Pakkede-flygtningeDid you ever wonder why you hear very little dissociation from illegal immigration and terrorists in the media? Below is the explanation. The media work for the New World Order (see videos on right margin of this blog). The Rockefellers and JP Morgan, Rothschild´s agent – and now the Council on Foreign Relations control the media landscape – in Europe, too. They have the money to bribe –and the power to threaten and to close the sources to disobedient clients of e.g. the AP, Reuters etc. And the New World order wants to eradicate Europe´s national states and Christianity – even the white race – as expressed by Pres Sarkozy. So, of course, the media panders their masters – also because of the European Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia – which threatens 1–3 years of imprisonment for telling the truth about the legally and illlegally immigrating Muslims. The media is pandering illegal immigration – and the co-religionists of the proud terrorists.

 ANSAmed - ALGIERS 24 June 2009  - Mediterranean press agencies said no to the use of ''racist and xenophobic terminology'' when covering issues such as illegal immigration and terrorism, as they signed the 'Algiers Declaration', to promote a 'careful and appropriate use of terminology'. In the Declaration, signed during the 18th meeting of the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies (AMAN) in Algiers, 15 press agencies from the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean agreed to cover the issue of immigration ''with great care, taking into account all aspects of this human tragedy and respecting human rights''. ''Considering the impact of the media on public opinion and in particular the impact of press agencies'', said the director of the Algerian APS, Nacher Mehal, who takes over from Portugal's Jose' Manuel Barroso (Lusa) as president of AMAN, ''it is our duty to choose the appropriate terminology, taking into account the need to respect human rights''. Musette Mohamed Sahid, researcher at the Algerian Economic Development Centre, said yesterday, during a conference on immigration that we must promote ''the creation of the concept of irregular immigration, instead of clandestine, illegal or simply 'sans papier'''. 

Like in a nutshell, we here see,  what Bat Ye´or describes exhaustively in her book, “Eurabia”: How the Muslims make demands on the Europeans – and how the Europeans cringe and accept them – however absurd the demands are. 
Therefore, our media are lying to us twofold: 1. They twist the truth in order to manipulate the public opinion. 2. What is almost even worse: If they cannot find appropriate words to conceal the truth, they keep it quiet.
Many journalists are suffering under this censorship.