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Now, up to the European Parliamentary elections, the globalists are telling us, that Turkey is out in the cold. But is it really – after the elections, too? Hardly, since Turkey is a link in the EU New World Order expansion. Here is, what the driving forces behind the New World order really think in the Bilderberg, The Trilateral Commission and the US Council on Foreign Relations – the Clubs that are ruling globalisation and the drive towards world government  and here.

EurActiv 20 May , 2009: Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt warns against failing to integrate Turkey into the EU. "I can't see any valid arguments not to fulfill the EU's obligations to Turkey when the reform process is concluded," he writes."Turkey is today already the second most important strategic partner of the European Union after the United States," he adds."The new modernised Turkey that will be fit for EU membership will have great opportunities to build a prosperous and free society," Bildt writes. He also warns that Europe's capacity as a force for good in the world would be hampered by closing the door on Turkey."

Norbert Walter, chief economist at Deutsche Bank, argues that Europe cannot turn itself into a museum. "If the political situation in Turkey remains stable […], Turkey's economic potential opens the way for continued strong growth," he says."The best thing for Europe and Turkey to do is to cooperate, learn from each other, and advance together.”

”The Cost of No EU-Turkey: four views”  was published byThe Open Society.”

Already this name gives me the creeps – but when I realized that this society is the work of top illuminati, US- CFR  member and founder of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Soros-davos-20080123_jpg_ss_20080123150130George Soros -Rothschilds agent – who did weapon deals with the bin Ladens , my hair stood on end.
We at the Open Society Foundation care deeply about EU-Turkey relations, because we strongly believe that Turkey becomes a more open society as it gets closer to the EU. We also believe that the open society values in the EU grow stronger, as the Union gets ready to admit Turkey. When Turkey is admitted as a member of the EU, the new Union will be in a much better position to project open society values in the world, which we consider equally important.

In January 2009, we realized with considerable discomfort that the consensus in Turkey and the rest of Europe on the fundamental desirability of Turkey’s accession to the European Union has evaporated.We currently have little more than committed advocates and bureaucracies on both sides which push the process along. The political commitment has withered.
It is interesting that of all the countries of the EU and the current list of candidates, Turkey has survived and is surviving better than most, if not all, in the current crisis. It would be folly of the most ignorant irresponsibility to undermine this and the positive role Turkey is virtually guaranteed to play in the economy of a recovering Europe.
Turkey’s growth rate, already phenomenal during the past five years, looks set to continue, albeit less rapidly, to a point of doubling or tripling the gdp before any expected membership
Another is the strategic and the social importance of bridge-building between a Europe increasing populated by Muslim immigrants and a Turkey which is one of the world’s only Muslim democracies, and, moreover, the 17th economic power in the world.”

The essay
Carl_Bildt_2001-05-15Carl Bildt, illuminist, Swedish Foreign Minister, arch-bilderberger  and Trilateral Commissionist and Trustee of the Board of the RANDThe Rand Corporation is the most important private research centre for military strategy and organization in the world. It is the prestigious voice of the American military-industrial lobby.
RAND is THE think tank most beholden to Tavistock Institute and certainly the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs´  (Chatham House´s) most prestigious vehicle for control of United States policies at every level.
Its Founder was also the Founder of the Hudson Institute - both inextricably associated with the Councuil on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Carl Bildt: “The European Union is open for all European countries who adopt the acquis communitaire. It is an open union building its strength from an ever closer cooperation between the nations states in Europe. We will see a country where the military plays the same role as in all other democracies with a judiciary defending human rights and individual liberties. Such a Turkey will then be seen as an equal member of the European family with the same rights as everyone else to join the union.

The importance for Europe as a whole of the regions of the Eastern Mediterranean and along the shores of the Black Sea is obvious. The history is telling enough, but the future relevance of South Eastern Europe is no less compelling. It is the immediate neighbourhood of the most conflict ridden area of our days and a transit region for the import of oil and natural gas from the Middle East and Central Asia.Turkey’s EU membership will also demonstrate that overcoming the differences of the past is the European way of building the future, and that differences in the cultural or religious traditions of our respective societies - be they Christian or Muslim - can be a source of creativity rather than of conflict. (Which is already today obviously untrue in Europe).

