Will the Climate Ideology of the EU Go up in Nuclear Smoke - or Drown in Fisher-empty Waters?

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[1] Joschka Fischer, former German Foreign Minister, The Daily Star, 30.Mai 2008: "As things look, Israel may well attack Iran soon. Pres. Bush´s final visit to Israel seemed to indicate that his objective was different: he seemed to be planning, together with Israel, to end the [2] Iranian nuclear program - and to do so by military, rather than by diplomatic, means.”

The Israeli de facto Prime Minister, Foreign Minister [3] Zipi Liwni, said according to the Tagesspiegel Online on June 3, 2008 - based on Israeli media reports - before the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign and security Policy in Jerusalem, that a rapid decision as for the further procedure was imminently necessary considering potential progress of the Iranian nuclear programme." In the Middle eastern region you can either smash boorish neighbours or join them".

NEW YORK – [4] Asia Times May 28,  2008,  The George W Bush administration plans to launch an air strike against Iran within the next two months, an informed source tells Asia Times Online, echoing other reports that have surfaced in the media in the United States recently.
The source is a retired US career diplomat and former assistant secretary of state still active in the foreign affairs community, speaking anonymously.

It seems the [5] opposition against the US doing the dirty job is too great in the USA. And that Israel sees this time as politically favourable for an attack on Iran - before Pres. Bush´s resignation. Besides, the [6] European Council On foreign Relations reports, that the Saudis will probably accept an Israeli attack on Irans nuclear plants.

Comment: This is dramatic news. But these sources do seem very serious. Joschka Fischer last year was a "distinguished diplomat" to the US  Council on Foreign Relations - the  ruler of the USA. On his return he  founded the [7] European Council on Foreign Relations alongside with the vice-President of the  European Convent  behind the EU Constitution, de Haene  and the US  CFR-member, George Soros. So Fischer would be well informed!

This is a very dangerous development, as [8] Putin has strongly warned the US against attacking Iran  – some even indicating this would be seen as [9] an attack on Russia.
The least dramatic outcome of such an event would be that Iran bars the Strait og Hormuz, whereupon oil price will really skyrocket - annihilating all EU dreams of more and more expensive CO2 CCS programmes - unless they occupy Iran!

[10] Global Research writes on May 14, 2008, "We are at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. These war plans coincide with a parallel process of economic restructuring and a deepseated Worldwide economic depression. War and globalization are intimately related processes. The militarisation of the Middle East and Central Asia supports the extension of the global "free market" system into new frontiers."

Angry French fishermen protesting - CNN

The EU is facing a situation where its authority is at stake over its core ideologies:  CO2-combating and immigration.
The EU´s way to world governance goes via its ambitious climate programme, the EU having  fixed a 20% reduction  of its CO2 emission as compared to the 1990-level before 2020. In case the world accepts the same goal, the EU will even cut its emission by 30% by 2020. Emission licenses will be sold and traded on the [11] ECX market in the Emission Trading System. This is raising consumer prices considerably - and quite unnnecessarily, [12] CO2 being harmless to our climate and [13] here. 
To this madness aircraft CO2 and car CO2 emission taxations are to follow - although aircraft companies like Al Italia are on the verge of bankruptcy due to high fuel prices.
This "Anti-Greenhouse" movement is even taking a [14] religious missioning and revivalist character

EU-Environment Commissioner , Stavros Dimas, [15] admits that after the establishment of the ETS on  Jan 1, 2005, the   CO2-emission has increased - in 2007 it was 0.7% higher than in 2006 : The system does not work - but makes everything more expensive.

When up to 10% of biofuel must be put into your tank it will be even more expensive - as will foods - and many must buy  new cars because the old one cannot run with 10% biofuel!

Now protests are arising from European populations - and governments and the EU are in a fix, being squeezed between on one hand their self-made unnecessary ambition, which will grow more and more expensive, and on the other hand popular demands out of need for cheaper fuel.  


