First of all I invite you to take a close look at the table  photo below. As far as I can see the explanation for the otherwise ununderstandable efforts of the EU  stands on that table.

By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels, Last Updated: 2:31AM BST 03/05/2000
The European Union will open its own embassies under a plan critics fear represents a "power grab" by Brussels officials pushing for a federal superstate
In former days the national flag of the victorious warship was flown above the national  flag of the  conquered ship.

"The Daily Telegraph has seen a high-level Brussels document discussing plans for a "European External Action Service" (EEAS) which was proposed under the new EU Treaty, currently being ratified in Westminster.
The secret plan represents the first time that full EU embassies have been discussed seriously.
The "Embassies of the Union" would be controlled by a new EU diplomatic service created by the Lisbon Treaty."

Bruno Waterfield has been Brussels correspondent for The Daily Telegraph since December 2006. He has     been reporting on the EU and European affairs since 2000, first from Westminster and then from Brussels since January 2003.

Officials fear political fallout over plans to implement the new Treaty before it has been fully ratified.
Working papers circulating in Brussels suggest that more than 160 EU offices around the world, including in member states, would become embassies.
The new service would rival established diplomatic services

Equally controversial is a proposal for EU ambassadors who would be accountable to the European Parliament. "Parliament should aim for proper hearings of special representatives and ambassadorial nominees in the tradition of the US Congress for nominations of a clearly political nature," says the document.

Plans for the new foreign service have raised highly sensitive political issues by giving trappings of statehood to the EU and by fusing, for the first time, national diplomats with existing "eurocrats".

A vicious battle over who should control the diplomatic corps has broken out between national governments and the European Commission.
Meanwhile, Brussels officials fear that, if controlled by national governments, the new EEAS would draw power from "Community" bodies, such as the Commission, to inter-governmental institutions such as the Council of the EU, which represents member states.
"Any inter-governmentalism of policy areas under Community competence has to be avoided," states the confidential document.

"The EEAS will have to be in a specific way administratively connected to the European Commission."
The EEAS will number between 2,500 to 3,000 officials at its inception in January next year. It is then expected to grow to 7,000, or even up to 20,000, according to different estimates.

 William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, said yesterday: "As predicted the renamed EU Constitution is forming the basis of a power grab by the EU. It exposes Labour's stupidity in giving up the veto on an area key to Britain's interests."
A Foreign Office spokesman said: "The UK opposes and will argue against naming EEAS offices embassies.

Comment: As “eurofacts” has noticed: The UK Government first firmly opposes, then meekly submits to any EU proposal. This is in contradistinction from the remaining EU countries which simply submits to the EU Commissions´s mad ideas without any resistance.
William Hague´s statement is nothing but warm air: His party omitted to vigorously support the demand for a labour-promised referendum on Britains accept of the Lisbon Treaty. And Gordon Brown broke this promise.
All European politicians are deeply involved in these undemocratic manipulations by the New World Order.
So important and advanced is this discussion (on the EU President)

that José Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President felt the need to ask for a dinner (informal, not attributable and secret) with ambassadors, this took place on Tuesday. According to Waterfield all important EU decisions are taken by the EU Diplomates at secret dinners - and nothing is allowed to filter out. Just take a look at the head on top of the candlestick illuminating this brotherhood through a magnifying glass. I should like very much to have a closer look at it.  It reminds me of the profile of the horned God, Lucifer/Baphomet, of the  EU-illuminists  (explanatory statement) !! Is he winking at  Tony Blair? Or am I wrong? For this is so uncanny that it cannot be true?

He, and others in the Commission, are concerned that the new EU President is going to be far more than a figurehead or a backroom boy. There will be winners and losers. The Commission is worried.
As Mr Barroso told a debate organised by Le Soir on Wednesday night:
We know very well that some created the president of the council to decrease the role of the supranational institutions.”

Here we have a typical Brussels turf war: national bureaucrats (the Council of the EU and Coreper) versus euro-fonctionnaires. At stake is who gets what in the bureaucratic carve-up by the way all agree that the debate should not be a public one.

Mr Barroso is concerned that a new EU President will big foot him out of climate change talks next year, some national governments would rather it was that way too.

Some national governments, probably the UK included (who knows? No one will tell you) , are also very keen that the EU Prez rather than the High Rep (he will be the one that used to be called the European foreign minister) has firm grip on foreign policy (especially defence) and some control over the new euro diplomatic or external action service.
This is because the High-Rep will also be a member of the European Commission. French plans to kick off “structured cooperation” on defence (up to eight countries using various convergence criteria on military spending etc) will thus be for the EU President.

A comment on this article by Waterfield deserves to be brought here:
"Bruno Waterfield just doesn't get it. Such is the contempt that the Europhiles have for their native populations, that they simply don't care whether anyone finds out what they are up to behind closed doors, because they know that the mainstream media will not report it.
It will all end in tears, of course, because all instances of contempt for the public result in the perpetrators getting their come-uppance:- Maxwell, Ted Heath, Horatio Bottomley, the list is long and writes itself. And so it is with the European movement. It is corrupt, bent, based on a pack of lies and positively harmful to those who live within its borders. Another ten years at the most:- at which time, even the BBC might be reporting that the Euro Accounts have, once again, been refused validation by the auditors !"

What are they doing right now? (Waterfield)
Behind closed doors, over diplomatic dinners, in the corridors of departments, embassies, ministries and chanceries, Europe’s rulers are playing a “once in a lifetime” game for the future of the European Union. As I have already noted, here and here, this is a power play to which the public is not even a spectator

José Barroso seems to be a candidate in play for EU President,  as well Anders Fogh Rasmussen (DK), Juncker (L), while Tony Blair (GB) seems to be on his way out. But surprises are likely - according to Bruno Waterfield.

Substantial negotiations are underway on the biggest European job carve up package, including Nato, in the EU’s existence. The rules of the game, the players and the running score are known only to a tiny group of EU leaders and their most senior civil servants. The battle to fill the top jobs, including powerful new posts, such as the EU president, will set Europe’s political agenda for the next decade. It is the complete opposite of democratic politics or an electoral race.

In this contest the candidates do not publicly declare, and the more serious a contender is, the more secret and restricted he will keep his ambition. “Speculation at this stage is pointless. The best you can say is that it may well be a name no one has yet thought of,” one diplomat told the FT.                                                    

Comment: Indeed, this is incredible!
This is symptomatic of the EUSSR dictatorship. Nevertheless, the EU goes on talking about democracy – like the USSR did! It all depends on what you put in the word. In the case of the EU  democracy, i.e. rule by the people and for the peoplemeans rule of the people against the people. And so it was in the USSR

But most amazing: We put up with it!!!  Who is silent consents. So we deserve the eurocrats  who are preparing take our freedom away in the name of – freedom!!