United and end corporate personhood.”
Very good apart from the fact that Credo is sponsored by Rockefeller´s Exxon, Dow (2 mighty Illuminati families) and the Citi group – and in return, Credo supports Jay (John D.)Rockefeller IV – who wants to kill the free internet!!!
However, that (US) policy is governed by corporations and their masters (like Rockefeller, Dow etc., banksters) is beyond doubt as stated by former US president Candidate, Barry Goldwater, and US senator Dick Durbin, i.a. as well as US Senator Sherman´s statement in Congress on the corporate threats over the wall Street bank bail-outs.

This corruption is the cause of the demise of the western world

Daily Express 28 Okt, 2009: EU forbereder indirekte beskatning af europæerne over telefonopkald, flybilletter, CO2-afgifter, finanstransaktioner osv., i alt 6.4 milliarder euro pr. år. Et flertal af briterne vil ud.

Resumé: John F. Kennedy blev efter alt at dømme myrdet, fordi han blev samarbejdsvanskelig, da han afslørede de "hemmelige" globalistiske selskabers diktatoriske og forbryderiske tiltag og derpå fratog deres bedste redskab til deres egen berigelse: The Federal Reserve, eneretten til ulovligt at udstede penge og låne dem mod renter ud til USAs regering, som de derved har forarmet ekstremt. Kennedy indførte sølvmøntfod, mens Fed trykker penge ud af den blå luft. En samarbejdsvanskelig tjekkoslovakisk præsident, Eduard Benes, blev først afsat af Hitler - siden af kommunisterne.Nu har Tjekkiet atter en samarbejdsvanskelig præsident, Václav Klaus, der også står i vejen for den Nye Verdensordens planer: Lissabon Traktaten. Følgende viser EUs diktatoriske karakter. EU-parlamentarikeren, Jo Leinen, forlanger Klaus fjernet ved rigsretssag, medmindre han omgående ratificerer traktaten. Tidligere har Cohn-Bendit og EU-parlamentsformand Pöttering i Prag hånet Klaus. Denne utilbørlige og helt udemokratiske  foragt for et lands suverænitet kommer også frem i franske og tyske diplomaters bestræbelser i samme retning - sågar kræver de tjekkisk forfatningsændring for at stække Klaus. Berlin vil haste ratificeringen igennem for at undgå en demokratisk afstemning om den i Storbritannien efter forventet tory-valgsejr i foråret. Forbundsrepublikkens ARD radio har med politisk dækning kaldt Klaus bl.a. "en præsident i trodsealderen, som er skyld i, at Tjekkiet er Europas galehus"! Nu synes Klaus at give op.
EU er det af nazisterne planlagte 4. rige, et finansimperium, der bygger på nazifolks (Abs, Erhards) indsats med stjålne nazipenge. Demokratiets tilstand i dette 4. rige minder mere og mere om det 3. Rige.

Det 4. Rige vil blive en overvågningsstat ved hjælp af Lissabon-traktaten, ifølge en netop udgivet "Open Europe" rapport. Ifølge tidligere EU-kommissær, Jacques Delors, vil det 4. Rige vil blive et element i verdens forbundsstaten, det 5. Rige

Gennem historien har der været nogle få modige mænd, der havde både indflydelse og ærlighed til at insistere på deres retfærdige overbevisning - og betalte for det med deres liv. Sådan en mand var Martin Luther King. Sådan en mand var også den amerikanske Præs. John F. Kennedy, som - på trods af menneskelige svagheder - så faren for den herskende konsensus som en trussel mod demokratiet. I modsætning til alle andre amerikanske præsidenter talte han om faren for hemmelige samfund (Den Nye Verdensorden) og advarede verden imod dem – video. Dette og Kennedys genindførelse – gennem bekendtgørelse 11110 –  af den magt for staten til at trykke penge, som var stjålet af Federal Reserve, og her og her, der ikke blot udsteder USAs penge, men også udlåner dem mod renter, de selv fastsætter, til USAs regering - en ordning, der sluger mere end alle USAs indkomstskatter - førte efter al rimelig sandsynlighed til mordet på John F. Kennedy. Den Nye Verdensorden bryder sig ikke om modsigelser eller modforholdsregler - og Fed er  illuminsternes største helligdom. Nu har vi Europæere også at gøre med illuminister, idet EU (explanatory statement)  erklærer: “Den (EU) gør fremskridt hen imod sit mål, at oprette et politisk fællesskab, der følger det illuministiske ideal om menneskets sublime værdighed.“  Er det tænkeligt, at de europæiske illuminister også ville forsøge at slippe af med mennesker, der ikke følger deres "konsensus" - forhåbentlig "kun" politisk?

