The New World Order and its Kingpins, “Saviours of the Planet,” Paid by Our Thankful “Green” Taxes

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As shown on this blog, the New World Order is busy cheating us into believing major global crises – created and invented by its illuminists – are demanding global solutions – through a UN-world government: their home made [1] War on terrorism,  [2] Pandemics (BSE, SARS, avian flu, swine flu etc),  [3] Financial crisis , and [4] Threatened Biodiversity, and [5] Immigration and [6] here – but their trump card is the “[7] climate change” scam.
This hoax has now been spread by mendacious propaganda all over the world to an extent that most people believe in it – much to their own future cost. In Norway, an advanced New World Order state, climate change deniers are even beimg called “[8] climate hooligans”!

Why is the climate hoax so important to the new World Order?
[9] By Cliff Kincaid June 24, 2009 While our media sleep, the United Nations is proceeding, with President Obama’s acquiescence, to implement a global plan to create a new international socialist order financed by global taxes on the American people.
“[10] The UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development” that begins on Wednesday will consider adoption of a document calling for “new voluntary and innovative sources of financing initiatives to provide additional stable sources of development finance…” This is U.N.-speak for global taxes. They are anything but “voluntary” for the people forced to pay them. [Read Cliff's book: "Global Bondage: The UN Plan to Rule The World"]

The most “popular” proposals, which could generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue for global purposes, involve taxes on greenhouse gas emissions and financial transactions such as stock trades. The document was agreed to at an informal meeting of expert “facilitators” and was made available. It is doubtful that any changes will be made to it.

[11] Joseph.Stiglitz

[12] Paul Stiglitz squealed about the mafia methods of the New World Order organisations, The IMF and the World Bank, towards poor states.

The Obama Administration’s unofficial point man in U.N. deliberations has been economist [13] Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winner, who has been coordinating a “Commission of Experts” that has reported to U.N. General Assembly President [14] Miguel D’Escoto, the notorious Communist Catholic Priest who received the Lenin Peace Prize from the old Soviet Union. Stiglitz produced his own document which called for “the issuance of additional [15] SDRs,” “additional sources of funding” for global institutions, a new global reserve currency, and a new global credit facility. Key recommendations have been incorporated into the official U.N. conference document but Stiglitz and his “experts” provide far more details about them in their “[16] Report of the Commission of Experts” – especially Chapter V:art. 90–100 under the section: “ Global Reserve System” The [10] Outcome Document of the Conference supports Stiglitz´ call for innovative, climate related income for developing countries. [12]

In terms of new funding sources, the document furthermore calls for “innovative sources of financing such as emission rights trading and financial transactions taxes…” The concept of [17] “emissions tradingenables corporations to avoid limits on greenhouse gas emissions if they pay taxes to government. It is part of the “cap and trade” legislation that the liberals are now pushing on Capitol Hill. The bill for this New World Order tax is then passed on to you and me by the price of the merchandize!

Chapter Five of this document, “[16] Report of the Commission of Experts,” goes into detail, declaring that “For some time, the difficulty in meeting the UN official assistance target of 0.7 percent of Gross National Income of developed industrial countries as official development assistance. This has generated proposals on how to guarantee a more reliable and stable source of financing for these objectives (V.92).”

The document notes that an international airline ticket tax is now in effect.

This is taxation for global objectives. There have also been suggestions to auction global natural resources—such as ocean fishing rights and pollution emission permits—for global environmental programs.”
It goes on to say, “These taxes should be nationally imposed, but internationally coordinated (V:94).” So the nations of the world, including the U.S., will collect the taxes but then turn them over to institutions such as the U.N. The world body will function, in effect, like a global Internal Revenue Service.
Comment: So, this must be trumped through – even through threats – or bribes – secretly.

[18] Al-gore-i-sne-1.majNo matter how insane, the New World Order always has its way
[19] The Huffington Post 26 June 2009: The House of Representatives passed the most sweeping climate change policy ever considered by Congress. Instituting a cap and trade system, the bill aims to cut America's production of greenhouse gases by 17 percent by 2020, and 83 percent by 2050.

[20] Climate Depot 26 June 2009 The House of Representatives passed a bill it did not read, did not understand. A bill that is based on crumbling scientific claims and a bill that will have no detectable climate impact.

The [21] Los Angeles Times 22 June: Reporting from Washington — Coal-fired power plants are the largest source of heat-trapping gases that cause global warming, but President Obama's plan to fight climate change would result in the nation burning more coal a decade from now than it does today.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
is an [22] agency of the federal government of the United States charged to regulate chemicals and protect human health by safeguarding the natural environment: air, water, and land.
[23] The Washington Monthly 17 April 2009: Having received White House backing, the Environmental Protection Agency declared that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are a significant threat to human health and thus will be listed as pollutants (although there would be no life without it).

