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LATEST: The long awaited 2. American Revoluton? “Occupy Wall Street is going viral. The demonstrations are spreading over America, and 700 protesters were arrested on Brooklyn Bridge. Marines are coming to protect the demonstraters from the police???? Army serviceman Ward Reilly : “I’m heading up there tonight in my dress blues. So far, 15 of my fellow marine buddies are meeting me there, also in Uniform.

New American 30 Sept.: The trend has some analysts very concerned — particularly after reports claimed union bosses tied to the Obama administration were plotting to bring about chaos. Supporters and critics alike say this may be only the beginning of something much bigger. A broad coalition of socialists and Marxists has jumped on the bandwagon, too. “One US journalist said: “ I saw they did include sessions on the Communist Manifesto and Spanish Revolution. The objectives of the purportedly “leaderless” anti-Wall Street movement remain somewhat murky — probably on purpose.”


Revelation 17: 3…and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. 4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls… 5 And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. 6.And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. 16 … and the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.



The logo of Occupy Wall Street” - see below - is well known: It is the symbol of George Soros’ civil societies and was used by the Serbian Otpor against Milosevic, used by the rebels in Cairo and Sakashvilis Georgian Liberty Institute. It is the Flag of  Kmara. fUnder this banner , George Soros´ “Open Society,” the NGO Freedom House and  the US Congress financed National Endowmwent for Freedom are financing revolutions. It is also an old Communist struggle icon.

Now the probable next U.S. President, Ron Paul, even admits to be in “Occupy Wall Street” - video below at the 8:00 min mark.  This man also is making Illuminati hand signs - as the following video shows! Paul is a Freemason. He wrote the book: “The (Libertarian) Revolution: A Manifesto”. Ron Paul equates  personal freedom with “economic freedom”, ie the “freedom” of the Jewish capitalists to steal our wealth. “There is nothing to fear about globalization, free trade and a global single currency.” Paul wants private gold banks, which will obviously be international and the private, entirely Jewish-controlled World Bank. Paul’s bosses are trying to establish a mechanism of world control. Therefore, Paul wants to get rid of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

So, what is going on?

Since 17 Sept. 2011, something unheard of is going on in the Mecca of Mammon: The Wall Street is being occupied by protesters whose eyes have been opened for the greatest exploitatation of mankind in history: The stifling of freedom and looting of the peoples of the world by means of unscrupulous already existing corporate world governance of the NWO bankster dynasty and here and here and here and their stooges like JP Morgan and here and here as well as Goldman Sachs, the Rothschild bank that robbed Greece and other EU countries and thus helped laying the foundation of the euro crisis.


The US Americans are deeply dissatisfied with their politicians

Occupy Wall Street,” they chanted, “all day, all week.”
The Guardian 25 Sept. 2011: The marchers carried signs spelling out their goals: “Tax the rich,” one placard said. “We Want Money for Healthcare not Corporate Welfare,” read another. The demonstrators were mostly college-age people carrying American flags and signs with anti-corporate slogans. Some beat drums, blew horns and chanted slogans as uniformed officers surrounded and videotaped them.

With metal barricades and swarms of police officers in front of the New York Stock Exchange, the closest protesters could get was Liberty Street, about three blocks away. The modest inception is swelling. The 1. video below is from 29 Sept. 2011

See this MSNBC explaining why the police makes illegal arrests: The US police is by nature violent

Wall-street-us-pilot-dem2MSNBC Photo Blog: Over 700 hundred Continental and United pilots, joined by additional pilots from other Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) carriers, demonstrate in front of Wall Street on September 27, 2011 in New York City. The pilots want to draw attention to the lack of progress on negotiations of the pilots’ joint collective bargaining agreement ahead of the one-year anniversary of the corporate merger close date of United and Continental airlines.

Washington´s Post 29 Sept. 2011 The Teamsters Union and New York Transit Workers Union have thrown their support behind the Wall Street protests.
The whole left-versus-right thing is just a distraction trick. It’s really the American people versus the giant bankers, captains of the military-industrial complex, and handful of others who are benefiting by shafting the average American.

