The below Commission Proposal for financial regulation was adopted at the EU summit on 18/19 June, 2009 according to the Wall Street Journal 19 juni: However, the head of the Systemic Risk Council will not be the president of the European Central Bank - but elected by the members of the ECB's General Council, a group that includes the ECB president and vice president as well as the heads of all 27 EU countries' central banks (ie. sheer Rothschild-people!). The new bodies can not dictate how governments should spend their money. Germany and France wanted more centralized and stronger power. (Of course, Rothschild banks are sovereign to determine under what conditions they will lend states money!)

Those who created the banking crisis and here are also still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. US senator Dick Turbins about the US Senate: The bankers own the place!” more about it here.

The New York Times 31 May. 2009Representative Collin C. Peterson, is a Minnesota Democrat and the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee:“The banks run the place (the House of Representatives). I will tell you what the problem is — they give three times more money than the next biggest group. It’s huge, the amount of money they put into politics.” What makes this fight different, say Wall Street critics and legislative leaders, is that financiers are aggressively seeking to fend off regulation of the very products and practices that directly contributed to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Special interests in the financial-services industry are beginning to advocate a return to business as usual and to argue against any need for serious reform.”
Through political action committees and their own employees, securities and investment firms gave $152 million in political contributions from 2007 to 2008, according to the most recent Federal Election Commission data. The top five companies — Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Credit Suisse (all Rothschild corporations)— gave $22.7 million and spent more than $25 million combined on lobbying activities in that period, according to election data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. 

And how are “our” politician henchmen being rewarded?

Larosiere+barrosoI have previously  described how the President of the EU Commission, bilderberger (2003, 2005, 2007) José Barroso, asked his good friend, Trilateral Commissionist and bilderberger, former IMF boss Jacques de Larosière, to invent “new” financial regulation in the EU.

I recorded i.a.: ”Here is a thorough analysis of de Larosière´s “High Level Group.” It is hard to imagine a clearer example of privileged access to decision-makers by vested interests. Ottmar Issing is called the power house of Wall Street - advising Angela Merkel - and now the EU!

Four members are closely linked to giant financial corporations, such as Goldman Sachs (Rothschild) , BNP, Lehman Brothers (Rothschild) and the Citigroup ( Rothschild – a  Partner in Royal Dutch Shell).  A fifth one was the head of the UK Financial Services Authority that completely failed in its supervision of the Northern Rock. With the de Larosière Group, the Commission has repeated the mistakes of the past. It has set up a High Level Group dominated by the very kind of people that created the crisis in the first place. The Commission has again gone for a process ‘behind closed doors’… with strong connections to the financial industry.”

The President of the EU Commission praises his good friend, Jacques, former IMF director, for taking the task of suggesting that the institutes of the House of Rothschild continue supervising and regulating international finances, although it was the very same Rothschild institutes who stood for the international financial supervision – and ignored the basic financial insanity, which had for many years been evident even to laymen. Their neglect is so gigantic and blatant, that one cannot help concluding that it was deliberate and planned. How on Earth can we expect those fraudsters to do better now than before the crisis, which they allowed?

Who got the task of advising the Northern Rock, after the British Government saved it? N.M. Rothschild and Sons.- the House behind the crisis that broke Northern Rock. So, it is such a clique Barroso´s dear friend, Jacques, is pointing to. This might be called letting the fox guard the hen house. The EU calls for more regulation – leaving to the men of the financial indudustry and inveterate supporters of less regulation to manage their own financial institutes !!! You might also call it a gentleman agreement between New World Order colleagues on behalf of their masters, Rockefeller and Rothschild.David_rockefeller

The Grand Master of the Temple of Bilderberg: David Rockefeller, Rothschild´s right hand.

Now, here is an EU Press Release from 27 May, 2009 – where 3 EU Commissioners plead to the European Council to pass this proposal of Barroso´s dear friend M. de Larosière during its June-session.

José Barroso:As you know the Commission has signalled in February our broad acceptance of the Larosière Group's report and this was endorsed by the Spring European Council. I want once again to thank the Larosière group for this excellent report. Today we are asking the June European Council to endorse a more detailed approach, so we can bring forward the necessary legislation in the autumn.
Let me be very clear about this. The reason why I established the de Larosière group last November was very simple. We needed to make a break with the past!!  Now it is time for action. It will be now or never, if we cannot reform the financial sector, financial supervision, when we have a real crisis, when will we reform it? I am determined to reform financial supervision in Europe. I can only hope the member states will follow us. And today we are making very important and I believe achievable and realistic, but at the same time ambitious proposals.

This is, I insist, not a centralising of power. We are not taking away national supervisors' day to day role. It is a partnership between national supervisors and new European Supervisory Authorities. That is to give this a European approach. They are existing supervisors. The Commission wants Europe to be the first to implement its G-20 commitments on cross-border supervision. So I will be asking the European Council to endorse the new system and to commit to setting it up in 2010

Commissioner McCreevy (bilderberger 2008): he crisis has reinforced the tendency for supervisors to think nationally.
The new System would be composed of 3 new European Supervisory Authorities: the European Banking Authority (EBA), the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) and the European Securities Authority (ESA).

These would replace the current EU Committees of Supervisors (CEBS, CEIOPS and CESR). The new Authorities would be working in a network with national supervisors. This network would develop common supervisory approaches to the supervision of all financial firms.
The new European Supervisory Authorities should draw up technical standards, help ensure the consistent application of Community law and resolve disputes between supervisors.
Going beyond what M De Larosiere had envisaged we are now proposing in this communication the creation of a coordinating or steering group among the three Authorities.

