New World Order: Immigration to Dismantle Our Old World Order - with the Blessing of the CFR, Churches, and the EU

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[1] Illegal-USAMany of us have wondered why we are being bothered with an endless immigration of 3. world birth surplus - very much at the cost of our economy, while we are rapidly growing poorer and losing our work, of our culture, religion, physical and mental well-being and our security. The immigrants will not adopt our way of life, hate and despise us - and see themselves as our conquerors. It does not make sense. So, an ideology must be behind this madness. And so it is. The ideologists are our real enemies. They are clever, for by means of their [2] mental hygiene they have brainwashed us to sympathise with our own demise. The aim of the ideologists is dictatorial [3] world government and world citizens without nationality.

The Phoenix Business Journal 8 July, 2009  The uber-establishment [4] Council on Foreign Relations and [5] here said Wednesday it favors granting legal status to many of the roughly 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., creating a guest worker program for low-skilled foreign workers to come and work in the U.S and opposing local police getting to conduct immigration raids.
The CFR also said local police should not take lead roles in immigration enforcements and workplace raids.
The CFR’s recommendations on guest workers and amnesty mirror plans to be pushed in Congress this year by President Barack Obama. Arizona State university professor Raul H. Yzaguirre and former Florida governor Jeb Bush served on the CFR task force that wrote the recommendations.

The group also wants the U.S. to tweek or ease some post 9/11 security measures that have discouraged immigration and foreign tourism into the U.S. a
The New York-based CFR is a heavyweight international policy group whose members includes powerful politicians, CEOs and university presidents as well as multinational corporations, media firms and private equity firms.

The Council’s corporate members include Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, American Express, Chevron, ExxonMobil Corp., ROTHSCHLD NORTH AMERICA Inc., News Corp., General Electric, KBR Inc., Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Co., Soros Fund Management and Google Inc.
U.S. Sen. John McCain, former Arizona governor Bruce Babbitt, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Arizona State University President Michael Crow and Thunderbird School of Global Management president Angel Cabrera are Arizonans that are CFR members.

Other notable [6] CFR members include:• Former U.S. Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, James Baker, Condoleeza Rice, and Madeline Albright. • Former U.S. Treasury secretaries Henry Paulson and Robert Rubin. • Financier GEORGE SOROS and JP MORGAN CHASE & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon. • Former Federal Reserve Bank chairmen Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker. • Former presidents George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and former vice president Dick Cheney. • Media notables such as NBC’s Tom Brokaw, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, Newsweek International editor and CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria and New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs “Punch” Sulzberger.
I can add Israel prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Binyamin Netanyahu  (although they are not US-citizens), as well as the members  3272. ROCKEFELLER DAVID JR,CFR '92, 1988 annual rpt ,,TC '92
3273. ROCKEFELLER DAVID SR,CFR '92. TC '92. 3274. ROCKEFELLER JOHN D IV JAY D-WV,CFR '92. 3275. ROCKEFELLER RODMAN CLARK,CFR '84, 1988 annual rpt . 3276. ROCKEFELLER BROTHERS FUND,, 1988 annual rpt. 3277. ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION,CFR '92, 1988 annual rpt  and many more.

[7] Muslimer-ligger-i-belgisk-kirke[8] Brussels Journal 27 July 2009  Last week, the government of Belgium, a small European country of 10 million inhabitants, decided to grant official papers to illegal aliens who can demonstrate that they have “sufficiently integrated” into the country. The illegal immigrants must fulfill a number of conditions, such as having lived in the country for the past five years or having worked in Belgium for at least two-and-a-half years, having learned one of Belgium’s three official languages or having children at school.
The official papers will allow the illegal aliens to stay and work in the country. The Belgian authorities think the measure will apply to a maximum of 25,000 people. Previous estimates say the number of beneficiaries may range from 50,000 to 100,000 people.The Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels welcomed the decision. The Belgian Catholic Church has been actively pushing for a new round of regularizations since the 2000 regularization which allowed 50,000 illegal aliens to become permanent residents of Belgium. By allowing, and sometimes actively encouraging illegal immigrants, who by Belgian law should have been expelled, to settle in churches, Catholic organizations tried to put pressure on the government. Even the Papal Nuncio, the Vatican representative to Belgium, expressed support for the church squatters.

The Belgian regularization has drawn a lot of criticism from neighboring countries, as it affects them as well. Belgium is a member of the European Union. Under EU rules, people who legally reside in one of the member states, are allowed to legally reside in the other 26 member states as well.Amnesties for illegal immigrants take place at regular intervals in Europe. Each time a government grants one, they invariably say that this will be the last and that from now on all illegal newcomers will be expelled. Since 1974, Western Europe has given permanent resident cards to over 6 million illegal immigrants. France has granted three major amnesties in the past 25 years. Spain has offered six in the past 15 years. Italy voted amnesties in 1988, 1990, 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2006. All these countries belong to the European Union, where there is free movement of persons.
[9] Church-allah-1These EU member states, which directly border Africa and Asia along the Mediterranean, hope that once an illegal alien has obtained his residence permit he will leave for more affluent welfare states such as Germany, Britain, or Scandinavia. The immigrants can legally emigrate to a Shangri-La elsewhere in Europe. And, indeed, most of them do.
Nevertheless, politicians, such as Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy, who claim that the regularization of illegal immigrants which they are granting today will be the final amnesty, should not be believed. Recent experience shows that amnesties do not close floodgates. They open them. Regularizing illegal immigrants attracts new illegal immigrants.

