EU: Liberal Immmigration Slipping Due to Economy and Criminality

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The [1] UN is warning the EU that "immigration will get entirely out of control by 2025 due to an explosive growth of the populations in North Africa: "In the last 30 years the population of the South has doubled reaching 234 million people. This figure will increase by another 96 million by 2025. Egypt will have a population of 95 million and Turkey of 87 million. If the southern Mediterranean would want to keep the social peace, it will have to create 34 million new jobs in the next 20 years."

The EU is facing a situation where its authority is at stake over its core ideologies:  Climate and immigration.
This post is abut the immigration, the [2] climate factor having been dealt with. EUs immigration is uncontrollable, which is strangling our social systems, costing Denmark about [3] 30% of its budget annually  - and [4] Sweden 30%. And the immigrants have been all but thankful to us.

Like CO2 combating,  immigration from the Muslim countries of the "[5] Union for the Mediterranean" will develop into a bitter struggle for survival about resources. In this battle the Europeans will  become really poor  - unless they stop the madness by dismissing the eurocratic regime in Brussels.

Protests against immigration from the South are arising from European politicians - and governments. The EU is in a fix, being squeezed between its self-made irresponsible immigration policy to a totally foreign culture which did not bring relief to our labour market and the harsh costs of this immigration.


May 29.2008: But [6] France who is taking over the rotating EU presidency on July 1, 2008, will clamp down on illegal immigration

The French have had enough of the religion of peace. Here a photo from banlieu riots in Paris.

According to a report in the Financial Times on Thursday (29 May), Paris is proposing a "pact on immigration" under which efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants would be coordinated….The French proposal contains new measures to return those illegally residing in the EU to their countries and calls for tougher "re-admission" deals regulating these returns….To integrate the newcomers, EU states are encouraged to put in place compulsory "integration contracts," making it obligatory for the immigrants to adopt "national and European values.
The document also calls for the implementation of biometric visas and says
immigration may be limited to those whose skills are needed in the host country. This refers to the so-called  "[7] blue cards", which over the next 20 years are to bring 20 million "skilled" workers and their families to Europe. The EU hopes especially for Chinese and Indians.
"Europe does not have the means to welcome with dignity all those who see an El Dorado in it," it reads.

llegal refugees are allowed to stay maximally [8] 6 months in an EU country before they are expelled - under special circumstances 1 1/2 years, however. After expulsion they are not allowed to return to the EU for up to 5 years.

[9] All EU countries now concerned over immogration
The draft Directive for the return of immigrants is considered to be the backbone of the pact.[9] It stands a good chance of being adopted, since it became clear yesterday (4 June) that a majority of MEPs were in favour of the compromise. The inter-institutional deal is that the Council will accept the directive if Parliament does not adopt new amendments.

But then comes the abrupt awakening to the realities of the EU
Addressing concerns over the European Immigration Pact, Commission Vice-President Jacques Barrot said he will present a proposal laying down basic common principles that will "guarantee that actions will be based on full respect for the rights, freedoms and principles enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU".
According to [10] this Charter it will be nearly impossible to repatriate any Muslim (Articles 18, 19, 53).

[11] I[12] taly[12] and Spain have quarrelled over Rome's plans to tighten up its immigration policies as part of a bid to tackle rising tensions among Italians towards migrants from Romania.  
[13] The Independent, May 16, 2008: "In cruel and unusual concert, Italy's new government, its police and paramilitary carabinieri, and even its gangsters, have turned their joint might against the nation's enemy number one: the Gypsies….Residents of the former communist stronghold on the northern outskirts of Naples have been raising hell about the camp since Saturday, when a woman claimed a Gypsy girl had entered her flat and tried to steal her baby.

Local residents simply burnt the gipsy camp!"[14]
from the illuminist [15] European Council on Foreign Relations

The Europe which lingers in the air these days over the charred remains of the gypsy camps on the outskirts of Naples is an ugly Europe, one in flagrant contradiction to the principles and values which supposedly unite us and which have taken shape in the Treaty of Lisbon...the prospective common immigration policy beyond that of mere policing with which it seemed Europe was finally going to endow itself, has also largely gone up in smoke.
The gypsies of Rumanian origin are even EU citizens.
It is also only fair to point out that xenophobia and racism are latent or openly on display in all member states."

Comment: This astonishment and this virtuous indignation are probably symptomatic of the significance ascribed by the [16] illuminist (explanatory statement) New World Order/the globalists to immigration and the multicultural society at the cost of the indigenous Europeans.
The globalists are now driving the Europeans to desperate actions.

The poor of Naples rise in rebellion! How can peace be preserved in a society when the indigenous suffer and see how immigrants expand more and more at their cost?
In Germany I saw the bitterness of the poor: "We were good enough to fight Germany´s wars and suffer bitter distress. Now we are sick, old and poor. Now we are being left alone with a small pension of 500-600 euros a month - while the immigrants with their many children live much better!" And with 345 euros + housing costs for a very modest flat on Hartz IV the unemployed could not live very well either. Today [17] 13 % of Germans are poor in the sense that they have less than 781 euro/month to live on. The fear of poverty is great in Germany.
Besides, people feel increasingly insecure on the streets  - and rightly so. Criminal statistics  [18] loads heavily on non-western immigrants - and [19] here.
And it comes worse. The beginning crisis/skyrocketing prices can let this bitterness spread like rings in the water and grow into an existential crisis for the EU:

Capital is being drawn out of the market in the UK and the USA
May 28, 2008: [20] Total home loan approvals came in at 38,704 last month, well below the six-month average and 39 per cent down on the level a year ago, the British Bankers' Association reported.
The key indicators for the health of the economy and the housing market were all depressed.

The USA –The Independent May 28, 2008 
[20] House prices in the US fell more steeply between January and March than at any time since the Second World War.
In Denmark home prices slumped dramatically in the month of May)
Right now the banks and the credit market seem to be kept alive by artificial respiration by the central banks trying to stabilise the markets and restore confidence in the banking system by swapping mortgage-backed securities for government bonds (tax payer security). The recapitalisation of some large banking groups has also bolstered confidence, but most opinion polls suggest credit conditions are still severe.

Bank after bank is getting into trouble - and fall to Rothschild partners for an old song  - as property ([21] Bear Stearns ) or to be managed by them ([22] Northern Rock).The latest example is Bradford & Bingley (B&B), the UK's biggest buy-to-let mortgage lender ([23] Times Online, June 2, 2008).

Oil prices are stated to be bound to increase to 200 dollars a barrel sooner or later, or even much more dependent on [2] events in the Persian Gulf - nay have reached record pinnavles due to fear of war in the persian Gulf ([24] CNN June 6, 2008) at the same time as food prices skyrocket and  CO2 taxes are being imposed, making energy much more expensive.
Thus, a big crisis seems to be impending,  which may be of  great significance to the EU´s immigration policy and the EU itself due to riots in the populations of the EU. Naples could  just the beginning.
The eurocrats may pass all the ideological rubbish they want to in order to promote their New World Agenda. If they outrun their populations they will suffer severe rebuttals threatening the very existence of the EU.

And I think that will happen when the middle class will have to leave their homes and cut their standards of living considerably, in order that the EU can finance its [25] CO2-combating madness and the totally irresponsible immigration from the EU´s Muslim "partner countries", which have been promised the 4 fundamental freedoms of the EU , among them the totally irresponsible [26] free immigration to the EU!!

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