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Abstract: Jesuit Pope, Francis I, went to Lampedus to celebrate an unchristian mass for shipwrecked Muslim immigrants - without mentioning the name of Jesus. He scolded us Europeans that we do not accept all Muslims who want to settle among us.  “The blood of our brethren  and sisters cries to God,” who asks us what we have done for our Muslim brethren and sisters.”

We - not the immigrants - are guilty, that Muslims who practice terrible persecutions of Christians risk their lives at sea. For this religion creates great poverty. In order to transplant their religion and Sharia into a world caliphate at the behest of their prophet, these poor Muslims are forced to come to Europe to try to lay their hands on our prosperity and dominate us. Demographers think we shall have  Muslim electoral majority  in this century - and hence the Sharia. Our guilt consists in the fact that we want to remain Christians - in no way Muslims.

The god whom the Pope mentions, is Allah, who denies having a son, the worst enemy of Jesus Christ, and whom Christ had a completely different name for.

The Muslims are by far not our brethren and sisters. Christ warned of false prophets - even of those who would come in his name,  claiming to be him - or his deputies. His disciple, John, in the 2. John epistle: 7-11 even admonishes not to welcome people not bringing the doctrine of Christ or to offer them shelter. Because if you do so you will make yourself accomplice of their evil deeds - and lose life eternal!
The Jesuit Pope with the Luciferian coat of arms has sworn a satanic blood oath to accept even non-Christian religions in order to secure the Jesuits world power.

The Vatican probably celebrated a Black Mass in 1963, making Satan its head and it has openly joined the Luciferian Weishaupt / Rothschild NWO. Weishaupt was originally a Jesuit. In the Vatican, many Satan symbols are being shown and the Interfaith meetings take place every year since 1986 - to promote Gnosis worldwide for the NWO - and to make Christ superfluous, as  can be seen in the New Catholic Catechism, Article 841.

The Jesuits have a very bad reputation for centuries because of their political subversion and infiltration  to overthrow state power. Therefore, they were driven out 83 states in the period of 1555 to 1931.

They are sometimes identified with the Illuminati - and rightly so: The actual government of the world, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR ) is riddled with Jesuits at top positions, like David Rockefeller , Brzezinski, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, former President  George Bush Sr. The Jesuits are masters of deception.
The EU was founded,  financed and run by the CFR by means of its child, the CIA. The CFR was founded by  the gray eminence behind the FED, Jesuit Edward Mandell House.


“For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.  Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” (2 .John 7-11).
“And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way.” (Koran sura 9:5).

“And He brought down those who supported them among the People of the Scripture (Christians and Jews) from their fortresses and cast terror into their hearts [so that] a party you killed, and you took captive a party.
And He caused you to inherit their land and their homes and their properties and a land which you have not trodden. And ever is Allah , over all things, competent.” (Koran sure 33:26-27).




The EU still lives in its Euromediterranean utopia, doing its best to commit suicide der European ethnicity, culture and patriotism.

In an EU Press Release 3 Oct. 2013, EU Commissioner Cecilia malmström “is sad for the recent wreckage of a boat full of illegal (sorry, Malmström has banned this word) immigrants, whereby 200-300 lost their lives. She refers to the Mobility Partnership with Morocco with rapid  visa facilitation as a better way to manage migration!!. Of course, UN officials support the EU Commission, asserting that many more refugees will perish, if the EU closes its borders for the African/Asian deluge - partly created by foolish EU and US policy in the NWO African/Syrian Spring
However, in some national parliaments, e.g. UK and the Netherlands), the Commission´s proposal for a proportional distribution and import of legio of Muslim migrants following what looks more and more like free immigration for all Africans is being blocked.

African-migrants´routes-to europe


Left: African immigrants accumulating on Lampedusa.

Right: African migration routes to EU. Wikipedia With over one million migrants a year and 299,000 asylum applications in 2006 alone, Europe is the primary destination for African migrants worldwide.The Migration Policy Institute believes there are between seven and eight million irregular African immigrants living in the EU. But not enough: In 2008, the EU established recruitment offices in Africa to invite up to 56 mio. “workers” + their families to come legally into the EU by 2050!

But now the EU has powerful backing: The Pope
Who is Pope Franciscus I actually? He is a Jesuit, and his coat of arms is clearly Luciferian - which cannot wonder after the Black Pope-kisses-koran-thumb3Mass in the Vatican on 28 June 1963, Pope Benedicct XVI repeatedly showing the Masonic Satan sign, Pope John Paul II kissing the Koran and instituting the Interfaith meetings, where most religions of the world are praying to their idols in the same room.The Pope´s idol is not the Father of Jesus Christ.
The Jesuits are being accused of much misbehaviour. Some say they rule the Rothschilds and their Freemasonry. In fact, Adam Weishaupt was originally a Jesuit.
They have sworn a terrible blood oath * to kill, lie and even


simulate conversion to a pagan religion to promote Jesuit power. The oath is sworn under a banner  with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI,  text: IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS, meaning: It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, governments, or rulers - especially in mentioned countries of Northern Europe.  They are cunning politicians, having infiltrated the US Council on Foreign Relations and its global Council of Councils, the would-be one world government. They are the organisation behind the satanic EU.
* The text of the Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction is meticulously recorded in the Journals of the 62nd Congress, 3rd Session, of the United States Congressional Record (House Calendar No. 397, Report No. 1523, 15 February, 1913, pp. 3215-3216) and here.

The Canberra Times 13 July 2013 (excerpt) At Lampedusa, the Pope said mass, and asked the largely Muslim boat people for forgiveness for global indifference to their plight.

The Pope said: “I felt that I ought to come here today to pray, to make a gesture of closeness, but also to reawaken our consciences so that what happened would not be repeated. I give a thought, too, to the dear Muslim immigrants that are beginning the fast of Ramadan, with best wishes for abundant spiritual fruits. The church is near to you in the search for a more dignified life for yourselves and for your families.

Where is your brother? The voice of his blood cries even to me,’ God says.  ‘These our brothers and sisters seek to leave difficult situations in order to find a little serenity and peace, they seek a better place for themselves and for their families - but they found death.


In Egypt Muslims are burning Churches and slaughtering Christians and here - the Muslim Brotherhood instigating and the police just being lookers-on.  In Syria, US/EU supported djihadists are massacring Christians - beheading them in cold blod.  The same goes on in Somalia with new Christians and in Pakistan and Nigeria and Iraq (churches destroyed left), where even crucifixions take place of Christians . In Sudan, Christians are being crucified. This kind of barbarians are called our dear brothers and sisters and all heartily invited into the EU by the EU and  the jesuit Pope!!

”How many times do those who seek this not find understanding, do not find welcome, do not find solidarity. Their voices rise up even to God. Even today this question comes with force: Who is responsible for the blood of these brothers and sisters? We all respond it has nothing to do with me. ”But God asks each one of us: ‘Where is the blood of your brother that cries out to me?’ Like the Good Samaritan (who just did not do so): We look  upon the brother half dead by the roadside, perhaps we think ‘poor guy,’ and we continue on our way, it’s none of our business; and we feel fine with this.


The Order of Jesus is not what it outwardly looks like. It is an occult, satanist order and a master of deception, using Hegelian dialectics.  Jesus had a reason to warn us about the endtime: Matth. 24: “4 Take heed that no man deceive you. 5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” Left: Former “Black Pope” and Jesuit Superior General until 1991, Pedro Arrupe, making the 666 hand sign of the Antichrist. The Bibliothecapleiades describes the Jesuits´power to be that of the Illuminati.

The above speech makes it clear that the Jesuit pope is up to fulfilling his terrible oath whereby he is to  defend, even assume the religion of  the “Heretics”, the Muslims, on whose side he clearly is, in order to destroy the European heretics, which is a sworn primary Jesuit goal. And let us not forget: Adam Weishaupt´s origin was  - the Jesuits.


Right: In 2012, Muslims in Yemen are still practising  crucifixion.

The God who cares so much for the Muslims is Christ´s worst enemy, ie Allah. And he is not our God, denying having a son. Those who speak of such a God are pagans. Pope Francis´ God has other names, too.

The Muslims are not our brothers and sisters - just as little as the Pharisees (Matth. 23) - for they have been commanded to kill  Christianity -  (e.g. sura 9:5) and see to it that Christ is totally forgotten. And their goal is to establish the World Caliphate for the direct opponent of Jesus Christ - an opponent who has so many names. They seem to have Rothschild´s support for their World Caliphate. The Pope is clearly working for Gnosticism (melting religions for Weishaupt´s NWO world government which Benedict XVI openly joined in 2009. By inviting the entire, hopelessly poor Muslim world (poor because they are Muslims) into Europe the Pope is working for the Sharia in Europe For within this century the Muslims will have democratic majority.

This pope does not work for Christ.
Not once in his mass does this Jesuit Pope name Jesus Christ!
This pope has turned the teachings of Jesus Christ upside down. There were people whom Christ doomed to Hell and warned us against: The hypocritical Pharisees. Today, the Illuminati Pharisees are closely interwoven with the Jesuits in the actual world government, The Council on Foreign Relations founded by the Rothschild agent and Jesuit Edward Mandell House and Another Rothschild agent: Paul Warburg  - and dominated by Rothschild´s right arm: The Rockefellers.


Left: Edward Mandell House, Jesuit, Communist and Rothschild agent - alongside with Rothschild agent Paul Warburg the Jewish Grey Eminence  behind the establishment of the FED and the Council on Foreign Relations. Other prominent Jesuits/Johannites are Zbigniew Brzezinski, Vice-Pres. Joe Biden, David Rockefeller.

Here are the verdicts by some historians of the nature of the Jesuits
“Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus  was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute…Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection.

” …the whole frightful responsibility for this terrible thirty years’ war (1618-1648) must rest upon the Emperor Ferdinand II., and his teachers, rulers, and bosom friends, the sons of Loyola.”

They [i.e., the Jesuits] have so constantly mixed themselves up in court and state intrigues that they must, in justice, be reproached with striving after world dominion. They cost kings their lives, not on the scaffold, but by assassination, and equally hurtful as the society of Illuminati; they were the foremost among the crowd, at all events, who applauded the murder scenes in Paris.

Abstract: The Pharisees live on today in the same hatred of Jesus Christ and Christians as 2000 years ago. The difference is that today they run the governments, industries, military etc. by
means of our money which they expropriate as theirs. It is all based on the evil book called the Talmud.
Since they founded the Illuminati in 1776, they have used their other means to take our money and the power over us: war and revolutions.
US  senator Rand Paul says: There is a war on Christianity, not just from liberal elites here at home, but worldwide. And your government, or more correctly, you, the taxpayer, are funding it. Paul gives a long list of discriminations and bans against Christian activities.

A recently released 140 page report entitled “The Survey of Religious Hostility in America” included  examples of how Christianity is being systematically oppressed in America today. Right now, there are some very powerful forces that are trying to eradicate all expressions of the Christian faith from the U.S. military. It has gotten so bad that a  23 year Air Force veteran was recently ordered to remove his Bible from his desk.
The mastermind behind that development is a rabbi-officer by the name of Mikey Weinstein. His influence in the Pentagon is enormous.

Today, the Name of Jesus Christ is the most banned word in the US - students being banned from colleges for mentioning him. Prayers to Christ are more and more forbidden in public space. But Allah can openly be addressed.
In Israel, teaching of the New Testament is forbidden. In Ukraine, Jews smear a Christian crucifix with hateful antichristian slogans.
In Europe, the Pharisees scold people who criticize the Muslim mega-invasion. But the Pharisees in Israel want muslim immigrants out. Pharisaism and hypocrisy were always synonymous.

But Why? Christ said the Pharisees were the children of the Devil - and therefore liars and murderers. Anyway, their Talmud contains very insulting descriptions of Christ and Christians, whom they believe they can cheat and kill without sin.
The Father of the Pharisees is about to finish his work: To corrupt as many as possile to share eternity with him in his misery, where human nature´s basest elements survive.


The Pharisees´hatred of Jesus Christ is 2000 Years old - and goes back to the Time when Christ rejected  their teachings, calling them sons of “prophet murderers and serpents, generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” (Matth. 23:29-33). Furthermore, he said to them: John 8: “44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”
At their and their Father´s defeat on Golgatha, they issued a lie: Christ would have been removed by his (deadly scared and hiding) disciples. The Shroud of Turin and many eye witnesses testify that in spite of the Roman guard and SPQR-sealed very heavy stone obstructing access to the tomb, Christ did resurrect.

The Pharisees now had a problem.
From 200-500 AD they wrote down their Rabbinic teachings, which Christ so vehemently opposed that they killed him. The 63 books were called the Talmud. It is still the rabbinic religions foundation - hailed by “pious” Rothschilds. After Titus´destruction of Jerusalem (AD 70), the Pharisees spread in the great diaspora through the world - to preach this “Bible” of their “father of lies” - in order to prevent Christ from saving mankind from their evil New World Order, which is the contents of the Talmud. They rule the world since 2009 - acc. to EU Council Pres. van Rompuy through a G20 world government (video below)-  and the Rockefeller Institutions (UN, Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Club of Rome, the EU, The US Capitol Hill).

So, if you take a look at the current world disorder, you do not understand what is going on, unless you understand the NWO and its underlying Pharisaic worldview and anti-Christian ideology. For the Pharisees and their Zionists rule the world by their (our) money.

“The Talmud is to this day the  circulating heart´s blod  of the Jewish religion. You may ascertain by turning to top Jewish authorities today that the Babylonian Talmud, the written form of the Tradition of the Pharisees, is the sole authority of the so-called “Jewish” religion, or Judaism.” It “is the basis of Jewish rabbi training” and contains horribly  hateful descriptions of Christ and Christians - whom it is no sin to kill or cheat. See for yourself.

