The Daily Express  May 25, 2008, Jason Groves:
1. "
SECRET plans to set up a single European police force are being drawn up in Brussels.

Headquarters of Europol in the Hague


The move – which could see foreign police officers patrolling our streets – sparked a furious reaction in Britain last night.  Details of the plan are buried in documents detailing the European Commission’s budget proposals. They show the Commission is to fund a study on “the feasibility of and obstacles to the creation of a federal police force for the EU”.  The EU has set up the Europol organisation to encourage greater co-operation between national police forces but
the latest plan would replace Britain’s localised system with one controlled from a single place, probably Brussels.

But plans for the study will fuel fears that Brussels is planning a fresh power grab once the EU Constitution process is completed at the end of this year.

British shadow Home Secretary David Davis: This is a deeply alarming development. Responsibility for policing must remain in the hands of national governments, not a European force that is not accountable to the British public."
The real meaning of the Schengen-cooperation could very well be an EU federal police.

This Plan should be seen in context with further EU-initiatives.

2. Police coordination centre in The Hague (Europol) to join family of EU bodies
To Vice-President Jacques Barrot, "This is a veritable transformation, not merely a cosmetic one. Europol will become a full EU body, with the tools to support law enforcement agencies in the Member States even more effectively. As a result, European police forces will cooperate more closely".

Jacques Barrot is now Commissioner for EU Justice. He has a suspended jail sentence of 8 months for  embezzlement!!! 

After some 15 months of intense discussion in the Council, the Member States agreed (in Apr. 2008) on the text of a Decision conferring EU agency status on the European Police Office (Europol) effective 1 January 2010.

The Decision's aim is two-fold:


Max-Peter Ratzel  is the Europol chief
Europol's primary task (2005) is to gather and analyze intelligence data from the EU's  member states, and then to channel the information to ongoing investigations. The focus these days is on organized crime, drugs, human trafficking and terrorism.

Europol must make the transition from its former focus on strategic analysis to operational analysis," he said. "This operational analysis should serve to assist local police authorities in carrying out their investigations, and to also to lead the authorities in their investigations"

Second, to replace intergovernmental financing with Community funding. Europol will
become an EU agency in 2010, subject to the Financial Regulation and the Staff Regulations of officials and other servants of the European Communities.

The improvements resulting from Europol's new legal framework, in terms of organisational flexibility and effectiveness, will go hand in hand with closer involvement of the European Parliament, notably in its capacity as budgetary authority;

An unpleasant perspective: The recipient (Europol) is the servant and the giver (the European Parliament) is the master. Servants do as told by their masters!
Moreover, the secret police is stated  to be  made  a key factor, an equal institution, of the European Project. This means police state, the foundation of which the EU has laid itself through criminal immigration.

Subsequent changes to Europol’s mandate and functions will not require lengthy ratificationprocedures in national capitals.

3. EU military Task Force

As previously reported on this blog (May 9, 2008), the EU is planning a NATO-independent military task force of 60.000 soldiers.
This force may be used against external foes of the New World Order - and of course against rebellious internal populations - e.g. in connection with disintegrative insurgencies against the EU-regime after a future collapse of the euro, if Europol and national police can no longer control the masses - in the absence of national forces who are being sent on missions to protect Muslims from Muslims all over the Muslim world. Or when the loyalty of domestic soldiers cannot be relied on. Such a scenario is well known from the USSR Death Penalty for insurrection is possible with the Lisbon Treaty - as previously pointed out on this blog

Video monitoring: More and more video cameras are being installed to monitor public places – although experiences from Norway, Sweden and the UK show no or minimal effect on the frequency of crime due to monitoring. However, the police can better watch all of us in that way. Systematic monitoring on a larger scale has just taken place in Germany by firms: Deutsche Telekom and Liedl "

4. EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) - former EUMC (Beate Winkler)

  • Collecting data and information;
  • Improving the comparability and reliability of data;
  • Undertaking research and analysis;
  • Formulating conclusions and opinions for the EU institutions and Member States;
  • Cooperating with civil society and raising awareness of fundamental rights

Human Rights Group of  the Council of European Churches visiting the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and - as far as I can see - its interim director Beate Winkler. In the very near future zealous Danih Morten Kjaerum is going to be FRA-director.

Knowing of his merits in Denmark, I doubt very much that he is more objective than Beate Winkler, who was accused by the European Jewish Conference (EJC) and Cohn- Bendit and additional furious MEPs of censorship, after shelving an EUMC-ordered  report from an esteemed research institute in Berlin about 2 years ago. Reason: The report showed increasing antisemitism in Germany to be caused by Muslims!!!

"To be candid [the EU] are not prepared to deal with the sensitive subject of anti-Semitism among Muslims, who constitute Europe’s largest minority," Elan Steinberg, EJC executive Vice-President told Reuters.

You have been discriminated against - can FRA help you?
Harassment, discrimination and victimisation must not be ignored. This requires that people know their rights. FRA will make people more aware of their fundamental rights. 

FRA is not empowered to deal itself with individual complaints, but it can refer people to organisations in each Member State where individuals can go for help, advice and also support in legal matters such as:

The "National Equality Bodies" for the promotion of equal treatment, designated in all EU Member States according to the EU Racial Equality Directive in order to provide independent assistance to the victims of discrimination, conduct surveys and studies, and publish independent reports and recommendations;

The National Human Rights Institutions which are available in many European countries in order to deal more widely with human rights issues and often also with individual cases .

Additionally, the European Commission created a "Guide for victims of discrimination" summarising new Europe-wide legislation banning discrimination. This guide provides also practical advice about what citizens can do if you believe that you have suffered from discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

Whom does FRA work with?
EU institutions, Governments, Civil Society, National Human Rights Institutions, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the United Nations. [ Read more ]

Whom does FRA work for?
The EU, its citizens and those covered by its fundamental rights legislation.

Here an EU Agency does admit that the fundamental rights of the EU are not valid for you and me. We are aggressors. These rights are only valid for Muslims  - not for indigenous Europeans!!!

5. McCreevy: "No sane person would read the Lisbon Treaty. And I am sane"!!
Speaking in Dublin,  McCreevy, European Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, said "I don't expect ordinary decent Irish people, or anywhere in the globe, to be sitting down and spending hours and hours reading sections about subsections referring to articles about sub-articles. But there is sufficient analysis done."

The former Irish finance minister admitted he hasn't read the entire treaty himself.

6. Comment
This is too much!  The Commissioner admits not to possess first hand knowledge about this infamous Lisbon Treaty  and furthermore calls those idiots who in the name of democracy try to understand what  McCreevy himself describes as very badly arranged!!! He just wants us to follow the order: "Führer befiehl, wir folgen" (Führer command, we follow)- and that Irish voters give him and the EU their Yes - and their souls!!

The EU is becoming a police state. This can be an FBI or a Gestapo/KGB according to the liking of the EU Commission.

Considering the the EU´s criminalization of critics of Islam and EU-repression of the freedom of expresssion as described on this blog this gives me the creeps.