Last year, some 31,160 people requested asylum in Italy – more than double the number from 2007, the year after Italy’s 2006 mass regularization. Last year, some 13,400 people requested asylum in the Netherlands – almost double the number of the previous year, when the Dutch government regularized 30,000 illegal aliens. It is to be expected that Belgium, too, will soon see its numbers of asylum seekers soar.

While Western Europe is turning Muslim, its “Christian” Churches are committing suicide. A Muslim would never allow his mosque to be turned into a dormitory for non-believers. This, however, is exactly what the Belgian Catholic Church is doing. The Belgian Bishops have already [10] opened up 20 churches and chapels to illegal immigrants – so-called “sans-papiers” or “people without papers [=staying permits]” – who by Belgian law have to be expelled. The illegal immigrants have been told that they are safe in the churches because the authorities will refrain from entering the buildings out of respect for the Catholic Church. It is strange that the Church should insinuate that there is some type of persecution considering that the Belgian authorities never organise searches for illegal immigrants, and hardly ever expel even criminals. The number of people camping in churches so far varies from 100 to 700.(2006)

[11] Muhammeds-fødselsdagOn Palm Sunday (9 April) a [12] Protestant church in Bochum/Germany celebrated Muhammad’s birthday. The church invited the local Turkish community and the Turkish Consul, Munis Dirik, to attend the service. A Turkish music band played sufi music during the service, in which Protestants and Muslims joined together in honour of Muhammad.

In his sermon, Fred Sobiech, the protestant vicar, tried to link the figures of Muhammad and Jesus, saying: “Today we remember the birth and life of Muhammad and the beginning of the week of the passion of Christ, leading to Good Friday, the day Jesus of Nazareth was crucified.”
At the Brorson Church in Copenhagen expelled  Iraqi asylum seekers are enjoying aylum - and politicians are speaking about showing mercy on them   - which they cannot understand in Iraq, as[13] they are by no means in danger there!!

Thus, there is in the New World Order a clear preference for immigration of persons ordinarily and historically considered unwanted in Western societies. “Our”  politicians have for nearly 40 years meticulously been selling us to Islam ( Bat Ye´or, Eurabia 2005), arranged [14] free immigration through the Euromediterranean Process, they make our borders wide open to them, introduce Fundamental Human Rights which makes it impossible to return illegal immigrants to their dictatorial states of origin. Not enough of that: The [15] EU has secretly started recruiting 56 mio Muslim Africans and their families to come to Europe by 2050!! Already the [16] EU Parliament supports another Commission project: [17] 20 mio non-westeners to Europe by 2020 – [18] blue cards. Even in cases when they are refused to stay, only about [19] 25% are returned. When lawbreakers in the West have concealed illegal immigrants for a sufficiently long time (no doubt with the knowledge of the authorities) they are rewarded by the immigrants being granted permission to stay and spread their blessed religious ideology about us being contemptuous infidels – to be defeated and degraded to dhimmis (underlings) – if not killed (Koran sura 9:1–5). This is the policy of “our” New World Order politicians in [20] dictatorial consensus. President [21] Sarkozy has even called it the duty of the French to interbreed with Africans and Arabs – or his government will see to it!!! Now the EU is advocating a [22] joint immigration policy, so Mediterranean countries can send immigrants and asylum seekers to Northern Europe – instead of returning them as [23] adopted by the EU Parliament a year ago!!This is in accordance with what the founding father of the European Movement, [24] Coudenhove Kalergi said, viz. that the Europeans of the 21. century were to look like the ancient Egyptians.

Why such racist hatred against the Europeans? Why such hatred against Christianity? Because these 2 factors represent the old world order, which is an obstacle to the one-world-state. The [25] illuminists introduced the expression “useless eaters,” to be [26] annihilated. So one may really wonder why they are now trying to destroy the “useful eaters” who have the credit for developing the world from the Middle Ages – and instead promote their “useless eaters” who have done very little to bring the world forwards from the Middle Ages.
Maybe[27] Maurice Strong, the illuminist intimate Rockefeller friend, first UNEP-Direktor, and co-author of the communist [28] Earth Charter (with Gorbachev and Steven Rockefeller) gave the answer  at the UN Rio Conference 1992: «Isn´t the only hope for this planet  the collapse of the industrial civilisation? Is it not our responsibility to see to it that this collapse takes place? »

Could it be due to the fact that it is more difficult to persuade well educated people to submit to the New World Order dictatorship than simple people without education? Is it easier for the illuminists to be adored as man-gods in their [29] Luciferian religion  by medieval minds than by people with an intellectual horizon?  This religion has bizarre political and naive manifestatations as with [30] Tony Blair, the possibly coming EU president, when the Irish have passed the Lisbon Treaty?
The effect of the Luciferian religion on the churches has a clear direction: Gnostic fusion of all existing religions into a political world religion –[31] Interfaith – apparently led by the High Priests of “Christian” churches who have abandoned any of Christ´s commandments – and have instead [32] joined the UN world government – i.e. [33] Lucifer.
Anyway, “our” politicians and churches are bent upon promoting the dark ages of ideology once again – this time sacrificing the national states and Jesus Christ.

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