The fruits of the Pharisees´hatred of Christianity

On 1 may 1776, Adam Weishaupt introduced his Illuminati to Mayer Amschel Rothschild - and at the same time his 6 commandments. Among them was the abolishment of the religion, Weishaupt hated so much: Christianity. Through his Protocols of the Elders of Zion and his Pharisaic (Marxists, US-Israel lobby, The Frankfurt School and its 1968-Revolution), the URI and Rothschild´s international Freemasonic pupils (after the Wilhelmsbad Conference 1781 the Illuminati took power there) as well as the technocratic EU - which “is developing towards its illuministic goal”  (p.29), this destruction  has reached its completion, even the churches having turned to a gnostic one world interfaith for Rothschild´s one world government, even to Freemasonry, the Vatican enthroning Satan in 1963. The UN is riddled with Satanism. The welfare state has made man purely materialistic and Christ “superfluous” in Pharisee-owned media which is constantly brainwashing western communities and advocating endless Islamic immigration and preference. I have previously written about secularism being Freudian (Jewish-elitist) Satanism and brainwashing)
The result is striking: In one or 2 generations, mankind´s saviour has been reduced from the centre of people´s everyday life to a hated, contemptuous fairytale. Lucifer can be pleased having conquered - not Jesus Christ - but mankind and won a lot of spiritually completely empty beings for his and their miserable eternity.

Censored-300x300The American Dream 25 July 2013 In the United States today, there are very few words that provoke as much outrage as the name of Jesus. It is being banned from graduation ceremonies, chaplains all over America are being forbidden from using His name in their prayers, and many school officials all over the nation have become absolutely fanatical about eliminating every trace of Christian expression from their schools.  One elementary school in North Carolina even ordered a little six-year-old girl to remove the word “God” from a poem that she had written to honor her grandfathers.  Political correctness is spreading like a cancer in this country, and our “freedom of religion” is rapidly being transformed into a guarantee of “freedom from religion” for those that hate the Christian faith.

The following is an excerpt from a speech that Rand Paul gave earlier this year…


Senator Rand Paul is the son of US presidential candidate, the respected Senator Ron Paul. He is an ophthalmologist - and a promising coming presidential candidate for the Republicans.

There is a war on Christianity, not just from liberal elites here at home, but worldwide. And your government, or more correctly, you, the taxpayer, are funding it. Paul gives a long list of discriminations and bans against Christian activities.

A recently released 140 page report entitled “The Survey of Religious Hostility in America” included  examples of how Christianity is being systematically oppressed in America today

Judges and  officials of all kinds forbid students, organizations, military personnel to pray or even mention the name of Jesus Christ. A federal judge held that prayers before a state House of Representatives could be to Allah but not to Jesus.
Another long list of discriminations given.

Right now, there are some very powerful forces that are trying to eradicate all expressions of the Christian faith from the U.S. military. It has gotten so bad that a  23 year Air Force veteran was recently ordered to remove his Bible from his desk.

And thanks to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), special edition Bibles for service members have been banned from being sold on military bases…Publishers have been forbidden to print the official emblems of the military services on Bibles.


Left: The Christian Post 6 April 2013 The US Army has the following list of religious extremism

The MRFF is a very insidious organization.  It is headed up by a man named Mikey Weinstein.  He has called Christians “human monsters” and “enemies of the United States Constitution“. Weinstein is convinced that sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ while in the military is “sedition and treason” and should be punished as such.

You would think that people like Weinstein would be dismissed as lunatics, but unfortunately under the Obama administration he has been brought in as a special adviser to the Pentagon.

We are rapidly moving toward a time when followers of Jesus will be treated as second class citizens in America. The following are some other examples of this trend… A 2009 Dept. of Homeland Security memorandum that identified future threats to national security coming from Evangelicals and pro-life groups; Yet another list of discriminations are given.”

WeinsteinNow, you don´t have to look far for the source of this hatred against US Christians: The real cause of danger to the US is The Jewish Pharisee rabbis and their NWO ideologists. Just take a look at these quotations about Christ and Christians from the Jewish Talmud.
One such Talmudist is the above mentioned Mikey Weinstein. Here is an interviev with him from the Philadelphia Jewish Voice (Excerpt):

He tells that he wages war on Christians in the US since 2004, because his sons at a military academy were put under pressure to see Mel Gibson´s film (The Passion of the Christ) and furthermore had to see the film posters everywhere. Through his personal  and governmental contacts he ordered the posters to be removed - which happened very quickly. Thereupon his sons were told by  members of all layers of the command chain that the Jewish people were all complicits in the execution of Jesus Christ. Of course, this Pharisee knows that is wrong: Only the Christ-hating Pharisees are guilty of that.

(Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein, is the Founder and President of the MRFF. Weinstein has been a federal prosecutor and a defense attorney, and spent more than three years with the Reagan Administration, in both the Office of Management and Budget and as Assistant General Counsel in the Executive Office of the President)

IntegrityAnd Weinstein is certainly successful
Huff Post Politics 31 May 2013: In the Wagon Wheel dining hall at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, some people disliked the crusader in a painting by the name of “Blessed be the Peacemakers”- and Weinstein was contacted. He turned to the Pentagon which immediately contacted the wing commander - and 56 minutes later the painting had been removed.

The painting right bears the hallmark of Antichristian Freemasonry, the crosses being those of the gnostic and in 1312 disbanded Knights Templar, who have since survived in Fremasonry, a subgroup of the Jewish Illuminati. So, thanks for that, Mr. Weinstein. But shame on you for your persecution of Christian Bibles and burial rites in the Army, Air Force and Navy.

The Cross is an affront to Pharisees
The Jewish Press 22 Aug. 2013
: The recent placing of a crucifix near the Uman grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was an act of “clear provocation,” said Ukraine’s Rabbi Yaakov Bleich, who called for its immediate removal. “Ukraine is not a Jewish country, and Ukrainian Jews respect Christian symbols like crosses,” Bleich told the Jewish Ukrainian news site Е “However, the cross raised in Uman, in the immediate vicinity of the tomb of Rabbi Nachman, is a clear provocation.”

“Ukraine is not a Jewish country, and Ukrainian Jews respect Christian symbols like crosses,” Bleich told the Jewish Ukrainian news site Е “However, the cross raised in Uman, in the immediate vicinity of the tomb of Rabbi Nachman, is a clear provocation.” Earlier this month, Hebrew graffiti was discovered on the crucifix, which was erected in recent weeks on the banks of a lake near the grave of the 18th-century founder of the Breslov Hasidic movement. The Hebrew message read: “To exact vengeance on the gentiles.” A further inscription on the crucifix’s leg reads: “Stop desecrating the name of God.” Referring to an estimated 30,000 Jewish pilgrims expected to arrive in Uman for Rosh Hashanah, Bleich said: “They will not be able to pray there this year.” He told JTA the cross would prevent the pilgrims from performing tashlich, a prayer


Left: From a Franciscan Monastery in Jerusalem 2012 in Hebrew: “Jesus is a bastard”.

Also,  it is forbidden to teach The New Testament.Teachers calling on their pupils to read a few chapters of The NTwere only spared being sacked if they promised never to do it again -Israel Shahak. (Thanks to Balder. org:23 Aug.2013 - in Danish).

On Google you can see myrads of reports of banning of the name of Jesus Christ from the public space - whereas you can freely mention Allah. Freedom Threat:  In the United States today, there are very few words that provoke as much outrage as the name of Jesus. Students are being banned from colleges for mentioning Jesus.

In Europe, people are not banned - but shunned and considered insane, if they openly profess Jesus Christ. Wikipedia: The term “Christmas controversy”: Modern-day controversy occurs mainly in Western countries such as the United States, Canada, South Africa and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom .. in an increasingly multiculturally sensitive and religiously diversifying society. In recent decades, public, corporate, and government mention of the term “Christmas”…has declined and been replaced with a generic term, usually “holiday” or “holidays,” to avoid referring to Christmas by name. Also, several national chain retailers, such as Wal Mart, Macy’s, and Sears, have experimented with greeting their customers with “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” rather than with the traditional “Merry Christmas.

The reason is old: The charity of Jesus Christ vs. the NWO, i.e. the greed and hatred  of human nature, Satan and his flunkeys.

Kurzfassung: Der freundliche neue Papst Franziskus I sei der erste Jesuiten-Papst. Jedoch, er verbirgt ein furchtbares Geheimnis: Er hat einen entsetzlichen Eid geschworen - der ihn zum Diener Satans - nicht Jesu Christi macht.  Er folgt dem Motto: Der Zweck heiligt die Mittel - und d.h. u.a. Mord , Lügen durch Heuchelei und Trojanerpferd-Aktivitäten. Dieser Eid ist ins US-Kongress-Archiv eingetragen. Eine Kopie wird unten beigefügt. Die Jesuiten bildeten die Illuminaten (Alumbrados) 200 Jahre bevor der Jesuit Adam Weishaupt und der Talmudist Rothschild den Orden wiederbelebten.

Franziskus hat schon gelobt, die gnostische globale Religionsgemeinschaft seiner Vorgänger fortzusetzen und lobt die Muslime, die den sohn-losen  Allah anbeten, der den Muslimen befiehlt, Christen zu töten (z.B.Sura 9:1-5). Bei seiner Inthronisierung hat er, wie seine beiden Vorgänger, die Tiara nicht getragen - angebl. weil sie bei einer schwarzen Messe am 28./29. Juni 1963 dem Satan gegeben wurde als Zeichen, dass er das Oberhaupt der Kirche sei. Dies bedeutet Unterwerfung der Jesuiten unter die NWO - oder eher umgekehrt:  Die Spitze der EU-Technokraten: EZB-Chef Mario Draghi , EU-Kommissions-Präs., Jean-Claude Juncker und EU-Ratspräsident van Rompuy, der italienische Ministerpräs. Monti  seien laut MdEP und ECR Vizepräs. Jan Eppink alle Jesuiten-erzogen - wie so viele andere hochrangige Illuminaten. Sogar habe van Rompuy erklärt: “Wir sind alle Jesuiten” . Die Idee der satanischen NWO entstammt den Jesuiten - wie am Vatikan zu sehen ist!

Der Jesuiten-Orden wurde vom Krypto-Juden Ignatius Loyola als Miltärorganisation des Papstes für die Gegenreformation errichtet. Idealistische Jesuiten haben den Katholizismus bis ans Ende der Welt verbreitet. Der Orden hat die Rosenkreuzer aufgenommen. Die Rosenkreuzer seien die Entwickler der Freimaurerei, deren Ziel nun auch der Weltstaat/Regierung ist. Der militärische Orden der Jesus-Gesellschaft, die Jesuiten, seien die direkten Erben der gnostischen Tempelritter, denen nachgesagt wurde, den Baphomet anzubeten und auf das Kreuz zu spucken.

Der Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, hat im Auftrag von Mayer Amschel Rothschild  die Illuminaten 1776 wieder-gegründet. Sie nahmen 1782 in Wilhelmsbad die Freimaurerlogen über. Sie sollen seitdem laut Winston Churchill hinter allen Revolutionen, Kriegen  und vielen Anti-christlichen Bewegungen stehen. Die Illuminaten-Jesuiten interagieren als die Erben der Tempelritter mit Hebräern, Muslimen und Christen anderer Konfessionen. Ihr “Schwarzer Papst” sei der eigentliche Machthaber im Vatikan. Einige behaupten, die Jesuiten haben die Rothschild-Dynastie geschaffen  und sich unterwürfig gemacht. Die Jesuiten spielen eine entscheidende Rolle in Rockefellers Council on Foreign Relations mit Ambitionen, die Welt zu beherrschen. Rosenkreuzer werden vermutet,  hinter den finsteren  Georgia Guidestones zu stehen, die eine Katastrophe, die die Menschheit auf maximal 500 Mio. in einem Eine-Welt- Staat reduzieren werde, vorhersagen.

Eine genauere Untersuchung der Symbolik des Wappens des Franziskus I zeigt freimaurerische/heidnische Züge: Angehörigkeit zur heidnischen Hermetik, zum Teufelskult.  Es gibt Symbole der gnostischen Templer sowie Symbole des  heidnischen Mithras-Kults und der von den Jesuiten absorbierten Rosenkreuzer, die die Freimaurerei entwickelten.  Es gibt Symbolik, die auf den Bacchus-Kult hinweist.

Ausserdem sieht man die Fleur de Lis, deren Zahl  666 sei - (die Zahl des Biests / Antichristen in der Offenbarung 13:18). Des Weiteren Symbolik für die Grosse Götter-Mutter: Innanna, Isis, Frau des Osiris - Luzifer/Mutter des Horus mit dem alles-sehenden Auge  - die zur Jungfrau Maria wurde.

Alles in allem kein erfreuliches Bild des Franziskus I, wenn diese Auslegung richtig ist, und um so schlimmer, weil schon seit langem ein starker Verdacht auf Satanismus und Freimaurerei auf den höchsten Ebenen des Vatikans besteht. Paedophilie ist Teil der satanischen Rituale.  Die Jesuiten scheinen die Rädelsführer der satanischen neuen Weltordnung zu sein.


Matth. 24:3 … traten zu ihm seine Jünger besonders und sprachen: Sage uns, wann wird das alles geschehen? Und welches wird das Zeichen sein deiner Zukunft und des Endes der Welt? 4 Jesus aber antwortete und sprach zu ihnen: Sehet zu, daß euch nicht jemand verführe. 5 Denn es werden viele kommen unter meinem Namen, und sagen: “Ich bin Christus” und werden viele verführen.


Nachweis der Kurzfassung

Der freundliche neue Papst Franziskus I sei der erste Jesuiten-Papst. Jedoch, er verbirgt ein entsetzliches Geheimnis: Er hat einen furchtbaren Eid geschworen - der ihn zum Diener Satans - nicht Jesu Christi - macht.

Von Anfang an waren die Jesuiten die Soldaten  der Katholischen Kirche; ihr Anführer trägt den Generals-Titel,  und eine militärische Disziplin wurde in Ignatius Loyolas (1491-1556) geistige Übungen eingeflochten, die die Regeln angeben. Sie sind beschuldigt worden,   die Lehre zu predigen und praktizieren, dass der Zweck das Mittel heilige. Historische Aufzeichnungen lassen keinen Zweifel am Erfolg der Jesuiten zur Stärkung des geistigen wie auch des materiellen Kredits des Katholizismus. Sie waren die katholische Gegenreformation, Missionare in allen spanischen (und französischen) Provinzen und sollten  verlorenes Terrain für die katholische Kirche zurückgewinnen.