John-kennedyD. 4, juni 1963 blev et lidet kendt forsøg gjort på at fratage Federal Reserve System dens magt til at låne penge ud til regeringen mod renter. På denne dag underskrev præsident John F. Kennedy bekendtgørelse nr. 11.110, der tilbagegav beføjelsen til at udstede penge til den amerikanske regering, uden at gå gennem den amerikanske centralbank.  Kennedy's ordre gav statskassen magt "til at udstede certifikater mod enhver sølvbarre, sølv, eller standard sølv dollars i statskassen." Dette betød, at for hvert gram sølv i US Finansministeriums hvælving kunne regeringen sætte nye penge i omløb. I alt bragte Kennedy næsten $ 4.3 milliarder i USA sedler i omløb. Konsekvenserne af dette lovforslag er enorme. Med et pennestrøg var Kennedy på vej til at sætte Federal Reserve Bank i New York ud af markedet. Hvis nok af disse sølv certifikater skulle komme i omløb, ville de have fjernet efterspørgslen efter Federal Reserves pengesedler. Dette skyldes, at sølvcertifikater understøttes af sølv og Federal Reserve pengesedler er ikke bakket op af noget som helst. Bekendtgørelse 11.110 kunne have forhindret den nationale gæld i at nå sit nuværende niveau, fordi den ville have givet regeringen evnen til at tilbagebetale sin gæld uden at gå til Federal Reserve og få pålagt renter for at skabe nye penge. 

German Policy 14.Okt. 2009: (egen rapport) - En tysk EU-parlamentariker opfordrer til rigsretssag mod præsidenten for Den Tjekkiske Republik. Skulle Václav Klaus ikke ratificere "Lissabontraktaten" umiddelbart efter en positiv afgørelse fra den tjekkiske forfatningsdomstol, skal Klaus med magt fjernes af det øverste tjekkiske forfatningsorgan, kræver socialdemokraten, Jo Leinen. Tyske og franske diplomater i Prag siges at være ved udforske passende foranstaltninger [1]. De er siges også at have været ved at drøfte umyndiggørelse af præsidenten ved en ændring af den tjekkiske forfatning [2]. Interventionerne skyldes den nærliggende tyske stat. Tjekkiske forfatningsinstitutioner er ikke for første gang i Berlins udenrigspolitiks visir. Ikke glemt i Prag, og årsagen til forbeholdene mod "Lissabon-traktaten", er tysk ekspansionisme, der kulminerede for 70 år siden i en verdenskrig. Selv uden den historiske sammenhæng nedbryder den tyske politik de demokratiske minimumsstandarder, man gik frem efter under installationen af den såkaldte Lissabon-traktat, og som gentagne gange har været latterlige. Udkast til traktaten favoriserer omdannelsen af EU til en global militær magt og vil styrke den tyske militærmagt og hegemoni. Forbundsrepublikkens massive forsøg på at gribe ind er ledsaget af en nationalistisk mediekampagne mod Tjekkiet.  Hvis Klaus nægter at underskrive traktaten, så "må han må drage konsekvenserne", truer en tysk diplomat. [3]

Vaclav-klausTjekkiets præsident, Vaclav Klaus er den sidste demokratiske statsmand i Europa. Han er under tysk / fransk pres for at få ham afskediget fra embedet, fordi han nægter at underskrive Lissabon-traktaten.

Med de nuværende aktiviteter mod Prag tager Berlin for første gang direkte skridt til at fortrænge eller umyndiggøre et EU statsoverhoved, der ikke støtter det tyske forehavende. Foranstaltningerne, der foragter Tjekkiets suverænitet, nedriver igen demokratiske minimumsstandarder i EU. Selv med sit nylige skridt til at håndhæve udkastet til kontrakten har forbundsregeringen demonstreret, hvordan dokumenter, der er forkastet ved folkeafstemninger (i Frankrig og Holland) blev omdeklareret med samme indhold og derefter fremsendt til afstemning igen. Desuden har Berlin gjort det klart, at hvis en folkeafstemning - som i Irland - faktisk er uundgåelig, kan afstemningen gentages, indtil  propagandaoffensiver giver det ønskede resultat. [4] Med den seneste intervention i Prag er nu også forfatningerne i EU-medlemsstater til rådighed. Allerede inden ikrafttrædelsen af traktatudkastet viser et hyppigt kritikpunkt af det dokument sig at være korrekt: at staternes suverænitet undergraves gennem den såkaldte europæiske integration og åbner op for at blive taget til fange af de vestlige hegemonimagter.