Remember that one of the founders of the Tea Party – Karl Denninger – has slammed the current Tea Party (which was quickly co-opted by the mainstream GOP) for serving the rich and the Republican party instead of fighting against the giant banks, and is calling for non-partisan, Gandhi-style nonviolent resistance to take on the banksters. The protests are spreading world-wide. There are now purportedly 80+ copycat protests planned world-wide, including London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas and many other locations.

On day 12 Occupy Wall Street has grown much more peaceful – but clearly, this is a peaceful social revolution directed against Wall Street banksters – with a different globalist agenda.

This revolution reminds of the Communist Manifesto
“Occupy Wall Street” has recently come into the media spotlight, not because of our political message, but because certain high-ranking members of the NYPD punched, threw, and stepped on peaceful marchers. Abuse of power is abuse of power. Whether perpetrated by Wall Street bankers or members of the NYPD, it is the duty of all citizens to oppose injustice. We condemn the actions of unprofessional police who used excessive force in subduing a peaceful march. But we are foremost here to oppose the growing power of the ruling class. Let us also be clear that, when approached as individuals, members of the NYPD have expressed solidarity with our cause. It has been inspiring to receive this support. Over these thirteen days, we have learned that no one supports corporations’ disproportionate influence in the political sphere. We have learned that no one is in favor of evicting struggling families to the street while banks continue to profit. No one, that is, except the corporations and banks. We urge members of the NYPD to remain in solidarity with our cause. These men and women could lose their pensions and benefits during the next round of budget cuts. We ask that members of the NYPD treat all peaceful human beings with respect and care. This will be a great step towards reclaiming power for the working class. Those who profit off the suffering of others will held accountable. We are the 99%, and we are too big to fail.”

Hegelian dialectics (problem – bloody/enslaving solution – synthesis thereof to bring their one world state closer) is at play, no doubt (“Order out of Chaos” – but first create chaos!). The Illuminati are not a homogeneous group. I have learned that there is rivalry among them. One group, the Dollar-billfascists (Mussolini: government by corporations and politicians), supports the corporative bankster group – another group is opposed and is leaning on Marx´ and Steven Rockefeller, Gorbachev and Strong´s Communist “Earth Charter” wing (the Communist group). Together these 2 groups constitute Illuminism.  B
oth are certainly Antichristian, Luciferian and globalistic. For they are the products of Adam Weishaupt´s / Rothschild´s Illuminati New World Order (see right margin of this blog). Some  like Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his descendants, who  take the appearance of total contempt for mankind, while others like Adam Weishaupt´s 6 commandments and feign to be humanitarian – although Wall-street-protests2they have proven the opposite (e.g. Soviet Union).

This is a very wise move, since many feel attracted to capitalist atheism – and even more to Communist atheism for sustainability and Agenda 21, as the future of the world is called today, to be totally dominated by the 6.000 richest Illuminati in the end. This is what the US Greenback is to remind us of: Put the capstone with Lucifer´s all-seeing eye on the Illuminati pyramid in place – finish the one world government by violence (Albert Pike´s 3. world war, the Antiamalekites vs. the Haqqanites, and Wolfgang Eggert´s petition e.g.)
I think Revelation 17 could describe the fatal rivalry between the two Illuminati fractions - or the US/Russia.