And it should be crystal clear that we have a profound strategic interest as well as a moral commitment in the eventual membership of Turkey in the European Union. If we fail in our task preserving our inclusive Union we will soon in the destructive and dangerous process of defining the borders of Europe. We could easily see forces of atavistic nationalism or submission to other masters taking over when the light of European integration - however faint or distant - is put out. If that happens, the lines on the maps will certainly not protect us from the consequences of what happens beyond them. Open Europe will then gradually transform itself to Fortress Europe and the soft power of today’s Union will loose it relevance.” (A wishful dream!)

Norbert Walter, Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank: “Especially with regard to the issue of Turkey, some kind of religious war has started to unfold which only at first glance resembles a debate. A closer look reveals that on both sides committed dogmatists are struggling who have collected evidence only to support their conviction. The “Old Left” sees a chance to implement the Multicultural Project on a European scale. They want to snuggle up to each other. Conservative hardliners are afraid of another Turkish march on Vienna and fear the decline of the West. They feel like warriors in the final battle to save Western civilization. Moreover, taking a stand on behalf of the “Christian” occident, which has ceased to exist, cannot be our motivation…. open up new markets and win new allies, give fresh impetus and maintain it.

Like any opportunity, Turkey’s accession is subject to risks, which have to be weighed up against the opportunities. Whoever rejects accession by pointing to current events – such as a lack of tolerance towards Christians – deliberately ignores that the development of Europe has again and again been fuelled by the integration process itself (such as democracy and pluralism in Portugal and Spain).”
The Illuminati don´t care about the persecutions of Christians in Tyrkiet – nor about Turkey still finding the genocides on Armenians, Greeks and Bulgarians in the past century OK!! How ignorant are you allowed to be in the higher circles of the New World Order – or how mendacious?

“Rejection of Turkey’s accession to the European Union is currently based on two main arguments: First, only 5 percent of the Turkish land mass lies in Europe. This fact is simply irrefutable. However, to base important decisions for the economic and political future of our community on an arbitrary border is questionable. Much of our history and culture has benefited from this border being crossed: Homer, Alexander the Great and the Roman emperors are the evidence of this. The second argument is that the EU allegedly is currently not politically able to accept more members. This notion cannot be denied given the institutional lethargy – e.g. stand still with respect to the EU Treaty
If the EU stays on course and Turkey remains committed to its reform course, it could join the European Union within 15 years.The decision of France post facto to block the opening of several chapters because they would lead to accession runs counter to long-established and reliable international code of conduct.”

Hakan-yilmazgHakan Yilmaz, ass. professor in Istanbul: “In short, while 1) the concepts of state, nation, development, and republicanism as anti-monarchism came to the fore following World War I, 2) after World War II these were replaced by suspicion toward the concept of “raison d’état” and the state in general, anti-totalitarianism (anti-fascism and anti-communism), democracy, the individual, and sub-national minorities

And the basic concept underlying the political culture of Western Europe following World War II was, without a doubt, the concept of “rights,” or human rights.

Turkey encountered difficulties in adapting to the new, post-World War II European political culture based on the concepts of “rights” and “individual. The most important dimension of the process of becoming a part of the European Union, and the most crucial criterion in getting Turkey back onto the map of Europe, is re-synchronization in the area of political values.

Instead of imagining Europe as one whole physical place made up of contiguous countries, the post-Cold War generation began to view of Europe as a patchwork of cities, regions, web sites, streets, rivers, highways, internet discussion groups, sporting competitions, film festivals, music festivals and song contests, business centres, airports, vacation resorts, friends here and there, NGOs, academic meetings, restaurants, and museums. This new, post-modern European space is a Europe re-defined in the language of globalization, and it is itself a part of the emerging global space. European culture is a structure that is not completed, but one still in the process of being constructed.

Thus, Turkish culture should be viewed not as a foreigner who wants to move into a finished, completed building; but as a neighbour who puts forth her own ideas about a building that is still being constructed, on issues such as its cement mixture, architecture decoration, and inhabitants.

Turkey’s contribution to European culture must be to enter this arena with “different” narratives, and participate in the formation of this fiction with her own, “authentic” narratives.This is not a process – it is too big and dynamic – for one or two political leaders to denounce or forbid. A distinct contribution of Turkey may be to deepen, diversify and truly enrich European culture.”

