“The US Needs Another 9/11″ - Iran Selected?

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The New World Order ideology is a power-hungry [1] death cult that we allow to be rife.
Here is what the former head of the CIA´s bin Laden Unit  –  [2] Michael Scheuer – serving under Pres. Clinton and Bush – has to say: “Our only chance as a country is that Osama bin Laden detonates a major weapon in the USA!!!”

The Brookings Institution – a New World Order Tavistock Think Tank: No US attack on Iran without another[3] 9/11. Here is the US Army´s supreme intelligence chief for the entire world, retired [4] general Albert Stubblebines on a video about 9/11.
The [5] Brookings Institution dedicates its work to what it calls a "national agenda." Wrote President Hoover's program, President Roosevelt's "New Deal", the Kennedy Administration's "New Frontiers" program (deviation from it may have cost John F. Kennedy his life), and President Johnson's "Great Society." Brookings has been telling the United States Government how to conduct its affairs for the past 70 years and is still doing so.”

Here is a very interesting Brookings paper on [6] “Which path to Persia.” On pp. 65 – 66 we find: “It seems highly unlikely that the United States would mount an invasion of Iran without any provocation or other buildup. In the case of an invasion of Iran, there does not yet seem to be a legal predicate to justify the use of force. If the United States were to decide that to garner greater international support, galvanize U.S. domestic support, and/or provide a legal justification for an invasion, it would be best to wait for an Iranian provocation. With only one real exception, since the 1978 revolution, the Islamic Republic has never willingly provoked an American military response. However, since it would be up to Iran to make the provocative move, which Iran has been wary of doing most times in the past, the United States would never know for sure when it would get the requisite Iranian provocation. In fact, it might never come at all.

[7] World-trade-centreWith provocation, the international diplomatic and domestic political requirements of an invasion would be mitigated. In the absence of a sufficiently horrific provocation, meeting these requirements would be daunting. Most European, Asian, and Middle Eastern publics are dead set against any American military action against Iran derived from the current differences between Iran and the international community— let alone Iran and the United States. Other than a Tehran-sponsored 9/11, it is hard to imagine what would change their minds. If the United States decides to invade Iran without some dramatic Iranian provocation, the likelihood of international support will be slim to none. The Europeans, Russians, Chinese, and entire third world could be counted on to vehemently oppose another rogue act of American unilateralism.

There has been much to and fro on the question as for the policy to pursue in order to deal with an Iran armed with nuclear weapons. The Israelis have been [8] training attacks on Iran,  and [9] here , and [10] here since June 2008 – but were withheld by the Bush administration – and then by Pres. Obama, who expressed his wish to give unrealistic negotiations a last chance. In May 2009, Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu visited Obama in Washington and stated that Israel had a [11] right to defend itself against a nuclear Iran – which Obama and Joe Biden did not object to. CIA boss [12] Panetta visited  Israel immediately before this meeting to ask for guarantees [13] against an Israeli surprise attack for the rest of this year. Israel gruntingly had to accept.

Then came the Iranian presidential elections on 12 June. The US publicly declared to have [14] interfered massively – and the accusations against the Iranian regime for having rigged Ahmedinejad´s massive victory (2/3 of the votes) over Mousawi – as well as the media-biased protests – were no doubt Western media flip, part of a New World Order propaganda war against the abominable, bloody priesthood regime – as [15] ordained by the Israeli Foreign Ministry – although there were [16] irregularities. However, [17] Ahmedinejad probably is the choice of the majority of Iranians. Most likely, it is a propaganda campaign to expose the Iranian regime to the public contempt of the world to [18] justify an attack on the country or a regime change.

[19] The Wall Street Journal 24 June, 2009President Barack Obama delivered his sharpest criticism of Iran's election and political crackdown, throwing into question his plan for diplomatic outreach to Tehran that stands at the center of his broader Middle East security strategy. After days of criticism from Republicans, Mr. Obama opened a White House news conference saying he was "appalled and outraged" by the threats and confrontations in the streets of the Iranian capital. He declined to confirm whether a U.S. offer of direct talks with Iran will still stand, instead saying he would wait to see how the postelection crisis there "plays itself out."