Summary: New dramatic developments in the conflict between Israel on the one side and Iran and her proxies, Syria, the Hezbollah and Lebanon on the other side, are taking place since my latest posts. Israel is being completely isolated, Obama´s US now apparently wanting to cooperate with Iran and the Muslim countries at the cost of Israel - and is excluding a military strike on Iran. Besides, Russia will now deliver the S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran, which will make any Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear plants very difficult. Israel is in a desperate position. A lion is always most dangerous when cornered and having to fight for its survival. More and more it seems that Israel has to make a choice: To accept a nuclear armed Iran or to attack soon in the hope of having the US dragged into the war on Israeli side. This hope may, however, be futile, considering an illuminist Muslim is the President of the US. A disaster is looming. And some think that Anti-Amalekite Netanyahu has decided to attack the Messianic Haqqanites in Iran long ago. In this situation the actual government of the U.S., the Council on Foreign Relations, has changed its position and now recommends an embargo on Iranian oil exports and imports, equivalent to a declaration of war, and even military force against Iran. However, US Vice Pres. Biden says Israel will await sanctions. On Israel's northern border the danger of war is increasing - now apparently dependent on whether Syria will transfer missiles, which currently are positioned on the Syrian side of the border with Lebanon, to the Hizbollah in Lebanon. Exactly this transfer is now speedily taking place at the urgent request of Iran´s Pres. Ahmedinejad. Syria expects war with Israel on Syrian soil, and Jordan's King Abdullah warns of imminent threat of war. However, both sides seem to shy away from flying at each other´s throats so far. Russia's top general warns of disaster for the world, should Israel or the U.S. attack Iran. But such sounds have been audible for a long time. Pres Obama´s undecided Iran policy has now led to tensions not only with Israel - but also Saudi Arabia.

New dramatic developments in the conflict between Israel on the one side and Iran and her proxies, Syria, Hizbollah and Lebanon on the other side, are taking place since my latest posts and here. Some think that Anti-Amalekite Netanyahu has decided to attack the Messianic Haqqanites in Iran long ago.

The most dramatic change is that the President of the factual US government - manipulating Hillary Clinton, viz. The Council on Foreign Relations, has changed his mind, now favouring sanctionstantamount to a declaration of war  as well as military force against Iran – without Russia and China – saying sanctions are useless:
The Council on Foreign Relations 19 April 2010: Richard Haass: "Three sets of actions are needed. First, the United States should take the steps that would allow it to enforce tough sanctions, such as a ban on Iranian oil exports and refined oil imports. Second, the United States should develop Haass_4plans for the use of military force in an effort to set back Iran's nuclear program and weaken the government. Third, the United States should assess the pros and cons of an alternative or a fallback: a "North Korean" strategy, in which there would be an implicit acceptance of an Iranian nuclear weapon (or something close to it) that would involve deterrence of Iran and defense for its neighbors. All planning should anticipate Iranian retaliation and what would be needed from Saudis and others to stabilize energy markets." At the same time US Deputy Defence Secretary, Michele Flournoy, rules out a US military attack on Iran, contradicted by a Pentagon spokesman. Russian intelligence says the US is making a military buildup in the Gulf to peak in July.

NetanjahuLeft: Binyamin Nethanjahu is a member of the Council on Foreign  Relations.  Right: Pres. of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haas, is also Obama adviser. They both favour crippling sanctions against Iran – even sidestepping the UN – Haass will furthermore attack Iran. Obama is undecided.

DEBKAfile 16 Apr. 2010The Obama administration has behind-the-scenes contacts with Iran in which they are engaged in drawing the dividing lines of influence between the US and Iran in the Middle East and Persian Gulf. The US is   acknowledging Iran's supremacy as the regional power at Israel's expense.

DEBKAfile 30 March 2010  As for the core issue, Iran's nuclear weapons program, here, too, the Obama administration was ready to be flexible, said the messengers, and accept Iran's acquisition of a nuclear bomb capability, so long as it does not cross the threshold and tip over into building bombs or stocking a nuclear arsenal. When US defense secretary Robert Gates visited Riyadh on March 10, he was told Saudi rulers no longer trusted the Obama administration to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat in the light of its backdoor contacts with the IRGC. Gates departed the kingdom after an angry exchange.
Now Reuters 31 March, 2010 sees it a little different – stating that there is a growing international consensus on sanctions against Iran.

The Mirror 12 April 2010: Mikhail Dmitriyev, head of the Russian Federal Agency for Military Co-operation confirmed delivery of the S-300 is imminent. Russia's stateowned news agency RIA Novosti said: "Contracts have been signed."
  Rockets-S-300"This has everyone worrieThe S-300's surface-to-air rockets can hit many targets at once, including in-coming cruise missiles, making any Western or Israeli strike on Iran much more difficult. The US is unwilling to attack Iran now.

