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Abstract: Pres Obama is in big trouble after he had declared to attack Syria and Iran - but then ended up doing nothing in both cases. Therefore, he has lost trust worldwide, and that is why he now has the Jewish lobby, which owns the media, the Fed and the Wall Street, which have forced the U.S. into  the deepest debt and dependence, against him. Therefore, the media are now denigrating him really badly. Because of increasing unemployment, poverty and hopelessness, and because of his unpopular Obamacare, he has 54 % of Americans against him and only 41 % for him.
Obama wants Communism for the people and fascist dictatorship for himself.
Therefore, he prefers to rule by executive orders, avoiding Congress (The NDAA and The State of Emergency). He has taken a lot of measures to consolidate his power ahead of an expected uprising by the people: As he declared years ago, he is setting up a private corps that he wants to make as strong as the military.

He has also reinforced The Northern Command in the U.S. with combat troops from Iraq, which violates the Posse Comitatus Act. He is tirelessly trying to find reasons even by means of false flag operations (Boston and Sandy Hook) to confiscate the Americans´hand guns, which is contrary to the Constitution - and makes the Americans really angry.

In The Veterans Today 12 Dec . 2013, psychologist  James Preston writes: “So- called “anti -terror” training is delivered by those who are actually the forefront of global terrorists and originators of  world-terror. The U.S. government and its leading decision makers are now turning America (at least in their own minds ) into a nationwide active war zone - through the identification of each American dissident as a domestic terrorist as well as through the classification of over 50 % of all Americans either as terrorists, domestic terrorists or potential domestic terrorists.

“But your DHS thugs and the US Military will defect and turn on you once the SHTF (Survival in Hostile Terrain Following catastrophic events). 80-90 million armed and very, very angry American filled with bloodlust for revenge will become your instant enemies soon after the SHTF. Once you trigger a civil war in America, what you actually end up with, will be far beyond your ability to imagine ahead of time”.
Michael Cannon, the Director of Health Policy Studies for the Cato Institute said in Congress that Obama´s complete disregard for the Constitution may lead to revolt as entitled by the Constitution. Obama seems to change laws  without approval by Congress - by means of executive orders.

The U.S. government knows this - and fears it: The DHS has bought ammunition in the billions and acquired heavily armoured personnel carriers that were returned from the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of operation.
The FEMA camps are concentration camps, wherepeople whom  Obama doesn´t like, potentially all Americans, can be placed as forced labour. He can do this by imposing martial law even in peacetime and  declaring America a battlefield battlefield.

Nevertheless, Obama feels unsafe: He now invites Russian troops to drill fighting ( local ) terrorists alongside with American troops. He clearly fears that American soldiers would refuse to obey orders when ordered to shoot at Americans.

However, the worst thing for Obama is that the military has already attempted a coup against him - and there are strong forces among more than 100 dismissed generals  who want to depose Obama.
Dave Hodges: In particular, Generals were sacked who were trying to help the U.S. ambassador at Benghazi, Libya, in his several-hours-long battle against Al -Qaeda intruders (before he died), after Obama had rejected to activate the CIA’s armed forces just around the corner. Obama recalled the generals, because journalists had found out that the ambassador was Obama’s mediator for arms supplies to Al- Qaeda in Syria and Libya. Therefore, this witness had to die - or Obama would not have been reelected. The many angry generals were sacked.
Obama has now placed high-ranking CIA officers at all U.S. military bases worldwide.



Prison Planet 17 Dec. 2013:  What Americans are facing in the 21st century is a form of totalitarianism so pernicious that it is able to camouflage its unified agenda behind a veil of contrived partisan politics that tricks people into believing they have choice and freedom, when in reality the entire country and the office of president has been seized by a cabal of corporate looters.
It´s a new form of tyranny which places large corporations and military-industrial complex titans above the law with diplomatic immunity, while exploiting the office of president to achieve a fusion of corporate and state dictatorship via executive fiat.The office of president is now merely a rubber stamp for the machinations of a global elite that rule the world through secret societies, private organizations, think tanks and huge transnational corporations.
Russia Today 18 Dec. 2013: The NSA’s ultimate goal along with its UK partner, the GCHQ, is to eliminate individual privacy worldwide.
“The NSA and the GCHQ’s activities are aimed towards “diplomatic manipulation and accumulation of power.” (Journalist Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden´s partner,  hin an EU inquiry).


Obama´s administration is desperate. It feels hated by the people it is to govern. The tone is very harsh: “ We are ruled by someone who is in effect the pharaoh and at the least a Muslim at heart who disdains the Judeo-Christian heritage and foundations upon which our nation was forged.” The Pharisee/Zionist forces (AIPAC and ADL, Wall Street, the FED etc.) own the media and are doing their worst to disparage Obama after his not going to war on Syria/Iran. This may turn out dangerous for him (Lincoln, Kennedy).The Obamacare project is in itself unpopular. Apart from Richard Nixon, Obama´s approval rating (41% ) is the lowest on record.

Even their Washington Post turns on Obama
The Washington Post 12 Dec. 2013
:  In a recent MSNBC interview, Pres. Obama said we have 16 different big agencies , some of which are outdated, some of which are not designed properly”:
“They have some responsibility to help businesses. . . So, let’s consolidate a bunch of that stuff.” But Congress is unwilling.

Obama thinks this serves equality. Actually, big government inevitably drives an upward distribution of wealth to those whose wealth, confidence and sophistication enable them to manipulate government.

Obama correctly says that not only do we “tend to trust our institutions less,” we also “tend to trust each other less. His  monetary policy — very low interest rates, is  driving money into equities in search of higher yields —it is a powerful engine of inequality benefiting the 10% who hold stocks.

Comment: These 16 agencies are his masters from The Wall Street and London City (Goldman Sachs and here who has taken over World economic governance, as well as  JP Morgan and here, i.a.) and the FED.


The Washington Post 13 Dec. 2013 speaks of lassitude of his actual governance, a passivity that verges on absenteeism? He is tremendously oblivious. The  incompetence of his bureaucratic government is ponderous. He is late to discover the most elementary workings of government and oblivious of the work of his government.
Obama has shown little aptitude and even less interest in managing, governing, negotiating, cajoling, crafting legislation, forging compromise. But he is a rhetoric talent, that´s his force.

The Truthseeker, John Kaminsky 4 Dec. 2013: The CNN video illustrates how the Jewish-controlled news media has ramped up its campaign to criminalize 9/11 skeptics, peace advocates, Occupy Movement participants, and those who realize that Israel and the Jewish bankers utterly and ruthlessly control U.S. politics and finance. The Jewish-controlled American government, through its Frankenstein creations of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (97 percent of whose grants go to Jewish interest groups fighting “anti-Semitism”) and the Transportation Safety Administration (which harangues innocent people at airports and on highways) already have targeted dissidents for special handling.

The people´s anger against Obama is rapidly and dangerously increasing
Veterans Today 12 Dec. 2013 by ret. psychologist James Preston:”So-called “Anti-terrorist” training is provided by those who are actually the world’s top terrorists and originators of world terror. The US government and it’s top Policy-Makers are now transforming America (at least in their own minds) into a nationwide active war zone by labeling any American dissident a domestic terrorists and classifying over 50% of all Americans as either terrorists, domestic terrorists or potential domestic terrorists.
There is increasing fear in the US government that as its social and economic structures collapse there will
be popular riots. The people who are being savaged and defamed in this CNN are the very people who are trying to reclaim America from the Jewish monster that has twisted history for more than a century, e.g. the AIPAC and here and the ADL.

Infowars 5 Nov.2013:  The Department of Homeland Security is to spend $19 million dollars on a private security force in Wisconsin and Minnesota, an armed unit that must have a “Top Secret” security clearance according to an official solicitation.

Such a civilian force is exactly what Obama demanded years ago

Michael Cannon, the Director of Health Policy Studies for the Cato Institute said in Congress that Obama´s complete disregard for the Constitution may lead to revolt as entitled by the Constitution. Obama seems to change laws  without approval by Congress - by means of executive orders.


Obama´s US is afraid of its citizens, forming a strong domestic army to fight AmericansThe DHS bought 3.5 mio. round of ammunition for domestic use - as well as 600.000 Russian Kalashnikov magazines - although these guns are not used by Americans. Later followed the purchase of another 200 million round of ammunition for the DHS. In 2013 (The Denver Post 25 Febr.), the DHS  was about to buy another 1.6 bn round of ammunition and has acquired heavily armoured personnel carriers, repatriated from the Iraqi and Afghani theatres of operation (Forbes 11 March 2013). The Northern Command has been reinforced by he 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry, which was first into Baghdad, Iraq, in 2003. It is working all over the USA. ( 3 Oct. 2013). This is in breach of the Posse Comitatus law.

The FEMA Camps are  concentration camps into which people can be stuck  whom Obama doesn´t like , potentially  all Americans. He can do it  as he has the authority to declare martial law (has already done so),  even in peace time,  and  declare the US a battlefield. Obama is running full-speed towards the one world government and  here - and will abate any resistance.

Why are all these coffins in the FEMA Camps?


Russia Today 28 Apr. 2012:  “The US has confirmed that Russian troops will carry out joint anti-terror drills on American soil in May - invited by the US government. Around twenty airborne Russian troops will arrive in Fort Carson, Colorado to take part in the training program targeting “terrorists”.


”Their presence touches upon latent fears of “global UN peacekeeping troops being used to quell unrest inside America.” Drills involving outside troops also raise worries that the US would have to “rely on foreign mercenaries to restore order, confiscate weapons or even incarcerate citizens during a national emergency, because of the likelihood that Americans would refuse to carry out such orders against other Americans,” Paul Watson writes.”

