Power Struggle in Immoral EU Over Lisbon Treaty, EU Presidents, Civil Society

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The EU seems to be splitting up, its various institutions opposing each other: The Commission - indirectly expressing its anger though the commission-sponsored Blogactiv.eu at the Council, which is not willing to let all commissioners be non-political eurocratic officials and which is being said to be "dictatorial" , Parliament being [1] furious at the Council over [2] its  rapid approval of Barroso, because it does not like him nor his Commission  - and the Council just don´t care about those midgets nor their civil society "democracy," milking [3] lots of money from the EU Commission! For the Council does not give a damn for democracy of any variety!

[4] Nej-lissabon-traktat[5] Blogactiv.eu 19 June, 2009: Europe’s politicians, lacking moral and political courage, embroiled in an undemocratic cabal to foist the incoherent Constitutional/Lisbon Treaty are set on a shameful path. It corrupts the democratic potential of the existing treaties, making reform even more difficult. They are intent to undermine Europe’s only successful peace system by attacking the independence of the Commission. The founding fathers made it impossible to have one national representative each in the Commission. They designed the Commission to EXCLUDE political representatives of the States themselves.
The methods of the so-called democratic governments are known from North Korea or Soviet satellite states, "the peoples´democracies". It is illegal. That is why ministers have entered the path of shame and dishonour.
This is the choice between plague and cholera. Who are the worse anti-democrats: “Our” politicians or the eurocrats? There is only one way out: Dismantle the [6] illuminist/illuminate (explanatory statement) New World Order EU and start a cooperation between sovereign, equal European states from scratch - and forget about the founding traitors.

Now, there is more[7] bitternes from the Commission-sponsored blog:[7]
[7] Blogactiv.eu 20 july, 2009:  It is a damning commentary on the democratic ethics of the 27 governments of the EU that they choose the President of the European Commission in secret, without any recourse to democracy. Who are these candidates? None other than the political buddies of government leaders.

[8] Deutsche Welle 21 July 2009:  If you have an EU President shaking hands with Obama or Medvedev, it has a strong effect on identity," said Guérot of the [9] European Council on Foreign Relations. "He will be the face of the European Union which will carry a high level of symbolism. In real terms, it's a representative position"
Tony-blair-konge"The suggestion of Tony Blair to become the EU's first council president is absurd and would represent a backward step for the EU," party leaders in the European parliament said in Strasbourg last week. "Given that the Iraq war deeply divided the EU, Tony Blair can hardly be considered a compromise candidate. He has also shown little real enthusiasm as the special envoy to the Middle East. His Thatcher-inherited neoliberal politics sowed the seeds for the current financial and economic crisis," the Greens added in their statement.

"The suggestion of Tony Blair to become the EU's first council president is absurd and would represent a backward step for the EU," party leaders in the European parliament said in Strasbourg last week. "Given that the Iraq war deeply divided the EU, Tony Blair can hardly be considered a compromise candidate. He has also shown little real enthusiasm as the special envoy to the Middle East. His Thatcher-inherited neoliberal politics sowed the seeds for the current financial and economic crisis," the Greens added in their statement.

[10] Euractiv 16 July. 2009 "If Tony Blair decides to stand as president of the European Council, once that job has been created, then of course we will support him," said Gordon brown´s spokesman. However, [11] Mr. Blair´s support is waning in Paris and Berlin and elsewhere – so he may lose his reward for having prevented a British Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

But there are more dissonances in the EU
- of fundamental significance for the future of the EU.

Commission´s undemocratic Civil society wants power - Swedish rotating presidency wants to scrap it.
The EU-Commisssion-sponsored blog, Blogactiv.eu, has of late launched a lot of advise to the EU in the name of [12] civil society and [13] here – they call it “Challenge for Europe”. Civil society is the foundation of the EU Commission´s “democracy” in close cooperation with CFR [3] George Soros: EU-sponsored/bought grassroot movements sharing the EU´s opinions, are asked questions in the name of consultations of the people – and the EU gets its desired answers and can maintain to be democratic for “listening to the voice of the people”!

Now a former speech writer for Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, demands Sweden to use its rotating EU presidency to cut the 213 mio. euros used for EU propaganda – and she writes:[14] EUObserver 29 July, 2009 :“The EU also contributes funds to a number of pro-European "NGOs "in order to substantiate claims that there is civil society support for deeper integration.”

This is fired back at by EU´s supreme responsible for communication, Margot Wallström: [15] Dagens Nyheter 28 July 2009: “Dialogue must involve civil society, social partners, national parliaments, political parties, citizens, not least national parliaments.  We have shifted the focus from Brussels to the individual citizens of member countries. Citizens are at the center and we now also use the media who they would prefer: television, radio, internet, blogs, Facebook and local newspapers.
We have created a two-way communication. It is about listening, not to propagate. Our annual communications budget, including staff costs and office in all 27 countries, amounting to approximately SEK 2.1 billion.” The [16] Think Tank Open Europe tells that the EU is spending 2.4 bn. euro to promote its own excellence - but grows more and more unpopular.
Timbro wants communication to EU citizens to be cut away. Out going EU Commissioner for Communication, Margot Wallström, wants to communicate on EU conditions with its loyal supporters in “civil society” -and that costs a lot of money! But 99% of the population are never heard.  The EU does not respond when [17] I ask Margot Wallström face to face or in writing for information about the[18] Euromediterranean Process Timbro´s demand is a declaration of war against the EU Commission if brought to bear.