Selv det hastværk, hvormed Berlin presser på for ratificeringen af udkastet, har sit grundlag i forhindringen af demokratiske procedurer. Befolkningen i Storbritannien afviser Traktaten med et stort flertal, så den nuværende socialdemokratiske regering har ratificeret den uden en folkeafstemning. Nu har det konservative partis chef meddelt, at de konservative vil afskaffe ratifikationen og ønsker at afholde en folkeafstemning, hvis hans parti vinder ved det næste parlamentsvalg. Forudsætningen er, at Traktaten indtil dette tidspunkt endnu ikke er trådt i kraft. Et konservativt flertal anses for sikkert. Valget er annonceret til det kommende forår. Da Berlin ønsker at forhindre den britiske befolkning i at forkaste udkastet til Traktaten ved en folkeafstemning, skal dokumentet være ratificeret inden valget i Storbritannien - for enhver pris. Forbundsregeringen har ikke megen tid,

Berlin kunne tilbagevise indvendinger fra den tjekkiske stats præsident til enhver tid. Václav Klaus krævede garantier for, at EU's charter om menneskerettigheder, som er knyttet til den 28597-004-588192FDsåkaldte “Lissabon-traktat", ikke kan misbruges til at styrke ejendomskrav fra genbosatte tyskerne mod Tjekkiet. Sådanne påstande er blevet fremlagt af "sudetertyskerne" lige siden krigen. Således har lederen af "sudetertyskerne", CSU MdEP Bernd Posselt,  på "Human Rights Day" i 2008 bekræftet, at han betragter den "kollektive udvisning og fratagelse af hele samfunds rettigheder" og "forsøg på at fratage dem deres levebrød, eller at udrydde dem varigt", som svarende til "folkemord", og det bør derfor være udelukket." [5]. Posselt refererer jævnligt til menneskerettighedsvendinger, som er indskrevet i EU's charter om menneskerettigheder til at støtte kravet om "sudetertyskernes" revisionskrav. Forbundsrepublikken har altid systematisk holdt alle fordrevne tyskeres ejendomsrettigheder åbne - op til dato ( [6]), trods alle de vanskeligheder, der opstår ud fra det - ikke kun for præsidenten for Den Tjekkiske Republik.

Eduard Benes - blev ladet i stikken, da Hitler invaderede i 1938, blev tvunget til at træde tilbage som præsident for Czecho-Slovakiet - og flygtede til London. Efter krigen blev han præsident igen. I 1947 blev han væltet ved et kommunistisk statskup. Demokratiske tjekkiske præsidenter synes at være dårligt stillet.

Næsten uændret
De seneste tiltag mod præsidenten for Den Tjekkiske Republik bliver i Forbundsrepublikken ledsaget af bidende bemærkninger om den politiske elite i landet. Således siges Klaus i de tyske medier at insistere "vedholdende" på sin position, eller ændrer sin position "uforudsigeligt". Fra ARD radioen i Prag formidles det offentligt, at Klaus er en "præsident i trodsealderen," er "populistisk og nationalistisk", bevarer "sin træsnitsopfattelse af verden", er temmelig "ubelærbar." Præsidenten er gergerningsmand af overbevisning "og" egoman”, skulle være "skyld i, at Tjekkiet står som"Europas galehus", siger korrespondenten for det offentlige tv-selskab om deres værtsland og dets statsoverhoved. Men frem alt, "hans fjendebillede er (…) tyskerne." De yderst ondskabsfulde fremstillinger i et af   Forbundsrepublikkens public service-selskaber er kun mulig, fordi de dækkes af de politiske myndigheder. Fornærmelserne og måden, de ledsager spottende angreb som disse på, har næsten uændret ledsaget Berlins offensiver mod Tjekkiet og tjekkiske præsidenter, der forsøgte at forsvare sig mod tyske angreb, siden Edvard Beneš´dage.
Kommentar: Det minder mig om den slags sprog, der anvendtes af den nazistiske dommer, Roland Freisler, over for anklagede "gerningsmænd". Sammenlign med denne  video. Denne farce skal ses i sammenhæng med, at EU-parlamentsformanden, Pöttering, og EU-parlamentsmedlem, Daniel Cohn Bendit d. 5. dec. 2008 mødte op på borgen i Prag og hånede Klaus på det utroligste og her Nu synes Klaus at give op

