On Nov. 7, 2007 the “EU Referendum” posted an interesing survey: It deals with NGOs - so-called Non Governmental Organisations.

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Today, these organisations should perhaps rather be called PGOs , i.e. Para (beside) Governmental Organisations. On Oct. 17, 2007 I brought a an account at balder.org of a speech delivered on Oct. 3, 2007 by the supreme in charge of EU communication, Margot Wallström, wherein she states among other things: "NGO´s, i.e. undemocratic, self-appointed and zealous organizations, are to set the agenda of the debate according to EU a-Commission-orders – so that the EU obtains 'meaningfull referenda results'. 'Informed debate and dialogue enable people to understand policy options.

Understanding enables people to vote meaningfully. Democracy comes alive! Clearly, civil society can do a lot to make this happen.NGOs are already well placed to organize polls, launch petitions and enable citizens to make their voices heard. Some NGOs have already created excellent trans-national forums for debate on the web. We should like to see more of those. Those NGOs who responded to our White Paper were very keen on being be involved in shaping European policy. They are invited to join us in a major effort to communicate Europe in partnership". I [Anders Bruun Laursen] have tried to leave a comment and questions on such an NGO-Forum about EU´s Plan D and the Euromediterranean/Eurabia: No response!

Lately, it has become obvious, what is meant by this ”civil society”. The French organisation "Reporters sans Frontière" (RSF) is such an NGO/PGO. It has measured the freedom of expression in 169 countries. The 14 highest ranking countries were European. The USA was at position 48! The RSF- PGO behaves as an independent champion of the freedom of expression and reports, that the world outside Europe is hit by violence and censorship. Thus implying that Europe isn´t! What a glee for the EU! The RSF met 15% of their budget from the French government in 2006. This was not mentioned in the English account!  2001 the RSF met more than 50% of its budget with money from the EU - and a grant of 300.000 euros as well!!. The EU Commission stated that the RSF had been their partner for long to safeguard the freedom of expression - so to speak working for the EU

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)  promoted the favourite project of the EU for years: The International Criminal Court  (ICC).  2003 this NGO/PGO and champion of human rights received 1.1 million euros from the EU. Besides, the FIDH was to found more NGOs to fight death penalty in EU countries. 2006  they received about 1 million euros from the EU to advertise against torture in the war against terror. The EU persuaded the FIDH to lodge a complaint against Ronald Rumsfeld, as he paid a short visit to Paris in the autumn of 2007.

In July, 2007 The NGO "Friends of Europe" received 635.000 euros from the EU to fight global warming - the great EU-political project without scientific fundation. And still more tax-payer Money from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands flowed into this PGO, more than half its budget, because the EU sees such NGOs/PGOs as the civil society, i.e. the people have been heard!! As for the sceptics of the theory that climate changes are caused by man, practically nothing was granted. And such heretics were even deprived of granted support. NGO/PGOs are the tools of the EU to enforce its polices in a manner so as to pretend to be democratic.

This method is well rehearsed in other dictatorial states, Nazi-Germany, for instance.