Die Alumbrados (Illuminati) waren ein geheimnisvoller Orden in Spanien im 16.-17. Jahrhundert -  initiiert von Ignatious de Loyala und seinen Krypto-Juden-Jesuiten. Die Alumbrados kamen vor allem aus den Reihen der  reformierten Franziskaner und der Jesuiten. die vor-Nikäanischen Illuminati waren einfach getaufte, informierte Geistliche.
Es gibt düstere Vorstellungen über die Jesuiten. Viele Illuminaten haben Jesuiten-Schulen und Universitäten des Jesuitenordens Jesu Christi, der seinerseits durch krypto-jüdischen Adel gegründet wurde, besucht. Allerdings ist der Bericht von einer schwarzen Messe im Vatikan 28. Juni 1963 auf einen Jesuitenpater, Malachi Martin, zurückzuführen.

Religiöse Weltgemeinschaft der Tempelritter und der NWO-URI. ANSAmed 20 march 2013:  Papst Franziskus sagte zweimal: “Ich bestätige meine Entschlossenheit, auf dem Weg des ökumenischen Dialogs fortzusetzen”. Er begrüsste und dankte Muslimen für ihre Liebe zu Gott, und sagte den Teilnehmern, er schätze “Muslime, die Gott  als lebend und barmherzig anbeten, und den Sie  im Gebet anrufen, euch alle”. (Siehe Neuen Katholischen Katechismus, den bizarr verdrehten Art. 841, der Christus überflüssig und zum Lügner (Johannes 14:6) macht!) Der Papst hat ebenfalls vor jüdischen Führern gesagt, er betone die “sehr besondere spirituelle Bindung , die Christen und Juden (deren Gott erklärtermassen Luzifer sei) verbindet.”
Yusuf Al Qaradawi,
geistlicher Führer der Muslim-Bruderschaft, einer Illuminaten/Freimaurer-basierten Organisation, sagte: “Wir werden gemeinsam für ein integriertes System von moralischen Werten arbeiten”.

Im Jahr 1985 verabschiedete die Jesuiten-Generalkongregation dies :  “Heute heisst es interreligiös zu sein - in dem Sinne, dass eine positive Beziehung mit den Gläubigen anderer Religionen in einer “Welt des religiösen Pluralismus” eine Forderung ist. Die Loyola Marymount hat versucht, diese Vision in den Programmen zu verkörpern und bietet sie Studierenden im Dienst ihrer Fakultät an. Die Abteilung für Theologie-Studien bietet zusätzlich Kurse in der katholischen Theologie, Kurse in Judentum, Islam, Buddhismus, Hinduismus und anderen indischen Religionen an. Mitglieder der Fakultät sind im ökumenischen und interreligiösen Dialog engagiert.”
Dies bedeutet Unterwerfung der Jesuiten unter die NWO - oder eher umgekehrt: EZB-Chef Mario Draghi und der EU-Kommissions-Präs., Barroso, EU-Ratspräsident van Rompuy, der Italienische  Ministerpräsident Monti, der ehemalige Eurozonen-Chef , Jean-Claude Juncker, und andere wurden von den Jesuiten erzogen, laut MdEP und Vizepräs. der ECR-Gruppe, Jan Eppink. van Rompuy  habe sogar erklärt: “WIR SIND ALLE JESUITEN!”

Nun hat dieser Orden neue Aufmerksamkeit gewonnen, weil Papst Franziskus I der erste Jesuiten-Papst sei?

Sind die Jesuiten gut oder schlecht?

Wikipedia: Es gibt viele Verschwörungstheorien gegen die Jesuiten: Sie begannen früh und verstärkten sich natürlich mit dem Jesuiten, Adam Weishaupt, (der im Auftrag von Mayer Amschel Rothschild  die Illuminaten 1776 gründete). Sie sollen seitdem laut Winston Churchill - Zitat 1920 hinter allen Revolutionen  und vielen Anti-christlichen Bewegungen gewesen sein.

Jesuiten-Verschwörungstheorien fielen auf fruchtbaren Boden im kaiserlichen Deutschland, wo die Jesuiten verboten wurden, und sie wurden von den Nazis verfolgt, interniert, und manchmal  ermordet. In China und Japan wurde den Jesuiten von mehreren Kaisern vorgeworfen, imperiale und Stammes-Politik zu betreiben. In den 1980er Jahren wurde behauptet, dass radikale Jesuiten revolutionäre Bewegungen in Lateinamerika führten.

Der militärische Orden der Jesus-Gesellschaft, die Jesuiten, scheinen die direkten Erben der gnostischen Tempelritter zu sein, ihnen wurde nachgesagt, den Baphomet anzubeten und auf das Kreuz zu spucken.

Jesuiten sind Rosenkreuzer und die Kräfte hinter der heutigen Freimaurerei gem. JAMES A. MARPLES, 32. Grad Templer-Freimaurer. Franziskaner hatten eine ersichtliche Präsenz in Jerusalem zu den Lebzeiten von Bruder Rosenkreuz. Die Überreste der Rosenkreuzer wurden von den Jesuiten, die Freimaurer wurden,  absorbiert. In seiner Morals & Dogma  nennt Albert Pike die Tempelritter “ungebildete Jesuiten” und sein Kollege, Bruder & Dr. Albert G. Mackey, schreibt in seinem “Lexikon der Freimaurerei”, dass die Jesuiten ein großes Interesse an uralter Handwerk-Freimaurerei  und noch größeres Interesse an vielen der höheren Grade, insbesondere Tempelrittern, Rosenkreuzerrittern nähmen.

Deos lo vult

KnightsTemplarCross_150x150Gemäß Bruder Mackey sprechen die französischen Aufzeichnungen vom “Kadosh der Jesuiten”! Das Wort Kadosh selbst bedeutet “heilig” und das Emblem eines  Kadosh-Ritters war ein deutsches Kreuz (rechts) mit dem Motto “Deus Vult” (Gott will es). Die Ritter des Ritterordens vom Heiligen Grab zu Jerusalem (links) haben als ihr Emblem ein Kreuz von Jerusalem in Kardinalrot mit dem fast identischen Motto “Deus Lo Vult” (links)

Ausserdem hatten die Jesuiten Einfluss auf die Designs und Symbole der Freimaurer-Embleme.

Durch einen Zeitraum von Jahren war es üblich, Jesuiten-Männer zu sehen, die Freimaurer und Rosenkreuzer waren. Viele waren bereit, dem Beispiel des Bruders Christian Rosenkreuz zu folgen, beispielsweise durch die Interaktion mit Hebräern, Muslimen und Christen anderer Konfessionen. Jesuiten nutzten ihren Einfluss und persönliches Engagement in einer ehrenhaften und lobenswerten Weise, die es ihnen ermöglichte,  ein Protektorat für die Freimaurerei und Rosenkreuzer zu sein.

Ist Petrus Romanus da?


Before It´s News 14 march 2013: “Petrus Romanus” ist der vermeintliche Name des letzten Papstes in der Prophezeiung über die Päpste des aus dem 12. Jahrhundert stammenden Heiligen Maelmhaedhoc Ó Morgair, besser als St. Malachy bekannt. Papst Franziskus ist der letzte Papst der Prophezeiung, so weit die Zahlen anbelangen, ist er aber Petrus Romanus?

Links: Einweihung der Papstes Franziskus I: Beachten Sie, er trägt nicht die Tiara - nur die Mitra. Der Tiara (rechts unten auf dem Wappen von Papst Johannes Paul II zu sehen) wird nachgesagt, dem Satan bei der schwarzen Messe im Vatikan am 28. Juni 1963 gegeben worden zu sein.  Rechts unten sieht man das gnostische Luziferische Templer-Kreuz auf dem Pallium des Papstes. Kein Zweifel, wofür er steht.
Pope-with-templar crosses

Der neue Papst wählte den Namen “Franziskus”,  auf St. Franziskus von Assissi bezogen, dessen Geburtsname  “Giovanni Francesco di PIETRO Bernardone war. St. Franziskus’ ursprünglicher Name enthält also “Petrus”. Franz von Assisi ist wegen der Rocca Maggiore, die Grossenfels bedeutet, bekannt, was die Bedeutung des Namens “Petrus” ist.

Außerdem wird Nostradamus´ Vierzeiler 49 über den letzten Papst als  mit Franziskus in Übereinstimmung gesehen: “Nicht aus Spanien, sondern aus dem alten Frankreich, wird er für das zitternde Schiff (Petri) gewählt werden. Er wird  dem Feind ein Versprechen machen, der während seiner Regierungszeit große Pest verursachen wird”. Franziskus´ alias Jorge Mario Bergogliones,  Eltern waren Italiener- in der alten französischen Region Piémont verwurzelt.

FrancisI-coats-of-armsBefore It´s News 14 March 2013:

Petasus-red-cardinalFRANZISKUS´WAPPEN IST EINE VOLLSTÄNDIGES STERNBILD DES ORION UND DER PLEIADEN UND IN KORREKTER ORIENTIERUNG.  Kommentar: Orion war ein Gigant, der von 3 Göttern erzeugt wurde - Hermes, Poseidon and Zeus

Oben rechts: Wappen des Franziskus I - in der Mitte rechts der des Benedikt XVI und unten rechts der des Johannes Paul II.

Meine dilettantische Interpretation des Wappens lautet:
Hermes-petasus1): Der Hut ist das Galero der Kardinäle bis 1965/ der Petasus des Hermes (links).
Wikipedia: Hermes, der als Erfinder des Feuers gilt, ist eine Parallele zum Titanen Prometheus - dem Gott der Illuminaten, auch als Luzifer bekannt. Hermes war der Bote der Götter, Vermittler zwischen Sterblichen und dem Göttlichen sowie Führer der Seelen ins Jenseits. In einigen Mythen ist er ein Betrüger und Dieb. Hermes wurde mit dem römischen Gott Merkur identifiziert. Freimaurer-Wörterbuch: Hermes wird als einer der Begründer der Freimaurerei erwähnt .

In “Die Rosenkreuzer”, schreibt Hargrave Jennings auf S. 38; Die Rosenkreuzer nennt man die “Hermetischen Brüder” - nach den heidnischen Lehren des Hermes Trismegistus - eines Synkretismus von Hermes und dem ägyptischen Thoth - die einen Gottessohn erwarten, wahrscheinlich im gnostischen Ägypten im 2. oder 3. Jahrhundert n. Chr. (von den Rosenkreuzer-Gnostikern CE genannt ) entwickelt. In den beiden letzten Kapiteln Jennings´werden die Rosenkreuzer (Jesuiten) als Kabbalisten (Talmud) bezeichnet.

2) Unter dem Petasus ist das Kreuz von LothringenPhilip Gardiner Bibliothecapleiades, Kapitel 12: Das Kreuz von Lothringen bedeutet, abgesehen davon, dass es ein Symbol des Gifts war, gem. Rene d’Anjou die Arme von Christus und Satan und das Blut beider. Ihm wird auch nachgesagt, das Symbol phi oder die Goldene Ratio der Heiligen Geometrie zu integrieren - so sehr wichtig für die Freimaurer. Symbol-Wörterbuch: Das Lothringer Kreuz wurde den Kreuzzügen durch die ursprünglichen gnostischen Tempelritter zugeführt und wurde für ihre Nutzung davon durch den Patriarchen von Jerusalem gewährt. In der katholischen Kirche bezeichnet das gleicharmige Lothringer Kreuz das Amt des Kardinals.

IHSCoat_of_arms_of_Joseph_Ratzinger.svg3) Die Sonne ist ein Symbol für Jesus Christus (IHS = Jesus Hominum Salvator). Allerdings gibt es eine andere Art, es zu schreiben (links). Hier ist der h imit dem Zeichen des Saturn/des Teufels identisch. Der heidnische römische Sol Invictus hatte auch seinen Geburtstag am 25. Dezember. Er stand u.a. im Zusammenhang mit dem heidnischen Mithras-Kult. Die Mithra von Papst und Bischöfen ist dem Mithra-Kult abgeleitet. Er ist ein wichtiges Freimaurer- und Rosenkreuzersymbol.

Darin ist das Hammer-Kreuz der gnostischen Tempelritter.

4) Das Pentagramm mit der Spitze nach oben ist ein Rosenkreuzer/Templer/Schottischer Ritus Freimaurer-Symbol. Auch Luther scheint, Rosenkreuzer gewesen zu sein. Mit der Spitze nach unten ist dieser Stern das Baphomet / Luzifer-Symbol (Goat of Mendes). Im Mittelalter bedeutete das Spitze-oben Pentagramm für Christen Wahrheit und Schutz vor Dämonen.
Wikipedia: (Rosenkreuzer-) Mitglieder behaupteten, dass die Führer des Ordens der Rosenkreuzer die Freimaurerei erfunden hätten und nur sie kännten die geheime Bedeutung der freimaurerischen Symbole. Laut Jean-Pierre Bayard entstanden zwei Rosenkreuzer-inspirierte Freimaurerriten gegen Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts, der Gleichgerichtete Schottische Ritus, und der Alte und Angenommene Schottische Ritus. Viele Freimaurer wurden Rosenkreuzer und Rosenkreuzianismus wurde in vielen Loge aufgenommen.
Nach 1782 (Wilhelmsbad, wo die Illuminaten die Logen übernahmen), hat diese streng geheime Gesellschaft Coats-of-arms-john-paulIIägyptische, griechische und druidische Mysterien in ihr Alchemie-System aufgenommen.

5) In “The Rosicrucians”, schreibt Hargrave Jennings auf P 48: Blau ist die Farbe der Jungfrau Maria und Isis (Ehefrau von Osiris / Mutter des Horus mit dem allessehenden Illuminaten-Auge).

6) Die Trauben sollen Christus symbolisieren - der Züchter des Glaubens. Aber sie waren auch für den dionysischen Fruchtbarkeitskult symbolisch. Hargrave Jennings schreibt auf S. 61: Die (Rosenkreuzer) Fleur- de-lis bezieht sich auf Bacchus.

