Sustainability has become a magic formula of the New World Order – especially since Steven Rockefeller, Michael Gorbachev, Maurice Strong´s Earth Charter, which has given environmentalism a religious character – the adoration of a living Mother Earth, Gaia.

Miguel d´Escoto Brockman, catholic priest and Nicaraguan sandinist Ortega´s former foreign minister, who received the Lenin Prize 1985/6, is President of the 63. Session of the UN General Assembly. Speech to the UN Assembly on 24 June 2009:  “It is essential to seek what the Earth Charter calls “a sustainable way of life”. This Mother Earth, the term was approved by the General Assembly this past 22 April, is alive. Earth has exceeded by 40 per cent her capacity. This perspective gives rise to respect, veneration. We will shine our light (illuminist) again  in a planetary civilization which is more respectful of Mother Earth, more inclusive of all people.”

Ark of hopeThe "Ark of Hope" of the Gaia Cult

Now on 8 July, 2009 the G8 agreed to the goal of keeping the world’s average temperature from rising more than 2C (3.6F). They also agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 as they strove for a worldwide deal in Copenhagen in December. Earlier yesterday Chinese Hu Jintao, the Chinese President, flew home to deal with growing problems in his own country. Gordon Brown pointed to a sentence in the communiqué saying that growth-exit strategies should only be put into effect “once the recovery is assured” (money for climate)– and subsequently Russia also refused the CO2–reduction (Danish Radio).  So, IPCC´s mendacious purveyor of global temperatures, James Hansen immediately launched an alarmist outcry as well as the demand of the New World Order for  taxation of carbon at the source – as wanted by the af bilderbergers in 2005!! 

Open Europe 7 July, 2009:  Restrictions on greenhouse-gas emissions involve huge costs for uncertain gains and are just what economies in recession don't need.  Jaroslaw Grzesik, deputy head of energy at Poland's Solidarity trade union said last month that the union estimated the EU's climate policy would cost 800,000 European jobs. In Spain  2.2 jobs were lost for every new "green job" created. Before the December negotiations, the London-based think tank, Open Europe, estimated the EU climate package would cost governments, businesses and householders in the EU-25 more than €73 billion ($102 billion) a year until 2020
But phew! Now let us save the planet!

New World Order Prince Charles calls for “a new Age of Sustainability” – or “we face living Hell”! 
Prince-charles+orderof-garterThe Telegraph 9 July, 2009: "Just as our banking sector is struggling with its debts… so Nature's life-support systems are failing to cope with the debts we have built up there too," he said. "If we don't face up to this, then Nature, the biggest bank of all, could go bust. And no amount of quantitative easing will revive it."
The Prince called for a rethinking of society's perception of the world.  "If only because, surely, we all want to bequeath to our children and our grandchildren something other than the living hell of the nightmare that for so many of us now looms on the horizon," said. Referring to an earlier speech in March, when he said there were "less than 100 months to act" to save the planet from irreversible damage due to climate change, he said there are now lonely "96 months left".

Prince Charles is a Knight of the Order of the Garter, forming the inner core of the Military Order of Malta which is stated to be behind the New World Order´s world government movement in cooperation with i.a. the Rockefeller Foundation – and closely interwoven with Rothschild´s central banks, the BIS etc. He is not to pay the tremendous costs for the scam he preaches – having just received a 25% pay rise – and paying 10% less tax.

In 1987 the Brundtland Report, also known as Our Common Future, alerted the world to the urgency of making progress toward economic development that could be sustained without depleting natural resources Brundtlandor harming the environment. (This was called sustainable development – a phrase that has amounted to a religious dogma.) The report highlighted three fundamental components to sustainable development: environmental protection, economic growth and social equity.

Former Norwegian Prime Minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland. 1998–2003 WHO director. Since 2007 UN Special Climate Envoy. She participated in the 4. World Wilderness Conference  in 1987 with Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller. Edmund de Rothschild i.a. – where the CO2 scam was imtroduced by Edmund de Rothschild (below)

Sustainable development: "Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
Sustainable Development is not just about the environment, but about the economy and our society as well.
The attitudes of individuals as well as governments with regard to our current lifestyles and the impact they have on the environment will need to change.