[1] MEP'er opfordring til Klaus's rigsretssag; Prague Daily Monitor 13.10.2009
[2], [3] tyskerne forsøger at fortrænge tjekkiske præsident Vaclav Klaus over EU-traktat; The Sunday Times 11.10.2009
[4] s. dazu Dänemark ist überall und Nej betyder Ja
[5] Bernd Posselt, MdEP zum 10. Dezember; Pressemeldung der Union der Vertriebenen 08.12.2008
[6] s. dazu Tschechische Republik: "Rückerstattungs-und Vermögensfragen nicht geklärt", Moralische Grundlage, und Ein Lernort Tage der Aggression


Det 4. Rige: EU er bygget på nazister og nazistiske penge 
The Daily Mail 9. Mai 2009: und The Independent 7. Sept. 1996: Den 10. august 1944 blev et hemmeligt møde afholdt på Maison Rouge i Strassbourg. En fransk spion var til stede, og i november skrev han en rapport fra mødet, og sendte den til den amerikanske udenrigsminister: Obergruppenfiihrer, SS Officer Dr. Scheid fortalte indkaldte industrialister, at krigen ikke var til at vinde. Det var nu op til industrien at sikre fremtiden for Tyskland efter krigen, at opbygge det 4. Rige, som nazisterne skulle overtage, når tiden var moden. Erhvervsfolk skulle bruge udenlandske overlevende tyske virksomheders forbindelser. Deltagerne var bl.a. repræsentanter fra Volkswagen, Krupp og Messerschmidt. Det 4. Rige skulle være et økonomisk imperium. Nazi-Tyskland sendte meget store pengesummer gennem Schweiz - stjålet fra de besatte lande i Europa - ikke mindst af SS, der kørte et meget stort økonomisk imperium. Efter krigen var i 1948 Tyskland derfor angiveligt i besiddelse af mere kapital end i 1936.

SS-lederen og massemorderen, Otto Ohlendorf, stod under Himmlers beskyttelse. Ohlendorf tog  Ludwig Erhardt under sin beskyttelse. De to udtænkte efterkrigsstategien: En stærk valuta under allieret beskyttelse. Ohlendorf blev hængt i Nürnberg for massemord på 90,000 mennesker. Med D-marken var industrifolk forbløffende hurtigt i gang med at genopbygge deres imperier i Europa. De to største nazi-erhvervsfolk, Krupp og Flick, blev løsladt efter kun 3 år i fængsel. Da Tyskland kom i bedring, fulgte de europæiske økonomier med. Nogle af de største nazister var ledende skikkelser i udviklingen af EU. Hermann Abs fra bestyrelserne for Deutsche Bank og 40 andre nazi-virksomheder, herunder Rockefellers IG Farben, med filial i Auschwitz, var den mand, som efter krigen oprettede et stærkt forretningsimperium, som var grundlaget for EU. Han fordelte Marshall-hjælpen blandt tyske virksomheder, og han var Konrad Adenauers betydningsfuldeste finansielle rådgiver. Samtidig blomstrede Ludwig Erhard op, den hængte Ohlendorfs protegé. Han indså, at det finansielle imperium skulle bygges under mantraet “overnational”. Derved ville hans Wirtschaftswunder rigtigt kunne udvikle sig. Derfor var han også bag den Europæiske Kul-og Stålunionen  - begyndelsen til EU.

Så blev nazisternes 4. Rige til virkelighed? Ja, desværre - og det kaldes Den Europæiske Union. Kom nazisterne tilbage til magten igen? Efter 15 års ophold i Tyskland, fandt jeg, at dette var udelukket. Tyskland var et demokrati. Men med det 4. Rige er hverken Tyskland eller resten af Europa demokratier mere. Hvad Frankrig og Tyskland nu gør mod Tjekkiet, minder desværre om de mørke dage, hvor diktaturet herskede i Europa. Skal det 4. Reich blive lige så farligt som det tredje?