7) Unten gibt es die 3 Nägel, mit denen Christus gekreuzigt wurde. In  “The Rosicrucians”, schreibt Hargrave Jennings auf S. 57: Die 3 Nägel sind als Fleur de lis angeordnet.
S. 47, In ihrer theologischen, gnostischen Anspielung, ist die Fleur-de-lis der großartigste Ausdruck und erstaunlichste Hinweis, den die Heraldik jemals sah, und diejenigen, die qualifiziert sind, werden vielleicht unseren  Zweck unserer Geschichte des Rosenkreuzianismus verstehen, denn darauf bezieht sie sich insbesondere .
S. 51, weise zu sein heisst erleuchtet (illuminiert) zu werden. Lux - Luzifer (Fleur-de-lis) ist der Logos (Plato) durch den alle Dinge gemacht wurden; Ihre Zahl ist 666 - (die Zahl des Tieres / Antichristen in der Offenbarung 13:18)
S. 56, Charles II ist 869 in einer Robe mit einer Rose, aus der eine Fleur-de-lis entspringt, dargestellt.

All-Seeing-Eye-Aachen_Cathedral1-225x300 8) Auf jeder Seite des Schildes sind 15 Quasten in einem dreieckigen Muster = insgesamt 30 zzgl. 2 weiterer Quasten am Petasus / Galero - das entspricht der 32 Grad-Freimaurerei. Was die Quasten-Dreiecke anbelangen, schreibt Philip Gardiner, Bibliothecapleiades, Chapter 12: Der Vatikan geriet auch in die Dreieck-Symbolik. In manchen katholischen Kirchen sieht man heute hinter dem Altar das alles-sehende Auge in einem Dreieck. Osiris - Horus  Eye Pyramid

Links: Alles-sehendes Auge in Dreieck in der Kathedrale von Aachen, Deutschland. Rechts: Das alles-sehende Auge der Illuminaten.

Weiter schreibt Philip Gardiner: Barbara Walker, in ihr Frauen- Encyclopedie der Mythen und Geheimnisse: “Das Dreieck wurde überall mit der weiblichen Dreiheit verbunden und ist ein häufiger Bestandteil von Monogrammen von Göttinnen”.

Es ist daher leicht verständlich,  warum die homosexuelle  Bewegung das Zeichen des rosa Dreiecks als Emblem nahm. Für Okkultisten, stellt das nach oben weisende Dreieck Feuer und das nach unten Zeigende  Wasser dar  Die beiden zu kombinieren, balancieren und vereinen  bringt Dualismus oder Gleichgewicht, was ein Ziel der Freimaurerei und Kardinal-Grundsatz aller illuministischen religiösen Systeme ist.



9) Die Quasten sind  am Petasus  mittels Seilen, die Savoien-Knoten bilden, befestigt. Im königlichen Friedhof von Ur aus dem 3. Jahrtausend v.Chr. wurde etwas ähnliches wie ein gewundener Anhänger (links) gefunden, die Schlaufen repräsentieren wahrscheinlich Trauben. Er bezieht sich wahrscheinlich auf die Fruchtbarkeitgöttin, Innanna, die ihren Geliebten, einen Hirten, verlor. Die Knoten sollen vermutlich  die Schafe zusammengebunden halten.

10) Der Text bedeutet: Für den Beklagenswerten und dennoch zu Erwählenden.

Das Obige zeigt,  dass die Rosenkreuzer laut den Rosenkreuzern selbst  Freimaurer sind -  und mit den  Jesuiten verschmolzen, die hinter der Talmudischen Eine-Welt-Bewegung von Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s und Adam Weishaupt´s Illuminaten - stehen. Der Wappen enthüllt einen erschreckenden Ausdruck luziferischen und gnostischen Gedankenguts im höchsten Amt des Vatikans. Der Papst hat den erschütternden Eid der Jesuiten auf Mord und Totschlag (unten) geschworen!

Es besteht seit langem ein starker Verdacht auf Satanismus und Freimaurerei auf den höchsten Ebenen des Vatikans für Rothschilds NWO, wie von seinem Jesuiten-Knappen, Adam Weishaupt, erarbeitet. Einige sehen sogar die krypto-jüdischen militanten Jesuiten als die Kraft, die die Rothschild-Dynastie erstellte und befehligt.

Sehen Sie mal was passiert, wenn man den Wappen auf den Kopf stellt, wie es die Okkultisten mögen:  Das umgekehrte Pentagramm, das Teufelssymbol, die Ziege von Mendez (rechts),  tritt ganz deutlich hervor! Es ist das Baphomet-Siegel der gnostischen Tempelritter.

Francis-coats-of-arms-invertedGoat-of-mendesWikipedia: Die  Satanskirche nutzt die hebräischen Buchstaben an jedem der Punkte des Siegels von Baphomet, um den Leviathan darzustellen. Der Leviathan war ursprünglich ein riesiges Seeungeheuer, war Chaos. Der Leviathan des Mittelalters wurde als ein Bild des Satans verwendet. In der Dämonologie, ist der Leviathan einer der sieben Fürsten der Hölle und sein Pförtner (siehe Höllenschlund).

Wikipedia: Die Satanskirche nutzt die hebräischen Buchstaben an jedem der Punkte des Siegels von Baphomet, um  den Leviathan darzustellen. Der Leviathan war ursprünglich ein riesiges Seeungeheuer, vertrat Chaos. Der Leviathan des Mittelalters wurde als ein Bild des Satans verwendet. In der Dämonologie, ist der Leviathan einer der sieben Fürsten der Hölle und sein Pförtner (siehe Höllenschlund).

Wikipedia: Sammael, Samil bedeutet “König des Bösen“) und ist ein wichtiger Erzengel in talmudischer und post-talmudischer Überlieferung. Im Neuen Testament wird er Satan und der Chef der bösen Geister genannt. Einer der größten Rollen Samaels in der jüdischen Überlieferung ist die des Engels des Todes. Er bleibt einer der Diener des Herrn, obwohl er scheint zu wollen, dass Menschen Böses tun.

Lilith: Wikipedia:  ist ein hebräischer Name für eine Figur in der jüdischen Mythologie, entwickelt frühestens im babylonischen Talmud, die in der Regel angenommen wird, zum Teil aus einer Klasse weiblicher Dämonen abgeleitet zu sein. In der jüdischen Folklore, vom Alphabet des Ben Sira des 8. bis 10. Jahrhundert fortan ist Lilith die erste Frau Adams, die zur gleichen Zeit und aus der gleichen Erde wie Adam geschaffen wurde. Dies kontrastiert mit Eva, die aus einer von Adams Rippen erstellt wurde. Lilith verließ Adam nachdem sie verweigerte, sich ihm zu unterwerfen und kehrte dann nicht mehr in den Garten Eden zurück, nachdem sie sich  mit dem Erzengel Samael gepaart hatte.

Satanismus des Vatikans ist nicht neu. Auf der Kolonnade rund um den Platz von St. Peter, sind 3 sehr aufschlussreiche Wappen zu sehen - durch Gian Lorenzo Bernini gemacht. Sie zeigen bereits die NWO im Spiel - und kein Wunder: “Unter der Führungseines engen Freundes und religiösen Beraters, Vater Gian Paolo Oliva, des Oberhaupts des Jesuiten-Ordens, machte Bernini intensive Studien der Schriften des heiligen Ignatius von Loyola und führte die geistigen Exerzitien wie vom Heiligen verordnet aus. Er ging  täglich zur messe.”

1: Sehen Sie die Pyramiden mit dem Oktagon-Luzifer-Stern auf dem Gipfel an den Wappen auf der Kolonnade am Petrus-Dom, Rom - dem Symbol der satanischen NWO,  das auf Luzifers Fall vom Himmel (Jesaja 14:12-14) hinweist - sowie den Baum der Erkenntnis mit der Schlange/Baum des Lebens.

Hier sind 2  Pyramiden mit je 6 Pentagonen. Dies macht  2×6 = 66.

Satan-pyramid-on st.-peter-basilica

* *

2: Hier kommt aber der 2. Wappen - mit nur 1 Pyramide - aus 6 Pentagonen + 6 und 6 oben = 666, die Zahl des Biests (Offenb. 13:18) . Betrachten Sie aber auch den gesamten Wappen: Er ist die Ziege von Mendez mit Hörnern, Ohren  und  grinsenden Zähnen eines Totenschädels.







Bell Pyramid







3: Sind Sie noch immer nicht überzeugt? ? Werfen Sie nun einen Blick auf Berninis 3. Wappen: Die Ziege von mendez auf der Pyramidenspitze!!!






Viele idealistische Jesuiten haben der Prophezeiung Jesu Christi entsprochen - 24:14 “Und es wird gepredigt werden das Evangelium vom Reich in der ganzen Welt zu einem Zeugnis über alle Völker, und dann wird das Ende kommen.” Sie haben dabei die Lehre Christi bis an das Ende der Welt verkündet und ihr Leben geopfert. Sie sollten dafür geehrt werden. Doch wie durch ihre Freimaurer-Geschichte und grimmigen Eid gezeigt, hat die Jesuiten-Elite den Weg  Christi verlassen. Er verurteilte Mord, Revolutionen, Kriege und Heuchelei (unten). Einige denken, Judas verriet Christus weil er deswegen von ihm enttäuscht wäre, weil er sich weigerte, die römischen Besatzungstruppen zu bekämpfen. Christus will, dass die Menschen ihm sich durch ihren freien Willen, opfern.

Franziskus I weicht kaum von den anderen 116 Kardinälen ab - die mehr oder weniger durch Freimaurerei infiziert sind, und die ihn gewählt haben - so die religiöse Weltgemeinschaft geht für die NWO weiter, wobei Muslims mit Christen gleichgestellt werden. Das ist Gnosis.

Die Jesuiten spielen eine entscheidende Rolle in Rockefellers Council on Foreign Relations mit Ambitionen, die Welt zu beherrschen. Rosenkreuzer werden vermutet,  hinter den finsteren  Georgia Guidestones zu stehen, die eine Katastrophe, die die Menschheit auf maximal 500 Mio. in einem Eine-Welt- Staat reduziert. Der Name des Mannes, der die Steine ​​bestellte, war R.C. Christian - Rosen.Creuzer (Engl.). Christian.


Erhebung eines Jesuiten vom kleineren Rang zum Befehl. Die Zitate wurden

ins  Kongress-Archiv, 62. Kongress, 3. Sitzung, Repräsentanten-Haus Gesetzentwurf  1523, Kongress-Bibliothek, Katalog Kartennummer 66-43354, Band 49, Teil 4, Seiten 3215-16 und hier, eingetragen.

Biblebelievers: Der Kandidat wird in der Kapelle des Klosters des Ordens begleitet, wo nur drei weitere Anwesende sind, wobei das Oberhaupt oder Superiorvor ihm steht. Auf beiden Seiten steht ein Mönch, von denen einer eine gelb-weiße Fahne, die päpstlichen Farben, hält, und der andere hält einen schwarzen Banner mit einem Dolch und rotem Kreuz über einem Totenkopf, mit dem Wort INRI, und darunter die Worte iustum, NECAR, Reges, IMPIOUS, dh es ist gerecht, gottlose oder ketzerische Könige, Regierungen oder Herrscher zu vernichten.

Dem Kandidaten wird von dem Jesuiten-Oberhaupt gesagt:

“Mein Sohn, bisher hast du gelernt, als Heuchler zu  handeln: unter den römischen Katholiken ein römischer Katholik zu sein, und ein Spion selbst unter deinen eigenen Brüdern; keinem Menschen zu glauben, keinem Mann zu vertrauen; unter den Reformatoren ein  Reformator zu sein , unter den Hugenotten ein Hugenotte zu sein, unter den Calvinisten ein Calvinist zu sein; unter anderen Protestanten in der Regel ein Protestant zu sein, um ihr Vertrauen zu gewinnen, um auch zu versuchen, von ihren Kanzeln zu predigen, und mit aller  Vehemenz in deiner Natur unsere heilige Religion und den Papst zu diffamieren, und sogar so niedrig zu sinken, wie ein Jude unter Juden zu sein, damit du imstande wirst,  alle Informationen zum Nutzen deines Ordens als treuer Soldat des Papstes zu sammeln.”

“Du hast gelernt, die Saat der Eifersucht und des Hasses zwischen den Volksgruppen, Provinzen, Staaten, die in Frieden lebten, schleichend zu pflanzen und sie zu Bluttaten zu verleiten, wobei du sie in  Krieg miteinander engagierst, sowie Revolutionen und Bürgerkriege in Ländern zu schaffen, die unabhängig und wohlhabend waren, indem sie den Künsten und Wissenschaften nachgingen und die Segnungen des Friedens genossen. Die Seiten der Kämpfer zu nehmen und heimlich mit deinem Jesuiten-Bruder zu handeln, der auf der anderen Seite beschäftigt sein könnte, jedoch offen im Streit mit dem, dem du angeschlossen sein magst, nur damit die Kirche am Ende in den Bedingungen in den Verträgen für den Frieden die Gewinnerin sein könnte, und der Zweck heiligt die Mittel.”

“Dich ist deine Pflicht als Spion gelehrt worden, alle Statistiken, Fakten und Informationen in deiner Macht aus jeder Quelle zu sammeln; dich in das Vertrauen des Familien-Kreises von Protestanten und Ketzern jeder Klasse und jeglichen Charakters sowie  das des Kaufmannes, der Bankiers, des Rechtsanwalts, unter den Schulen und Universitäten, in den Parlamenten und unter Gesetzgebern sowie der Justiz und Räten des Staates einzuschmeicheln, und alle Dinge für alle Menschen zu sein, um des Papstes willen, dessen Diener wir bis in den Tod sind.”

