06.05.2008 - 09:40 CET | By Teresa Küchler EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS –“ Brussels officials have turned to religious VIPs to help spread the gospel of an environmentally friendly society and increase awareness of climate change in their parishes, as well as promoting tolerance between different confessions in Europe.
Twenty high-level representatives – 19 men and one woman - from European Christian, Jewish and Muslim congregations met in Brussels on Monday (5 may) to discuss the sensitive issues of climate change and reconciliation between peoples.

The meeting was co-chaired by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Slovenian Prime Minister and current President of the European Council, Janez Jansa, and the president of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering.
Mr Barroso told a press conference that churches, mosques and temples could all play an important role in identifying and implementing solutions to the challenge of climate change.
Prime Minister Jansa, referred to both the Bible and the Koran.

The EU as pseudoreligious enterprise: Adoration of Mother Nature whose name was Europa
Europa – Religion
Europa is seen a phoenician, semitic, Middle Eastern mythological princess by many – but she was  cultivated as a goddess. Probably, she was identical with the mother goddess Astarte. By Zeus she was abducted to Crete and became the mother of  king Minos.

European Union Tower of BabelEuropa,  Astarte, the builder of towers, the big mother, is identified with Semiramis, Queen of Babel  by Athenagoras (Legatio, vol. ii. p. 179), and by Lucian (De Dea Syria, vol iii. p. 382). These testimonies in regard to Astarte being Semiramis, are quite decisive. The name Astarte, as applied to her, has reference to her as being Rhea or Cybele, the tower-bearing goddess, the first, as Ovid says (Opera, vol. iii., Fasti, lib. iv. ll. 219, 220), that "made (towers) in cities"… "she [Dea Syria or Astarte] was represented standing on a lion crowned with towers." …"Asht-tart" just means "The woman that made towers."

In Europe the connection between Nimrod – considered to be the builder of the tower of Babel (Gen. 10:8-12, 11:1-9 - and Semiramis was made widely popular by Alexander Hislop (1853). Semiramis, who was both Nimrod's wife and mother, was worshipped as the "mother of god" and a "fertility goddess…. Demeter and Ceres; Gaea who was wife and sister of the Greek horned-god Kronos.”

Various efforts have been made to identify her with real persons. She is sometimes identified with Shammuramat, the Babylonian wife of Shamshi-Adad V (ruled 811 BC–808 BC).” 

Left: Europa´s abduction . Statue in front of the Louise Weiss EU Parliamentary building in Srassbourg which itself reminds of the Tower of Babel (right).
Considering the symbolic values of Europa /Semiramis/ Astarte her arrival in Europe has a tremendous impact on the illuminist minds of the EU (explanatory statement). The connection between European Zeus and semitic, Middle Eastern Europa is exactly what the Euromediterranean Project/ Union for the Mediterranean is all about.

The “useful idiots” of the EU
are the
churches who have for many centuries abandoned the teachings of Christ and become politically correct tools in the service of the changing  terrestrial powers in stead of the celestial power.

The Catholic Church
became political, as Pope Cornelius in 250 a.d. started a compromise: Adore the emperor and then make a ritual penance to have absolution!!! Since then this church has been very political and willing to follow the spirit of the time, as shown by art. 841 of the New Catholic Catechism and here  where salvation is considered given to Muslims as well as to Christians through   the blessing of Abraham, which the Muslims claim as their divine right to world supremacy –  but which God actually specifically refused Abraham to pass on to the ancestor of the Muslims, extramarital Ismael. God insisted on giving it to Isaac instead (Gen. 17: 18-21)!!!
However, the Churches want to see the Muslims as their co-heirs to salvation for political reasons –
although thereby they  stop being Christians, since they make Christ superfluous. For he states, that nobody comes to God except through him (John, 14:6).

The CEC and CCEE agree upon cooperation with the Muslims on the European project: “Also addressed was the finalization of the agenda for a CCEE-CEC committee for relations with Muslims in Europe. The committee will  host Oct. 20-23 in Belgium a conference on Muslim-Christian relations titled "Being a Citizen of Europe and a Person of Faith: Christians and Muslims as Active Partners in European Societies
VATICAN CITY, FEB. 28, 2008 (Zenit.org) .- Final declaration of the annual
meeting of the joint committee for dialogue between the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the Permanent Committee of al-Azhar for Dialogue Among the Monotheistic Religions in Cairo.
”During its exchanges the Committee underlined common principles and emphasised
shared spiritual and moral values
. These help to form the conscience and enlighten (= illuminate) reason, providing guidance to thought and behaviour, in particular as regards relations with brothers and sisters of the other religion. The freedom of expression  can never justify harming people's feelings in religious matters, thus creating strained relations and destroying brotherly love.

The Committee strongly condemned the republication of offensive cartoons and the rising number of attacks against Islam and its Prophet….”