Thus the globalist illuminists smartly circumvent the core of the Turkey problem: Europe has a Christian past.
  Although most of Christianity has been thrown over board, some central Buraq-delier-posterChristian values have survived deeply rooted in the European soul. Human Rights have been built on them as well as the social states – today our Achilles´ heel being abused by Muslim immigrants invited by our New World Order politicians. Turkey, on the other hand, is increasingly fundamentalistically Muslim  – as expressed by its Prime Minister. Tayyip Erdogan time and again: "It is offensive to talk about moderate Islam. Islam is Islam – and that´s it"!! Now the EU-illuminists (explanatory statement) want us to be enslaved – as are the Muslims already under their straitjacket laws.

The above is Rothschild´s left arm´s, George Soros´, argument: Money. These globalists have no other argument than money and “growth” – their miserable recipe for human happiness! What they really want, however, is power over all of us! They disregard all the unhappiness and misery they are bringing to us by pumping more and more Muslims into Europe, where they are already creating chaos, not to mention their introduction of the Sharia when they obtain parliamentary majority – in Denmark between 2035–2047 – as wanted by the illuminists (Order out of chaos” – but first create chaos). The European Arrest Warrant will be a heavy weapon in the hands of Turkish Muslims to persecute those criticizing islam: A Turkish court will issue the European Arrest Warrant valid in any EU country – without notifying the “criminal” before 2 Europol or Turkish policeman ring your doorbell to take you to Turkey to let you rot there for 3 years (EU Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia) for having insulted their prophet – without you having had any opportunity to defend yourself.

George Soros is even so straightforward as to tell us that with Turkey in the EU, his (i.e. Rothschild´s) illuminist New World Order society will have grown much stronger!!!

Prof. Yilmaz even has the insolence to think his culture, which our ancestors fought so gallantly for so many centuries, should be allowed to enrich Europe – the way it enriched the flourishing Bysantine realm, reducing it into poverty and barbarism. Yilmaz unblushingly tells us that Turkey is uncapable og observing human rights – but nevertheless, he will enrich us with the opposite!!
For while European culture is not complete – Turkish culture and Islam are Allah´s perfect revelation to all mankind, a revelation which has to be spread all over the Earth by means of the sword, demography, immigration and our stupidity and cowardice!!!

In a miserable attempt Norbert Walter tells us that the trangression of the European-Turkish border brought us Homer, Alexander the Great and Roman emperors!! They went eastwards from the flourishing West – and their culture was entirely destroyed by the Turkish Muslims!! All Islam has brought is misery.
But what can you expect of cultural knowledge from a boss in Rothschild´s Deutsche Bank – where the bilderberger (2004, 2005, 2008, 2009), Josef Ackermann rules? Now the illuminists want us to share the fate of previously flourishing Eastern Christian Cultures – which simply perished.

This is the New World Order. Carl Bildt? Well he will be drowned in money, “influence” and cosy meetings with like-minded sick illuminati-minds – until the day of reckoning, when our misery and anger have grown big enough.

Of course, Pres. Sarkozy is so opposed to Turkey´s access to the EU that he just cancelled a visit to Sweden after Carl Bildt in an interview in Le Figaro expressed his favouring Turkey´s admission.But on the other hand, Mr. Sarkozy is the man behind the Union for the Mediterranean which has now given Morocco the 4 fundamental EU-rights and quasi EU membership - including free immigration rights to the EU - and additional "partner countries will follow"!!

We have only one way to avoid this destiny: Rise in mass protests against the EU. For you can be certain that after the elections – and when the bilderbergers decide to stop the depression they and their evil colleagues in the Council on Foreign relations started, they will take Turkey as she is and tell us that Turkey has made the necessary reforms.
I even think we must hurry before these madmen release a major war to create chaos sooner.

After the fire disaster at Ludwigshafen, Germany, on Febr. 3, 2008, where 9 Turks died, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan demands Turkish experts for the investigation of the cause of the fire.   Federal Home Secretary Schäuble sees this as mistrust in the German Police and sees no indications of arson. But: The Muslim masterrace now decides the procedure in the Dhimmi  Germany.