This domestic force is well underway: Glenn Beck 19 Oct. 2012

The gravest threat to Obama is the military - due to the Benghazi “Uriah” scandal
Dave Hodges´Common Sense Show Aug. 2013:  In the fall of 2012, Ambassador Stevens and his one more were killed in the US embassy, fighting for hours against Al-Qaeda attackers. Stevens asked Obama for help - it was refused, although CIA forces were just down the street. Quite absurdly, the leader of the CIA team recalled the agents already on their way to rescue the ambassador. 2 generals acted on their own and sent land forces and the Air Force from Sicily to help. However, they were called back - and sacked,  as was among others CIA´s chief Petraeus under an irrelevant accusation of infidelity to his wife (What about Obama´s homosexual escapades?). Since then many high-ranking generals and officers have been sacked, after an attempt of a coup d´état.  Stevens was the conduit to deliver weapons from the US to the Al-Qaeda in Syria and Libya. Journalists were about to disclose that, which would have cost Obama his reelection. Therefore, the main witness, Stevens, had to die. Several key personnel at Benghazi have been forced to sign nondisclosure agreements about what they know.  After that, Obama has placed CIA people in all US military camps - also abroad, and often as the second-in-command.

WND 24 Nov. 2013 : A retired Army general is calling for the “forced resignations” of President Obama, other administration officials and the leadership of Congress for the direction they’re taking the nation, his list of grievances including the systematic political purge of hundreds of senior military officers in the U.S. military.


Retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (right), former deputy commanding general of the Pacific Command and now chairman of the organization Stand Up America, told WND he is calling for nationwide rallies and protests to demand the resignations and added that a peaceful “civil uprising is still not out of question.”

Vallely issued what he termed a “National Call to Action” to enforce the resignations of  i.a. Obama and  Vice President Joe Biden.
“The battle is on,” he added, “and we shall not retreat.”


Vallely, who has also served as a Fox News military analyst, claimed the Obama administration and leadership of Congress have been leading the nation down a road of “progressive socialism.”
He calls for abolishing the Dept. for Home Security (left), the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service system, the intended result of which would be that “all political plundering of the peoples’ wealth via taxation will be stopped.” He wants America and US jobs for Americans.

As though this was not enough, the Egyptian Military dictatorship now accuse Obama before the International Tribune in the Hague of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in its crimes against the Copts. Furthermore, They accuse his brother, Malik Obama, of sending terrorists into Egypt.
This is a theatre, of course, but it does show that Obama was unable to keep the strongest military power in the Arab world as an ally.
Obama  has lost the world´s trust in him and the US due to the gap between his warlike talk and his lack of action.
However, fortunately, he refrained from attacking Syria, because acc. to Seymour Hersh in  Prison Planet 12 Dec. 2013, there was incredible operation [sic] from some very, very strong-minded, constitutionally minded people in the Pentagon. 
And not even the AIPAC could persuade Congress to attack.

Obama is really a “selfie” - apparently going alone with his presidential executive orders - like the NDAA police state. and the state of emergency. He declared war on Libya without consulting Congress. However, Congress then offered him a free hand to declare war on anybody he does not like, the reason being WWIII waged against Al-Qaeda, a US imaginative partner which the CIA and US government invented and has used as an excuse (e.g. 9/11-2001) by means of false flag operations to attack worldwide in a so-called war on terror - being used as a pretext to introduce severe security measures against the peoples of the West, who are considered the real terrorists, because they are obstacles to the Illuminati´s NWO dictatorship. Therefore, people must be secretly neutralised by force. The NSA and our security services are doing all they can to spy on and scare us into passivity.

Überall auf diesem Planeten setzt die Elite ihre Autorität über die “nutzlosen Esser” durch, die Raum einnehmen und “ihre” Ressourcen des Planeten konsumieren. Der Großteil der Menschheit wird in metaphorischen Zoo-Käfigen gehalten und existiert für die bloße Unterhaltung der Elite.
Die Elite besitzt das Essen, das Wasser und alle Behausung  auf diesem Planeten. Die Elitisten ernennen ihre Schergen für Regierungspositionen und schaffen dann die Voraussetzungen, wodurch die Launen der Elite durchgesetzt werden, wobei sie die Menschen versklaven.
(Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show).
Maurice Strong: “Das Konzept der Souveränität muss zu Gunsten der “neuen Anforderungen des globalen Umwelt-Kooperativs weichen.” (Citizen Review Online).



Man mag den Bilderberger, van Rompuy, wegen seines Eine-Welt-Programms (Video unten) nicht leiden. Er ist aber kein Geheimis-Diplomat: Er spricht die ungeschminkte Wahrheit.

Jetzt erzählt EU-Ratspräsident van Rompuy freundlich, was uns erwartet.
Hier ist sein Lob an die chinesische Regierung dafür, dass sie 250 Millionen Bauern aus ihrer Heimat in Megastädte zwangs-verlagern (The New York Times 15 June 2013) - mit bis zu 42 Millionen Bürgern.

Das Folgende wird zeigen, dass dies für einen begeisterten EU-Ratspräsidenten ein Modell unserer Zukunft ist!

Der Europäishe Rat 21. Nov. 2013, Ansprache des  Präs., van Rompuy, bei der Schließung des EU-China- Wohngemeinschafts-Forums (Auszug)
“Wir hatten ein sehr gutes Treffen mit Premier Li Keqiang zu zahlreichen Fragen, nicht zuletzt auf Chinas ehrgeizige Pläne für die Verstädterung seines Landes .

Der Umzug einer so großen Anteil der chinesischen Bevölkerung in eine städtische Umgebung ist ein riesiges Unterfangen. Er wird die Gesellschaft der Zukunft gestalten. Er wird das Leben von Millionen von Menschen ändern. Eigentlich wird er die Gesellschaft neu gestalten.

Die EU-China-Verstädterungs-Partnerschaft, die  vor einem Jahr startete, ist bereits für die  EU-China Umfassende Strategische Partnerschaft eine wichtige Leitinitiative geworden. Sie ist nicht nur eine Angelegenheit der Stadtexperten und Vertreter der lokalen Regierungen aus Europa und China, sondern sie muss von Natur aus normale Bürger aus Europa und China  einbinden. Ich unterstütze die Idee, zu versuchen, Lösungen für die Herausforderungen auf dezentralisierter Ebene zu zu finden, wo die Effekte am stärksten spürbar sind.

US-population-distribution-2010Hier ist ein großes Potenzial, um unsere Zusammenarbeit zu verbessern.
In der Tat, Chinas Ziel, jedes Jahr Millionen von Menschen vom Land in die Städte zu übersiedeln,  ist beispiellos in Bezug auf die Geschwindigkeit und die Anzahl der beteiligten Personen.
Dieser Trend sollte einen positiven Beitrag zum Wirtschaftswachstum und Wohlstand leisten. Mit anderen
Worten, es geht darum, dass Einzel-Menschen besser leben. Dies ist unsere gemeinsame Bestrebung, und das eigentliche Ziel unserer Partnerschaft.

Verstädterung ist ein Teil eines laufenden Prozesses, das richtige Gleichgewicht zwischen der Notwendigkeit,  die Umwelt und die natürlichen Ressourcen zu schützen und einem berechtigten Interesse an der Sicherung des wirtschaftlichen Wachstums, zu finden. In diesem Sinne teilen wir die gleiche Herausforderung.

Dies sollte die treibende Kraft für unsere wachsende Zusammenarbeit sein. In diesem Zusammenhang kann Europa eine Menge anbieten. Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir die Entwicklungs-Erfahrung und Kompetenz in der Bewältigung der Herausforderungen der nachhaltigen Entwicklung. Man kann viele Beispiele für erfolgreiche und lebendige Städte zeigen.

Wollen wir nicht vergessen, dass der Verstädterungsprozess auch eine starke Antriebskraft für unsere jeweiligen Geschäfts-Gemeinschaften sein sollte. In der Tat arbeiten wir an einer ehrgeizigen, zukunftsorientierten EU-China-2020-Agenda. Ich freue mich darauf, Sie im nächsten Jahr in Brüssel anlässlich des nächsten EU-China-Verstädterungs-Forums begrüßen zu dürfen.”

Am 27. February 2013 veröffentlichte die Europäische Kommission ein Dokument , “Ein menschenwürdiges Leben  für alle“, in dem sie ankündigte, sie werde in der globalen Umwelt-Regierung durch “einen einheitlichen politischen Rahmen” die “Hauptrolle” auf sich nehmen - gleicht sich in der Tat der Agenda 21 an. Sie können über Ihre kommunistische Zukunft in der EU in Auf eine Einer-Planeten-Wirtschaft in Europa 2050 zu mehr lesen: “Der Staat besitzt die Güter der Gesellschaft, zahlt “Existenz-Löhne”an alle,  besteuert Menschen, die mehr verdienen stark, sehr teure Energiepreise, und Wasser kostet 8 Euro pro m3. Flüge für einfache Menschen “unnötig”- sehr kleine Unterschiede im Lebens-Standard. Elektroautos können gemietet werden.  Menschen sind gezwungen, sehr sparsam zu sein und in Wohngemeinschaften zu leben. Schwerpunkt auf immateriellen Werten” (Welche in einer entchristlichen Gesellschaft?).
Sagte jemand, dies sei die DDR/UdSSR? die DDR / UdSSR? Es ist die EUdSSR (Wladimir Bukowsky).

Die Agenda 21 ist jetzt. Sie wurde uns schließlich im September 2013 von unseren Regierungen auferlegt, indem sie die UNO ermächtigten, uns ihrer NWO wie Legebatterien unterzuordnen. In diesem Beitrag wird die Verstädterung und die Agenda 21 eindeutig vom EU -Ratspräsidenten, van Rompuy, zertifiziert. Der zentrale Punkt der Agenda 21 ist die Verstädterung in  städtischen Käfigen, ohne Zugang zu Gottes Natur, die Rothschild und seiner Global Environmental Facility gehört - vor allem in den USA.