 UN's AGENDA 21 TARGETS YOUR MAYOR  By Tom DeWeese  June 8, 2005 NewsWithViews.com. Tom DeWeese is the publisher/editor of The DeWeese Report and president of the American Policy SustainableCenter, an activist, grassroots think tank headquartered in Warrenton, VA.

How badly the Sustainable Development tool has moved the ideology of the New World Order´s world government and global dictatoership forwards, fulfilling Adam Weishauptt´s 6–point programme, can be seen on this video

“We’ve all seen the bumper stickers, “Think Globally ­ Act Locally.” It’s a creation of those who seek to impose international guidelines, rules and regulations on how we all live. Americans are about to find that it’s not just an empty slogan.
From June 1 through 5, 2005, the city of San Francisco was the site of an international conference called “World Environment Day.” But the agenda of this conference was much bigger than just another hippy dance in the park. This meeting of the global elite had a specific target and an agenda with teeth. The goal was the full implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21 policy called Sustainable Development, a ruling principle for top-down control of every aspect of our lives ­ from food, to health care, to community development, and beyond. This time, the target audience is our nation’s mayors. The UN’s new tactic, on full display at this conference, is to ignore federal and state governments and go straight to the roots of American society. Think globally ­ act locally.

As part of their participation in the conference, mayors were pressed to commit their communities to signing two documents.
The first document is called the “Green Cities Declaration,” a statement of principles which set the agenda for the mayors’ assigned task. It says, in part, “Believing as Mayors of cities around the globe, we have a unique opportunity to provide leadership to develop truly sustainable urban centers based on culturally and economically appropriate local actions…” The Declaration is amazingly bold. The final line of the Green Cities Declaration was the point of the whole affair: “Each year cities shall pick three actions to adopt as policies or laws.”

TSustainable2he raw meat of the agenda is outlined in detail in the second document, called the “Urban Environment Accords.” The Accords include exactly 21 specific actions
Not stated in the UN documents is the fact that in order to meet the goal, a community would have to reserve thousands of acres of land to set up expensive solar panels or even more land for wind mills. Consider that it takes a current 50 megawatt gas-fired generating plant about 2-5 acres of land to produce its power. Yet to create that same amount of power through the use of solar panels would require at least 1,000 acres. Using wind mills to generate 50 megawatts would require over 4,000 acres of land, while chopping up birds and creating a deafening roar. The cost of such “alternative” energy to the community would be vastly prohibitive.

Items 2 and  3  are about reducing energy consumption. Both of these are backdoor sneak attacks by the UN to enforce the discredited Kyoto Global Warming Treaty, It would do nothing to help the environment. Yet, the mayors are being pushed to help implement this destructive treaty city-by-city.

Perhaps the most egregious action deals with the topic of water. Action number twenty calls for adoption and implementation of a policy to reduce individual water consumption by 10% by 2020. Interestingly, UN begins by stating: “Cities with potable water consumption greater than 100 liters per capita per day will adopt and implement policies to reduce consumption by 10 percent by 2015.”  There is no basis for the 100 liter figure. One must be aware that 100 liters equals about 26 gallons per person, per day. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Americans need about 100 gallons per day to perform these basic functions. Consider also that there is no specific water shortage in the United States. It is a major campaign by the UN to control water consumption.

GeoengineeringGeo-engineering by means of chemtrails

Perhaps the most blatant promise of action is Action number sixteen: “Every year select 3 poisonous chemicals compounds that represent the greatest risk to human health and adopt a law to eliminate their sale and use in the city.”  What if there isn’t a “chemical or compound” that poses a risk? Gotta ban something anyway. 
In the 1990’s Anchorage, Alaska had some of the most pristine water in the nation. It had no pollution. Yet the federal government ordered the city to meet strict federal clean water standards that required it to remove a certain percentage of pollution. In order to meet those requirements, Anchorage was forced to dump fish parts into its pristine water so that it could then clean out the required quotas.