Mr. Obama's comments could mark the beginning of a significant shift in the White House's broader Middle East strategy, which has largely been framed around a desire to hold direct negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear program and its support for militant groups. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates also cast doubts on the prospects for negotiations with Iran's current government and charged Tehran with fomenting unrest across the Middle East, particularly in Iraq.
There's a concern in Washington that Moscow and Beijing could cite Iran's political instability as reasons not to enforce new economic sanctions on Iran. "This is one of the more troubling scenarios going forward," said a senior European official working on Iran.

[20] Angrib-iran[21] The Times 5 July 2009:  The head of Mossad, Israel’s overseas intelligence service, has assured Benjamin Netanyahu, its prime minister, that Saudi Arabia would turn a blind eye to Israeli jets flying over the kingdom during any future raid on Iran’s nuclear sites.
Earlier this year Meir Dagan, Mossad’s director since 2002, held secret talks with Saudi officials to discuss the possibility.
The Israeli press has already carried unconfirmed reports that high-ranking officials, including Ehud Olmert, the former prime minister, held meetings with Saudi colleagues. The reports were denied by Saudi officials.

“The Saudis have tacitly agreed to the Israeli air force flying through their airspace on a mission which is supposed to be in the common interests of both Israel and Saudi Arabia,” a diplomatic source said last week.
The [22] categorical denial by the Israeli government of the Saudi agreement may indicate that a Saudi permissin has been given!  
 John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations has talked to several Arab leaders, added: “None of them would say anything about it publicly but they would certainly acquiesce in an overflight if the Israelis didn’t trumpet it as a big success. The Saudis are very concerned about an Iranian nuclear bomb, even more than the Israelis,” said a former head of research in Israeli intelligence. The Israeli air force has been training for a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear site at Natanz in the centre of the country and other locations for four years.
[23] F.William Engdahl disclaims this Times-message, his sources saying it would mean Saudi suicide, and calling it Mossad disinformation via the Rupert Murdoch and Rothschild Capital Management owned Times and the Bush war faction (Cheney, Wolfowitz,  Don Rumsfeld) to divide the Muslim world.

DEBKAfile 5 July 2009: In an interview with ABC's George Stephanoupolos, vice president Joseph Biden said in answer to a question: "Look, Israel can determine for itself — it's a sovereign nation — what's in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else." Whether we agree or not? The interviewer asked. "Whether we agree or not," said the vice president.
[24] IAF-fly

If the Netanyahu government decides to take a course of action different than the one being pursued now, that is their sovereign right to do that. That is not our choice. "
The [25] White House spokesman immediately said that nothing was changed in Obama´s Iran policy.

If this time Biden's statement was coordinated with the president, it would mean that the administration has withdrawn its veto against Israel's resort to military action to curtail Iran's drive for a bomb before diplomacy has been fully tested.

[26] Obama said that his administration had "absolutely not" given its blessing for an Israeli attack on Iranand, that although Israel had the right to defend itself, U.S. officials had emphasized the need to avoid "major conflict in the Middle East."[27] Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said "The window of negotiation is a very narrow. Time is running out for dialogue with Tehran to avoid either a nuclear-armed Iran or a possible military strike against the Islamic Republic."

DEBKAfile's intelligence sources: The last three days from Friday, June 3, have seen a spate of reports all pointing in one direction: Israel's air and sea capabilities for dealing with Iran and its military nuclear program.

What would an Israeli attack on Iran mean?
[28] Hezbollah_Rockets[29] John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN, Wall Street Journal 12 June, 2009  “Israel's alternative is that Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs reach fruition, leaving its very existence at the whim of its staunchest adversary. Israel has not previously accepted such risks.
Risks to its civilian population will weigh heavily in any Israeli decision to use force, and might well argue for simultaneous, pre-emptive attacks on Hezbollah and Hamas in conjunction with a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Obviously, Israel will have to measure the current risks to its safety and survival against the longer-term threat to its very existence once Iran acquires nuclear weapons. Consider the most-often mentioned Iranian responses to a possible Israeli strike:1) Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz. 2) Iran cuts its own oil exports to raise world prices. 3) Iran attacks U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. 4) Iran increases support for global terrorism. 5) Iran launches missile attacks on Israel 6) Iran unleashes Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel.