Ich habe viel über die Aktivitäten des Rothschild-Agenten, des ehemaligen UN- Vize- Generalsekretärs Herrn Maurice Strong geschrieben, bevor er einen 1Million-Dollar-Scheck von Saddam Hussein annahm und zu seiner Cousine, Anna Louise, in China fliehen musste. Sie war Mao Tse Tungs Geliebte gewesen. Er ist jetzt Berater der chinesischen Regierung. Laut der Fox News etabliert er fleißig Steuergelder-Fonds inner- und ausserhalb der UNO und zapft sie, wenn er das nötig hat!
Einer der Pläne dieses Verbrechers war die Ausarbeitung der Details für die
Eine-Welt-Regierung der NWO im Namen seiner Herren, Rothschild/Rockefeller. Das Agenda 2-Konzentrationslager-System und hier und hier und hier und hier ist ein wenig bekanntes Phänomen, bedeutet aber nichts weniger als unsere Zukunft, die von privaten, nicht gewählten Bankster-Unternehmen regierte Eine-Welt-Regierung.

Geschichte der Agenda 21
Das Projekt wurde auf der Rio Konferenz 1992 gegründet - und von 179 Staats-und Regierungs-Chefs unterzeichnet. Es baut auf der kommunistischen  NWO-Gemeinschaft der “Nachhaltigkeit” und  Verstädterung.
2. Das Rio + 20 Schluss-Dokument beschloss, alle Elemente der Agenda 21 auf UN-Ebene durchzusetzen.
3. Im February 2012  verkündete die Obama-Regierung, sie sei dabei, eine Koalition unter UN-Aufsicht zu bilden, um “Klimawandel” zu bekämpfen.
4. BBC 30 Jan. 2012: Das Hoch-Level Forum auf Globale Nachhaltigkeit wurde 2010 durch UN General-Sekretär Ban Ki-moon ins Leben gerufen. Es is eine Agenda 21-Gruppe mit Namen wie der früheren Rockefeller-WHO Bossin, Gro Harlem Brundtland. Das Hoch-Level Forum arbeitet für einen globalen Umwelt-Gerichtshof, der über alles bezüglich der Umwelt - darunter Wirtschaft, Militär usw.  - entscheiden solle.
5. In einer
EU Presse-Mitteilung am 25. Febr. 2013 teilte EU-kommissar Potocnik die Einrichtung einer UN Umwelt-Versammlung (UNEA) mit, um  die Ergebnisse der  Rio+20 Konferenz zu verwirklichen.
The New American 4 Febr. 2013
Der korporative Riese, Monsanto und hier und hier und hier hat sich offiziell dem World Business Council for Sustainable Development, angeschlossen, einer Gruppe mächtiger Interessen, einschl. Grossbanken und grosser Öl-Konzerne, die  die UNO stützen.
Im September 2013 wurde die  Agenda 21 (Nachhaltigkeit) von der UN- Vollversammlung angenommen - und vom EU-Kommissions-Präsidenten, José Barroso, stark gelobt.

Das bedeutet diktatorische, kommunistische Urbanisierung
Das Ziel der Agenda 21 ist es, Menschen in so-genannte Öko-Städte zusammenzupferchen,  um ihnen  jedes Wort und Bewegung  registrieren sowie die Kinder in ihre luziferische Ideologie und hier indoktrinieren / einer Gehirnwäschen unterziehen zu können
Die Menschen sollen in “Smart Cities” leben, also Städten, in denen jedes Detail des Lebens der Menschen zentral geplant ist: gemeinsame Behausungen mit gemeinsamen Küchen, Wohnzimmern usw. Es gibt eine festgesetzte Menge an Nahrung, d.h. GVO von Monsanto und Konsorten geliefert. Marktmonopol für ein paar Konzerne. Alle sind fast gleich arm. Weniger große Agrarbetriebe.  Die Menschen werden immobil ausserhalb ihrer Stadt. Diese Gesellschaft baut auf Maurice Strongs, Steven Rockefellers und Michael Gorbatschows leninistischer Erd-Charta.
Austin, Texas, ist Modell für die Agenda -21-Verstädterung, die angeblich von der Rockefeller-Foundation diktiert sei.


Also, das ist ein sehr weit fortgeschrittenes Programm. Dänische Kommunen sind vom Parlament beauftragt worden, alle 4 Jahre einen  Agenda 21-Plan zu machen. Ich hatte die “Ehre”, zu einer solchen Planungssitzung - bei der die  Gemeinden unter der Ägis der  ICLEI den Kommunismus laut Rothschilds/ Rockefellers/Maurice Strongs  “Local Agenda 21″ implementieren sollen - eingeladen zu werden, aber ich lehnte ab, nachdem ich die Tagesordnung dieser Sitzung gesehen hatte.

Eine zunehmend starke und Bibel-fälschende und hier so-genannte vegane Bewegung ist Teil  der Agenda 21 und ihrer Urheber, der Rockefellers. Al Gore wurde soeben Veganer. Ihr Argument, dass Wildlandpflanzliches Protein viel billiger und viel nachhaltiger als Protein aus furzenden Tieren sei,  die - so sagen sie - globale Erwärmung verursachen, wird sich wahrscheinlich durchsetzen.
Der umstrittenste Aspekt der Agenda 21 ist das Wildland -Projekt, d.h. keinen Zutritt für die Menschen zur meisten Natur. Sie soll Wildnis sein, d.h. verfallene Sicherheit mit ihren Bodenschätzen für Rothschilds Global Environmental Facility, wie Nationen ihre zunehmenden Zinsen auf die steigenden Kredite an den IWF und Rothschilds zentrale und andere Banken nicht mehr bezahlen können. Die blaugrünen Flecken auf der  Karte links sind für Menschen. Der Rest ist für Tiere und Rothschild.

ICLEI ist der Internationale Rat für kommunale Umweltinitiativen. Wikipedia:  ICLEI wurde durch lokale Regierungen aus 43 Ländern im Jahr 1990 gegründet. Heute umfasst er mehr als 1200 Städte, Gemeinden, Landkreise und ihre Verbände in 84 Ländern. Seit 2003 ist der Name “ICLEI-Lolale Regierungen für Nachhaltigkeit” mit einem breiteren Mandat, Fragen der Nachhaltigkeit, nicht nur Umweltfragen, anzugehen. Er ist mit dem UN-Agenda 21-Programm eng verflochten.
Der ICLEI wird- natürlich - durch die Rockefeller Foundation sowie   George Soros, The  Rockefeller Brothers´Fund und US Steuerzahler finanziert.
Die ICLEI- Karte rechts zeigt seine enorme Expansion, d.h. seine Macht über die Welt außer Russlands und Chinas.

Dies ist eine Schande. van Rompuy lobt die Behandlung von Menschen wie Vieh - und nennt die EU-China- Verstädterungs-Partnerschaft eine wichtige Leitinitiative der EU-China- Partnerschaft. Er sagt, sie müsse von Natur aus normale Bürger aus Europa und China einbinden. (Gott schütze uns!).
Die Agenda 21 ist jetzt und hier. Unsere Regierungen haben die UN ermächtigt, uns diesen Eine-Welt- Kommunismus aufzuzwingen, mit Gehirnwäsche in einem Leben als vegetativem Vieh in einem Käfig, der eine Stadt genannt wird,  die man aber ohne Auto nicht verlassen kann, um in Gottes Natur - die Rothschild übernommen hat - zu fahren. Das  tägliche Futter  wird den Menschen variabel  verabreicht,  je nach der Möglichkeit der Kultivierung der Brachfelder, ohne die Umwelt oder eine zentral festgelegte atmosphärische CO2- Quote auf Basis der bewährten Klimalüge zu erhöhen.  Wacht auf! Protestiert!

Everywhere on this planet, the elite are asserting their authority over the “useless eaters” who occupy space and consume “their” resources on this planet. The bulk of humanity are kept in metaphorical zoo-like cages on the planet and exist for the mere entertainment of the elite.
The elite own the food, the water and all the shelter on this planet. The elite appoint their minions to government positions. The government subsequently creates the conditions whereby the whims of the elite are enforced, thus, enslaving the people.
(Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show).

Maurice Strong: sovereignty has to yield in favor of the “new imperatives of global environmental cooperative.” (Citizen Review Online).


One may dislike the Bilderberger, van Rompuy , for his one world program (video below). But he is not a secretive diplomat: He speaks the unpainted truth.

Now EU Council President, van Rompuy, kindly explains what awaits us
Here is his praise to the Chinese government for forcing 250 million peasants away from their homes into megacities  (The New York Times 15 June 2013) of up to 42 million inhabitants.

The following will show that this is the model of our future for an enthusiastic EU Council President!

The European Council 21 Nov. 2013, Speech by Pres. van Rompuy at the closure of the EU-China Urbanization Forum (excerpt)
We had a very good meeting with Premier Li Keqiang on numerous issues, not least on China’s ambitious plans for the urbanisation of its country.

The move of such a large proportion of the Chinese population into an urban environment is a huge undertaking. It will shape the society of the future. It will change the lives of millions of people.
Actually, it will reshape society.

The EU-China Urbanisation Partnership launched just a year ago has already become an important, flagship initiative for the EU-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. It is not just a matter involving urban experts and representatives of local governments from Europe and China but it has to involve by its very nature ordinary citizens from Europe and China. I support the idea of trying to find effective solutions to the challenges of urbanisation at the most decentralized level, where the effects are most keenly felt.

US-population-distribution-2010Here is a great potential to enhance our cooperation.
In fact, China’s goal to let move millions of persons from the countryside to the cities every
is unprecedented in the speed and the number of people involved.
This trend should make a positive contribution to economic growth and prosperity. In other
words, it is about
making individual human lives better. This is our shared aspiration, and
the real aim of our partnership.

Urbanization is a part of an on-going process to find a proper balance between the need to
protect environment and natural resources and a legitimate interest in securing economic

In this sense although urbanisation in Europe and in China are at different stages, we share the same challenge.