“Du musst dich der richtigen Zeit als Instrument und Henker bedienen, wie von deinen Vorgesetzten befohlen, denn keiner kann hier befehlen, der seine Arbeit noch nicht mit dem Blut des Ketzers geheiligt hat, denn “ohne Blutvergießen kann kein Mensch gerettet werden”. Deshalb wirst du, um dich für deine Arbeit geeignet zu machen und deiner eigenen Erlösung sicher zu sein, zusätzlich zu deinem vorigen Eid des Gehorsams auf deinen Orden und deine Treue zum Papst, nach mir wiederholen:

“Ich verspreche ferner und erkläre, dass ich keine eigene Meinung oder Willen noch  geistige Zurückhaltung überhaupt haben werde,  sogar als Leiche oder Kadaver (perinde  Kadaver), sondern ohne Zögern  jedem Befehl zu gehorchen, den ich von meinen Vorgesetzten in der Miliz des Papstes und  Jesu Christi erhalte. Ich  verspreche und erkläre ferner, dass ich, wenn die Gelegenheit vorhanden ist, unerbittlichen Krieg, heimlich oder offen, gegen alle Ketzer, Protestanten und Liberalen, machen und führen werde, wie mir befohlen wird zu tun, um sie von der Fläche der gesamten Erde  auszurotten und zu vernichten, und dass ich  weder Alter, Geschlecht noch Status schone; sowie dass ich diese berüchtigten Ketzer hängen, verschwenden, kochen, schälen, erwürgen und lebendig begraben, die Mägen und Leiber ihrer Frauen zerreißen und  die Köpfe ihrer Kinder gegen die Wände zermalmen werde, um ihre abscheuliche Rasse für immer zu vernichten. (Sowie) dass, wenn das nicht  offen geschehen kann, ich heimlich den  vergifteten Becher, den strangulierenden Strang, den Stahl des Dolches oder die bleierne Kugel benutzen werde, unabhängig von der Ehre, Rang, Würde, oder Behörde der Person oder der Personen, unabhängig von ihrem Status im Leben, entweder öffentlich oder privat, wie mir jederzeit  durch einen Agenten des Papstes oder den Oberhaupt der Bruderschaft des heiligen Glaubens, der Gesellschaft Jesu, befohlen werden mag.
In Bestätigung dessen widme ich hiermit mein Leben, meine Seele und alle meine körperlichen Kräfte, und als Zeugnis davon werde ich mit diesem Dolch, den ich jetzt bekomme, meinen Namen mit meinem eigenen Blut schreiben,  und sollte ich mich als falsch erweisen oder in meiner Entschlossenheit schwach werden, können meine Brüder und Kameraden der Miliz des Papstes  meine Hände und meine Füße abschneiden sowie meine Kehle von Ohr zu Ohr aufschlitzen,  meinen Bauch öffnen und Schwefel darin verbrennen, mit allen Strafen, die mir auf der Erde  zugefügt werden  können, und (möge) meine Seele in einer ewigen Hölle
von Dämonen gefoltert werden! ”
(Er erhält die Hostie vom  Oberhaupt und schreibt seinen Namen mit der Spitze seines Dolches, in sein eigenes Blut getaucht,  von über seinem Herzen herausgenommen.)

Summary: Friendly new Pope Francis I was allegedly the first Jesuit pope? However, he conceals a terrible secret: He swore a horrible oath - making him  a servant of Satan - not Jesus Christ. He pursues  the motto: The end justifies the means - and that means inter alia murder, lies and hypocrisy by Trojan horse activities. This oath is registered in the U.S. Congress Archive. A copy is included below. The Jesuits were the founders of the Illuminati 200 years before the Jesuit Weishaupt and the Talmudist Rothschild relaunched them (1776),

Francis has already vowed to continue the Gnostic global Interfaith  community of his predecessors, and praises the Muslims who worship son-less Allah, commanding  Muslims to kill Christians (e.g. Sura 9:1-5). Like his two predecessors, he has not worn the Tiara at his enthronement - allegedly because it was given to Satan in a black mass on 28-29 June 1963 as a sign that he was the head of the Church. This means subordination of the Jesuits under the NWO - or rather the reverse: The top of the EU technocrats : ECB-chief Mario Draghi , EU Commission Pres. José Barroso,  Jean-Claude Juncker and EU  Council President van Rompuy, Italian prime minister Monti  are all educated by the Jesuits acc. to  MEP und ECR vice pres. Jan Eppink  - like so many others high-ranking  Illuminati. van Rompuy has even declared: “We are all Jesuits”. The idea of an NWO state is derived from the jesuits - as can be seen in the Vatican.

The Jesuit Order was established by crypto-Jew Ignatius Loyola as the military organisation of the Pope for the Counter-Reformation. Idealistic Jesuits  spread Catholicism to the ends of the earth. The Order absorbed the Rosicrucians, who  were the developers of Freemasonry, the goal of which is now also the one world state / government. The Military Order of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, were the direct heirs of the Gnostic Templars, who were said to worship Baphomet and to spit on the cross.

On behalf of Mayer Amschel Rothschild the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt re-founded the Illuminati in 1776. In 1782 at Wilhelmsbad, they took over the Masonic lodges. Since then they would have been behind all revolutions and wars, according to Winston Churchill, as well as many anti-Christian movements . As the heirs of the Knights Templar, the Illuminati-Jesuits interact  with Hebrews, Muslims, and Christians of other denominations. Their “Black Pope” is the real ruler of the Vatican. Some claim that the Jesuits have created the Rothschild dynasty and made it subservient. The Jesuits have a crucial role in Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations with ambitions to rule the world. Rosicrucians are suspected of being behind the sinister Georgia Guidestones, which predict a calamity that will reduce mankind to a maximum of 500 million under a one-world government.

Closer scrutiny of the symbolism of the coats of arms of Francis I shows Masonic / pagan traits: belonging to the pagan Hermeticism, to devil worship. There are symbols of the Gnostic Templars and symbols of the pagan Mithraic cult and the gnostic Rosicrucians, who developed  Freemasonry, after being absorbed by the Jesuits. There is symbolism, which refers to the cult of Bacchus.

Furthermore, we see the fleur-de-lis, the number of which is allegedly 666 - (the number of the beast / Antichrist in Revelation 13:18). Furthermore symbolism of the Great God-Mothers: Innanna, Isis - who was to become the Virgin Mary, although being the wife of Osiris/ Lucifer and mother of Horus with the All-Seeing Eye.

All in all, not a pleasant picture of Francis I, if this interpretation is correct, and so much worse, because for a long time a strong suspicion of Satanism and Freemasonry  at the highest levels of the Vatican exists. Let’s hope I’m wrong. Paedophilia is part of Satanic rituals. The Jesuits seem to be the masterminds behind the Satanic new World order.


Matth. 24:3 …the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. 5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

Documentation of Abstract

The kind new Pope Francis I is the first Jesuit pope? However, he conceals a terrible secret: He has sworn a horrible oath which makes him the servant of Satan instead of Jesus Christ.
From the the beginning, the Jesuits were the soldiery of the Catholic church; their leader bears the title of general, and a military discipline was laid down in Ignatius Loyola’s (1491–1556) Spiritual Exercises, which set the rules. They have been accused of preaching and practicing the doctrine that the end justifies the means. Historical record leaves no doubt of Jesuit success in bolstering the spiritual as well as the material credit of Catholicism. They were the Catholic anti-reformation, missionaries in all Spanish (and French) provinces and were to claw back lost territory for the Catholic Church.
The Alumbrados (Illuminati) was a mysterious order in Spain in the 16.-17. century - started by Ignatious de Loyala and his crypto-Jew Jesuits. The Alumbrados came primarily from among the reformed Franciscans and the Jesuits. The ante-nicene Illuminati were simply baptized, informed  clergy-
There are sinister ideas about the Jesuits. Many Illuminati have gone to Jesuit Schools and Universities founded by the Jesuit Order of Jesus Christ which in its turn was founded by Crypto Jewish nobility. However, the report of a black mass in the Vatican on 28 June 1963 is due to a Jesuit priest, Malachi Martin.

Interfaith of Templars and URI. - ANSAmed 20 march 2013: Pope Francis said  twice: “I confirm  my determination to continue on the path of ecumenical dialogue”. Greeting and thanking Muslims for their love of God, he told attendees that he appreciated “Muslims who worship God as living and merciful, and whom you call upon in prayer, all of you”. The pope also addressed Jewish leaders specifically, underlining the “extremely special spiritual bond” that ties Christians and Jews”  (see New Catholic Catechism´s bizarrely twisted  Art. 841, which makes Christ superfluous and a liar as the only way to God (John 14:6)!- although the god of Jews is stated by them to be Lucifer.
Yusuf Al Qaradawi  said: “We will work together for an integrated system of moral values” . Many believe Al-Qaradawi is the  Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader - an
Illuminati/freemason-founded organisation.

In 1985, the Jesuit General Congregation adopted this: To be religious today is to be interreligious in the sense that a positive relationship with believers of other faiths is a requirement in a world of religious pluralism” (no. 3). Loyola Marymount has tried to embody this vision in the programs it offers students and in the service of its faculty. The Department of Theological Studies, in addition to offering courses in Catholic theology, teaches courses in Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and other Indian religions. Faculty members are engaged in ecumenical and interreligious dialogues. This means submission of the Jesuits to the NWO – or vice versa: ECB boss Mario Draghi , EU commission Pres. Barroso, and EU Council Pres. van Rompuy, Italian prime minister Monti , previous euro-zone leader Jean-Claude Juncker and more were educated by the Jesuits. acc. to MEP end vice-pres. of the ECR group, Jan Eppink.
Now this Order has gained renewed attention, because Pope Francis I is the first Jesuit pope.

Are the Jesuits good or bad?
Wikipedia: There are many conspiracy theories against the Jesuits: They started early and reinforced, of course with the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, (who on behalf of Mayer Amschel Rothschild founded the Illuminati in 1776). They are said to have been behind all revolutions since then (Winston Churchill quotation 1920)  and many anti-Christian movements.

Jesuit conspiracy theories found fertile soil in Imperial Germany, where they were forbidden, and Jesuits were persecuted, interned, and sometimes murdered by the nazis. In China and Japan, Jesuits were accused by several emperors of playing imperial and tribal politics. In the 1980s, claims that radical Jesuits were leading revolutionary movements in Latin America led to general suspicion.

The The Military Order of Jesus, the Jesuits, seem to be the direct heirs of the gnostic Knights Templar who were said to worship Baphomet and to spit on the cross:

Jesuits are Rosicrucians and the forces behind today´s Masonry acc. to JAMES A. MARPLES, 32nd Degree, Knight Templar Mason. Franciscans had a visi ble presence in Jerusalem all during Fr. Rosenkreutz’s life. The remnants of Rosicrucians were absorbed by  the Jesuits  who became Masons. In his Morals & Dogma Albert Pike calls the Knights Templar “uneducated Jesuits”, his colleague, Bro & Dr. Albert G. Mackey states in his “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry” that the Jesuits took a keen interest in Ancient Craft Masonry and even greater interest in many of the higher degrees , especially Knight Templar, Knight Rose Croix.

Deos lo vult

According to Bro. Mackey, the French records speak of “the Kadosh of the Jesuits“!!! The word Kadosh itself means “Holy,” and the emblem of a Knight Kadosh was a Teutonic Cross (right) with motto “Deus Vult” (God Wills). The Knights of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem have as their emblem a Cross of Jerusalem (left) in Cardinal red with the nearly identical motto “Deus Lo Vult” (left)

Even the Jesuits influencing the designs and symbols of Masonic emblems.
And, for a period of years, it was common to have Jesuit men who were Masons and Rosicrucians. Many were willing to follow Brother Christian Rosenkrentz’s example by interacting with Hebrews, Muslims, and Christians of other denominations. Jesuits used their influence and personal involvement in an honorable and laudable fashion which en abled them to be a Protectorate for Masonry and Rosicrucianism.

Orion+pleiadesIs Petrus Romanus here?
Francis-inaugurationBefore It´s News 14 march 2013: - ‘Peter the Roman’ is the supposed name of the very last pope in the prophecy of the popes by 12th centruy saint Maelmhaedhoc Ó Morgair, better known as St. Malachy. Pope Francis is the last pope of the prophecy as far as numbers go but is he Petrus Romanus?

Left: Inauguration of Pope Francis I: Note he does not wear the tiara – only the mitra. The tiara (seen right below on the coats of arms of John Paul II) is said to have been given to Satan at the black mass in the Vatican on 28 June 1963. Right below the gnostic Luciferian Templar cross is seen on the pope´s  pallium - one of the regalia. No doubt about what he stands for.

Pope-with-templar crossesThe new pope chose “Francis,” referring to St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis of Assisi’s birth name was “Giovanni Francesco di PIETRO Bernardone. St. Francis’ original name included “Peter.” Francis of Assisi is known for Rocca Maggiore, which means Big Rock, which is the meaning of the name “Peter,” so, Pope Francis is named for Francis of Assisi – Francis of Big Rock. Furthermore, Nostradamus´ quatrain 49 about the last pope is seen as fitting with Francis: “Not from Spain but from ancient France, Will be elected for the trembling ship [the bark of Peter], He will make a promise to the enemy, Who will cause great plague during his reign.”  Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglione´s parents were Italians – rooted in the old French region of Piémont.

FrancisI-coats-of-armsBefore It´s News 14 March 2013:

Petasus-red-cardinalTHE COAT OF ARMS IS A COMPLETE STAR MAP OF ORION AND PLEIADES SEEN ON THE WESTERN HORIZON AND IN CORRECT ORIENTATION.  Comment: Orion was a Gigante conceived by three gods - Hermes, Poseidon and Zeus.

Above right: coats of arms of Francis I – in the middle right of Benedict XVI and below right of John Paul II.

My amateurish  interpretation of the coat of arms is this:
The hat is the galero worn by cardinals until 1965 the petasus of Hermes (below left). 
Wikipedia: Hermes, as an inventor of fire, is a parallel of the Titan, Prometheus – the God of the Illuminati, aka Lucifer. Hermes was a  Hermes-petasus messenger of the gods, intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife.  In some myths he is a trickster. Hermes was identified with the Roman god Mercury. Masonic Dictionary: Hermes is mentioned as one of the founders of Freemasonry.