Desværre er den Nye Verdensorden  en kombination af fascisme efter Mussolinis definition: Fusion af politik og koncerner: (Lobbyisme, og European 'Round Table of Industrialists og de Larosieres Bank-deregulering) samt verdenskommunismen og her - forenet i de store alarmistiske løgne (klima, og pandemisk influenza, og truet artsmangfoldighed, deres hjemmelavede krig mod terror, deres hjemmelavede Wall Street finanskrise osv.). Diktaturets ansigt bliver mere og mere klart - og vi kræver ikke  vores ret til demokrati tilbage.

Så hvad vilt følge, når præsident Klaus har givet efter for det 4. Rige? En Overvågningsstat, der vil blive efterfulgt af det 5. Rige: Verdensforbundsstaten (Jacques Delors).
Open Europe press release.
Her er en af konsekvenserne: Lissabon-traktaten baner vej for EUs overvågningsstat. Daily Express 25 oktober 2009 rapporterede om "Open Europe's" nye rapport - "Hvordan EU overvåger dig - Europas overvågningsstat vokser", som hævder, at når Lissabon-traktaten er ratificeret, vil EU være i stand til at fremskynde en række kontroversielle nye forslag, som radikalt skal  øge EUs rolle i politiarbejdet, kriminelle og sikkerhedsspørgsmål. EUs ledere håber at nå frem til en formel aftale om mange kontroversielle nye initiativer ved udgangen af året. De omfatter: at uddanne en tredjedel af alle politifolk i hele EU i en "fælles politikultur", masseindsamling og udveksling af personoplysninger, herunder DNA-registreringer i en EU-database; kontroversielle overvågningsteknikker, herunder "cyber patruljering, " oprettelse af et spirende "EU indenrigsministerium" med beføjelser til at beslutte om samarbejdet om politi, grænsekontrol, indvandring og strafferetlige spørgsmål; en EU-"masterplan "om udveksling af oplysninger om overførsel af straffesager mellem EU's medlemsstater, og en tre-fold stigning i antallet af kontroversielle EU-arrestordrer, blandt mange andre.
Dens forfatter Stephen Booth citeres for at sige: "Hvordan kan borgerne forvente, at deres grundlæggende rettigheder til frihed og uafhængighed af staten skal være beskyttet af institutioner, der ikke er folkevalgte og har kapitalinteresse i at skabe nye love?"

Toute l´Europe, Jacques Delors, tidligere EU Kommissionspræsident:  Lissabon-traktaten er ikke tilstrækkelig til yderligere EU-integration. I et interview med den franske hjemmeside Toute l'Europe, sagde  Jacques Delor: "Jeg har altid sagt, at en  FN-Føderation er nødvendig, hvor vi er enige om de punkter, hvor vi udøver fælles suverænitet, og om, hvad der skal overlades til det nationale område, men hvor der i toppen i stedet et forbundssystem, som tillader os at forberede beslutninger, som vi skal beslutte og handle ud fra. Dette er ikke tilfældet i øjeblikket. Lissabon-traktaten medfører en række forbedringer, men det er ikke er tilstrækkeligt. "

Daily Express 28 Okt, 2009: The EU is preparing for indirect taxation of the Europeans via telephone calls , flight tickets, CO2-tolls, financial transactions etc., 6.4 bn euros a year on a total. A majority of the British want to leave the EU

Summary: John F. Kennedy was in all resonable propbability assassinated because he was uncooperative, as he revealed the dictatorial and criminal actions of "secret" globalist corporations and then deprived their best tool for their own enrichment: The Federal Reserve, of its exclusive right to illegally issue currency and credit them against interest to the U.S. government, which they have thus extremely depleted. Kennedy introduced the silver currency, while the Fed is printing money out of thin air. An uncooperative difficult Czechoslovak President, Eduard Benes, was first ousted by Hitler - later by the communists. Now the Czech Republic has once again anuncooperative president, Václav Klaus, who also stands in the way of the New World Order plans: the Lisbon Treaty. The following shows the EU's dictatorial character. EU parliamentarian, Jo Leinen, is demanding Klaus to be removed by impeachment, unless he immediately ratifies the Treaty. Previously, Cohn-Bendit and EU-Parliament President, Pöttering, paid a visit in Prague to mock Klaus. This unspeakable and totally undemocratic contempt for a country's sovereignty also appears in French and German diplomats' efforts in that direction - even requiring a Czech constitutional amendment to disempower Klaus. Berlin will rush the ratification process through in order to avoid a democratic referendum on it in the United Kingdom after the expected Tory election victory in the coming spring. The German Federal Republic's ARD radio under political coverage calls Klaus "a president at an assertive age, who causes the Czech Republic to stand exposed as Europe's bedlam!" Now Klaus seems to be giving in.The EU is the 4th Reich planned by the Nazis, a financial empire based on Nazi people´s (Abs, Erhard) efforts with stolen Nazi money. The state of democracy in this 4th Reich reminds more and more of that of the 3rd Reich. The 4. Reich will be a surveillance state by means of the Lisbon Treaty, according to a just released "Open Europe" report. According to former EU Commissioner, Jacques Delors, this 4. Reich will be an element in the World Federal State