This should be the driving force for our growing cooperation. In this context Europe can offer a lot. Over the years we have been developing experience and expertise in addressing challenges of sustainable development. We can offer numerous examples of successful and vibrant cities.

Let’s us also not forget that urbanization process should be also a strong driving force for our respective business communities. In fact we are working on an ambitious, forward looking  EU-China 2020 Agenda. I am welcoming you next year in Brussels on the occasion of the next EU-China Urbanisation Forum.

On February 27 in 2013, the European Commission published a document, “A Decent Life For All” announcing it will take on itself the “lead role” in global environmental governance through “a unified policy framework”- in effect aligning itself with Agenda 21. You can read more on your Communist future in the EU sponsored “Towards a one planet economy in Europe” 2050: “State owns goods of society, paying “living wages” to everybody, severely taxes people who earn more. Very expensive energy prices, and water costs 8 euro per m3.  Flights for ordinary people “unnecessary” - very small differences in standard of living. Electro-cars can be rent. Shared housing. People forced to be very frugal - concentrating on immaterial values.”
Did any one say the GDR/USSR? (Which in a dechristianized society?). It is the EUSSR. (Vladimir Bukowsky).

Agenda 21 is about now. It was finally imposed upon us in Sept. 2013 by our governments authorizing the UN  to subordinate us under its NWO like battery hens. In this post, The urbanization and Agenda 21 is clearly certified by EU Council President, van Rompuy. The central point of Agenda 21 is urbanization in city cages with no access to God´s nature which Rothschild and his Global Environmental Facility are taking over - especially in the US.

I have written much on  Rothschild agent, former UN vice- secretary general. Mr.  Maurice Strong´s acivities before he took a 1million dollars check from Saddam Hussein and had to flee to his Cousin´s, Anna Louise´s, China. She had been  Mao Tse Tung´s mistress. He is now an adviser to the Chinese government. Acc. to The Fox News, he is diligently setting up taxpayer funds in and without the UN, tapping them when he needs to!

One of this criminal´s plans was the elaboration of details for NWO´s one world government on behalf of his masters Rothschild/Rockefeller. The Agenda 21-oncentration Camp System and  here and here and here and here is a little known phenomenon meaning no less than our future, determined by private, unelected, corporate banksters´private  world government.

History of Agenda 21
1.The Project was founded at the Rio Conference in 1992 - signed by 179 heads of state /government. It is the Communist NWO society built on “sustainability” and  urbanisation.
2.The Rio + 20 outcome document´ decided to implement all the elements of Agenda 21 at UN level,
3. in February 2012  the Obama administration announced it was forming a  coalition overseen by the UN to fight “climate change”.
4. BBC 30 Jan. 2012: The High-Level Forum on Global Sustainability was established in 2010 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. It is an Agenda 21 group containing names like former Rockefeller-WHO boss, Gro Harlem Brundtland. The High Level Forum is working for a world environmental court of Justice to rule over everything associated with environment, i.e. i.a. economy, military etc.
5. In an
EU Press Release 25 Febr. 2013: Eu Commissioner Potocnik announced the establishment of a UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) to implement the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference.
The New American 4 Febr. 2013
Corporate giant  Monsanto here and here and here and here has officially joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a group of powerful interests including major banks and Big Oil backing the United Nations
6. In September 2013, Agenda 21 (sustainability) was adopted by the UN Plenary Session

and highly praised by EU Commission President, José Barroso.

That means dictatorial, Communist urbanisation
The purpose of the Agenda 21 is to huddle people together in so-called ECO-Cities in order to observe their every word and move as well as to be able to indoctrinate/brainwash children massively in their Luciferian ideology and here.
People are to live in “smart cities”, i.e. cities where every detail of people´s lives is centrally planned, shared housing with common kitchens, living rooms etc. There´s a fixed quantity of food, delivered as GMO by Monsanto and its ilk. People become immobile outside their city. Everybody nearly equally poor. Fewer large-scale agribusiness operations. Market monopoly for a few corporations. This society is based on Maurice Strong ´s, Steven Rockefeller´s and Michael Gorbachev´s  Leninist Earth Charter.
Austin, Texas, is a model for the Agenda-21 urbanisation - said to be dictated by the Rockefeller Foundation.


So, This is a very far progressed program. Danish municipalities have been ordered by Parliament to make an Agenda 21 plan all 4 years. I had the “honour” of being invited to such a planning session under the “Local Agenda 21″, meaning municipalities having to implement Rothshild/Rockefeller/Maurice Strong´s Communism, under the Aegis of the ICLEI, which is interwoven with the  UN on Agenda 21 - but I refused, having seen the agenda of that meeting.

An increasingly strong and Bible-falsifying and here so-called vegan movement is part of the Agenda 21 of the UN and its originators, der Rockefellers. Al Gore just went vegan. Its argument that plant protein is much cheaper and much more sustainable than protein from farting Wildlandanimals, which they say cause global warming, will probably prevail.
The most controversial aspect of Agenda 21 must be the Wildlands Project, meaning no admission for people to most of nature. It is to be wilderness, i.e. forfeited security with its mineral treasures to Rothschild´s Global Environmental Facility, as nations cannot pay their increasing interest on increasing loans to the IMF and Rothschild´s central and other banks. The bluegreen spots on map left are for humans. The rest is for beasts and Rothschild.

ICLEI is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Wikipedia: ICLEI was established local governments from 43 countries in 1990. Today, more than 1200 cities, towns, counties, and their associations in 84 countries. Since 2003 the name is “ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability’ with a broader mandate to address sustainability issues, not only environmental issues. It is  involved in and supports the U.N. Agenda 21 program.

ICLEIThe ICLEI is - of course - funded through  The Rockefeller Foundation as well as the Rothschild Agent George Soros, The  Rockefeller Brothers´Fund and US tax payers

The Map right shows its tremendous expansion, i.e. its power over the world - except Russia and China.

This is a disgrace. van Rompuy praises treating people like cattle - calling the EU-China Urbanisation Partnership  an important flagship initiative for the EU-China partnership. He says  it has to involve by its very nature ordinary citizens from Europe and China. (God save us!).
The Agenda 21 is now and here. Our governments have empowered the UN to force us into this one world communism to become brainwashed, vegetative cattle in a cage called a city, but which you can not leave to go in to God´s nature - which Rothschild has taken over - without a car.  Your daily fodder will be administered in measured doses, variable according to the possibility of cultivating the fallows  without damaging the environment or to increase a centrally fixed atmospheric CO2 quota based on the proven climate lie. Wake up now. Protest!

Summary: The FED prints money without end. Now, however, it is enough for the Chinese: they no longer want to buy dollars and soon not even  U.S. debt any more - and they can settle their oil trade in yuan. This means the great collapse of the U.S.: Its great power status is based on the dollar as a reserve currency (petro - dollar).

A former senior FED official has apologized for the boundless money printing. He recognized the program as the largest back-door Wall Street money machine of all times.
The worst thing is that even though the FED prints so much new money (85 billion dollars a month ) - lending fhas fallen, as the banks use the cheap money for their own speculations in government bonds and gold - and do not direct the money into the real economy. The same is happening in Europe.

It’s good times for the banks: After the prescription by the Clinton administration of the “subprime” mortgages, JP Morgan Chase was  the author of the CDO trading with these mortgages - and earned outrageously on it. It got taxpayer bailouts - and continues trading derivatives. A new bubble has been created that can explode at any time. Worldwide, there are interest derivatives worth at least 441 billion dollars which may have to be paid by the taxpayers and savers.

J.P. Morgan Chase Chase now has to pay a symbolic € 13 billion for the scandal that sent the whole world into unemployment and increasing poverty - and broght the bank  billions if not trillions of dollars.
JP Morgan Chase has admitted to have deceived the world. Half of the 13 billion dollars will be paid by the taxpayer. It is no punishment, merely an agreement with the government that the Bankers have in their firm grip as bribed lackeys, anyway. Of course, the defrauded investors will not get a cent.

Rothschild´s central bankster robbers have a long list of sins with lies and deceit in which they channel the money of even the poorest of the world into their own pockets - especially JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and the U.S. Fed, which has cruelly stolen the values ​​of the Americans. It is no better in other countries subjected to  a Rothschild Central Bank. Those who do not have such a bank are “rogue states”, and they are being imposed Rothschild central banks through wars by the U.S. politician lackeys .

The only respectable and reasonable financial investigator, Bill Still, says for the umpteenth time there is only one solution: states must cease to borrow from the central banks, even print their own money - and prohibit banks from lending money they do not have. Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy did that and were shot.

EU politicians and states are looking for new taxation objects to save their impossible EU-project, meaning  a hefty bloodletting for savers and taxpayers.

Now,  EU Parliament President Martin Schulz desperately wants to solve the job and debt crisis with new debts - although that proved a catastrophic cure over the past 6 years. But neither the banks nor the enterprises want such credits.
Because  EU/IMF credits are associated with increasing austerity measures need is increasing worldwide up to the point of general uprising of the peoples.
Martin Schultz knows and says a project or idea cannot exist if peoples turn their backs on it. He says that the existence of the EU is threatened. Be assured: The EU will not cease without having drawn the last cent out of our pockets - and the last cartridge of Eurogendfor has been fired - against us or the Illuminati. A gigantic Western social and economic collapse is planned so the elite can make good on its motto: Order out of Chaos (which they mus first bring about).


The new junkers come from all over the world. The investors are the new feudal rulers of Europe. They rule with the knout, the debt-whip. They are blowing the horn for hunting Europe. They fire real bullets. Who presents the ECB policy as one-sided, acts “nationalistically” said Draghi. The ECB officials play the role of powerful political commissioners. Their speech is to make the “investors” - i.e. the big banks - happy.
(Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 22. Nov. 2013).

Desperate EU parliament president, Martin Schultz:  “When people turn away from a project or an idea, then at some point it will come to an end. The survival of the EU is threatened” (Deutsche Welle 4 Febr. 2013).