Before Tayyip Erdogan´s visit to Germany on Febr. 10, 2008, according to " Politically Incorrect" all poster walls in Cologne are covered with such posters: The master of the German dhimmis in front of the German flag with the Turkish halfmoon! The motto of this Turkish leader is: "Our minarets are our spearheads, our mosques our barracks, their domes our helmets and the faithful our soldiers."
On Aug. 21, 2007, Erdogan said about the often used term  "Moderate Islam":"These descriptions are offensive and violate our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam. And that´s it!"

The Euromediterranean Project is a dhimmi product based on the Muslim perception of history:
that Islam is  the noblest civilization ever seen on this planet!

Dhimmi-state in Muslim majority areas (Bat Ye´or, Eurabia 2005)

. Special laws cement the lasting degradation and humiliation of dhimmis. Their lives are considered to be half the value of  that of a Muslim – and dhimmi women have ¼ the value of a Muslim man. Punishment for crimes is correspondingly lower, if a Muslim commits a crime against a dhimmi 2. The dhimmi is not allowed to defend himself, can just ask for mercy.

3.Accept of Allah´s unchangeable law, the sharia and islam as the superior religion.
4. Dhimmis must adopt a servile language towards Muslims, if they want to survive.
In case of a dispute between a dhimmi and a Muslim only Muslim law is valid.
 6. The dhimmi must look downwards when walking, receive insults without answering
7. Dhimmis are not allowed to have power over Muslims (e.g. servants) 8. They are not allowed to own land or marry Muslim women. 9. They must be recognizable by their clothes. 10. A dhimmi must hurry through the streets and always go to the left of a Muslim (the unclean side). The Muslim is expected to push the dhimmi into the gutter. 11.  Contempt, insults and respectless attitudes towards dhimmis are common. 12. Dhimmis are not allowed to repair churches and synagogues. 13. Abduction and forced conversion of young dhimmi-girls are frequent (Copts in Egypt). 14. A dhimmi asking foreigners for help or spreading hostility against Islam is liable to death penalty. 15. Dhimmis are not allowed to misquote the Koran.

Today most of these rules are still valid in “modern” states under the Sharia, e.g. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan and till recently in Afghanistan. In Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Egypt, Sudan terrible government supported persecutions of Christians are taking place. (Niels Erik Søndergård: Muslimske Landes Behandling af Mindretal. Dansk Kultur, juni 2006): "Christians and Jews live as 2. class citizens  - excluded from jobs in state and municipality. Hindus and Jews are not even allowed to exist. Even where there is least subjugation, dhimmis live under pure apartheid. In several countries conditions are worse for Christians than during the reign of the Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire. This persecution is led by the Koran and Hadith." More about the Muslim persecutions of Christians can be read on Compass Direct News.

In the Ottoman Empire it was a lethal nightmare being a dhimmi: 1915-1922 it is claimed that 1,500,000 Armenians, 750,000 Assyrians and another 350,000 Greeks ( and many Bulgarians) were murdered and most had to abandon regions inhabited by them for thousands of years. Even 1955 genocide against Greek in Asia Minor took place. Persecution of Christians is continuing in modern Turkey.

Therefore the "great horror" always existed, where Islam expands. In order to survive people behave the way they do when unarmed and alone with a tiger: They huddle in order not to make any unexpected movements, hoping to be overlooked in order not to provoke the beast and hoping it is not hungry:   

Dhimmi  mentality and behaviour (Bat Ye´or Eurabia 2005)
1. Self-effacement
: The main characteristic is the denial of the difference between ”us” and ”them” , a distinction, the Anna Lindh Foundation sees as its main goal to eliminate, because it thinks this is the root of all evil in this world! In itself a racist attitude towards non-muslims - to use the globalist´s own confusion of the word "racism" ! Anyway, the Muslims will preserve this distinction!
So our politicians may be able to avoid Huntington´s clash of civilizations - but only at the cost of our freedom and human dignity!

2. Elimination of history In the course of history, jihad has deleted, forcibly removed and enslaved millions of people and robbed them of their property in ethnic purges and genocides.

The religion of peace was at play at the Airport of Glasgow in 2007.

In Europe now Islam´s version of history is accepted and taught as ”political correctness” . Besides, The New World Order wants to delete memories of belonging to the culture of the past. Islam is well qualified for that!

