The EU for Freedom of Speech - but Not within the EU

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EU Commission May 16. 2008: "The EU calls on journalists from the entire world to participate in its  Lorenzo-Natali-Competition for the right of free expression of opinion. Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, [1] Louis Michel explained the meaning of the prize:  "Without information, without the media the world loses its memory of the past, its conscience of the present and its ability to discuss the future."
In a video a female journalist is shown who has written about the struggle of villagers against their authorities in South Eastern Asia !!

But what about the freedom of journalists in the EU?
[2] Deutsche Welle 10.Mai, 2008, Martina Zimmermann: " "Goodbye to Media Freedom?" it is said in a report published in May 2008 by the Association of European Journalists. For one year the members of the organisation researched in 15 European countries, how the situation for the freedom of the media was.

Result: Politics and economy interfere with editorial matters, journalists are being scared and threatened with imprisonment punishments.
Public broadcasting systems are in a crisis all over Europe.

The independence of the media suffers under the development of concentration and the  pressure of advertizing. The anti-terror legislation, too, contributes to the freedom of the media being threatened , declares  Fabrice Pozzoli-Montenay, Secretary General of the Association of European Journalists. "The laws are being used to control information in areas which frequently have nothing to do with combating terrorism." Governments could interfere with the work of journalists, tap telephone calls, read their emails or examine their internet use. "And Governments can find informers due to these anti-terror laws," says  Pozzoli-Montenay.

France is regarded as a special case. Here not only a "culture of secrecy" rules, says Helen Darbishire, the activist from "Access Info". Also the too big intimacy between journalists and politicians is being lamented, as they often go to the same elite schools and live in the same districts of Paris.
"France is the only country in the world, where industrial groups own the most important media and so can exert direct influence on information. This is not very good for the freedom of the media,"  Fabrice Pozzoli-Montenay criticises.
Hoax stories provide scandals

The  SMS, which Nicolas Sarkozy was said to have sent to his ex-wife Cecilia before his marrying  again:" When you come back, I shall cancel", was a hoax.

Critical media like "Der Spiegel" are under increasing pressure in Germany.
In a European comparison Germany is rather doing well. However, there are also problems for the freedom of media here, declares Helen Darbishire: "In Germany lawsuits and maybe even  imprisonment penalties are threatening journalists, because they published information about secret flights of the CIA."

In the Eastern European part of the EU  [3] Politicians  apparently control the media – and  journalists are easily being punished for " insulting somebody".

Example of politically correct policy of silence in the media
"23.10.2007 - 17:32 CET | von Thomas Rupp EUOBSERVER / COMMENT - Last week during the EU summit, the Portuguese Union, CGTP-Intersindical, organised the biggest demonstration in Lisbon in 20 years.
Under the slogan "For a social Europe – Employment with rights" up to [4] 200,000 people gathered to oppose what they believe to be a "neo-liberal" EU reform treaty, which more or less equals the rejected EU constitution. The funny - or alarming - thing is the fact, that these 200,000 people managed to demonstrate almost unnoticed without being mentioned by the media.
A keyword search on Google news with "demonstration" and "Lisbon" in the Anglophone media brought only three matches. In French 2 were found.
At the same time, there were hundreds of journalist sitting in the EU summit's press centre.

And obviously you should not count too much on the mainstream media
to do anything about it."

Who has ever seen or heard in the MSM the "The Declaration of Barcelona", "The European Project", the "Union for the Mediterranean" being mentioned? Why are the origins of rapers and assailants nearly always left un-mentioned?  - and when they are mentioned you can be certain they are European!

It is very understandable that journalists  twist and keep the truth about the evil in and of the multicultural society and the Euromediterranean secret, when they have been through the wringer and brainwashing described in the following. 

1. It began with  [5] UNESCO´s "Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice" in 1978
"The mass media and those who control or serve them, as well as all organized groups within national communities, are urged with due regard to the principles embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly the principle of freedom of expression - to promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among individuals and groups and to contribute to the eradication of racism, racial discrimination and racial prejudice, in particular by refraining from presenting a stereotyped, partial, unilateral or tendentious picture of individuals and of various human groups."
Add to this [6] UNESCO´s Cultural Convention from 2005. And now the United Nations Human Rights Council appears to have become [7] Islam´s Gestapo.
2. Then followed about1996 the "[8] Framework Decision on racism and xenophobia of the Council of the European Union"
- confirmed on Apr. 19, 2007. The text establishes that the following intentional conduct will be punishable in all EU Member States:
Publicly inciting to violence or hatred , even by dissemination or distribution of tracts, pictures or other material, directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin. Member States will ensure that these conducts are
punishable by criminal penalties of a maximum of at least between 1 and 3 years of imprisonment.