  The Jerusalem Post 13 April 2010Iran will join the global nuclear club within one month, according to the deputy research chief of the Islamic Republic’s Atomic Energy of Iran (AEOI).
The Washington Times 30 March 2010: Iran is poised to begin producing nuclear weapons after its uranium program expansion in 2009, even though it has had problems with thousands of its centrifuges, according to a newly released CIA report. 

The danger of this war to begin is imminent on the border between Israel and Lebanon. 
AssadresizedThe Telegraph 15 April 2010: King Abdullah of Jordan has warned the US that there were fears in Lebanon that a war between Israel and Hizbollah was “imminent” amid high tensions in the region. The king gave his warning after Israel (Ehud Barak) claimed that Syria had handed over Scud missiles in its armoury to the Lebanon-based Hizbollah. The Obama administration voiced alarm, though one source said it was still not certain whether the transfer had yet physically taken place. (On 14 April, it had not).   The pace of Hizbollah's re-armament and Syria's role in it was causing growing alarm in the Jewish state. Officials in Syria have warned that it would join in any war involving Israel, Lebanon and Hizbollah.

12 April Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has expressed fears that Israel may attempt to involve the US in a new aggression against Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

Foreign Policy 14 April 2010: Less than a week after a Feb. 17 visit by Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns — the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Damascus in more than five years — Assad hosted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah at a banquet in Damascus and stated that his government is "preparing ourselves for any Israeli aggression." The transfer of these weapons may indicate that Hezbollah_1619616cthe Syrian president is calculating that the next war with Israel could involve strikes on Syrian territory.

Global Research 30 Jan. 2010: Janes Defence Weekly: Syria may find it hard to avoid direct engagement in a future Israel-Hizbullah clash,” Spyer said. The “point of no return” would be if Damascus provided anti-aircraft devices to Hizbullah to use during Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace. This fear has prompted several sharp warnings from the US to Syria (The Telegraph 20 April, 2010). Now AFP 21 Apr. 2010: Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California. "I believe there is a likelihood that there are Scuds that Hezbollah has in Lebanon. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry told AFP on Tuesday: "that has not been confirmed. But now  Debkafile on. 24 April reports, that Syria - due to an urgent plea by Iran´s Ahmedinejad - is  in the process of speedily  transferring Scuds to the Hezbollah in Lebanon - in spite of vigorous Israeli and US warnings. 
Foreign Policy 15 March 2010   Nasrallah's language, while aggressive, showed that Hezbollah only threatened to strike Israel if attacked first. And this week Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barack told an audience that Israel would "hold all of Lebanon responsible," in the event of a war, but only if Hezbollah struck first.

Israel being isolated
Obama + clinton-i- cairoIsrael exists due to US protection and financing. However, the relations between these 2 virtually Jewish governed states has deteriorated considerably within the latest month.  
DEBKAfile 24 March 2010: The high-stakes conversations Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu held in Washington with President Barack Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton on March 23-24 only deepened the crisis marring relations between the two governments. It makes naught of American leaders' constant affirmations of commitment to Israel's security.

DEBKAfile 14 April 2010World Jewish Congress  accuse Obama of abandoning Israeli security. Its president Ronald Lauder asks if friction with Israel is part of the Administration's desire to improve relations with the Muslim world.

How to do the job
The US withdrew a shipment of mega bunkerblasters for Israel recently. So what option does Israel have to go alone?  Reuters 26 March 2010: Now the CSIS– Zbigniew Brzezinski - says in a new report that "some believe that nuclear weapons are the only weapons that can destroy targets deep underground or in tunnels."  Sam Gardiner, a retired U.S. air force colonel who runs wargames for various Washington agencies: "…the only way it could be done is with tactical nuclear weapons."
The text goes: “Warning! PLO agent in the White House” (The Times Online 25 March 2010). 
The Times 25 March 2010:  Eitan Cabel, an Israeli MP from the Labour Party, a coalition ally of Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party: “Netanyahu and his pyromaniac ministers insist on setting the Middle East ablaze." However, US Vice Pres. Biden says Israel will await sanctions.