In “The Rosicrucians”, Hargrave Jennings writes on  P. 38; The Rosicrucians are called the “Hermetic Brethren” - following the pagan teachings of Hermes Trismegistus - a syncretism of Hermes and Egyptian Thoth - expecting a god-son, probably developed in gnostic Egypt in the 2. or 3. century A.D. (by the gnostic Rosicrucians called CE)

2) Below the petasus is the Cross of Lorraine:  Philip Gardiner Bibliothecapleiades, Chapter 12: The Cross of Lorraine, apart from being a symbol of poison, was acc. to Rene d’Anjou said  to represent the arms of both Christ and Satan and the blood of both. It is also said to incorporate the symbol phi or the Golden Ratio of Sacred Geometry - so very important to the Masons. Symbol DictionaryThe Lorraine cross was carried to the Crusades by the original gnostic Knights Templar, granted to them for their use by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. In the Catholic Church, the equal-armed Lorraine Cross denotes the office of Cardinal.

Coat_of_arms_of_Joseph_Ratzinger.svgIHS3) The sun is an ancient symbol of Jesus Christ (IHS = Jesus Hominis Salvator). However, there is another way of writing it (left). Here the h is identical with the sign of Saturn/the Devil.  The pagan Roman Sol Invictus also had its birthday on 25. Dec. It was i.a. associated with the pagan Mithras cult. The Mithra of Pope and bishops is derived from the Mithra cult. It is an important Masonic symbol. - It is a Rosicrucian symbol: The light of the world is each year immaculately conceived by the celestial virgin mother and starts upon his journey northward to give his life for humanity as he ripens the corn and the grape. This seems to point to the Sol Invictus.

In it is the hammer cross of the gnostic Knights Templar .

4) The point-up pentagram is a Rosicrucian/Templar/ Scottish Rite symbol.  Also, Luther seems to have been a Rosicrucian. Inverted, this star is the Baphomet/Lucifer symbol (Goat of Mendes). In Medieval Ages, the pentagram meant to Christians Truth and protection from demons. -  Wikipedia: (Rosicrucianism)  members claimed that the leaders of the Rosicrucian Order had invented Freemasonry and only they knew the secret meaning of Masonic symbols. According to Jean-Pierre Bayard,  two Rosicrucian-inspired Masonic rites emerged towards the end of 18th century, the Rectified Scottish Rite, and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish RiteMany Freemasons became Rosicrucianists and Rosicrucianism was established in many lodges.
After 1782 (Wilhelmsbad, where the Illuminati took over the lodges), this highly secretive society added Coats-of-arms-john-paulIIEgyptian, Greek and Druidic mysteries to its alchemy system.

5) In “The Rosicrucians”, Hargrave Jennings writes on  P 48: Blue is the colour of the Virgin Mary and Isis (wife of Osiris/mother of Horus with all-seing Illuminati-eye)

6) The grapes are said to symbolize Christ – the grower of faith. But they were also symbolic of Dionysian fertility cult. Hargrave Jennings writes on  P 61: The (Rosicrucian)  fleur de lis refers to Bacchus.

7) Below there are the 3 nails with which Christ was crucified. In his voluminous work on The Rosicrucians, Hargrave Jennings writes on P 57: The 3 nails are arranged as fleur de lis.
P. 47. In its theological, Gnostic allusion, the fleur-de-lis is the grandest device and most stupendous hint that armory ever saw; and those who are qualified  will perhaps perceive our (Rosicrucian) end of our history of Rosicnicianism for to it it refers particularly.
P. 51 To be wise is to be enlightened. Lux - Lucifer (fleur-de-lis) is the Logos (Plato) by whom all things were made; Its number is calculated to be 666(the number of the Beast/Antichrist - Rev. 13:18)
P. 56 Charles II 869 depicted  with the robe fastened with a Rose from which springs a fleur-de-lis.

All-Seeing-Eye-Aachen_Cathedral1-225x300 8) On each side of the shield are 15 tassels in a triangular pattern = 30 + another 2 tassels on the petasus/galero – corresponding to 32 degree Masonry. As for the triangles of tassels, Philip Gardiner: Bibliotecapleyades, Chapter 12:  The Vatican also got into the triangle act. In some Roman Catholic churches today, behind the altar we find displayed the all-seeing eye inside a triangle.

Left: All-seeing eye in Triangle in the Cathedral of Osiris - Horus  Eye PyramidAachen, Germany– Right: The Illuminati-all-seeing eye.

Further, Gardiner writes: Barbara Walker, in her The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, outlines “The triangle was everywhere connected with the female trinity, and a frequent component of monograms of Goddesses,” writes Walker.

It is easily understood, therefore, why the gay homosexual movement adopted the sign of the pink triangle as its emblem. To occultists, the triangle pointing upward represents fire and that pointing downward water. To combine, balance, and unite the two brings dualism, or equilibrium, which is a goal of Freemasonry and a cardinal tenet of all Illuminist religious systems.


Twisted-pendant-wire9) The tassels are attached to the petasus by means of ropes forming Savoy knots. In the royal cemetery of Ur from the 3. millennium B.C. something similar was found as a twisted pendant (left), the loops probably representing grapes. It is probably referring to the fertility mother goddess Innanna who lost her lover, a shepherd. The knots are thought to have had to tie sheep together.

10) The text below means: for the deplorable and yet to be chosen.

The above shows that acc. to Rosicrucians themselves, they are Masons - and the Rosicrucians fused  with Jesuits - who were behind Talmudic one world -Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s and Adam Weishaupt´s Illuminati movement. Indeed a horrifying view of Luciferian, gnosticism in the Vatican!
The Pope has sworn the horrendous oath of the Jesuits on Murder and killing (below) by all means!

There has long been a strong suspicion of Satanism and Freemasonry in the highest levels of the Vatican on behalf of Rothschild´s NWO as elaborated by his Jesuit esquire, Adam Weishaupt. Some even see the Crypto-Jewish militant Jesuits as the power that created and command the Rothschild dynasty.

Just look what happens, when you turn the pope´s  Coats of arms upside down, as occultists like to do:  the inverted pentagram, the symbol of the Devil, the goat of Mendez, the Baphomet Sigil of the gnostic Templars appears clearly!

Francis-coats-of-arms-invertedGoat-of-mendesWikipedia: The Church of Satan uses the Hebrew letters at each of the points of the Sigil of Baphomet to represent Leviathan. Leviathan was originally an enormous sea monster, representing Chaos.   The Leviathan of the Middle Ages was used as an image of Satan. In Demonology, the Leviathan is one of the seven princes of Hell and its gatekeeper (see Hellmouth).

Wikipedia: Sammael, Samil meaning “king of the wicked”) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore. in the New Testament named Satan and the chief of the evil spirits. One of Samael’s greatest roles in Jewish lore is that of the angel of death. He remains one of the Lord’s servants even though he appears to want men to do evil.

Lilith: Wikipedia Lilith is a Hebrew name for a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud, who is generally thought to be in part derived from a class of female demons. In Jewish folklore, from the 8th–10th centuries Alphabet of Ben Sira onwards, Lilith becomes Adam’s first wife, who was created at the same time and from the same earth as Adam. This contrasts with Eve, who was created from one of Adam’s ribs. Lilith left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him and then would not return to the Garden of Eden after she mated with archangel Samael.

And the Satanism of the Vatican is not new.  On the Colonnade around the Square of St. Peter, 3 very revealing coats of arms are seen - made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini - already showing the NWO at play. And no wonder: “Under the guidance of his close friend and religious counsellor Father Gian Paolo Oliva, the head of the Jesuit order, he made intensive studies of the writings of St. Ignatius of Loyola and carried out the spiritual exercises the saint prescribed. He attended mass daily. ”

1: See the pyramid with the Octogon star on its top on the coats of arms on the colonnade  of  the Square of St. Peter, Rome - the symbol of the Satanic NWO - referring to Lucifer´s Fall from Heaven (Isaiah 14:12-14) - and the Tree of Knowledge with the Serpent/ the Tree of life.  Here are 2 pyramids with 6 pentagons each. This makes  2×6 = 66

Satan-pyramid-on st.-peter-basilica
















2: But here Here comes the next coats of arms - with just 1 pyramid - consisting of 6 pentagons + 66 above = 666. But also look at the entire coats of arms: It is the goat of Mendes with horns, ears and  grinning teeth.















3: Are you still in doubt? Now take a look at Bernini´s third coats of arms: The goat of Mendez at the top of the pyramid!!!


Jesuits are to be credited for spreading the teachings of Christ all over the world. Thereby, they have lived up to the the prophecy of Jesus Christ: Matth. 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Many idealists have sacrified their lives for it. They should be honoured for that. However, as shown by their Masonic history and grim oath, the Jesuit elitists have left the way shown by Christ. He certainly denounced murder, revolutions, wars and dissembling (below). Some think Judas betrayed Christ in disappointment  of him refusing to fight the Roman occupants. He wants people to give themselves up to him  by their free will.

The secret order of the Society of Jesus does share many similarities with Freemasonry. Francis I is hardly deviating from the other 116 cardinals – more or less infected by Freemasonry - who elected him.

The Jesuits play a decisive role in Rockefeller´s Council on Foreign Relations with ambitions to rule the world. Rosicrucians are supposed to be behind the sinister Georgia Guidestones which announce a cataclysm  to reduce mankind to maximally 500 mio. in a one world state. The Name of the man who ordered the stones was R.C. Christian - Rosi. crucian. Christian (Kreuzer).

Bell Pyramid


Elevation of a Jesuit from minor rank to command.
The quotes from the Jesuit Oath shown  were entered into the Congressional Record, 62nd Congress, 3rd Session; House Bill 1523, Library of Congress, Catalog Card Number, 66-43354, Volume 49, part 4, pages 3215-16 and here

Biblebelievers: The candidate is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colors, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS, i.e. It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, Governments, or Rulers

The candidate is told by the Jesuit Superior: My Son,

Jesuit_oath1heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to be a reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant, and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope.”

“You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means.”

“You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and the judiciaries and councils of state, and to be all things to all men, for the Pope’s sake, whose servants we are unto death.”…

“You must serve the proper time as the instrument and executioner as directed by your superiors; for none can command here who has not consecrated his labors with the blood of the heretic; for “without the shedding of blood no man can be saved.” Therefore, to fit yourself for your work and make your own salvation sure, you will, in addition to your former oath of obedience to your order and allegiance to the Pope, repeat after me:-”

“I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ.” “I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.”"In confirmation of which, I hereby dedicate my life, my soul and all my corporal powers, and with this dagger which I now receive, I will subscribe my name written in my own blood, in testimony thereof; and should I prove false or weaken in my determination, may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the Militia of the Pope cut off my hands and my feet, and my throat from ear to ear, my belly opened and sulphur burned therein, with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth and my soul be tortured by demons in an eternal hell forever!”(He receives the wafer from the Superior and writes his name with the point of his dagger dipped in his own blood taken from over his heart.)

Abstract: The NWO has created its own world religion in which Freemasonry wants to merge all  world religions  in one pot. They do not not take the opinion of the common contemptuous faith adherents into consideration. They prefer to aim at atheism - but otherwise gnosis - developed by the Pharisees over the past 2,000 years as a tool for their God, Satan .

One goal of the Pharisee-Illuminati is to destroy Christianity. The Elders of Zion declare to do this i.a. by destroying the Vatican from within. They are succeeding: Homosexuality, pedophilia, jealousy and careerism among the clergy of the Vatican are now rampant.

The United Religious Initiative (URI) was founded in 2000 at the behest of the U.S. high-grade Freemasonry, which also control the UN. The apparent author was Bishop William Swing of the U.S. branch of the Church of England. The project was and is carried by names such as Gorbachev, Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner and Bill Gates’; i.a. the UN and Rothschild agent, George Soros, funded/are funding. At the same time the Movement of the Onew World Religion was founded, to to pave the way for the one world. The founders include Mikhail Gorbachev, the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Archbishop Desmund Tutu, former UN Deputy Secretary-General Robert Muller and the suspended theologian Hans Küng. As former Deputy Secretary General of the UN and Alice Bailey-Luciferian, Robert Muller, said  the world government could only occur with a common spirituality. Further fund-raisers come from New Age and occult groups like the Rudolf Steiner Foundation and the UN NGO, Luci (fer) s Trust. In 2003, the URI became an NGO under the UN.

The URI preamble says: “We, people of different religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions throughout the world build, certify the United Religions Initiative to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and cultures of peace, justice (NWO) to provide healing for the Earth and all living things. We respect the uniqueness of each tradition and diversity in practice and belief. ”
The creation of the URI was directly linked with the United Nations ’summit of world religions” in late August 2000 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, where more than 1,000 religious leaders from around the world gathered.

Immediately after the foundation of the URI, Gorbachev met with Pope John Paul II . Officially, the Vatican has, of course, denied any participation in the URI - but the URI Interfaith meetings of the Pope John Paul, which take place every year since 1986, with 2 days of prayers in the same room of all religions of the world for world peace , each one to his god, article 841 of the new Catholic Catechism - declaring Christ to be superfluous  for the salvation of Muslims  - the alleged Black Mass on 29 June 1969 at the Vatican, where the “Prince of the World” / Satan was enthroned, as well as  John Paul’s statements that all religions worship the same God (even worshippers of the Father of Jesus Christ and  Allah, who wants to kill, according to the Koran, anyone who says he has a son!),  all clearly points to the Masonic community with URI, the goal  of which is to eradicate Christ and his church.

The first goal announced by the URI was the worldwide ban of all evangelization and missionary work. So said Bishop William Swing, who even condemned the Christian missionary work. Among the board members are Muslims - and it was no coincidence that Pope John Paul II kissed the Koran, even though it is says, we Christians are apes and swine, racistically calling the light-eyed guilty to be killed or cheated to let Muslims inherit their homes in non-Muslim countries.

The “one-world religion” has many followers in the Catholic Church, and many high-ranking prelates are Masons, although this is forbidden. In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI called for a central political world authority. Benedict XVI  caresses  the UN flag, the symbol of the one-world government of the “Prince of the World”, at the UN. An insider, Monsignore Negri said: “The popes were agreed, from different perspectives, that Freemasonry, is slowly but inexorably conquering those who have the duty to defend all the wealth, the truth and the beauty of the traditional position.”