Throughout history there have been a few brave men who had both influence and honesty to insist on their just conviction – and payed for it with their lives. Such a man was Martin Luther King. Such a man was also U.S. Pres John F. Kennedy, who - in spite of human weaknesses – saw the danger of the ruling consensus as a threat to democracy. Unlike all other U.S. presidents, he spoke of the danger of secret societies (the New World Order), and warned the world of them - video. This, and Kennedy's restoring - through the executive order 11110 – the power stolen by the Federal Reserve, and here and here  to print money and lend it at interest to the U.S.government - an arrangement which swallows more than all U.S. income taxes – in all reasonable probability led to the assassination  of John F. Kennedy. The New World Order does not like to be opposed – and the Fed is the greatest shrine of the illuminsts. Now, we Europeans are dealing with illuminists, too, as the EU (explanatory statement) states: It (EU) is progressing towards its aim of establishing a political community pursuing the illuminist ideal of the sublime dignity of man.“ 

Is it imaginable that the European illuminists would also try to get rid of people, who do nut stick to their global "“consensus" - hopefully "just" politically? 

John-kennedyOn June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. Mr. Kennedy's order gave the Treasury the power "to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury." This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury's vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous. With the stroke of a pen, Mr. Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of business. If enough of these silver certificats were to come into circulation they would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve notes. This is because the silver certificates are backed by silver and the Federal Reserve notes are not backed by anything. Executive Order 11110 could have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level, because it would have given the gevernment the ability to repay its debt without going to the Federal Reserve and being charged interest in order to create the new money.

German Policy 14.Okt. 2009: (Own report) - A German EU parliamentarian calls for impeaching the President of the Czech Republic. Should Václav Klaus not ratify the "Treaty of Lisbon" immediately after a positive decision on the part of the Czech Constitutional Court, Klaus must be forcibly removed by the top Czech constitutional body, the Social Democrat, Jo Leinen, demandsGerman and French diplomats in Prague are reported to be exploring appropriate steps[1]. They are also said to have been discussing the disempowerment of the President by an amendment to the Czech Constitution  [2]. The interventions are due to a neighboring German state. Czech constitutional institutions are not being targeted for the first time by Berlin's foreign policy. Not forgotten in Prague and the cause of the reservations against the "Lisbon Treaty",  is German expansionism, culminating 70 years ago in a world war. Even without considering the historical context, the German approach breaks down minimum democratic standards that were taken during the installation of the so-called Treaty of Lisbon, which has repeatedly been ridiculous. The draft treaty favors the transformation of the EU to a global military power and will strengthen German military power and hegemony. The massive attempts to interfere by the Federal Republic are accompanied by a nationalistic media campaign against the Czech Republic. 
If Klaus declines to sign  the Treaty, then "he must face  the consequences",  a German diplomat threatens. [3]
Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the last democratic statesman in Europe. He is under German / French pressure to dismiss him from his office because of his refusal to sign the Lisbon Treaty.

With the current activities against Prague, for the first time Berlin takes direct steps to oust or disempower an EU head of state, who does not support the German scheme. The measures, which hold the sovereignty of the Czech Republic in contempt, are again tearing  minimum democratic standards in the EU down. Even in its recent steps to enforce the draft contract, the federal government has demonstrated how documents rejected  by referenda (in France and the Netherlands) were redeclared with the same contents and then submitted for decision again. Furthermore, Berlin has made it clear that if a referendum - as in Ireland - indeed be inevitable, voting can be repeated,  till public relations offensives  provide the desired result. [4] With the latest intervention in Prague now also constitutional laws of EU Member States are at disposal. Even before the entry into force of the draft contract a frequent point of criticism of the document proves to be correct: that through the so-called European integration, the sovereignty of States is undermined and opened to be captured by the Western hegemonic powers.