What does Russia think?
Russia Today 13 April 2010: “The U.S. and Israel will resort to attacking Iran over its nuclear programme if pressed hard enough. They have it in their agendas.That’s according to the Chief of the General Staff of Russia’s Armed Forces, Makarow.
On 17 Febr. 2010 Mr. Makarow said: “The aftermath of a strike against Iran will be terrible not only for Asia but for us and the whole global community also,” He added the US made its stance clear as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen recently spoke about plans to attack Iran.

What is the implication of an Israeli or US attack on Iran?
The Truth Seeker 14 April 2010: The only countries that seem ready to consider punitive measures on Iran over its nuclear program are America, its Western allies and Israel. Now the media appears to be attempting to conceal the true extent of support for Ahmadinejad’s Iran. Meaning that if the issue of Iran’s nuclear program ultimately results in war it maybe far, far Foreign-policybigger than the corporate media is even hinting at. We are not looking at a war on the scale of the Iraq invasion but a world war.

Sanctions are useless and impossible, China and Russia being opposed to efficient ones. I cannot predict the future. But indeed, Israel may see herself forced to make her choice now right away: Accept a nuclear armed Iran or deliver a strike against Iran´s nuclear plants now. Once the Russian S-300 missiles have been delivered to Iran such a mission seems virtually impossible. Israel will probably have to go alone – and may not have the expected help from Muslim Pres. Obama. On the other hand, now the Jewish founded de facto US government, the Council on Foreign Relations, takes Israel´s position – and Obama is but a puppet in the hands of the CFR.  But every one hesitates - and US Vice President, Joe Biden, says, Israel will wait for sanktions 

However, it may seem as if the German Bundeswehr is already preparing for war against Iran, German soldiers now learning to say "Hands up" and "Shut up" in Persian! Shimon Perez unabashed and unchallenged thanked Chancellor Merkel - in Parliament, for having said on 3 Nov. 2009 before the U.S. Congress: "An attack on Israel is like an attack on us"! This was repeated by Deputy Defense Secretary Schmidt. However, Merkel said something entirely different: "Those who threaten Israel Israel-attack-routesthreaten us. Therefore, the free world is countering this threat - if necessary  with tough economic sanctions"!

Possible Israeli routes to attack Iran. Israel´s biggest concern is the danger to US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan in case of a one-sided Israeli attack (The Wall Street Journal 21 April 2010). Maybe Israel is now bringing a pawn sacrifice by freezing settlement constructions in East Jerusalem to gain Obama´s and Arab go ahead on Iran/Syria (The Jerusalem Post 26 April 2010).

The New York Times  April 17 , reveals a secret memo from US Defense Security Robert Gates (from Jan.) determining that the White House has no effective policy for dealing with Iran's steady progress towards nuclear capability. CFR President, Richard Haass, supports Gates´criticism of Obama.  An Israeli attack would probably have great implications: an all-out war with Syria – probably crushing Syria (Isajah 17) and her henchman, Hizbollah-governed Lebanon. Would the UN intervene militarily in the Middle East? Could this rebuilt Israel survive such a confrontation (Hes. 35–39, Habakuk, Matth. 24)? Would a passive Obama be able to survive such a challenge of the Jews who control Congress and the US economy? Is this Albert Pike´s postulated plan? Is this what Joe Biden and Collin Powell were hinting at, when they predicted a great generated confrontation in the Middle East with Russia?
"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them" (Paul, 1st Thessalonians 5:3).

Erich Follath Spiegel online 22 June 2009 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 59, and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 52, are twins in spirit: Both men are convinced of the absolute validity of their beliefs, both are obsessed by what they see as their higher calling, and both are convinced that theirs is a Messianic mission — a mission to “honor” a religion or “save” a people.
Illuminate Netanyahu likes to show kabbalist/frreemason hand signs. This sign means Mark Master Freemason – and here. Below he shows the sign of the Divine King, the sign of the Antichrist. Netanyahu is a member of Rockefeller´s Council on Foreign Relations – just as his predecessor, Ehud  Olmert.