However, the passing of the bill was based on the active EPA suppression of “climate change” knowledge

[24] EPA[25] CBSNews 26 June 2005
The Environmental Protection Agency may have suppressed an internal report that was sceptical of claims about global warming, including whether carbon dioxide must be strictly regulated by the federal government, according to a series of newly disclosed e-mail messages. Less than two weeks before the agency formally submitted its pro-regulation recommendation to the White House, an EPA centre director quashed a 98-page report that warned against making hasty "decisions based on a scientific hypothesis that does not appear to explain most of the available data."

The e-mail correspondence raises questions about political interference in what was supposed to be an independent review process inside a federal agency. After reviewing the scientific literature that the EPA is relying on, EPA-veteran Carlin said, he concluded that it was at least three years out of date and did not reflect the latest research. "My personal view is that there is not currently any reason to regulate (carbon dioxide)," he said. Global temperatures are roughly where they were in the mid-20th century. They're not going up, and if anything they're going down."

[26] Liza-jackson
     EPA boss Liza Jackson is loyal to Pres. Obama for her promotion and hurried EPA´s recommendation through

Here is an excerpt from a speech by a member of the House of Lords, UK
[27] VISCOUNT MONCKTON OF BRENCHLEY, former policy adviser for Margaret Thatcher. Sir Monckton has witten many articles on climate in the big newspapers of the world and was a key figure behind the British court of [28] justice ban on using Al Gore´s film “An Inconvenient Truth” in British schools due to at least 11 severe errors. He has repeatedly challenged Al Gore to meet him on US TV – but never had an answer!

There are now [29] sound theoretical reasons, repeatedly confirmed by empirical observations, for suspecting that the IPCC has exaggerated climate sensitivity by up to tenfold, and that it has also exaggerated the rate of accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere by twofold.  There is plenty of evidence that the majority of the scientists participating in the IPCC’s process were not involved in the climate sensitivity calculations. Even a very small exaggeration in the value of each of the four key parameters will cause a very large exaggeration when the four parameters are multiplied together to give the UN’s projection of anthropogenic temperature change over time. Most scientists are unaware of the magnitude of the UN’s exaggeration, because the UN’s treatment of the central question of climate sensitivity is obscurantist in the extreme.
Correcting for the UN’s exaggerations of each of the four key parameters
reduces climate sensitivity from 3.26 C to a small fraction of this value at CO2 doubling.

UAH-tempThe cost of each 1 degree of K of “global warming” prevented by the Waxman/Markey Bill, even if it were fully implemented, would thus be $60-$600 trillion.  This cost would fall disproportionately upon the poorest. The Bill will achieve precisely no reduction in global mean surface temperature but will cost a great deal to run.

There is not, was not and will not be any climate crisis"

 The editor of the [30] Chemical & Engineering News has brought himself into trouble with the world´s largest scientific group. On June 22 he wrote: "The science of anthropogenic climate change is becoming increasingly well established. The scientific consensus on the reality of climate change has become increasingly difficult to [31] CO2-graf-NIWAchallenge, despite the efforts of diehard climate-change deniers”.

        NIWA´s [32] atmospheric CO2– graph. No correlation to increasing temperature.

[31] The editorial was met with a swift, passionate and scientific rebuke from Baum’s colleagues – the largest scientific group of the world. Virtually all of the letters published on July 27 castigated Baum’s climate science views. Scientists rebuked Baum’s use of the word “deniers” because of the terms “association with Holocaust deniers.” In addition, the scientists called Baum’s editorial: “disgusting”; “a disgrace”; “filled with misinformation”; “unworthy of a scientific periodical” and “pap.”

From the above we clearly see that the New World order needs our money to build their [33] one-world state. Since they have robbed us nearly entirely through their [3] home-made financial crisis  and will do so even more when tax-payers are to pay for the New World Order central banks´bail-outs – i.e. gifts to the thieves who took our houses, jobs and shares in the first place – it is obvious that we are to pay for them to rule the Earth entirely to the extent that we are impoverished. The self-declared EU-illuminists´ ([34] explanatory statement) means and aim are money and power for themselves.

[35] Viscountens-temp.-kurveAnd they are very keen on that: The EU-Commission supported[36] Blogactiv 8 Aug. 2009: "The combination of environmental taxes, incentives, trading schemes, carbon accounting, regulation and voluntary measures accompanied by a well designed, comprehensive global climate agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol is essential to help the world move to a low-carbon economy."
It is also becoming more and more obvious that these totally [7] mendacious illuminists are desperately [37] lying, and [38] here, and [39] here. Now they are even setting up our own children as [40] climate police against us climate criminals!

In a [41] US Senate Minority Report last autumn, 650 scientists had very hard words to say about the climate fraud:
"Global warming has become a new religion".
"Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history… etc.

I showed this to a former Danish Minister for the Environment. His answer: “This comes from the right. I still think there is consensus on climate. Now we are to save the planet”!!!
You cannot discuss with New World Order ideologists – only protest that we and our children don´t want to be milked by the illuminist bankers making themselves the kings of the world.

But only united can we stop them. And people will not see it.

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