Even the rush with which Berlin is urging the ratification of the draft, has its basis in the prevention of democratic procedures. The population of Great Britain reject the treaty by a large majority, so the current Socialist government has ratified it without a referendum. Now, the Conservative party chief has announced that the Conservatives will abolish the ratification and want to hold a referendum, should his party win the next general elections. The prerequisite is that the contract has until then not yet come into effect. A majority for the Conservatives is considered certain. The elections have been announced for the coming spring. Since Berlin wants to prevent the British population from rejecting the draft treaty by referendum, the document must be ratified before the London elections - at any price. The federal government does not have much time,

Property Claims
Berlin could refute the objections of the Czech state president any time. Václav Klaus demanded guarantees that the EU's Charter of Human Rights, which is connected with the "Lisbon Treaty", 28597-004-588192FD cannot be misused to strengthen  property claims by resettled Germans to the Czech Republic. Such claims have been presented by the "Sudeten Germans" ever since the war. Thus, the leader of the "Sudeten Germans", the CSU MdEP Bernd Posselt, confirmed on the "Human Rights Day" in 2008 that he considered "the collective expulsion and disenfranchisement of entire communities" and the "attempt to destroy them through uprooting their livelihoods  or to uproot them permanently", is equivalent to "genocide” and should therefore be barred. "[5]. Posselt regularly refers to human rights terms, as enshrined in the EU's Charter of Human Rights to support the demands for revision of the "Sudeten Germans". The Federal Republic has always systematically kept open all the property rights of displaced Germans - up to date ( reported [6]), despite all the difficulties that arise from it – not only for the president of the Czech Republic.

Eduard Benes - was left alone when Hitler invaded in 1938 and was forced to resign as president of Czecho-Slovakia – and he fled to  London. After the war he became President again. 1947 he was toppled by a communist coup d´etat. Democratic Czech presidents seem to be bad off.

Almost unchanged
The recent moves against the President of the Czech Republic are being accompanied in the Federal Republic by scathing remarks about the political elites of the country. Thus in the German media, Klaus is said to insist "stubbornly" on his position, or changes  his position "unpredictably". From the ARD radio in Prague is publicly being disseminated that Klaus is a "president at an assertive age," a "populist and nationalist" keeping "his woodcut view of the world" quite "unteachably." The President, a perpetrator of conviction" and "egomaniac”, would be "at fault for the Czech Republic standing as "the madhouse of Europe", says the correspondent of the public broadcasting company about their host country and its head of state. But above all, "his enemy image is (…) the Germans."  The extremely malicious representations in a public service broadcaster of the Federal Republic is only possible because they are covered by the political authorities. Insults and how they accompany mocking attacks like these accompany Berlin´s offensives against Czech and Czechoslovakian presidents who tried to defend themselves against German assaults, since the days of Edvard Beneš - are almost unchanged.
Comment: This reminds me of the kind of language used by Nazi Judge Roland Freisler to accused “perpetrators”. Compare with  this video.
This farce must be seen in the context of the visit by the Chairman of the EU Parliament, Pöttering, and EU-MEP, Daniel Cohn Bendit on 5 Dec. 2008 at the Castle of Prag, where they mocked President  Klaus incredibly and here Now Klaus seems to be giving up.   

[1] MEPs call for Klaus's impeachment; Prague Daily Monitor 13.10.2009
[2], [3] Germans seek to oust Czech president Vaclav Klaus over EU treaty; The Sunday Times 11.10.2009
[4] s. dazu Irland ist überall und No means Yes
[5] Bernd Posselt, MdEP zum 10. Dezember; Pressemeldung der Union der Vertriebenen 08.12.2008
[6] s. dazu Tschechische Republik: "Rückerstattungs- und Vermögensfragen nicht geklärt", Moralische Grundlage, Ein Lernort und Tage der Aggression


The 4th Reich: The EU is built on Nazis and Nazi money 
The Daily Mail 9. Mai 2009: and The Independent 7. Sept. 1996: On 10 August 1944 a secret meeting  was held at the Red House in Strassbourg. A French spy was present, and in November he wrote a report of the meeting and sent it to the U.S. secretary of state: Obergruppenfiihrer, SS Offzier Dr. Scheid told the convened Industrialists that the war was unwinnable. It is now up to the industrialists to secure the future of Germany after the war, building up the 4th Reich for the Nazis to take over at due time. The industrialists were to use the foreign connections of surviving German companies. Participants were inter alia representatives from Volkswagen, Krupp and Messerschmidt. The 4th Empire should be an economic empire. Nazi Germany sent very large sums of money through Switzerland - stolen from the occupied countries of Europe - not least by the SS, who ran a very large financial empire. After the war, 1948, Germany therefore  allegedly possessed more capital than 1936.