There is every indication that the coming nuclear negotiations between Washington and Tehran — if, indeed, they begin in the next few months with Ahmadinejad still Iranian president — will end in a stalemate by the end of the year. If that happens, US President Barack Obama will push for tougher sanctions against Tehran in early 2010, with the reluctant support of the Russians and Chinese. The leadership in Tehran will interpret this as an aggressive act and will likely speed up its uranium enrichment, meaning that Iran will only be a few months away from having the capability to build a nuclear bomb. At some point next spring, things could have proceeded so far that the Israelis could decide, even without Washington’s approval, to launch attacks against Iranian nuclear facilities. The entire Middle East would see thousands of casualties, and the consequences for the global economy would be devastating.


Ahmedinejad showing double sign of Satan. Does he and Netanyahu serve the same master? (see Albert Pike´s letter to Mazzini - known since about 1949).

It is important to examine the deeply religious ideas that shape both Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu and practically destine them to clash with each other: the theology of the Islamic Haqqani school and the Jewish concept of Amalek. And to understand why Tehran and Jerusalem, with Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu at their respective helms, have embarked on such an alarming and potentially devastating course, it helps — as this author has done — to have personally met the people involved and to have studied their milieu during numerous trips to Iran and Israel over the past three-and-a-half decades.

Mesbah Yazdi is Ahmedinejad´s mentor.
The so-called Mahdists around Mesbah Yazdi and Ahmadinejad believe that their Twelfth Imam disappeared from the face of the earth in the 9th century because Allah the Almighty hid him to put mankind to a test. They also believe that this Twelfth Imam, or Mahdi, will return to the earth, as will Jesus, who all Muslims see as an important predecessor to Muhammad. The Mahdi, in their view, will create a paradise on earth for believers and condemn blasphemers to eternal damnation. But he will only return when the world has undergone a catharsis, a whirling, gigantic, cleansing upheaval.

Could it take the form of a war between Muslims and heretics, perhaps? Possibly a nuclear war? And do some of the apocalyptically minded within the Haqqani school want to provoke this cataclysmic event to bring about the return of the Mahdi as soon as possible? After the anti-zionist Holocaust conference 3 years ago , the Iranian president repeatedly called for the extermination of the Zionist regime. Ahmadinejad comes across as a demagogue, an obstinate warrior striking out against the Western world and its supposed moral afflictions, such as “campaigning for the votes of homosexuals.” He declares discussions over the nuclear issue to be “concluded,” even though international talks, at least those involving the United States, have yet to begin.

In a face-to-face conversation, Ahmadinejad can be polite, even charming, and he is adept at soberly presenting his case that the West is seeking to control Iran. But he also has a different, mystical side. He considers himself chosen. In a meeting with Iranian members of parliament, Ahmadinejad claimed that he was surrounded by a light when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York, and that the light silenced the leaders of other countries in the audience during his speech. This special spiritual bond with the Mahdi that the president claims for himself by making such assertions also makes him suspect to leading clerics in Qom. The Haqqani school was not held in particularly high esteem by Khomeini, the revolutionary leader and founder of the Iranian theocracy, and he is even said to have considered banning the organization. The radical followers of the Haqqani movement are also said to be viewed with suspicion by Khamenei, Khomeini’s successor. According to associates of Ahmadinejad, he continues to meet with his mentor every week for an ideological tête-à-tête. Mesbah Yazdi, whose nickname is “Professor Crocodile,” promptly snapped back at all dissidents. He wants to purify the country of all reformist movements, and he is known to have characterized supporters of the reformist camp as “a pile of booze-drinking rags.”