Joaquin-almunia-håndtegn 2EU Commissioner Joaqin Almunia (bilderberger 2008):  The reforms proposed today would for the first time equip the EU with a pan-European macro-prudential supervision system.

Concretely, for what concerns macro-prudential supervision, the Commission proposes the establishment of a new body, the European Systemic Risk Council that would be entrusted with the role of ensuring macro financial stability in the EU. Based on appropriate analysis, the Council would be able to detect potential threats to the stability of the entire financial system and, if needed, to issue early warnings about these threats and make recommendations to avoid that they materialise. In doing so, we will be able to ensure that we escape from the boom-bust dynamic that is at the origin of the systemic failures that have characterised the functioning of our financial systems recently. We are proposing that this Systemic Risk Council is chaired by the President of the European Central Bank (Jean-Claude Trichet, bilderberger 2000–2005, 2007, 2008, participant in Trilateral Commission meeting) and that the ECB plays a key role in its functioning. Its members would include all the central bank governors of the 27 Member States (Rothschild-people) , the Vice-President of the ECB (Trilateral Commissionist Papademos, former chief of the Fed., Boston), the chairpersons of the three new European Supervisory Authorities and a member of the European Commission. This composition reflects the links between micro- and macro supervision and the necessary consistency between those and the role of the Commission.

I will finish by saying that this new body would, obviously, liaise closely with the IMF (i.e. the probable coming UN world treasury), the Financial Stability Board and other international systemic-risk counterparts.” 

In the US there is a parallel trend.
Geithner1Global Res. 26. May: Bilderbergers (Volcker, US-Treasurer Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers) to  give the Federal Reserve more authority to supervise financial firms deemed too big to fail. Ownership is literally being granted  over the financial regulator to the banks being regulated.

The Bilderberg agenda of creating a global treasury has already been started prior to the Bilderberg meeting, with decisions made during the G20 financial summit in April. Although the G20 seemed to frame it more in context of being formed into a global central bank, although it is likely the IMF could fill both roles. This would mean Rothschild´s domination of world finances - and so of the world.

Following the G20 meeting at the beginning of April, 2009, it was reported that, “The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity,” as the Communiqué released by the G20 leaders stated that, “We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn  into the world economy and increase global liquidity,” and that, “SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund that has lain dormant for half a century.” Essentially, “they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body.”

The bilderbergers were discussing the destruction of the dollar. The only way to bring about a major reduction in its role as a reserve currency is by international agreement.” This is where the SDRs come into play, as “One way to make the SDR the major reserve currency relatively soon would be to create and allocate a massive amount of new SDRs to the IMF’s members.” This is, interestingly, exactly what is happening with Africa and the IMF now.

Bloomberg 6 June, 2009: The IMF’s so-called special drawing rights could be used as the basis for a new currency, First Deputy Managing Director John Lipsky said. “But this is not a quick, short or easy decision,” he said, adding that it would be “quite revolutionary.” As much as 70 percent of the world’s currency reserves are held in dollars, according to the IMF, leading to calls for nations to diversify their cashpiles to avoid excessive exposure to the U.S. economy as it quadruples its budget deficit in a bid to counter the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Former IMF Managing Director Jacques de Larosière recently stated that the current financial crisis, “given its scope, presents a unique opening to improve institutions, and there is already a danger that the chance might be missed if the different actors cannot agree to changes by the time economic growth resumes.”

The Obama administration was heavily represented at this years Bilderberg meeting.

Garten´s remarks are either prophetic – or they come from the forces governing the G-20. Exactly this idea  was reintroduced at the seminar held by the Chatham House and Brookings on 10. March 2009 – and passed at the G-20 meeting in i London on 2 April, 2009.

David RothschildThe Grand Master of the Mammon Temple, David Rothschild. He stands immediately  before taking over complete domination of the world - through his World Central Bank which is also the supreme financial regulator and the treasury of the UN world government. It took this dynasty 233 years and much bribery to get that far!

Rothschild´s agents deviced the current economical crisis – even celebrated it at the latest Bilderberg meeting in Greece.

Rothschild´s financial supervisors ”relied upon” by Western governments failed miserably – were no doubt told to do so. Now Rothschild´s friends want to make these same supervising institutions – as stated by Barroso above - which always were against regulations, regulate the financial markets – in a mandatory EU staging!!! The commissioners talk about early warning by Rothschilds´s agents the next time Rothschild´s agents start another crisis!!! If the European Council passes this – and it will – the conspiracy against our money for Rothschild´s enrichment´s sake will be complete.  .
The IMF and Rothschild´s Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are close partners. Also the FSF (since Apr. 2009 the FSB) is closely interwoven, the BIS President being FSB-chairman and the BIS being a member of the FSB, and all of them are being housed at the BIS in Basle. 

Barroso´s proposal could be connected to something much bigger coming up: The IMF as the worlds central bank and chief financial regulator on behalf of the New World Order UN´s world governance  and here – and the UN´s world treasury at the same time. In that case the dollar and the euro will have to be destroyed – which might need a very deep depression – as wanted by the bilderbergers. This may be what Gordon Brown meant, when at the G-20 summit he expressed his vision of an emerging New World Order – video.

However, the UK, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania and  Finland criticised the Commission's proposal - and cannot accept it as it is. Teir palms will probably have to be more greased!!
Rothschild supervision to create another financial crisis?
Michael Gorbachev 10 June, 2009: "That (US) model is now cracking and will, sooner or later, be replaced (by perestrojka). That will be a complex and painful process for everyone." This is the New World Order goal.