SS leader and mass murderer Otto Ohlendorf was under Himmler's protection. Ohlendorf took Ludwig Erhardt under his protection. The two conceived the postwar strategy: A strong currency under Allied protection. Ohlendorf was hanged at Nuremberg for the mass murder of 90,000 people. With the D-mark the industrialists amazingly quickly rebuilt their empires in Europe. The two biggest Nazi industrialists, Krupp and Flick, were released after only 3 years in prison. As Germany was recovering, European economies recovered as well. Some of the major Nazis were leading figures in the development of the EU. Hermann Abs of the boards of Deutsche Bank and 40 other Nazi firms, including Rockefeller´s IG Farben with a branch at Auschwitz, was the man who created a powerful business empire after the war, which was the basis of the EU. He distributed the Marshall Aid among German firms, and he was the main financial advisor to Konrad Adenauer. At the same time Ludwig Erhard, Ohlendorf protégé,  flourished. He realized that the financial empire would be built under the supra-national mantra. Thereby, the economic miracle (Wirtschaftswunder) would be able to develop properly. Therefore, he was also behind the European Coal and Steel Union- the beginning of the EU.

So, did the 4th Reich of the Nazis become reality? Yes, unfortunately - and it is called the European Union. Did the Nazis return to power again? After a 15-year stay in Germany, I considered this to be excluded. Germany was a democracy. However, with the 4th Reich, neither Germany nor the rest of Europe are democracies any more. What France and Germany are now doing to Czechia, unfortunately, reminds of those dark days when dictatorship prevailed in Europe. Is the 4th Reich set to become just as dangerous as the Third? 

Unfortunately, The New World Order is a combination of faschism after Mussolini´s definition: Fusion of politics and corporations: (Lobbyism , and Rothschilds bankers/ European Industrialists´ Round Table , de Larosieres Bank deregulation , the BIS and the European Central Bank etc. and World communism and here – united in the big alarmist lies (climate, and pandemic, and threatened biodiversity, and War on Terror,  their home-made Wall Street Financial crisis etc.). The face of this dictatorship grows more and more clear – and we do not reclaim our right to democracy.

So, what is to follow, once President Klaus has given in to the 4. Reich? It will be followed by the 5. Reich: The Federal World State.
Open Europe press release
 Here is one of the consequences: The Lisbon Treaty paves way for EU surveillance state.
The Daily Express 25 Oct. 2009
reported on Open Europe's new report - "How the EU is watching you - the rise of Europe's surveillance state", published today, which argues that when the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, the EU will be able to accelerate a raft of controversial new proposals which are set to radically increase the EU's role in policing, criminal and security matters.  EU leaders hope to reach formal agreement on many controversial new initiatives by the end of the year. 
They include: a target to train a third of all police officers across the EU in a "common culture" of policing; the mass collection and sharing of personal data including DNA records into an EU-wide database; controversial surveillance techniques including 'cyber patrols'; the creation of a fledgling 'EU Home Office' with powers to decide on cooperation on police, border, immigration and criminal justice issues; an EU "master plan" on information exchange; the transfer of criminal proceedings among EU member states; and a three-fold increase in the number of controversial EU arrest warrants, among many others.

Its author Stephen Booth was quoted saying: "How can citizens expect their fundamental rights to liberty and independence from the state to be protected by institutions which are unelected and have a vested interest in creating new laws?"

Toute l`Europe, Jacques Delors, former president of the European Commission: The Lisbon Treaty is not sufficient for further EU integration. In an interview with French website Toute l'Europe, former Commission Presdient Jacques Delors says that "I have always said that a federation of the United Nations is needed, in which we agree on the points over which we exercise communal sovereignty and over that which remains in the national domain, but where, at the top, we have instead a federal system which permits us to prepare decisions, to decide and to act upon. This is not the case currently. The Lisbon Treaty brings some improvements, but it is not sufficient." 


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