First I ask you to see this video which explains  the Global Union of the united  Rothschild/Rockefeller Syndicate. Their tools are their Freemasons.

Something  threatening is coming up in that connection: the Illuminati are letting us pay for their introduction of their one world dictatorship.

EU Commission Pres. José Barroso declares the EU an empire!

Destroying the USA
Activist Post 21 Nov. 2013, Michael Snyde
r:  China just dropped an absolute bombshell: The central bank of China has decided that it is “no longer in China’s favor to accumulate foreign-exchange reserves (now ca. $3.66 trillion, mainly US dollars”). Many U.S. analysts are suggesting that China could also soon stop buying any more U.S. debt.

Now China has apparently decided that it is time to let the dollar collapse. The Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) may price its crude oil futures contract in yuan, its chairman said.
The false prosperity that most Americans are enjoying today will soon start disappearing.

Bill Still has got the cure for this petrodollar crisis, which usually triggered wars: 1. Forbid states making debts by borrowing their money from the central banks, which print it out of thin air.  2. Forbid banks to lend money they don´t have (fractional reserve). For the borrower is the serf of the lender (Wall Street, London City, central banks)

If you have not seen Bill Still´s film, The Moneymasters from 1996, you can  see this fundamental video here:

What these criminals have done to the world after 1996, Bill Still has described here.


“The purpose of this financial crisis is to take down the U.S. dollar as the stable datum of planetary finance and, in the midst of the resulting confusion, put in its place a Global Monetary Authority [GMA - run directly by international bankers freed of any government control] -a planetary financial control organization”. And in consequence:

“The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole… Their secret is that they have annexed from governments, monarchies, and republics the power to create the world’s money…” .- Prof. Carroll Quigley renowned, late Georgetown macro-historian, author of Tragedy and Hope and Bill Clinton´s mentor.

Instead, this biggest wealth transfer ever is going from the pockets of American (and) all citizens of the world underlying a central bank and its affiliates into the pockets of the Illuminati.

How the FED´s money printing out of thin air, while increasing sovereign debt immensely, went into the pockets of the bankster Illuminati

Andrew Huszar Nov. 11, 2013: I can only say: I’m sorry, America. As a former Federal Reserve official, I was responsible for executing the centerpiece program of the Fed’s first plunge into the bond-buying experiment known as quantitative easing. The central bank continues to spin quantitative easing as a tool for helping Main Street. But I’ve come to recognize the program for what it really is: the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time.

Time Business and Money 13 Nov. 2013, Andrew Huszar: If you compare the first day of trading in my program in January of 2009, and the last day of trading fifteen months later, the overall amount of U.S. mortgage lending had actually decreased despite the fact that the Fed had spent $1.25 trillion trying to stimulate mortgage lending. In fact, if you look as late as 2012, U.S. mortgage lending was at a fifteen year low. The banks weren’t making more loans. Instead, they were often investing their extra money into securities to take advantage of the rising tide of asset prices in the market.

Federal-Reserve-Balance-Sheet-425x255Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

Now the world is inextricably interwoven in the web of Rothschild´s disastrous  central banking system
Infowars 15 Nov. 2013
: Just the suggestion that the Fed would begin to slow down the quantitative easing a little bit was enough to send the financial markets into panic mode a few months ago.  If the Fed does decide to permanently stop quantitative easing a big crisis will occur.

How the Rothschild bankers pay a song for the biggest theft in history - after that of their their sister, Rothschild´FED.
Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 19 Nov. 2013: According to the Washington Department of Justice, the U.S. bank J.P. Morgan Chase will pay $ 13 billion to settle their dispute with the government about dubious mortgage business. The sum is the highest that has ever been paid by a single group, the Department said .

Under the agreement, J.P. Morgan acknowledged to have deceived the public to a large extent, as the New York Attorney General said. Employees had knowingly sold to investors products that were of lower quality than specified. However,  no manager is apparently held accountable for the (illegal) manipulations.
It does not count as a punishment but as a deal with investigators. Because of the cheap money,  the bank can easily make the payment. U.S. taxpayers will pay half the sum, because the payment of the tax is deductible. The payment goes to the U.S. Treasury.

Michael Snyder of the reputable blog “The Economic Collapse”: US economy is like a dying cancer patient: The disease has spread all over the body. If you kill the cancer cells you kill the patient. There are 441 trillion dollars of interest derivatives on the world market. He advises us to prepare for the coming storm. He is extremely concerned about the next 2 years. Poverty and looting will follow.

EU-Parliament President Martin Schultz: “The survival of the EU is threatened.”

Helpless Martin Schulz: The debt crisis is best solved with new debt.
DWN 22 Nov. 2013: The EU wants to help poor states with cheap loans. The banks would even be forced to give business loans, which they do not want to if they are not sure to get the money back.
The problem is that companies do not want any credit. Anyway, they have many favourable credit offers. The volume of lending in the euro zone has fallen by six per cent since the beginning of 2010, Schulz said.

Fall of rome

DWN 23 Nov. 2013: Thomas Cole, Course of the empire - Rome´s destruction.
The Vandals of the finance markets are brooding on the right time. Then Rome will fall and not just Rome.
“The states of the euro zone are in tremendous trouble. „Acc. to my opinion  they are  steering towards disaster.“
(Roger Nightingale, economist with RDN Associates)

Of course, the  public looted by the Rothschild/Rockefeller banks will have no compensation. The ridiculously small amount of damages go to the state which has been so large with taxpayer Bail-outs to JP Morgan & Co. This syndicate will give you negative interest rates - (in the US, too)- now also demanded by ECB boss, Draghi - for being able to speculate with your bank savings, let you as a taxpayer pay for their losses and then let you pay when the banks become insolvent. Furhermore they plan to cut a 10% one time tax from your ever so small bank account to service the Rothschild banks.

This is the Justice of Weishaupt´s/Rothschild´s New World Order. The Clinton administration ordered the banks to launch subprime mortgages, which were bundled and sliced into tranches by J.P. Morgan´s design , the so-called CDOs (Collateral Debt Obligations), so no one knew what he bought.  JP Morgan made an incredible lot of money on it. The same was true of  Morgan´s robbery of the Lehman Brothers Bank, which suddenly was technically insolvent due to the  Mark-to-Market rule of the Basel II, which  is a construct of Rothschild´s BIS, a tool, by which most banks can be driven into insolvency at any time.
They are up to having our societies collapse - in order to build their NWO out of the Chaos.

Gold-man sachs

These robber banks even managed to rob the revenues of states in dire strait - like the deal the Rothschild bank Goldman Sachs made with corrupt Greek politicians. However, Goldman Sachs took the Greek revenues from lottery, airports etc. for many years. Similar arrangements exist for several European states, so  it is said. And when the states cannot pay their due interest they have EU taxpayer bail-outs, whereby the debtor (and creditor) states are driven more and more into the morass of sovereign debt and dependence on Rothschild. Now, EU Parliament President Schultz wants to increase the debts and thus the dependence on his masters, Rothschild/Rockefeller. At the same time, the  EU demands more austerity - which means increasing poverty and social riots. For the euro makes devaluation or increasing interest rates, and so foreign capital investment, otherwise impossible.
But worst of all are the Rothschild central banks, which create money out of thin air, lend it against interest rates that they fix themselves - thus sending states into deeper and deeper debt  - and thus political dependence on Rothschild.

And the whole mess is protected by the evil Rothschild/Rockefeller structure called the EU - acc. to Nigel Farage a continuation of the USSR, ruled by former Communists wih a dictatorial, Communist program. Farage was not allowed to finish his speech in the EU Parliament, where truth is banned.

This is the recipe for raising of the masses against the EU. And no Eurogendfor will be able - or loyal - enough to handle this. The EU is building its own coffin.

Kurzfassung: Seit langem fragt man sich, ob die EU, die durch die zionistisch/pharisäische Council on Foreign Relations ins Leben gerufen und viele Jahre lang von diesem CFR finanziert wurde, auch genau wie die USA durch zionistisch/pharisäische Organisationen, die mit Rothschilds Geld bestechen und mit peinlichen Enthüllungen drohen, regiert wird.  Die multikulturellen anti-nationalen Massnahmen der fast religiösen ECRI des Europarates deuten darauf hin.

Nun besteht kein Zweifel mehr. Der  “Europäische Rat für Toleranz und Versöhnung (ECTR)” ist eine pharisäisch/zionistische gestiftete und geleitete Organisation, die NWO-Politiker und Juristen  in ihren Stall gezogen hat. Nun hat er sein hausgemachtes  „Europäischer National-Statut-Rahmen für die Förderung der Toleranz“ dem EU-Parlamentspräsidenten vorgelegt. Nach Anhörung und Behandlung dort legt der ECTR nun frech  das Statut als Gesetzentwurf dem Europaparlament vor. Also: Pharisäer/Zionisten und ihre NWO-Handlanger schreiben EU-Gesetz! (Was ihre Konzerne schon lange tun).

Der Begriff “Toleranz  versteht sich  im Großen und Ganzen als “Respekt und Akzeptanz des Ausdrucks, der Erhaltung und Entwicklung der eigenständigen Identität einer Gruppe.“ Also keine Kritik an der Islamisierung Europas! Keine Souveränität – die wird endgültig den Pharisäern überlassen.  Die Schweden verstehen schon seit langem, dass die schwedische Flagge ein Greuel sei, indem ihr Kreuz Muslime – und vor allen Dingen Pharisäer-Politiker - kränken mag.