The following is an illustration of the diabolical, mendacious manipulations enforced upon us by  the European Council, and the EU the media - or by concealment. They do this by means of one small word, the meaning of which has been twisted ad absurdum: racism, so that any criticism of Islam´s ideology is considered to be racism. Joseph Goebbels seems to be an amateur in comparison! [9]

[9] 3. ECRI (The European Conference against Racism and Intolerance)  stated on Okt. 16, 2000, concerning anti-discrimination : "The European Conference welcomes ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe as a source of social vitality which should be embraced, valued and enjoyed by all Europeans because it enriches and enhances our lives, our ideas, our creativity and our politics. It is also essential for Europe’s economic prosperity as well as social success, through drawing on all available talents."
Comment: Already this harangue shows the mendacity of the project.

In order to achieve this with the help of the media the following was decreed
Right: This is not racism or intolerance . For racism and intolerance are only committed by Europeans against Muslims - not vice versa.

50.The European Conference recognises that media should represent the diversity of multicultural society It considers that media enterprises and journalists organisations could reflect on:
· the importance of the recruitment and presence of journalists from targeted groups in mainstream media, especially television;
· an inclusive coverage of society, using diverse sources of information; 
· reporting factually and accurately on acts of racism and intolerance;
· treating individual behaviour without linking it to a person’s origin ·depicting society in its cultural, ethnic and religious diversity in a balanced and objective manner
· presenting a view of cultural diversity and immigration as a structural and positive component of European societies;
 · alerting public opinion to the dangers of intolerance as well as deepening public understanding and appreciation of all forms of diversity;
· developing a multicultural approach to output specifically geared to children and young people so as to enable them to grow up with the understanding that society is enriched by differences.
. challenging racist attitudes

51… the European Conference encourages media professionals to consider developing self-regulatory codes of conduct with regard to combating racism in the media.   

52…. Participating States should encourage schools of journalism and media training institutes to highlight this in their core curricula.

[11] 4. Benita Ferrero Waldner in Vienna on May 22, 2006
advised self-regulation if the media wanted to avoid legislation against the freedom of speech. The[12] EU defines: "Islamophobia is an irrational fear or prejudice towards Islam or Muslims. Islamophobia has significantly increased in the Western world since the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001." Comment: Nevertheless, and in spite of te bombs in Madrid and London the EU sees fear of Islam as irrational and punishable!!! 

[13] 5. The European Adiovisual Observatory 
held a symposium in Moscow in 2005 in order to learn self regulation as for non-discrimination from the experienced Russians.

6. Former US presidential candidate, [14] Barry Goldwater, has pointed out that David Rockefeller of the New World Order sits heavily on  the leading US media. The Media tycoon [15] Rupert Murdoch is well in with David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger ([16] Asia Society, and the [17] Council on Foreign Relations, [18] Bilderberg (1982 og 1988) . Murdoch is a [19] shareholder of Reuters, the Chairman of which is /was [20] Pehr Gyllenhammmar, former advisor to Rockefeller´s Chase Manhattan Bank and founder of the "[21] European  Round Table of Industrialists". So the threat of sources drying up for naughty media is evident.

7. Baron Bodisseys (Gates of Vienna) [22] survey  of Europeans, who are being persecuted because of postulated  Islam criticism and racism
(among others bloggers [23] Tomashot, [24] Lionheart) – and now [25] Gregorius Neckschot and [26] here [25]

8. ECRI on Internet on Oct. 16, 2000 (link above)
55. …the European Conference urges participating States to apply to the extent possible existing legislation for prosecuting those responsible for incitement to racial hatred on the internet and their accomplices. It further recommends the [27] training of law enforcement authorities in addressing the problem of dissemination of racist material through the internet. - the need to develop codes of conduct and self-regulatory measures among access and host providers  is emphasized.

[27] Sarkozy: We must control the internet!  [28] So says  Bernard Benhamou, the leader of Conférences pour la Société de l’Information à Sciences Po Paris and author on the Blog  NetGouvernance.

He has been appointed interministerial  delegate as for the use of the internet and is affiliated to the Ministery of Research as well as l’Enseignement Supérieur (Supreme Instruction - probably the Ministery of Edcation).

In Sweden there is no freedom of speech on the internet - unless you have been [29] licensed by the State Radio, which means, of course, you are under permanent control - and can lose your licence.

[30] 9.EU publication on May 21, 2008: On 27 February 2008, the Commission proposed a new Safer Internet Programme: 1) Provide the public with national contact points for reporting illegal and harmful content online, in particular on child sexual abuse material and grooming. 2) Foster self-regulatory initiatives in this field.

Conclusion: Time and times again the EU maintains:  "we have freedom of expression ."  Then comes the but, however,…."under due respect for the touchy feelings of the Muslims." 

In order that we less touchy, boorish victims to violence not forget it the Council of Europe, the EU, their masters of the UN and their followers made any criticism of Islam punishable!  And it is impossible not to use the word conspiracy in the name of the New World Order here ([31] Pres Bush Sen. 5 times 1990-91): This is meticulous planning of the destruction of our culture and religion in favour of Islam which is even conceded a special passage at the end of ECRI´s dictatorial decree  (link above) as being particularly vulnerable!!!

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