Israeli military action will cause Iranians to rally in support of the mullahs' regime and plunge the region into political chaos. To the contrary, a strike accompanied by effective public diplomacy could well turn Iran's diverse population against an oppressive regime.

New Development in Iran
[30] The Times 6 July 2009 : Iran’s biggest group of clerics has declared President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election to be illegitimate and condemned the subsequent crackdown.The statement by the Association of Researchers and Teachers of Qom is an act of defiance against the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has made clear he will tolerate no further challenges to Mr Ahmadinejad’s “victory” over Mir Hossein Mousavi.

[31] Iran-green-revolution

Like the campaigns to bring to power pro-US regimes in Georgia (2003) and Ukraine (2004), [32] the campaign around Mousavi  has been backed by powerful sections of the Iranian establishment and supported by Washington, the US media and the European powers. As in Tehran, better-off layers of the urban middle classes dominated the large opposition protests in Tbilisi and Kiev. 

“It’s a clerical mutiny,” said one Iranian analyst.The Association of Researchers and Teachers is based in Qom, the clerical nerve centre of Iran, and includes many leading ayatollahs with impeccable revolutionary credentials and big personal followings.
The association did not support a candidate in the election, but has now lined up firmly behind Mr Mousavi: "The outcome is invalid.” It called on other clerics to speak out, demanded the release of all those arrested in the past three weeks, and directly challenged the authority of the Guardian Council, a body of 12 senior clerics that has openly backed Mr Ahmadinejad and his patron, Mr Khamenei. “How can one accept the legitimacy of the election just because the Guardian Council says so?,” it asked.
Mr Miliband expressed fury at Hossein Rossam (a respected Iranian political analyst employed by the British embassy in Teheran) being detained. The charge that he had helped incite the protests had “absolutely no basis”. 

It seems that the [18] US destabilisation of Iran is coming to fruition now. A civil war in Iran may ensue after the election quarrels. Or will the Council of Guardians and their favourite, Ahmedinejad, now prefer to provoke the US to attack – in order to have the haqqanite apocalypse to make their 12. Imam, the Mahdi, return?
This would be very welcome to the US and Israel, both having problems with world opinion without a forceful Iranian provocation. Even a regime change among clerics in Iran would probably not eliminate Iran´s bid for nuclear weapons

Binyamin Netanyahu, the [33] Anti-Amalechite, has stated time and again that there is just one solution to a nuclear Iran: a military one. Of course, he has been hoping the US would solve the problem for him – but the US does not seem to be willing – unless they make [3] another 9/11. However, the US might certainly be drawn into that war anyway, since Iranian retaliation might hit US forces – or close the Strait of Hormuz – thus barring a large proportion of oil from reaching its destinations. Israel will probably not have the capacity to complete the job satisfactorily on its own. Now, the US may need a new [34] Pearl Harbour in order to go to war on Iran on behalf of the New World Order.

[35] Atom-angreb-_58144tNext I am going to touch on an extrasenorial perception as described by [36] Joseph Cannon on Jan 30, 2006!
Joseph Cannon first describes how in 1999 Gabrielle beside him had a prophetic dream - an exact vision of 9/11 - to come 2 years later.  “In the mid-1990s, before she met me, Gabrielle had had a series of troubling dreams depicting a "small" nuclear explosion in Chicago. I was not the only person to whom Gabrielle described these dreams. Naturally, I wanted to know if the New York event was connected with the nuclear event in Chicago. Yes, she said. In a way. But the explosion in Chicago would happen later. Would the same people be responsible for both events, I asked? Not really, she answered, although the events are linked. In both cases, she emphasized, "it won't be who they say it is." "Terrorists?" "Yes and no. It's like people from the government are involved. Or at least they know about it." She said that the public would be told that Iran was responsible for the Chicago event. "After that, it's World War Three." 
I asked for more details about the "small" nuclear event in Chicago. She mentioned the Sears tower.”

Is it this kind of  provocation Brookings and CIA-Michael Scheuer say is needed for the US? 

Now, one should never say never. In fact, I know a very objective and very sane person, a vicar, who has told me about having had 3 completely identical visions  in symbols about a very painful future for Europe. He was awake when they occurred.

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