In the San Francisco summit, the mayors were wooed by the elite, from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to Maurice Strong, to Senator Diane Feinstein, to Hollywood activists Robert Redford and Martin Sheen, to chimp-master Jane Goodall.  Businesses like Mitsubishi, which hope to make huge profits from green industry by using such policy to destroy competition, helped pay for the event. The news media was well represented too. All understood that a new governing elite, elected by no one, answerable to their own set of standards, is being created for the care and feeding of us all. With the right contacts and the proper show of public spirit, there are riches and power to be created. Even for your local mayor.

Sustainable Development is truly stunning in its magnitude to transform the world into feudal-like governance by making nature the central organizing principle for our economy and society. There is no place in the Sustainable world for individual thought, private property or free enterprise. It is the exact opposite of the free society envisioned by this nation’s founders.

The Guardian 5 July 2009 – here are just 3: “A proposal to increase the carbon absorbing capacity of the ocean by adding limestone to it, a plan for generating energy from a "big underwater stomach" digesting algae, and new ideas about harnessing tidal energy.
Stephen Salter's scheme for reflecting more of the sun's energy by increasing the Earth's cloud cover. By spraying a fine mist of seawater into the sky. From a fleet of remote-control wind-powered ships!
Geo-engineering1Foreign Afairs April/May 2009 envisions deploying systems on a planetary scale, such as launching reflective particles into the atmosphere to cool the earth (sulfate aerosols, aluminum oxide dust, water paticles, or evenself-levitating and self-orienting designer particles engineered to migrate to the Polar Regions and remain in place for long periods) or positioning sunshades to protect the globe.
These strategies could cool the planet, but they would not stop the buildup of carbon dioxide or lessen all its harmful impacts. In the six to 18 months following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, rainfall and river flows dropped, particularly in the tropics. It could increase the risk of major droughts in some regions and have a major impact on agriculture and the supply of fresh water.
The total expense of the most cost-effective options would amount to perhaps as little as a few billion dollars, just one percent (or less) of the cost of dramatically cutting emissions

For this reason,Governments should immediately begin to undertake serious research on geoengineering and help create international norms governing its use.
Should be supervised by the UN´s IPCC. Eventually, there will have to be international laws to ensure that globally credible and legitimate rules govern the deployment of geoengineering systems. They must be carefully developed by informed consensus in order to avoid encouraging the rogue forms of geoengineering they are intended to prevent. so that the nations of the world can collectively decide whether to raise the shield if they think the planet needs it.

But fortunately, there are media people who can see this bogus
The Mail 8 July 2009: Environmental fanatics are like medieval preachers, proclaiming to baying crowds that the end of the world is nigh.
Edmund_d_rothschildOver the past 100 years, temperature has risen by 0.7C - plus or minus 1.3 degrees! The only importance the serious scientists can attach to such a figure is that less serious people think it meaningful. Those who worry about facts should look at the findings of NASA, whose up-to-date and sophisticated global surveys throw such doubt on the warmists' claims.

Wilderness Project was “enriched” by Edmond de Rothschild who suggested CO2 to be used as a scapegoat in a climate lie to bring more revenue and taxes to the New World Order and its henchmen. Consequently the doctrine of Rio, Johannesburg, Bali, Poznan – and this year´s  Copenhagen is a very profitable – and climatically insignificant - scam.

How sick these cynical New World Order bastards can make a totally healthy planet!! Sustainability seems right – but as always develops into a diabolic fraud in the hands of the New World Order illuminists. Like Geo-engineering it clearly depends on the existence of a world government – the purpose of the climate fraud. In fact, Al Gore here says that the US Climate Bill will bring about  world governance . And Obama´s science boss, John Holdren wants forced abortions and sterilizations to sustain the planet!

The whole New World Order establishment is behind the climate/sustainability ideology, they have bought the media – and people only believe what is announced on the TV news. So these fraudsters can calmly pursue their double purpose:1. World government to solve their mendacious global “problem” – here climate. And most of us think they are thereby “saving the planet” – a magic formula. The same argument is being used for their additional lied, home-made global “problems” A. “War on terror” B. Financial crisis C. Threatened Biodiversity D. Immigration to correct for our wry demography due to their mental hygienic free abortion E. Pandemics. 2. Global fleecing of taxpayers