In times of existential threat, Shiite (as well as Sunni) Islam expressly permits “taqiyya, a doctrine which allows deception or lying for the greater good of the community – (as well as of the inividual Muslim any time – Koransura 9:1, 4. Conf. Acad. Islam. Res., Cairo, 1970). Now Muslim scholars try to play down Ahmedinejads threats to wipe israel off the map.

Netanjahu-okThey call him “Bibi.” Whenever this Bibi, Benjamin Netanyahu, has mentioned Tehran and its political leadership in recent months, he has repeated his mantra that the Iranian nuclear program is the greatest threat Israel has confronted “since its creation in 1948.” The liberal and consistently well-informed Israeli daily Haaretz wrote: “Politicians in touch with Netanyahu say he has already made up his mind to destroy Iran’s nuclear installations” — apparently without Washington’s approval.  Bibi, who was part of a mission to rescue hostages on board a hijacked Sabena jet, received the country’s second-highest decoration for bravery. Bibi went to the United States, where he attended prestigious universities.

Benjamin made it his mission to fill the outsized footsteps of his brother Yonatan (fell in the Entebbe liberation), and to fight anti-Jewish terror at least as enthusiastically and thoroughly. The family patriarch provided his sons with the necessary ideological tools.
Benjamin spoke contemptuously about “Palestinian delusions” and said that they would “be in for a surprise when I come to power (1993).”  “That son-of-a-bitch doesn’t want a deal,” former US President Bill Clinton once said heatedly, in the presence of several witnesses, in response to yet another example of Netanyahu’s obstructionist policies. In an interview, former White House spokesman Joe Lockhart called the Israeli prime minister “one of the most obnoxious individuals you’re going to come into — just a liar and a cheat.”

Netanyahu is almost certain to remain unbending on the question of Iranian nuclear bombs, steering Israel toward an attack. Why does he believe that a red line has been crossed? And why does he seem to yearn for his adversary Ahmadinejad to remain in office, as even the respected German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported with astonishment, citing Israeli sources?

AmalekWhen American author and Israel expert Jeffrey Goldberg recently asked a Netanyahu confidant to explain this fixation, he simply replied: “Think Amalek.” This is the Jewish concept that forms a potentially disastrous parallel to the Islamic Haqqani school — a pair of mirror-image concepts that could spell war. In a biblical context, Amalek was a descendant of Esau who, with his tribal warriors from Canaan, launched a treacherous and unprovoked attack on the Hebrews as they were traveling to the Holy Land, Eretz Israel. In a broader sense, the term Amalek refers to the existential threat to Judaism at all times, under all circumstances and by all enemies. The Torah, Devarim 25, Fifth Book of Moses, reads: “Remember what Amalek did to you on your journey, after you left Egypt–how, undeterred by fear of God, he surprised you on the march, when you were famished and weary, and cut down all the stragglers in your rear.”

No Jewish generation is permitted to forget the conflict with Amalek, because Amalek embodies the intrinsically evil and destructive. Fighting Amalek is the duty of every devout Jew, a “mitzvah aseh” or commandment of action. According to some interpretations of ancient scripture, this mitzvah is more far-reaching, namely a commandment to eliminate the original enemies of the Jews.
Rabbis like Bibi Netanyahu’s grandfather taught, and continue to teach today, that Jews are forced to combat the Amalekites, who are constantly, as Goldberg puts it, “reappearing in new forms”: the soldiers of Nebuchadnezzar and of the Spanish Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada, Adolf Hitler’s thugs, and now the Iranian hardliners ,who are vowing to destroy Israel, together with their president, Ahmadinejad. Those who, like Netanyahu, see Iran’s nuclear program as Amalek’s arsenal of weapons, are not just entitled, but are in fact obligated, to take preventive measures to destroy it. According to Jewish apocalyptic constructs, a Jewish state would cease to exist after a possible Iranian nuclear first strike. In other words, it is better to attack first in the case of doubt.