Dieser Gesetzentwurf entmündigt die EU-Bevölkerungen, definiert was nach Meinung der Pharisäer Intoleranz ist und erweitert die Diskriminations-Kriterien drastisch. Dazu kommen strenge Strafmassnahmen für diejenigen, die die diese von den Pharisäern festgelegten Diskriminations-Regelungen übertreten. Er verlegt Verletzungen ihrer Regelungen vom Zivil- ins Kriminalgesetz, was  besonders auch von der deutschen Regierung unterstützt wird. Der Entwurf wird Gedankenverbrechen der Einheimischen - d.h. Leute, die die Pharisäer verdächtigen, Kriminelles zu erwägen -  eher als begangene Verbrechen der Zuwanderer ahnden.
Daher ist auch die Überwachung der Bevölkerung  - und ganz besonders im Internet - drakonisch zu verstärken.

Hier einige der im Gesetzentwurf vorgesehenen Massnahmen - mit massiver Gehirnwäsche:
Er fordert die Einrichtung einer “Nationalen Toleranz-Überwachungs-Kommission” - mit der Befugnis, strafrechtliche Sanktionen zu verhängen.”
Jugendliche, die der Begehung von Intoleranz-Straftaten für schuldig befunden worden sind, müssen sich einem Reha- Programm unterziehen, entwickelt, um in sie eine Kultur der Toleranz einzugeben.
“Opfer von Intoleranz-Straftaten haben eine Klagebefugnis dazu, ein Verfahren gegen die Täter einzuleiten sowie ein Recht auf Wiedergutmachung.” Und zwar mit “Kostenloser Rechtsberatungs-Hilfe.”
“Die Regierung trägt dafür Sorge, dass (a ) Schulen von der primären Ebene nach oben Kurse einführen, die Schüler ermutigen, Vielfalt zu akzeptieren und ein Klima der Toleranz in Bezug auf die Qualitäten und Kulturen der anderen zu fördern.” Eine Erläuterung fügt hinzu: “Es ist sehr wichtig, solche Kurse so früh wie möglich in die Wege zu leiten und Universitäten einzubinden.”
“Die Regierung hat,  den öffentlich-rechtlichen Sender-Stationen (Fernsehen und Rundfunk) einen vorgeschriebenen Prozentsatz ihres Programms zur Förderung eines Klimas der Toleranz aufzuerlegen.” Des Weiteren ermutigt man private Massenmedien dazu, ein Klima der Toleranz zu fördern.”
“Die Regierung hat, alle Massenmedien (öffentliche wie private) zu ermutigen, einen ethischen Verhaltenskodex anzunehmen, der die Verbreitung von Intoleranz verhindert und von einer Massenmedien-Beschwerdekommission beaufsichtigt wird.”


“Es gibt keine Notwendigkeit, Intoleranten (Nicht-Zuwanderern) gegenüber tolerant zu sein”.
(Europäisches National-Statut-Rahmen für die Förderung der Toleranz, Artikel 4).
“Die supranationale Überwachung, die es bedeuten würde, wäre sicherlich ein schwarzer Tag für die europäische Demokratie.”  (
European Dignity Watch).



Das Folgende ist neben der muslimischen Masseneinwanderung das Erschütterndste, woran die EU beteiligt ist. Es ist Hochverrat, wenn dieser Gesetzesentwurf  verabschiedet wird.
Ich glaube, es muss als ein Kapitel des Berichts Global Trends 2025: The National Intelligence Council’s 2025 Project aus dem jahr 2009. Dieser Bericht beschreibt die Entwicklung der NWO und ist zweifelsohne von den Kräften, die die NWO gestalten, verfasst. Man wundert sich, wie genau die heutige Entwicklung diesem Bericht entspricht.



Unter dem Vorsitz von Prof. Yoram Dinstein, Israel, (unten links) hat der Europäische Rat für Toleranz und Versöhnung (ECTR), eine NGO, die 2008 vom angeblich jüdischen Aleksander Kwasniewski (links) - (ehemaligem polnischem Ministerpräsidenten; ob früher Izaak Stoltzman oder nicht: er ist von fast allen jüdischen Organisationen geehrt worden) - und dem Mit-Vorsitzenden, dem Präsidenten des Europäischen Jüdischen Kongresses, Moshe Kantor (rechts), gegründet wurde hat (dem Parlament) ein Europäisches National-Statut-Rahmen für die Förderung der Toleranz vorgelegt, damit es durch die Gesetzgeber der EU-Staaten als Gesetz erlassen werden kann.

Moshe Kantors website: “Die Verfasser des Dokuments sind eine Gruppe von Experten und bestehen aus:  Yoram Dinstein (professor, Israel), Ugo Genesio (Richter), Rein Müllerson (prof. London), Daniel Thürer (ECRI und verknüpft mit dem israelischen College of Management Academic Studies) sowie Rüdiger Wolfrum (Professor, Heidelberg).”

Das Papier wurde im Internet durch das EU-Parliament veröffentlicht.



Im Oktober 2012 Iegte Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor ECTRs Vorschläge für ein allgemeines Gesetz der Toleranz vor, die bei einer offiziellen Zeremonie in Anwesenheit des Präsidenten des Europäischen Parlaments, Martin Schulz, präsentiert wurde (ang. kommender Kommissionspräsident).

Der Mit-Autor des Nationalen Satzungs-Rahmens für die Förderung der Toleranz, Prof. Rein Müllerson, London, definiert Toleranz als begünstigte Behandlung krimineller Einwanderer - und Abtretung von Nationalterritorien an Einwanderergruppen als autonome Gebiete.
In einem OSCE-Papier spezifiziert  Prof. Rein Müllerson, was er unter Toleranz versteht: Traditionelle   rechtliche Mechanismen zur Erkennung und Bestimmung der Folgen von Verletzungen des Rechts sind für den Umgang mit den Problemen der Minderheiten nicht geeignet. Statt Fehlverhalten zu verurteilen, sollte man Lösungen durch Dialog, Kompromiss und Beratung finden. “Einige Minderheiten können territoriale Autonomie suchen, während andere mit Unterricht in ihrer Sprache zufrieden sein können.”


Links: Paul Warburg war Rothschild- Agent, Mitstifter der FED und des Council on Foreign Relations, der erklärt, die Welt zu regieren. Jedoch, es war sein Sohn James Paul Warburg, der dem US Kongress das Zitierte  sagte.

Dies ist NWOs pharisäische Toleranz. Dies zu akzeptieren ist Selbstmord dekadenter Europäer. Wir sollten alle vor den kommenden Wahlen unsere EU-Parlaments-Kandidaten über ihre Haltung hierzu   fragen (obwohl sie nachher doch mitmachen).

Soeren Kern, Gayestone Institute, International Policy Council: Während die europäischen Staats-und Regierungschefs sich zur öffentlichen Empörung über Berichte der amerikanischen Spionage-Operationen in der Europäischen Union äussern, überlegt sich das Europäische Parlament ruhig einen Vorschlag, der zur direkten Überwachung von jedem EU-Bürger, der der Intoleranz verdächtigt wird, aufruft.

Die Maßnahme steht für eine beispiellose Bedrohung der freien Meinungsäußerung in einem Europa, in dem die Bürger bereits regelmäßig für die Äusserung “falscher Meiungen” bestraft werden, vor allem über den Islam - ja, sogar 3 Jahre Gefängnis riskieren - dank der NWO-Unterwerfung der EU.
Der Gesetzentwurf versucht den nationalen Regierungen aller 28 EU-Mitgliedsstaaten “Spezial-Verwaltungs-Einheiten” ( 6b ) aufzuzwingen, um jede Person oder Gruppe zu überwachen, die Ansichten äußert, die die selbst-ernannten Hüter des europäischen Multikulturalismus für “intolerant” halten -

Das vorgeschlagene europäische National-Statut-Rahmen für die Förderung der Toleranz wurde kürzlich den Mitgliedern der bürgerlichen Freiheiten, Justiz und des “Innenministeriums” des Europäischen Parlaments vorgelegt.

Die ECTR beschreibt sich selbst als “Toleranz-Wachhund”, der “praktische Empfehlungen für Regierungen und internationale Organisationen auf die  Verbesserung der interreligiösen und interethnischen Beziehungen auf dem Kontinent” ausarbeitet - und hat im Vorstand mehr als ein Dutzend prominenter europäische Politiker, darunter den ehemaligen spanischen Ministerpräsidenten, José María Aznar.



Nach fünf Jahren Lobbyarbeit in Europas Hallen der Macht scheint der ECTR-Vorschlag voran zu kommen, wie die jüngste Entscheidung des Europäischen Parlaments belegt, der Gruppe eine herausragende 45-minütige Sprechzeit zu gewähren, um  ihren Vorschlag dem Ausschuss für bürgerliche Freiheiten am 17. September zu präsentieren.

Auch als die “Model-Satzung für Toleranz” bekannt wurde der ECTR-Vorschlag im Rahmen der laufenden Arbeit der EU in Richtung einer neuen “Gleichbehandlungs-Richtlinie” (GR), die den Umfang der Diskriminierung in allen Bereichen des Lebens sowohl in öffentlicher als auch privater Sphäre erheblich erweitern würde. Sie wird derzeit im Rahmen des Rates der Europäischen Union ausgehandelt.
Kritiker der GR sagen, dass die Richtlinie versuchen solle, das Recht der Selbstbestimmung aller Bürger zu stören.

Definition der Toleranz
Intolerance not toleratedGemäß § 1 (d) wird der Begriff “Toleranz” im Großen und Ganzen als “Respekt und Akzeptanz des Ausdrucks, der Erhaltung und Entwicklung der eigenständigen Identität einer Gruppe. § 2 ( d) besagt, Zweck des Gesetzes sei es,  alle Manifestationen von Intoleranz aus Voreingenommenheit, Scheinheiligkeit und Vorurteilen zu verurteilen”.

In einer Erläuterung zu § 2 heißt es: “Religiöse Intoleranz wird verstanden, Islamophobie zu decken”, aber es gibt keine Definition überhaupt der “Islamophobie”, eines Begriffs, der von der Muslimbruderschaft in den 1990er Jahren erfunden wurde. Wenn zu seiner logischen Konsequenz durchgeführt, würde § 2 vermutlich alle kritische Kontrolle mit dem Islam und der islamischen Scharia verbieten, ein wesentliches Ziel der muslimischen Aktivisten-Gruppen seit mehr als zwei Jahrzehnten.

