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[1] José Barroso, Brussels, May 26, 2008: The enlarged European Union has the power and the capability to shape global order
is itself a laboratory of globalization, a successful case of setting transnational rules and standards…, Europe must continue to shape the multilateral global agenda. We can help to create a more just globalization if we spread  our norms and rules to regulate global interactions. … An experience that has promoted peace and democracy, freedom and solidarity in a whole continent. In this respect, the European Union is a true school for global governance. 
Barroso here professes the illuminist buzzwords of the bloody French Revolution, then as now unfortunately empty phrases: Liberty, Egality and Brotherhood. 

EU, Osnabrück May 23, 2008 – [2] José Barroso to the “97. Deutscher Katholikentag” : “Because of its experience of cross-border integration and cooperation, Europe is particularly well placed to propose – but not impose – values and rules that contribute to a new world order in which developing countries can reap the full benefits of globalisation.
We now need a new culture of cooperation that goes beyond traditional geographical, political and religious boundaries.
The ecumenical concept of "reconciled diversity" is an excellent source of inspiration for developing such a culture.

The motto of this Catholic Get-together „He brought me forth also into a large place" (Psalms 18:19) invites us to enlarge the horizon of the European project and thereby defend our values in the world and in this consciousness to promote that in it lie the power and hope for a safer and just world in solidarity.

From the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 to the Treaties of Rome in 1957, Europe came a long way. But it was here that a new world order based on equal legal relations between secular states was established. It was here - in Osnabrück and Münster - that the foundations for the separation of political and religious power, and the Rule of Law, fundamental pillars of the modern State, were established.

Comment: This is interesting news to me. The New World order thus came into being in 1648 according to  [3] illuminist[3] Barroso (explanatory statement) - and so was just perverted into [4] communism by [5] Adam Weishaupt for Mayer Amschel Rothschild on  Mai 1, 1776.

We now form a prosperous and cohesive Union, united in diversity, in an enlarged and open Europe. What unites us is not merely an association of interests governed by a set of rules and regulations.
Above all, we are a community of values capable of building bridges with other regions of the world and of connecting with other cultures in this era of globalisation.

To defend and promote our values in the world, we again need a Treaty that is equal to the challenges of the new century. The Lisbon Treaty will strengthen Europe's role in the world,                                                                        
European Union Tower of Babel

Osiris - Horus  Eye PyramidThe great mission of peace and reconciliation that guided European integration is now much wider in scope than in the last century. It depends on our ability to shape globalisation by promoting our values in the world. It also gives a crucial role to intercultural dialogue, including dialogue with religions, in order to build cohesive and inclusive societies both on the European continent and further afield – societies in which the full range of fundamental rights and freedoms are effectively safeguarded!!!                                                                                                               
The growing importance of intercultural dialogue in international relations makes it the best antidote to the supposed "clash of civilisations" feared by some. Intercultural dialogue in a Europe "united in diversity" is a vital step towards ensuring the success of the EU's project of bringing peace to Europe and the world.

The Lisbon Treaty explicitly acknowledges the special contribution made by churches and religious communities and gives formal shape to the dialogue which the EU, in particular the European Commission, has fostered over the years with this key component of civil society. As in the past, this dialogue will take account of the role played by the various religious traditions established in Europe in building a community of values that are so important for European societies.

Left: Logo  of the 97. Catholic get-together. Barroso considers the Church a civil-society player, an NGO so to speak. Just like Hitler Barroso needs the cooperation of the churches in his Anti-Christian "great mission" - by Hitler called "die grosse gemeinsame Sache" and "das Grosse Werk": The Great Task or Mission of the illuminists: The "Volksgemeinschaft" of the "Community". For this purpose Hitler had the strong framework of nationalism. Barroso has not - on the contrary.

"A citizen's Europe" must be at the heart of the European political agenda, but all sections of civil society have an important part to play in this process. As transnational organisations with strong local roots, churches and religious communities can make an effective contribution to mobilising public support and promoting European policies.

The EU's current political priorities are a response to the main concerns of its citizens in areas where a European dimension is vital. In our globalised world, it is increasingly apparent that no country, whatever its size, can tackle on its own global challenges such as climate change and sustainable development, energy security, international terrorism or migration, not forgetting Europe's competitiveness and its role in the world.

These issues, which are crucial for the future of Europe and for the global community as a whole, invoke our individual and collective responsibility and require joint action, with due respect for our values. That is why it is so important that all sections of society, in particular the great Christian community present both in Europe and the world, are committed to the cause.

Comment: To me, this last clause occurs just as demagogical as Hitler´s speeches

As world leader in the fight against climate change and in the filed of development aid, the EU has the requisite experience and credibility to map out new paths of development and cooperation with its international partners.

Solidarity is part of Europe's vision of development, together with respect for human rights, good governance, democracy and the rule of law."

Right: [6] Priests hailing Hitler. In 1933, Hitler  made a concordat with the Catholic Church giving Hitler free play against Jews and other unwanted  persons. In 1929 The Catholic Church made a concordat with Mussolini, whom Pope Pius XI called a "gift from Heaven".The gift was 1.75 billion lire and the status as state Church in Italy. What could the gift be from the New World Order for accepting Anti-Christian Islam as a partner in dialogue with sale of the commandments of Christ and the New World Order politics of the EU ?

Through the  „[7] Glaubensbewegung Deutsche Christen“, which obtained the majority of votes in the Landeskirchen in the church council elections in July of 1933, Hitler had the evangelical churches passively under control.

Please, members of the churches, do not make the same mistake once more!
Hitler wanted dictatorial Neuordnung (New Order) of Europe. The EU has managed to create that order and now seeks dictatorial global Neuordnung.
Christ commanded us to be his - not Hitler´s or EU´s disciples.

Bell Pyramid Here speaks the [3] illuminist EU-Commission President Barroso (explanatory  statement): New world Order, the great mission (the great task), the illuminist (European) "values" to be spread  all over the world: "Freedom"/ human rights - used as a weapon against indigenous Europeans, "Liberty"/democracy, which does not exist - Lisbon Treaty, [8] media censorship , "Brotherhood"/solidarity - with immigrants against indigenous Europeans.

Barroso makes himself and the EU the light in a darkened world, the star "illuminating the 1000 points of light" from the completed capstone top of the pyramid in the sea of peoples (Pres. [9] Bush sr. in his State of the Union speech 1991). This star is the illuminist Messiah, a divinely enlightened/illuminated man of the global elite.

Barroso´s abuse of the  Biblical motto of the 97. German Catholic Church Conference: "He brought me forth also into a large place (continues: he delivered me)"  is an illegitimate act of legitimation of illuminist policy through the abuse of God!!!: "… it invites us to enlarge the horizon of the European Project and then to defend our values in the world and to promote them in it lie the power and hope in the consciousness that for a more just world in solidarity".
I.e.: The EU - not God - is to deliver us!!! This is demagogy! Incredible that the churches swallow this!
                                                                                        Right: Hitler praying. To whom?! 

This abuse of religion for political purposes is Adolf Hitler´s strategy ([10] Speech in Febr. 1933): "…I am unshakably convinced that some day the hour will come in which millions cursing us today will stand behind us and then together with us will hail what we have made in common, laboriously achieved  and bitterly experienced, that New German Reich, of the Greatness, and the power, and the glory, Amen."  (Hail! hail!).

Dictators know that when they twist religion they are twisting  the national minds.


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