The crafty world prince almost has his kingdom in his grip - and the whole world has been seduced - as planned in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion who declare their god to be Vishnu . In Jewish Freemasonry ,Bnai Brith, Vishnu is said to represent Satan - p. 7


Protocol 17: We have long past taken care to discredit the priesthood of the “GOYIM,” and thereby to ruin their mission on earth which in these days might still be a great hindrance to us. Day by day its influence on the peoples of the world is falling lower.  The king of the jews will be the real pope of  Universe, THE the patriarch of the international church
When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger of an invisible hand will point the nations towards this court… By diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place.  Our kingdom will be an apologia of the divinity Vishnu.
The king of  Israel will be the true pope of the world, the Patriarch of the international  Church. (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion).


Documentation of Abstract

The Vatican is in dissolution: The Daily Mail 23 Febr. 2013: “Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, for example, criticized the ‘divisions, dissent, careerism, jealousies’ that afflict the Vatican bureaucracy. Benedict too has made reference to the divisions in recent days, deploring in his final Mass as pope on Ash Wednesday how the church is often ‘defiled’ by attacks and divisions from within. Last Sunday, he urged its members to overcome ‘pride and egoism’”.
To this come rampant pedophilia and homosexuality scandals: The Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, claims - acc. The Independent, 21 February 2012 - that Pope Benedict XVIs decision to resign was instigated by a homosexual “Network” in the Vatican, of which some were blackmailed by outsiders. Now the UK´s top Cardinal i being accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour to 4 priests- although he has sharply condemned homosexuality (The Guardian 24 Febr. 2013).
This is part of a Satanic plan by Pharisaic Jewish NWO Freemasonry to destroy Christianity (The Learned Elders of Zion state their god is Vishnu = Lucifer - p. 7 in Bnai Brith Jewish Masonry). Part of that plan is the construction of the gnostic URI.

I have previously written about the United Religions Intiative (URI), which has the task to promote the NWO by gnostic fusion of all religions.

URIs preamble declares: “We, people of different religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions throughout the world build, certify the United Religions Initiative to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and create cultures of peace and (NWO) justice and healing for the Earth and all living things. We respect the uniqueness of each tradition and diversity in practice and belief.”

URI was registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO) with the United Nations´ Department of Public Information in 2003, and received special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council in 2007. The work of URI Cooperation Circles around the world is shared


with the international community (New World Order) through interaction with UN agencies, member states and the UN NGO community.

Left Interfaith and here : Pope John Paul II kisses the Koran which says that we “infidels” are apes and swine (Koran 2:65 and 5:60), that Allah has no son (eg Sura 4:171), and that he wants to kill all who claim (eg Sura 9:1-5) he has one (as well as non-believers). Furthermore racistically, that all light-eyed are guilty (p 20:102), and that Allah let the believers inherit the land and the homes of Christians in URI-UN-Interfaithcountries where they were not before, (p. 33:27).
Right: Luciferian gnostic interreligious cult in UN meditation room.

William-swingBehind the URI are Bishop William Swing, Bishop of the Episcopal Church, a US denomination of the Church of England (left), the Illuminati WEF, the Earth Charter founders  (Gorbachev, Stephen Rockefeller, Maurice Strong), Ted Turner, the Ford Foundation, Dee Hock (founder of the Visa card, which is now managed by Rothschild ) and Maurice Strong (Canadian billionaire - co-author of the Earth Charter and the man behind the Agenda 21), Bill Gates (Microsoft founder).

The URI offers world peace by the NWO one world - irrespective of the insurmountable differences of all religions, and without regard to the distinction between truth and falsehood, good and evil.



Establishing the URI
Catholicapedia by: BLACK LETTERS - Information from the church and politics, Volume 34, No. 31/2000): In the U.S. city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvenia, on 25 June 2000, in the presence of religious leaders from 40 countries at a ceremony at the Carnegie-Mellon University, the “Movement of the World Religion” was proclaimed.

Pope+gorbachev Pope John Paul II received Gorbachev (…) two days after the formal establishment of the “United Religions Initiative” (URI) in Pittsburgh. To reporters, the former Soviet state and party leader stated, the “political and religious leaders of Europe and the world must ensure that new conflicts can be avoided.” By that reasoning the “Movement  for the One World Religion” was presented, too. It is an idea of ​​the high degree lodges and is intended primarily to eliminate the Roman Catholic Church and the papacy. The Masonic movement in the U.S., by which the UN is controlled, is at the head of the movement. The meeting is funded by the UN. However, the majority of NGOs currently operate a worldwide campaign for the exclusion of the Vatican from the UN because the Roman Catholic Church condemns abortion.

The creation of the URI is directly related to and organized by the United Nations’ summit of world religions in late August at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, where more than 1,000 religious leaders come together from around the world.

At the end of the conference is the formal signing of the “Charter for the New World Religion”, on which the names of Gorbachev and Küng will be found.

Dozens of URI promoters  belong to the realm of the occult and New Age groups. Former Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Robert Muller, is the author of important New Age documents. Among the founders are the Theosophical Rudolf Steiner Foundation and the New York-based “Luci´s Trust” (originally Lucifer´s Trust), the ‘teachings’ of which are derived from the well-known Satanist Alice Bailey.

“Luci´s Trust” praised the establishment of the URI and celebrated the “one world religion” as “global change of consciousness” that “will lead to the glory of the One, the released gloss of whom will be reflected in all human actions”. The “One” is Satan.

The first announced URI goal is the worldwide ban of all evangelization and missionary work. So said Bishop William Swing, who condemned the Christian missionary work as well. Evangelization and missionary work were the work of “fundamentalists”, URI board member Paul Chafee said in 1997. “In this small world, we cannot afford fundamentalists.” The board also includes representatives of Islam, which is responsible for the deaths of 2,5 million people of a different race in South Sudan.



URI-symbolThe URI promises “openness for all spiritual expressions” acc. to information of the “Catholic News Report” dated June 2000. The symbol of the movement is a ring of 15 symbols, which are arranged around “URI”, including the hexagram of Rothschild / Israel, the empty circle, one day to be filled by all “faiths”, “that will be joining us.” The URI is currently active in 58 countries on all continents and in 33 U.S. states. Among the well-known fund-raisers is the President Carter Center for an interfaith health program. “The former president offered the URI leadership, “it could in particular situations and locations fall back on him.” Carter was selected by the high degree lodges as President of the USA. The Soros Foundation is also funding.

Noteworthy: The “one-world religion” has many supporters in the cath. Church: Cardinal Paulo Evaristo Arns, formerly bishop of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Archbishop Anthony Pantin from Trinidad, Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit, Father John Loschiavo SJ, former president of the University of San Francisco, Father Gerard O’Rourke, Ecumenical Director of the Archdiocese San Francisco, sister Joa Kirby from the “Temple of Understanding”. The “religious cease-fire” announced by the URI is supported by many Catholic organizations, who have not understood whom they serve.
(…) Not involved in the U.S. are the Orthodox Churches, the Lutherans and conservative Catholics.

The URI is a bridge-building organization, not a religion. Members of the URI shall not be coerced to participate in any ritual or be proselytized.

Right: From the 20. Papal Gnostic meeting of the world religious community 2006.

On 28 January 2000, in his speech to the members of the Congregation of the Faith headed by Cardinal Ratzinger, the Pope stated: “It is a grave mistake to assume that the Catholic Church just offers a way to salvation equivalent with that of  many other religions, which in this regard consider the church as their equal.” (This far the statements of the BLACK LETTER.)

We can ignore the  objections by Rome, John Paul II constantly speaking of the one God, who is both worshiped by Jews, Muslims and Christians
The URI is a bridging organization, not a religion. Members of the URI are not forced to participate in any ritual or to be converted.

This is how this bridge works
: Morocco wants an agreement with Spain on monitoring that Moroccan children who are adopted by Spaniards do not convert to Christianity, and retain their original names and last names until they reach adulthood. How can you combine fire and water - the teachings of Christ and Luciferianism? You can only serve one master.

Nevertheless - the Vatican is deeply involved in URI´s NWO Gnostic, anti-Christian World Religion Community program  - despite papal negations. The Vatican is also involved in Freemasonry and their homosexuality.

The precondition for the URI´s NWO is the abolishment of existing religions in favour of  the gnostic one world religion. This is the goal of the URI. Is this the reason why on 29 June 1969 Ratzinger & Co. enthroned the “Prince of the World” in a black mass? Is this the reason for the pope´s interreligious meetings and prayers? In 2009 pope Benedict XVI called for a central political world authority. As seen from Art. 841 of the New Catholic Cathechism the Church has made Christ superfluous for salvation.


As of 1996, the Cephas Apologetic Catalog brings a list of 124 Vatican prelates and catholic bishops who are said to be Freemasons. As stated above, the URI is a UN Freemasonic  high degree lodge idea, by the forces behind the UN. So no wonder that Pope Benedict caresses the UN Flag. However, officially, the Catholic Church forbids its members to join Freemasonic Lodges.

The Vatican Insider writes: A spokesman confirmed that the Archbishop of Canterbury was worried about the ritual of Freemasonry, which was seen as “satanically inspired”. The Archbishop had to apologize. Many Masons are members of the Church of England.

Monsignore Negri: “Freemasonry is an enemy of the Church, born with this hostility … pursuing the destruction of the Church and of Christian civilization and their replacement with a culture and a society that is essentially atheistic.”

Negri said: “The popes were agreed to defend from different perspectives, the belief that Freemasonry, slowly but inexorably, conquers even those who have a duty to defend all the wealth, the truth and the beauty of the traditional position.”
But many people think, Paul VI and John Paul II were Masons.

Has the Catholic Church really surrendered to the one-world religion and its “Prince of this World”?

Abstract: The all-mighty Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), USA’s “invisible” government / State Dept., was founded by the Rothschild agents, the Jesuit-trained Communists, Edward Mandell House, and Paul Warburg in 1921. These two were also the driving forces behind the Coup d’Etat of Rothschilds FED in 1913. Furthermore, House was the driving force behind Pres. Wilson’s 14 points and the Treaty of Versailles. Now this private club is planning to take control of the whole world by the “study program” of the former chairman of the CFR, Knight of Malta/Jesuit David Rockefeller. Therefore, the CFR has consolidated its activity with an umbrella organization, the Council of Councils, for its daughter clubs in most G-20 countries.

The founding meeting of the Board of Directors was held on 12 March 2012. The participants addressed four main topics: • The general state of world government and multilateral cooperation • The status of nuclear non-proliferation (with a focus on Iran) • The future of the dollar as the reserve currency of the world • The criteria for humanitarian intervention in the wake of the regime change in Libya and the ongoing crisis in Syria.

The linked documents repeat what we see being continuously played out on the world stage to an extent that they are better understood as a blueprint. The above issues can best be distilled into the following 5 guidelines: 1: regulation of the global economic collapse and the loss of the dollar as a global reserve currency.2. Control “humanitarian intervention” and regime change by UN representatives. 3. Control of Eurasia, i.e. China’s economic and Russia´s political influence. 4.Regulation of nuclear “rogue states.” 5. Internet governance. The solutions will be discussed at think tank conferences in a wide range of disciplines of geopolitics, science, health, economics and communication - it is all merging into a global agenda for the central control.

The CFR is governed by Talmudists, i.e. Pharisaic Frankists to which Rothschild is committed. A special variety of these Pharisees are the crypto-Jews who converted to Catholicism under the name of “Jesuits” (founded 1534), led by Ignatius Loyola and specialized in infiltration - but  secretly working for the Talmudic program. Supposedly, they have now taken over the Vatican and have merged with the Knights of Malta - including a number of non-Jewish prominences such as the Presidents Ford and HW Bush, Zbigniew Brzezinski and board members of the CFR. A majority of the board of the CFR are Jesuits - as well as many universities, colleges and politicians in the USA, like Vice President Joe Biden. Even with CFRs Trilateral Commission, the Vatican is involved - and Freemasonry seems to have penetrated the Vatican.

Supposedly, the Jesuits / Knights of Malta rule  the * United Nations * NATO * European Commission * Council on Foreign Relations * various central banks * corporations * secret services * numerous societies and cults, such as Freemasonry (”The Brotherhood”) and Opus Dei

No wonder, as the man behind the Illuminati cabal, Rothschild puppet Adam Weishaupt, was himself a Jesuit. These Jesuits seem to stick behind the Satanism in the Vatican. I do not know if Rothschild controls the Jesuits, or vice versa - but in fact, Rothschilds Money does rule the world. The whole seems to be merged into the NWO. Coleman´s  Comittee of 300 around Rothschild may just be the Maltese / Jesuit order.

On 5 Jan. 2013, The News Mirror writes: … Frank Schirrmacher (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) has composed an entire book: “Do what you want is your entire law”. This book tells how, after the end of the Cold War, a new Cold War in the heart of our society was opened. It is the story of a manipulation, Sixty years of military and economists  developing the theoretical model of a human being: a selfish creature who isonly concerned with the achievement of its objectives to its advantage and tricking the other: a modern Homo economicus. The homo economicus is already working hard on a new world order. The creature of the military and economists is the perfect homo Satanicus that will ultimately find it totally “cool”, to burn up in a nuclear explosion for the benefit of its Redeemer.

That seems to be the goal of the CFR Board of Directors on behalf of the NWO. In other words, the Devil and his NWO are at large - and will do anything to create chaos and force people away from the only ennobling factor in history, Jesus Christ - blame their wickedness in the name of their corrupted churches on him. However, the time of the Jesuits / Talmudists will be short.


“Some governments are prepared to give up elements of sovereignty to address the threat of global climate change. All of this suggests that sovereignty must be redefined if states are to cope with globalization” . According the CFR, the only answer to this predicament is a progressive weakening of national sovereignty and a steady move to global government – or anarchy. “Sovereignty is no longer a sanctuary.” (CFR Pres. Richard Haas).

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister and chairman of the euro group until 1 Jan. 2013, Jean-Claude Juncker, is not known for his ability to lie. A little prophetically he warned the assembled press of Luxembourg, the year 2013 could be the year before war, such as the year 1913 was, when all people believed in peace until the war came. (“Alles Schall und Rauch” 9. Jan. 2013).