Swedish_flag_with_blue_sky_behind_ausschnittIn Schweden brachte eine Bandy-Mannschaft eine große schwedische Fahne mit. Der Veranstalter verbot die Flagge: “Ich fühlte, sie würde vielleicht Teilnehmer der Veranstaltung provozieren und beleidigen. Wir haben eine Verantwortung, dafür Sorge zu tragen, dass jeder sich wohl fühlt. Ich habe  die Flagge nicht für angemessen gehalten”.
Ein Teilnehmer des Fahnen-Teams sagte: “Er trat die Flagge weg und nannte uns Rassisten. Es fühlte sich beleidigend.”
Ich habe zuvor über Probleme mit der schwedischen Fahne gelesen, weil sie bestimmte Gruppen in der Gesellschaft beleidigen könnte.
Was ist das Problem? Die schwedische Flagge ist eine Kreuz-Fahne, die die pharisäische, eingewanderte Herrenrasse hinter der EU ein Gräuel ist.
Daher erwägt die EU, alle Kreuz-Fahnen zu verbieten.

Gemäß § 4 (f) (i ) des Dokuments: “Es gibt keine Notwendigkeit, Intoleranten gegenüber tolerant zu sein. Dies ist besonders wichtig, was die freie Meinungsäußerung anbelangt.”
In § 5 (a) heißt es: “Toleranz (wie in § 1 ( d ) definiert) muss jeder Gruppe gewährleistet werden.”

In einer Erläuterung zu § 6 (a ) heißt es: “Mitglieder gefährdeter und benachteiligter Gruppen sind zu einem besonderen Schutz berechtigt, und zwar zusätzlich zum allgemeinen Schutz, der von der Regierung für jede Person innerhalb des Staates vorgesehen ist, sogar zu einer bevorzugten Behandlung.” (vor allem Zuwanderinnen).

§ 6 (c) fordert die Einrichtung einer “Nationalen Toleranz-Überwachungs-Kommission” - mit der Befugnis, strafrechtliche Sanktionen zu verhängen.”

In § 7 (a) heißt es: Anstachelung zur Gewalt gegen eine (Minderheits)Gruppe und Gruppen-Verleumdung wird als kriminelle Straftat angesehen, die als verschärfte Verbrechen zu ahnden sind.


In § 7 (b) heißt es, “Jugendliche, die der Begehung von Straftaten laut Artikel ( a) für schuldig befunden worden sind, müssen sich einem Reha- Programm unterziehen, entwickelt, um in sie eine Kultur der Toleranz einzugeben.

“In § 7 ( e) heißt es: “Opfer von Straftaten in Artikel ( a) haben eine Klagebefugnis, ein Verfahren gegen die Täter einzuleiten, sowie ein Recht auf Wiedergutmachung.”

In § 7 ( f) heißt es, “Kostenlose Rechtsberatungs-Hilfe für die Opfer wird angeboten.”

In § 8 heißt es, “die Regierung trägt dafür Sorge, dass (a ) Schulen von der primären Ebene nach oben Kurse einführen, die Schüler ermutigen, Vielfalt zu akzeptieren und ein Klima der Toleranz in Bezug dar auf, die Qualitäten und Kulturen der anderen zu fördern.” Eine Erläuterung fügt hinzu: “Es ist sehr wichtig, solche Kurse so früh wie möglich in die Wege zu leiten und Universitäten einzubinden.”

In § 9 (a ) heißt es: “Die Regierung hat,  den öffentlich-rechtlichen Sender-Stationen (Fernsehen und Rundfunk) einen vorgeschriebenen Prozentsatz ihres Programms zur Förderung eines Klimas der Toleranz aufzuerlegen.Des Weiteren ermutigt § 9 (b) private Massenmedien, ein Klima der Toleranz zu fördern.”

In § 9 (c) heißt es:Die Regierung hat, alle Massenmedien (öffentliche wie private) zu ermutigen, einen ethischen Verhaltenskodex anzunehmen, der die Verbreitung von Intoleranz verhindert und von einer Massenmedien-Beschwerdekommission beaufsichtigt wird.

Parisriots1Links: Dies ist NWO-Toleranz und somit nicht strafbar. Intoleranz und Rassismus werden nur gegen Minderheiten verübt. Ich habe nie davon gehört, das  Muslims,  die uns mit welchen Schimpfworten auch immer beleidigen, deswegen vors Gericht mussten  - während Geert Wilders  wegen korrekten Zitierens der Quelle der Muslimischen Gewalttätigkeit, des Korans, einen gerichtlichen Alptraum hat durchleben müssen..

Kritiker sagen, die sehr subjektive Definition von Begriffen und Konzepten wie “Toleranz”, “Diskriminierung”,  “verletzlich” und “benachteiligt” nichtssagende Rechtsstreitigkeiten ermutige, um Einzelpersonen und Gruppen zum Schweigen zu bringen.

Deutschland macht  bei dieser NWO - Zensur sofort mit


Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 11.11.2013: “Bundesinnenminister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) hat zu den Koalitionsverhandlungen ein Papier vorgelegt, in dem weitreichende Beschneidungen der Bürgerrechte vorgesehen sind. Wegen seiner grundsätzlichen Bedeutung kann davon ausgegangen werden, dass Friedrich dieses Papier in wesentlichen Grundzügen mit Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel abgestimmt hat (das Papier hier im Wortlaut).

Denn dieses Papier stellt eine ganz deutliche Verschiebung des deutschen Rechts-Systems von einem Tatbestands-bezogenen Strafrecht zu einem auf Prävention abstellenden Gesinnungs-Strafrecht dar.
Bisher galt in Deutschland wie in allen anderen rechtsstaatlichen Demokratien der Grundsatz: Ein Täter wird für eine Tat bestraft, die er begangen hat.
Das neue, vom Anti-Terror-Krieg getriebene Rechts-System will etwas anderes: Die Gesellschaft bestraft nicht den Täter, sondern denjenigen, von dem sie befürchtet, dass er eine Tat verüben könnte.
Das neue Überwachungs-Papier der Union sieht zunächst eine umfassende Überwachung aller Bürger im Internet vor - in einigen Punkten sogar weiterreichend ALS in Den USA .
Dieser Ansatz ist in der Regel die Geburtsstunde einer vollumfänglichen, staatlichen (EU) Zensur.”

AipacWas dieses zeigt, ist, dass die EU-Institutionen nun durch eine Parallele zum  AIPAC der USA - eine selbst-ernannte Organisation, die u.a. von den pharisäisch/zionistischen Azhkenazi-Kräften der Antidefamation League (ADL) unterstützt wird -  gelenkt werden. Ich denke das geschieht mit den gleichen Mitteln wie in den USA: Bestechung und Androhung der Politiker damit, eine unanständige Vergangenheit in allen Medien zu enthüllen, was dem AIPAC/ECTR ermöglicht, sie im festen Griff zu haben.

JoelDer Europarat hat einen ebenso eifrigen Rat - die  ECRI (European Commission against Racism and Intolerance). Sie  wurde durch  Joel J Nobel, auffälligerweise einem amerikanschen Neurochirurgen, gegründet.  Sie überwacht und diktiert jedem Land, Rassismus und Intoleranz zu bekämpfen. So, es ist schwierig, die Berechtigung des ECTRs zu sehen - es sei denn, die EU und der Europarat rivalisieren, um die Stiefel der NWO-Elitisten am meisten zu lecken.


In vielen Hinsichten entspricht das Obige den Anweisungen an euromediterrane Chef-Editoren in Wien im Jahr 2006 - sowie dem Europäischen Rahmenbeschluss auf Fremdenfurcht und Rassismus 2007.

Reuters 30 Oct. 2013:  Der Präsident der EU Kommission, José Manuel Barroso, warnte vor Nationalismus, Fremdenfurcht und Rassismus vor den europäischen Parlamentswahlen nächstes Jahr, bei denen man erwartet, dass Anti-EU und Protestparteien gut abschneiden werden. Ebenso hat van Rompuy, der EU-Ratspräsident, davor gewarnt.

Abstract: For a long time, one has been wondering whether the EU, which was launched by the Zionist/Pharisaic Council on Foreign Relations and was for many years funded by this CFR, is being run by Zionist/Pharisaic organizations bribing  with Rothschild money and threatening with embarrassing revelations, just as in the US. The multicultural anti-national measures of the near-religious Council of Europe, The ECRI, suggests that.

Now there is no longer any doubt: The “European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation ( ECTR )” is a Pharisaic/Zionist founded and led organization that has drawn NWO politicians and lawyers into its stables. Now it has presented its homemade “European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance” to the President of the EU  Parliament. After consultations and hearing there, the ECTR now boldly forwards the Statute as a bill to be adopted by the European Parliament. So Pharisees/ NWO Zionists and their stooges are writing EU law (which their corporations do for a long time!).

The term “tolerance” is broadly defined as “respect for and acceptance of the expression, preservation and development of the distinct identity of a group.” So, no criticism of the islamization of Europe! No sovereignty - it is finally passed on to the Pharisees. The Swedes have long understood that the Swedish flag is an abomination due to its cross which may offend Muslims - and especially Pharisaic politicians.

This bill judicially reduces the EU populations to childhood state, defines what the Pharisees see as intolerance and expands the discrimination criteria dramatically. There are also strict penal measures for those who transgress the Pharisaic discrimination regulations. The proposal moves violations of their rules  from civil to criminal law, which is eagerly supported by the German government. The proposal recommends punishing thought crimes - i.e. arresting native people, who the Pharisees think might commit a crime - more than immigrant perpetrators.
Therefore, the surveillance of the population - and especially the Internet - are to be draconically strengthened.