The Lutheran Churches 
make the same mistake. Moreover, they discarded the demands of Christ to keep his commandments (Matth. 5: 17-20, 25: 31-46, 28:20,  John 14:15 and 21).
Indeed “my” Bishop of Roskilde, Denmark,  has abolished the 10 Commandments!!

The following astounding news is from the  Ecumenical News International, 17 Apr 2008 “A number of Danish churches have praised an open letter as of Oct. 17, 2007, published by 138 prominent Muslim scholars and have pledged to meet with leaders of Islam in Denmark to continue this exchange: Our common foundation is the belief in the one God as Lord and Creator and in the common view of life and man” – (this implying the Father of Christ and sonless Allah being the same). How can sonless Allah who will kill anybody saying he has a son (e.g. koransura 9:5) be identical with the Father of Christ?
84 Danish clergymen and 4 bishops have protested against this response from the Council of Danish Churches.

Such a “religion” makes it possible for churches to join the Muslims in a Universal United Religions Initiative (URI) as launched by the Rockefeller-supported Aspen Institute.
In 2000 URI co-sponsored the World Millennium Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, held at the United Nations in New York City.

The religions represented at the summit included Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, Ba'hai, Christianity, Indigenous, Judaism, Shinto, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam and Taoism, among others.

On May 14, 1999 Pope John Paul II kissed the Quran in the Vatican  - and caused horror among catholics. As stated in his obituary in the Houston Chronicle on Apr. 11, 2005: "Supporting (Muslim and Jewish) symbols was a commitment to religious community and the necessity of a global church according to experts".

URI´s preamble statement declares: We unite in responsible cooperative action to bring the wisdom and values of our religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions to bear on the economic, environmental, political and social challenges facing our Earth community.
The people (and the organizations they represent) who have drawn close to URI is striking; to name a few, World Economic Forum, Earth Charter movement (Gorbachev, Stephen Rockefeller) , Ted Turner, Ford Foundation, Dee Hock (inventor of the VISA credit card, founder and former CEO of VISA International, now administered by Rothschild), Maurice Strong (Canadian billionaire - co- author of the Earth Charter), Bill Gates (Microsoft founder), among others.

Of course, the Lutheran Churches can also participate in the Interfaith  prayer meetings, instituted by Pope John Paul II in Assissi in 1986, where representatives from the URI meet for 2 days annually in order to pray together to their various gods - thinking they are one and the same!

This is what the New World Order and its Euromediterranean wing represented by the EU   want: To melt all religions into an inclusive one – thereby making  exclusive Jesus Christ superfluous.
The best way to do so ist the belief in the Mother Goddess, Europa, Semiramis, Astarte, Isis, Gaia.
For these calculating manipulators know man needs a belief in transcendence – so why not use this belief as a tool for the “great task”: The creation of the world state?

The EU does have an illuminist religious agenda which is concealed to us: The New Age

The sign of Lucifer , the sign of the Horned God, is the sign of the Prince/Ruler of the world (John 14:30), whether wishful (Sarkozy- left) or real  (Alexander the Great coin - right). Nay, Alexander is probably Sarkozy´s, Barroso´s etc. ideal.

is not a religion at all, but a vast syncretism (or mixing) of numerous religious and philosophical ideas. This has been going on since the time of Alexander the Great, but was snuffed out (e.g. arianism)  under Christianity around 325 AD (Nicaea). Alexander's vast empire opened the door for Eastern religion and mysticism to move West, while Greek philosophy and reason moved East. Today the same process continues, but on a global scale in particular with the internet.

Modern environmentalism could be broadly classified into New Age religion because of its treatment as a pseudo-religion and deification of Nature.

The dangerous political hypocrisy of  this New World´s New Age Madness

The Leninist Earth Charter is kept in this "Ark of Hope" along with ritual "Earth masks" and Europa/Gaia prayer formulas.  Michael Gorbachev: "My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a 'Sermon on the Mount', that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century." The Los Angeles Times, May 8, 1997.
This link gives an idea of how deeply this Europa/Gaia/ Earth Charter cult really is in the USA.
"Our Earth speaks to us and we must listen if we want to survive . . . obedience to the voice of the Earth is necessary,'' said the Vatican´s ambassador to the UN as of May 1, 2008

The EU does not shrink from using the “useful idiots” of religion as tools to
promote its own luciferian ( i.e. man as God´s equal) agenda: to give The Mediterranean Union and the world state a minimum of coherence as well as to make  the Club of Rome´s  and Gorbachev´s (honorary member of the Club of Rome)  leninist Earth Charter Project,  also called the Europa/Gaia Cult or the Climate Cult, accepted in spite of the obvious lies it builds on.
These church leaders apparently give any divine revelation a damn, meet and knit a compromise together, which they then preach to the citizens of the world as the way to eternal life: Uninspired political horse-trading deals instead of divine inspiration! Bribery in stead of faith

For this Gaia/Climate Cult is the so far most efficient means to   scare the peoples of the world under the World/UN governance of the New World Order – besides being very profitable.

Happy Whitsun. Whose spirit are you celebrating?