The notion that Iran, if it were to use nuclear weapons, would be acting suicidally and would see its government and hundreds of thousands of innocent people wiped out in the inevitable counter-attack is irrelevant. In fact, say the anti-Amalekites, Ahmadinejad literally yearns for such an inferno, because it would pave the way for the return of the Mahdi in the resulting end-time scenario. The Israelis reject as naïve the idea that Ahmadinejad is “merely” a populist and, with his nuclear program, could “only” be pursuing tactical goals like the regional strengthening of Iran to bring it to the same level as Israel, a nuclear power.
But the signs are currently pointing to stormy weather ahead: to Haqqani versus Anti-Amalek, and to a showdown between the unlike twins.

Foreign Affairs 10 June 2009: If anything is to be done to thwart the nuclear ambitions of the regime in Tehran, Jerusalem will have to do so unilaterally — and bear the consequences. For now, Washington wants Israel to sit on its hands, and Israel has apparently agreed to do so. It is clear to all in Jerusalem that if Israel were to launch an unauthorized attack while the possibility of dialogue is still alive, the Obama administration might retaliate punitively, both diplomatically and economically.
Others, however, especially in Netanyahu’s inner circle, believe that the statements made by members of the U.S. administration, including Obama himself, provide the wink and the nod that Israel needs in order to take action farther down the road. This, at least, is the impression that many in Jerusalem were left with after Netanyahu’s visit to Washington last May, when neither Obama nor Secretary of Defense Robert Gates contradicted Netanyahu’s assertion that Israel has a right to defend itself from an Iranian nuclear threat.
CIA Director Leon Panetta went on a trip to Israel just before Netanyahu’s arrival in Washington — but, according to Israeli sources, he only referred to the next seven months. Israeli officials close to Netanyahu see only two conditions for future unilateral military action by Israel: that Jerusalem provide prior notification, and that it not ask Washington for an explicit nihil obstat.

Netanyahu himself still appears to be undecided. He has repeatedly stated over the years that Israel cannot countenance a nuclear Iran. In an interview I conducted with him in late 2007, he said: “We need to prepare for a situation in which we have failed and Iran has succeeded in acquiring a bomb. Against lunatics, deterrence must be absolute, total. The lunatics must understand that if they raise their hand against us, we will hit them in a way that will eviscerate any desire to harm us.”

Atom-angreb-_58144tSome political analysts believe that this sort of language reflects Netanyahu’s profound personal convictions and his sense of duty as a national leader.
Netanyahu knows that a successful Iranian nuclear test could destroy his political future. Moreover, the immediate political environment in which Netanyahu operates is conducive to authorizing a preemptive strike. His senior coalition partner, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, has made threats against Iran on numerous occasions. And the current leaders of the Mossad and the Shin Bet believe in solving problems by force.

As Iran approaches nuclear weapons capability — sometime in 2010, according to current Mossad estimates — an increasing number of people in Netanyahu’s circle will adopt the view that Israel needs to take action and that the United States will be understanding of Israel’s needs. And if the Obama administration is not so understanding? Israel may decide that the existential danger posed by a potential second Holocaust warrants risking even a serious rift with the United States. Ultimately, the fear of a nuclear-armed state whose leader talks openly of destroying Israel may outweigh the views of the country’s intelligence experts.  (On middle level the intelligence service does not fear a nuclear Iran).

Comment: What about the current “Iranian revolution”? Unless it escalates into a real social rebellion it seem to be over by now – in spite of CIA and JSOC´s and George Soros´efforts - and the ayatollahs now demand executions of the protesters. However, Iran is now a divided country.

If Israel should launch an attack on Iran now it might unite the Iranians – or in fact kindle a deeper revolution, as wanted by the New World order people like John Bolton, Henry Kissinger and the leaders of the EU Parliament.
Anyway, it seems that Israel has given the US 7 months to negotiate – which will lead to nothing or propbably never start. In the latter case Israel might strike already this year – for an unconverted Muslim/illuminatus US President, Obama, will hardly initiate an attack on Muslim Iran.
Nevertheless, the showdown between Anti-Amalekites and Haqqanites is as certain to come soon as Amen in Judaism and Islam – unless the Islamic Republic dissolves by then.

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