Here are some of the proposed measures of the bill - with massive brainwashing:
It calls for the establishment of a “National Tolerance Monitoring Commission - vested with the authority  to impose penal sanctions.”
It states that “Juveniles convicted of committing  intolerance crimes  will be required to undergo a rehabilitation program designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.”
“Victims of  intolerance crimes will have a legal standing to bring a case against the perpetrators, as well as a right to redress.” “Free legal aid will be offered to victims.”

“The government shall ensure that Schools, from the primary level upwards, will introduce courses encouraging students to accept diversity and promoting a climate of tolerance as regards the qualities and cultures of others.”"It is very important to start such courses as early as possible and include universities.”
“The government shall ensure that public  broadcasting (television and radio) stations will devote a prescribed percentage of their program to promoting a climate of tolerance.”"The government shall encourage all the mass media (public as well as private) to adopt an ethical code of conduct preventing the spreading of intolerance and will be supervised by a mass media complaints commission.”


“There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant”  (non-immigrants)— European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance, Article 4.
“The supra-national surveillance that it would imply would certainly be a dark day for European democracy.” — European Dignity Watch.


Beside the Muslim mass immigration, the following is the most shocking misdeed the EU has been engaging in. It is high treason if this proposal is adopted as EU law. I think it must be seen as a chapter of the report Global Trends 2025: The National Intelligence Council’s 2025 Project That report describes the development of the NWO and is undoubtedly written by the forces that govern the NWO. One wonders how exactly the current developments correspond to this report.



Chaired by Israeli Professor Yoram Dinstein, (below left), the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR), an NGO founded in 2008 by allegedly Jewish Aleksander Kwasniewski (left) - (former Polish PM; whether previously Izaak Stoltzman or not: he has been honoured by nearly all Jewish organisations) and co-chaired by the President of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor (right), has prepared A EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK NATIONAL STATUTE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE SUBMITTED WITH A VIEW TO BEING ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURES OF EUROPEAN STATES.

Moshe Kantor´s website: “The authors of the document are a  Group of Experts composed of Yoram Dinstein, Ugo Genesio, Rein Müllerson, Daniel Thürer  (ECRI and affiliated to Israeli College of Management Academic Studies) and Rüdiger Wolfrum.”

The paper is published on the internet by the EU Parliament


In October 2012 Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor introduced ECTR’s proposals for a general law of tolerance, which was presented at an official ceremony in the presence of European Parliament President Martin Schulz - said to be the next Commission President.

Eu_-_do_as_you_are_told_2-280x300Co-author of the Framework National-Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance, Prof. Rein Müllerson, London, defines Tolerance as preferential treatment of criminal immigrants and cession of national territories as autonomic areas for immigrant groups.
In an OSCE paper Prof. Rein Müllerson wrote
: Traditional (adversarial) legal mechanisms as for detecting and determining consequences of violations of law are not suitable for dealing with problems of minority groups. Instead of condemning wrongdoing, solutions should be found through dialogue, compromise and consultation. “Some minorities may seek territorial autonomy, while others may be satisfied with education in their language.”
Comment: This is NWO Pharisaic Tolerance. Accepting this is suicide by decadent Europeans. We should all ask our EU Parliament candidates about their attitudes before the coming elections

Soeren Kern, Gayestone Institute, International Policy Council: While European leaders are busy expressing public indignation over reports of American espionage operations in the European Union, the European Parliament is quietly considering a proposal that calls for the direct surveillance of any EU citizen suspected of being “intolerant.”


Left: Paul Warburg was a Rothschild Agent, co-founder of the FED and the Council on Foreign Relations which declares to rule the world.  However, it was his son James Paul Warburg who stated the quoted before the US Congress.

The measure — which seeks to force the national governments of all 28 EU member states to establish “special administrative units” (section 6b) to monitor any individual or group expressing views that the self-appointed guardians of European multiculturalism deem to be “intolerant” — represents an unparalleled threat to free speech in a Europe where citizens are already regularly punished for expressing the “wrong” opinions, especially about Islam - even risking 3 years in prison - thanks to EU´s NWO-submission.

The proposed European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance was recently presented to members of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the EU-Parliament, the only directly-elected body of the European Union.

The ECTR describes itself as a “tolerance watchdog” that “prepares practical recommendations to governments and international organizations on improving interreligious and interethnic relations on the continent” includes on its board more than a dozen prominent European politicians, including former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar.



After five years of lobbying in Europe’s halls of power, the ECTR  proposal appears to be making headway, as evidenced by the European Parliament’s recent decision to give the group a prominent 45-minute time slot to present its proposal to the Civil Liberties committee on September 17.

Also known as the “Model Statute for Tolerance,” the ECTR’s proposal was presented as part of the EU’s ongoing work towards a new “Equal Treatment Directive” (ETD) that would vastly expand the scope of discrimination to all sectors of life in both the public and private spheres. It is currently being negotiated within the Council of the European Union
Critics of the ETD, say the directive seeks to interfere with the right of self-determination of all citizens.

Intolerance not toleratedDefinition of tolerance
According to Section 1 (d), the term “tolerance” is broadly defined as “respect for and acceptance of the expression, preservation and development of the distinct identity of a group.” Section 2 (d) states that the purpose of the statute is to condemn all manifestations of intolerance based on bias, bigotry and prejudice.”

An explanatory note to Section 2 states: “Religious intolerance is understood to cover Islamophobia” but it provides no definition at all of “Islamophobia,” a term invented by the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1990s. If taken to its logical conclusion, Section 2 would presumably ban all critical scrutiny of Islam and Islamic Sharia law, a key objective of Muslim activist groups for more than two decades.

In Sweden, a bandy team broght with them a big Swedish Flag. The Organizer banned the flag: ”I felt it might provoke  and offend  participants of the arrangement. We have a responsibility to take care that everybody  has a good time. And I did not find the flag appropriate”.
A participant of the flag team said: ” He kicked the flag away and called us racists . It felt insulting.” I have previously  read about problems with the Swedish flag because it might offend certain groups in society. What is the problem? The Swedish flag is a cross flag which is offensive to the Pharisaic immigrated master race  behind the EU
Therefore, the EU mulls to ban all cross flags

Section 4 (f) (i) of the document: “There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant”. This is especially important as far as freedom of expression is concerned.”
Section 5 (a) states: “Tolerance (as defined in Section 1(d)) must be guaranteed to any group.

An explanatory note to Section 6 (a) states: “Members of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups are entitled to a special protection, additional to the general protection that has to be provided by the Government to every person within the State, even to a preferential treatment.” (especially immigrant women)

Section 6 (c) calls for the establishment of a “National Tolerance Monitoring Commission - vested with the authority  to impose penal sanctions.”

Section 7 (a) states: “The following act will be regarded as criminal offence punishable as aggravated crimes: Incitement to violence against a (minority) group and group libel.


Section 7 (b) states that “Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation program designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.”

Paragraph 7(e) states that “victims of crimes listed in paragraph (a) will have a legal standing to bring a case against the perpetrators, as well as a right to redress.” Paragraph 7 (f) states that “free legal aid will be offered to victims.”

Section 8 states that “the government shall ensure that (a) Schools, from the primary level upwards, will introduce courses encouraging students to accept diversity and promoting a climate of tolerance as regards the qualities and cultures of others.” An explanatory note adds: “It is very important to start such courses as early as possible and include universities.

Section 9 (a) states: “The government shall ensure that public  broadcasting (television and radio) stations will devote a prescribed percentage of their program to promoting a climate of tolerance.” And Section 9 (b) encourages privately owned mass media to promote a climate of tolerance.” Section 9 (c) states: “The government shall encourage all the mass media (public as well as private) to adopt an ethical code of conduct preventing the spreading of intolerance and will be supervised by a mass media complaints commission.”

Parisriots1Left: This is NWO tolerance and so not punishable. Intolerance and racism are only exerted against minority groups. I never heard of Muslims calling us whatever disparaging words being charged for that - whereas Geert Wilders has been through a judicial nightmare for quoting the source of Muslim violence, the Koran. correctly.

Critics say, the highly subjective definition of terms and concepts such as “tolerance,” “discrimination,” “vulnerable,” and “disadvantaged”  encourage frivolous litigation aimed at silencing individuals and groups.

Germany is immediately ready for this censorship


Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 11.11.2013: “German Home Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) - right - has submitted a paper to the coalition negotiations, and you can assume that essential features were agreed upon with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This paper presents a very significant shift in German criminal law - so far related to perpetrators - to a criminal law based on prevention of criminal thoughts: Society does not punish the perpetrators, but those whom they fear might commit a crime.
The new monitoring paper of The Union provides first comprehensive monitoring of all citizens on the Internet - in some respects even more far-reaching than in the U.S.A.
From 2014, the British must mark if they want to have unlocked access to pornographic or esoteric Sites: This approach is usually the birth of a full-fledged, state censorship.”

AipacWhat this shows is that the EU now has a parallel to the US AIPAC - a self-appointed organisation assisted by  i.a. the ADLAzhkenazi Zionist/pharisaic forces - to direct the EU institutions, I guess by the same means as in the US: Bribery and threatning politicians with an indecent past enabling the AIPAC/ECTR to have them in a firm grip - unless they want to see their embarrassing past revealed in the media.

JoelThe Council of Europe has an equally zealous Council - the ECRI (European Commission against Racism and Intolerance). It was founded by Joel J Nobel, an American Neurosurgeon.  It is surveilling and dictating every country to combat racism and intolerance. So it is hard to see the justification of the ECTR - unless the EU and the Council of Europe are rivalling to fawn on the NWO.


In many respects, the above is equivalent to the instructions given to the Euromediterranean editors-in-chief in Vienna in 2006 - and the European Framework Decision on Xenophobia and Racism from 2007.

Reuters 30 Oct. 2013: European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has warned against nationalism, xenophobia and racism ahead of European Parliament elections next year, when anti-EU and protest parties are expected to do well. And so has van Rompuy, the EU Council president.

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