Documentation of Abstract

Time and again, I come to think of  Comte de Virieu (David Allen Rivera), a Mason from the Martiniste lodge at Lyons, upon his return home, when questioned about the Congress (Wilhelmsbad 1781 – where the Illuminati tookcontrol of the Freemason lodges, said: “I will not confide them to you. I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out, that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape it.”

Once upon a time, not so long ago, mentioning the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers etc.  as the rulers of the world  stamped you as a contemptible “conspiray theorist”. Now the leaders of these “secret societies” speak openly up about their conspiracy clubs (video below).

The Council of Councils
Activist Post 29 Dec. 2012:  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has launched an initiative called The Council of Councils. The title of the round table was Challenges for Global Governance in 2013. Here is a list of international founding CFR Institutions.

The party of the non-partisan CFR is the One World Party. The writings of elite think tanks tell us explicitly what the plan is: benefitting those in favor of a one world system and centralized control.

Just as we have seen from other think tanks such as the  Project for a New American Century -  with an impressive list of participants, incl. Pres. Bush, Ronald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, The Royal Society, which plays God with climate and our brains and the Brookings Institution, among others their thoughts translate to reality on a less-than-coincidental frequency.

The Council of Councils Inaugural Conference March 12, 2012—March 13, 2012. Participants tackled four major themes: • The overall state of global governance and multilateral cooperation • The status of the nuclear nonproliferation regime (with a focus on Iran) • The dollar’s future as the world’s reserve currency • The criteria for humanitarian intervention, in the wake of regime change in Libya, and an ongoing crisis in Syria.

The linked documents echo what we see currently playing out on the world stage to such an extent that they are better understood as a blueprint. The themes above can best be distilled into the following 5 directives: 1. Managing global economic collapse and the loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency (stabilizing the global financial system). 2. Managing “humanitarian intervention” through UN representation (fulfilling the narrative of abusive dictators in need of regime change). 3. Managing Eurasia, i.e. China’s economic influence and Russia’s political influence (Asia trade liberalization and Russian G20 chairmanship). 4. Managing nuclear “rogue states (Iran and North Korea - “proliferation”). 5. Managing the Internet (Cybersecurity and related institutions). The solutions being discussed at think tank conferences in a wide range of disciplines from geopolitics, to science, to health, to economics and communications are all beginning to coalesce into an overall agenda of centralized control.

Edward-mandell-houseThe Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
was founded in 1921 by the same forces that were behind the FED: The Rothschild agents, the   Jesuit (see belowEdward Mandel House (right) and Paul Warburg. House, a close friend of Pres. Wilson,  helped Wilson outline his Fourteen Points, and worked with the president on the drafting of the Treaty of Versailles and the Covenant of the League of Nations. House served on the League of Nations Commission on Mandates with Lord Milner (behind the Balfour Declaration by Cecil Rhodes/Rothschild´s Round Table).

Edward Mandell House and some of his schoolmates were also members of Cecil Rhodes/Rothschild´s Round Table group, which had four pet projects: a graduated income tax, a central bank in the USA, creation of a Central Intelligence Agency, and the League of Nations. The Group would take control of the State Department (see video below) and formulate government policy. The Group would control the CIA which would gather information about people, and script and produce psycho-political operations focused at the people to influence them to act in accord with Round Table Group State Department policy decisions. The Group would work to consolidate all the nations of the world into a single nation, with a single central bank under their control, and a single International Security System.  The Group would control the Universities by controlling the sources of their funding.  The Round Table was split into the British Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFA.

Edward Mandell House had this to say in a private meeting with President Woodrow Wilson: “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.  By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent,  forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call  “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.” House was born in Texas where he was the master of the Ku Klux Klan. The CFR wants to rule the world by means of David Rockefeller´s Study Program. To this belongs the Rockefeller Foundation´s Depopulation Program

The Journal of History 2011:  Baruch and Edward Mandel House were the day-to-day decision makers in the American branch of the London based Round Table of Cecil Rhodes. In the 1950s, yet more confirmation of how the First World War was manipulated was revealed by a US Congressional investigation into the Tax Exempt Foundations in the USA, like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace which the investigation found was manipulating WAR! The CFR has established a European daughter club through George Soros, German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer and Danish prime minister, Helle Thorning Schmidt, i.a.

Beginning in 1939 and lasting for five years, the Council achieved much greater prominence within the government and the State Department when it established the strictly confidential War and Peace Studies, funded entirely by the Rockefeller Foundation. Today it is an impressive power factor – in fact USA´s invisible unelected foreign ministry. Its members have to be US or Canadian citizens. Its corporate members are breathtaking – including Rothschild North America. Here are some of the well-known persons who are CFR members

The Pharisaic CFR and the Vatican are intimatlely interwoven Cfr-richard-haasZbigniew Brzezinski

Left: The evil spirit behind 5 US-Presidents, the CFR member Zbigniew Brzezinski, Knight of -Malta and a Jesuit. He is a Bilderberger and founder of the Trilateral Commission. Right: Jewish CFR chairman, Richard Haass, a Mason and papal court zionist. Below Right: CFR member, US vice-president  Joseph Biden: Papal Knight and Jesuit Temple co-adjutor . Also, the new CIA Boss, John Brennan, is a Jesuit, acc. to The Washington Post. Acc. to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities 30 alumni from the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities are currently serving in appointed positions to President Barack Obama.
Members of the Obama administration from AJCU institutions include Department of Defense Secretary CFR member Robert M. Gates, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Leon E. Panetta, Office of Management and Budget Director Jacob Lew (now appointed Secr. of the Treasury by Obama, and White House Chief of Staff William Daley  as well as CFR-member Secretary of State, John Kerry.


The CFR was created  by a Jesuit member of Rhodes/Rothschild´s Round Table
Colonel Edward Mandell House was an undercover Jesuit whose loyalty is to serve the Jesuit General (Society Of Jesus) w/ H.Q. in the Vatican Roma. The Cephas Library writes:  Edward Mandell House was a Jesuit. The late and high-ranking ex-Jesuit priest “Alberto Rivera” stated that the Jesuit Fathers are masters of deceit and well-known in factual world history as experts in deep infiltrations whether in government or private sectors. In the field of science, there are so many Jesuits who are seismologists, geologists, astronomers, doctors. There are Jesuit priests who are conducting seminars in the military & police organization. They are even present in the Trade Union Conference together with many businessmen, businesswomen, industrialists, and economists.The Jesuits are also busy in worldwide financial affairs, like their 51% share in the Bank Of America and being owners of the Lockheed Martin Corp. (Aviation & Space Defense Contractor) for the U.S. government and other countries. Manufacturer and suppliers of F-16 and F-22 advance jet fighters and space satellites for the NASA.

There are also evangelists or preachers shown in televisions posing as Protestants, Baptists, or other Christian faith denominations. In the secret societies particularly Freemasonry (Masonic Lodges), there are actually Jesuit priests who are also active freemasons. There are also Jesuit priest who are members of the Masonic organization of elite people like the Rotary Club International. Pope-trilateral commission
Catholic News 23 dec. 2010: If there’s one clear conclusion that can be drawn from the Vatican-related WikiLeaks disclosures, it’s that the United States takes the Vatican and its diplomatic activity very seriously. One “confidential” cable boiled it down to the simplest terms: “The Vatican strives to translate its religious beliefs and its humanitarian concerns into concrete policies.”

Pope-trilateral_commission-apr_18_1983.jpg2In 1983 Pope John Paul II made this speech to Rockefeller-Brzezinski´s NWO Trilateral Commission

Who are the Jesuits?
Bibliothecapleyades:  The Jesuit Order is an almost 500-year old covert operations, geo-political, male-only organization, structured as a secret military operation: demanding secret oaths and complete obedience to each direct superior, which is ultimately the Superior General (often nicknamed as the Black Pope, since he dresses in black and ’stands in the shadow’ of the white Pope).The Jesuit Order is since 1814 in complete control of the - obscenely wealthy - Vatican institution (and its Catholic clergy hierarchy) and presently also controls various other organizations together with the Military Order of Malta, such as: * the United Nations * NATO * European Commission *Council on Foreign Relations *various central banks * big corporations *secret services *numerous societies and cults, such as Freemasonry (”The Brotherhood”) and Opus Dei.

It and the Knights of Malta are being accused of a sea of misdeeds normally placed on the NWO banksters. No wonder. The jesuits were founded by the Crypto/Marrano Jew Ignatius Loyola and is a Jewish organisation apparently converted to Catholicism while pursuing the agenda of the Talmudic Pharisees Adam Weishaupt who founded Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s Illuminati was himself a Jesuit. In 1781 (Wilhelmsbad) Rothschild´s Illuminati took control over the Freemason lodges. The Illuminati have since then been behind all revolutions.

Jesuits in the Council on Foreign Relations
Jesuit-Joseph-OHare-2006The Vatican Assassins brings a long series of jesuit CFR members  The first of two Co-Chairmen of the CFR is Carla A. Hills. She held high positions under the Knights of Malta/Jesuit presidents Ford and H.W. Bush. She is part of the Executive Committee of the Trilateral Commission. Another one of the three chairmen of the Trilateral Commission (Peter Sutherland, former EU Commissioner – now UN adviser – demanding the EU to undermine nation states) was Jesuit-trained at Gonzaga College.

Right: The New York Jesuit of supreme power overseeing Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s Council on Foreign Relations is Jesuit Priest Joseph A. O’Hare.  He is a presider of the CFR. O’Hare was also responsible for putting papal “Court Jew” and CFR-member Michael R. Bloomberg into the mayor’s office of New York City.

Co-Chairman of the CFR is Jewish Freemason Robert E. Rubin, who served under President Bill Clinton.  He was a Clinton crony.  Rubin’s ties to Clinton are interesting, since Bill Clinton was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University, where he was close to the Jesuit faculty. Rubin has served on the board of the Center for National Policy (CNP), which is led by it’s President, Roman Catholic Tim Roemer (another graduate of the Roman Catholic University of Notre Dame as is CFR member and past Secretary of State, the mulatto CFR member Condolezza Rice).

The Vice Chairman of the CFR is Jewish Freemason, Richard E. Salomon, a senior adviser to the Jesuit cohort Knight of Malta and previous CFR Chairman David Rockefeller. Former CFR Pres. Peter Peterson, holding an honorary degree from Jesuit Georgetown University,

The President of the CFR is another Freemasonic papal court Jew, Richard Haass, a member of the Jesuit/Knight of Malta-controlled Bilderberg Group Haass is also a Rhodes Scholar (Rhodes Scholarships have been given out to Jesuit grads, in many cases). As is the typical Jesuit modus operandi: the Freemasonic Jews are placed in the foreground, while the White Gentile Jesuits and Papal Knights direct all policies from the background! A long series of CFR members are mentioned.

Thus, the Illuminati Council of Councils is deeply interwoven with the Vatican


The artist behind the bronze statue in Pope Paul VI´s Audience Hall in the Vatican is Pericle Fazzini. It shows the ascent of Christ from a nuclear bomb crater (Rome Reports 8. Okt. 2011). This Christ comes from below - not from above (Matth. 25) - and is therefore to be seen as the Antichrist. Paul VI was a masonic, anti-Christian anti-pope and Jewish High Priest, in his signature he had the number of 666, the number of the Antichrist (Revelation 13:18).
Paul666signature.2 jpg

However, there is strong evidence, i.a. by a Pinkerton detective,  that the
consecrated Paul VI was replaced by an impostor  pope, in order to promote the Marxist NWO through the spiritual influence of the church.
The Popes Johannes Paul II and Benedict XVI have reportedly had
Jewish Mothers and was/is clearly working for the NWO.


Paul VI and Impostor

The U.S. wants to lead the NWO politically by any means - including military
Nachrichtenspiegel 5 Jan. 2013: The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) represented i.a. the following propositions: American leadership is both good for the United States of America and for the world. * Such leadership requires military strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principles. * A multi-polar world has not secured the peace, but always led to wars. * The United States Government should capitalize on its technological and economic superiority in order to use all means  to achieve undisputed superiority - including military.
As world policeman” (or “world-order-keeper), the United States would have the power to maintain law and order in accordance with the standards set by the U.S. - if need be, without consultation with or consideration for allies and other supranational organizations, contracts and other legal liabilities (unilateralism

NWO-pyramidWe are dealing with a bunch of haughty Pharisaic elitists who have bought the world by means of their money. They have never been elected und have nevertheless grabbed the government over a world of “useless eaters”.
This hierarchy is pyramidal with the Rothschilds and its Jesuits at the top – and a lot of influential organisations below them to implement their NWO-policies (i.a. The Council on Foreign relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers – and the Club of Rome as their Communist brain trust. These organisations corrupt and intimidate politicians through their media and Free Mason lodges, their strongest weapons being their money and knowledge of dark sides of their politician slaves. At the bottom are we, “the useless eaters” – whose number is to be reduced to maximally 500 mio. (Georgia Guidestones).

Our total social order has been hijacked by the top of the NWO – in such clever manner that almost nobody has noticed it. All under the umbrella of “Pth! Conspiracy theory”. Dear fellow humans:Most of you are brainwashed and fooled – and you love it.

Nachrichtenspiegel 5 Jan. 2013: “Do what you want” be your whole law” … Frank Schirrmacher (FAZ) has written an entire book on it, which is currently being hotly discussed, although it has not yet come out.

This book tells how, after the end of the Cold War, a new Cold War opens in the heart of our society. It is the story of a manipulation: Sixty years ago, the theoretical model of a human being was developed by military and economists. A selfish creature that was only concerned about the achievement of its own objectives, to its advantage and tricking the other: a modern Homo economicus. The homo economicus is already working hard on a new world order. The creature from the military and economists is the perfect homo Satanicus that finds it will ultimately be totally “cool” to burn up in a nuclear explosion for the benefit of his Redeemer.

The Council of Councils like the CFR and like any other NWO organsation will pretend humanism – but practice wars and plundering of a brainwashed mankind.

In other words, the Devil and his NWO gang is at large - and will do anything to create chaos and to force mankind away from the only ennobling factor in history, Jesus Christ, by discrediting him for their wickedness in the name of and by means of the corrupted churches.

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