May 28, 2008: [16] Gordon Brown has been urged[16] to stand firm against calls to abandon green tax rises on fuel as environmentalists warned that scrapping the proposals would risk undermining Britain's drive towards a low carbon future…. concerns grew that ministers were considering cancelling the 2p rise in fuel duty planned for October.
Yesterday senior cabinet ministers hinted that the Government may back down over plans to increase car tax on older, polluting cars amid a revolt by 42 MPs – 35 of them Labour rebel
Suspicions are already growing that environmental policy is slipping down the political agenda with the Conservatives also giving it less emphasis in recent months.

May 26, 2008: Truckers in Britain joined the show of discontent with rising fuel prices.  About 300 honked their horns and parked on a highway on the edge of London, jamming a major route into the capital. [17] Dutch and French truckers have promised to cause disruption on roads on Thursday (29 May), while fishermen in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Greece plan to picket ports and government buildings Friday, newswires report….
Concrete ideas on how to respond to the problem have caused division in EU ranks so far, however. EU countries greatly disagree as for how handle this crisis

For more than two weeks, angry fishermen have blocked ports across France to protest rising fuel prices.
May 27, 2008:[18] French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday proposed cutting fuel taxes Europe-wide, responding to economic discontent that has prompted French fishermen to launch protests now spreading to other European shores and sectors.
Sarkozy urged the European Union to suspend part of the value-added tax on fuel to counter rising crude oil prices that have risen repeatedly to new highs in recent weeks. he insisted that any decision to lower the value-added tax, or VAT, “must be European.”

Such a move would slow the rapid rise in the pump price of fuel, he said. He accepted, however, that it could only be agreed by all 27 EU governments. The idea was shot down by the European Commission, which said that it would discourage oil-producing countries from taking action to restrain prices.

[19] Germany              

Graph from the Financial Times online May 29, 2008

"The grand coalition’s climate package set of measures to limit CO2 emissions was supposed to be passed in the cabinet on May 27, 2008. But the grand coalition's partners, the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the CDU, couldn’t agree on how many additional costs could still be imposed on their constituents in the face of rising energy costs. Once again, the program was put off...
Brussels, June 4, 2008

As EU finance ministers gathering in Luxembourg struggled to develop a sound reaction to rising petrol and fuel prices, angry fishermen from across Europe are taking their pleas to Brussels. They were backed by Italy's Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti, who proposed a windfall tax for oil companies, arguing: "We live in extraordinary times that require extraordinary measures. There is a bottle of champagne on top of the petrol pump and it's called 'Speculation'." (What he is silent about , however, is that the state is by far the biggest speculation profit-monger).The EU's hands are tied, however, because commodity prices are largely driven by increased demand and speculation taking place outside its borders. The potential for macroeconomic measures is limited, because the current record inflation of 3.6% limits the ECB's leeway for any potential rate cuts. 

[21] EurActiv June 2, 2008: In France, thousands of farmers demonstrated and blocked oil depots throughout the country. At the same time, dairy farmers in Germany went on strike, blaming rising fuel prices for pushing up their operating costs while the retail price of milk is actually falling after the EU raised production quotas by 2% ([22] EurActiv 07/02/08). They were followed by farmers in Austria, Denmark, Holland and Belgium.

According to experts’ predictions, the future holds more price increases — and the change will be especially drastic for drivers. There is no end in sight. Experts predict that, by the end of 2009, oil prices could rise to $200 (€129) a barrel. (Goldmann-Sachs has just predicted that this level could be reached already in 2008). On Wednesday, Airbus CEO Thomas Enders warned that, were that to happen, Germany's aircraft industry would "collapse". Since the turn of the millennium, the gas bill for a three-person household has increased by several hundred euros per year…. Renewable energy sources, such as water, wind and solar power, will hardly be able to fill these energy gaps looming in the foreseeable future."

Comment: The EU will hardly be able to enforce its unnecessary and unfounded CO2- ideology for very long.
In fact, due to increasing oil prices industrial countries within and ouside the EU are now planning large scale[23] coal-fired power plants, necessitaing expensive Carbon Catch and Storage technique - not yet developed - to keep the CO2-reduction goals. This will further raise prices in all fields, cause still more rebellion in the EU - and hopefully lead to the demise of the eurocratic regime in Brussels??

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