[19] Banner_blog[20] Civil Watchdogs want power.
Every day, policies are made according to important technical decisions. These decisions are made after considering the advice of industrial lobbies. Something is missing in the debate: civil society. Our proposal seeks to favour the emergence of civic information watchdogs emanating from civil society. These civic information watchdogs will allow politicians to be informed about the consequences of their decisions prior to crucial techno-scientific choices. They are equally useful after decisions have been made in order to follow their consequences in real-time and to reorient the policy in question towards current needs. The European Union can and should support and recognize these civic watchdogs.

[21] What is a civic watchdog? It is a structure, composed of independent scientific professionals and/or citizens with a critical attitude. The end-goal is to help the public react in line with the general interest (and therefore, a priori, the interest of the planet) to proposals about technology.
These information watchdogs are situated upstream in the decision making process: in effect, their role is to enlighten citizens about the consequences of a given technical decision. Comment: The [22] IPCC, Al Gore´s partner, is a frightening example of  such a civil watchdog. What twisting and lies it has produced  about climate in the service of the New World Order ideology should immediately do all future watchdogs in!

[23] Stenkastende-muslimer-i-london-east-endThe EU is not a democracy - with or without civil society
Recently the [24] German Constitutional Court stated that the EU is [25] no democracy – and not a proper legislature. “The German Parliament, therefore, must [26] keep for itself the power to shape “citizens’ circumstances of life - like taxation,penal law, religion, education. 
The Lisbon Treaty introduces a European Constitution without referenda – a neglect of all European democratic rules. Even when the judgement is commented on positively by German politicians, it represents a “clash” which affects the ongoing European integration and the future of a political Europe.
Pres. Klaus of Czechia will also delay the procedure by hearing the Czech Constitutional Court. Unfortunately, the Irish will hardly save us from dictatorship in their 2. Oct. second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish have previously been bullied and scaremongered to accept the New World Order (The treaty of Nice).
[24] Zeit-Fragen 2. July 2009With the Lisbon Treaty, the EU is also empowered to take action without the participation of national parliaments.
It is even empowered to raising EU taxes at its sole discretion. Through “the simplified revision procedure", by a decision of the European Council, the EU is entitled to amend the Treaty in its entirety or in part (except in foreign and security policy). The Lisbon Treaty becomes an authority with enabling powers. Moreover, Lisbon obliges EU Member States not only to rearming, but in Article 43, paragraph 1 TEU, it ascribes to itself the right to declare war, particularly in combating terrorism in the world and the country itself. Thus the German Constitution´s Article 26, paragraph 1, whereby Germany is prohibited to conduct wars of aggression, is supplanted.

The EU´s rotten morals
[27] Marta Andreasen, the bad conscience of the EU,  the European Commission’s former chief accountant, [28] was fired in 2004 after she publicly claimed there was a £172 million discrepancy between two sets of Brussels accounts. Now as a recently UKIP elected MEP she has been blocked from a senior post in the EU Parliament for fear that she might disclose further scandals. "I know too much", she says.
Comment: Honesty is severely punished in the EU. Here you can see more about the “[29] Feast of the beast” at our cost – why the EU budget has not been signed by the Court of Auditors for consecutive 14 years.  Here is more about the [30] dishonesty of the Parliament – for personal gain, bribery and sloppiness.

With democracy in the usual sense the EU has nothing to do
: Important decisions behind closed doors in the dictatorial [31] consensus of group discipline. It gives us no opportunity to choose the Commission's president nor the EU's next president. Now this organisation seems to be brawling over its future structure. And such a thing goes deeply with bureaucrats.

1. The EU-Commission´s loyal ´bought civil society wants to compete with lobbyists, calling themselves watchdogs, who will tell the EU all about what you and I want!!
2. But most remarkble is that the EU-Commission-sponsored Blogactiv.eu takes side for the Commission against the European Council and the Parliament. This is the first time I perceive a power struggle in the EU. I find that a good sign – because it weakens the EU.
. The aspect of Mr. Tony Blair for a permanent EU president is abominable. Maybe the [32] coming inquiry about the start of the Iraqi war – in which Mr. Blair will be interrogatedd – will compromise him too much. This [33] New Age and Antichristian [34] Interfaith demagogue [35] hired by Rothschild agent JP Morgan, this man who has [36] declared 5 wars,  even [37] rebuked by Pres. Clinton for warmongering, gives me the creeps. But then again, is he more dishonest than any of the other EU-puppets of the New World Order? 
4. Well hidden behind the stage is the European Council. It is the kingmaker. Can it agree among its 27 states to share its power with anyone? For now, the EU seems to be floundering in its own quagmire - it is a colossus with feet of clay. But behind it stand [38] dark powers.

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