3. Europeans´ accept of their inferiority to Islam

 Mass burial at Kosheh, Egypt: In 1998  two Copts were murdered here by Muslims. Tensions arose. The police arrested Copts and London´s Daily Telegraph reported imitated crucifixions to humiliate the Copts.  When the Bishop protested he was arrested.  At the turn of the year 1999/2000 20 Copts were murdered by Muslims. The police stayed out or participated in the carnage. Egypt has 12 million Copts.

European ”humanists” and politicians keep talking about Islamic superiority over Christianity  No other “culture” is so strongly supported and enforced so vigorously on the Europeans through such ingenious networks comprising universities, media, governmental institutions, NGOs etc. Islamic culture is directly affiliated to the Foreign Ministries in every EU country, e.g. the “Danish Center for Cultural Development

4. Self-guilt and self-abasement
Today in Europe the dhimmi-state manifests itself in the silencing for decades of  violations of human rights in Muslim countries or tolerance thereof.
Everybody - in particular the Council of Europe and the EU - blames the West for racism and demand severe punishments of us– totally ignoreing the blatant racism of Islam.                                                                      

The superior Islamic culture at play at Kalk/Cologne in 2008

”At the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council , Sept. 1991, came this harangue from Mr. Barzanti, the Chairman of the Committee for Youth, Culture, Education and Sport: He underlined Islam´cultural superiority to Europe and expressed great admiration for the Madrassa-schools of Pakistan and Egypt, which hatched the Talibans in the 1990´s . He praised Ibn Malik, who was the originator of the most severe Sharia over non-Muslims in “Golden Andalusia (711-1492). He praised the Islamic lawyer  an-Nawawi (1233-77), who encouraged to Holy War (Jihad) and to kill infidels and to make their women and children slaves."
European denial of the Bible and the masochistic  self-smearing have developed into
anti-Christianity typical of poisonous dhimmitude                                                          

5. Asymmetry 
While the West is cringing to Islam the Muslims in general despise us as inferior, evil, spiritually dead (not unjustly). And they see us as the evil heirs of the crusaders, who tried to stop the Islamic conquest of all Christian lands. And we confirm this opinion. How much more deeply would Islam have sunk into poverty today had it not been for contacts with European Christianity? And how much fewer Muslims there would have been without European medicine! This willingness to ignore the truth, the bias of our and their attitudes, is a typical dhimmi-feature.

6: A tributary Continent

Tabari (d. 923) tells that the 2. Caliph, Umar b. Al-Khattab, ordered his general to impose a head tax (jizya)  on the conquest of Basra to humiliate them in accordance to the Koran (9:29). ”If they refuse, kill them without pardon!” This would be the condition for the “protection” of  all future dhimmis. Who said Mafia? The EU pays billions of loans and  grants to Muslim countries through MEDA and the European Investment Bank – not least to corrupt Palestinian regimes. In 2003 Spain granted 478 million dollars in ”soft” loans and cancellation of debts to stop illegal immigration. With limited success.
7. A frightened continent

In the writings of both Andalusian, Greek and Slavic chroniclers there are reports about “Une grande Peur” (a great fear): The horror of the Europeans exposed to jihadist attacks. From the beginning of the European-Arab Dialogue in 1973 our politicians have fed the Europeans with horror about angering the ”proud Arabs” - and based their foreign policy on this fear. 

8. The culture of hatred

Muslims attacked Christian shops in Cairo on Dec. 16. 2007. Cause:
Rumours of 2 Christian boys having sex with a Muslim girl!

The Jihad-ideology implies eternal war and therefore perpetually demands enemies which the Muslim Nation (the Umma) has an obligation to fight. Therefore, a war with the infidels/heretics is vital to the Muslims.


 Copt wounded in Muslim attack at the village of Udayssat near Luxor in 2006

9 . Most of all  the Eurocrats and our own governments demonstrate dhimmi behaviour. Or are they just carrying out the orders of Rockefeller´s Trilateral Commission? I have repeatedly pointed to the Danish Centre for Cultural Development of the Danish Foreign ministry, the Anna Lindh Foundation and many other dhimmi EU institutions on this blog. David Littmann has pointed out the jihadist sympathy in the UN.

This is the legacy we are passing on to our children! 

Any similarity between the above and the characters and behaviours of living persons or institutions is not accidental!



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