Fascism on the Rise Again

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[1] Hitler-tale”It is about more than one small country. It´s a big idea, a new world order…” (Pres. Bush Sr.) see video 3 from above on the right margin of this blog. This New World order is fascism once again. As [2] Mussolini  is said to have stated: ”Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” The addition of the nationalist element was fit to mobilize the masses in the first half of the 20. century – so that Hitler could start implementing his ”Neuordnung Europa.” The incomprehensible aspect of fascism is that it is left-winged. Hitler´s movement was the national- socialist party. In this context the socialist element should certainly not be forgotten – although it was not often spoken of – because of Hitler¨s hatred of his socialist rivals, the communists ([3] The Independent 22 Nov. 1998). Hitler even conceded his party to be based on Marx.

The following is not to say that Obama is a new Hitler. It is an attempt to analyse if, in fact there are similarities. Whereupon each reader must decide for himself if such is the case or not.

Now here is Gerald Celente, known for his [4] gifts to foretell what is going to happen [5] video . He quotes Mussolini´s fascism definition to be valid in the US today. And he says this is usually followed by war. And [6] Mussolini agreed:“ War alone brings up to their highest tension all human energies and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to meet it. Fascism carries this anti-pacifist struggle into the lives of individuals. It is education for combat…war is to man what maternity is to the woman. I do not believe in perpetual peace; not only do I not believe in it but I find it depressing and a negation of all the fundamental virtues of a man.”

[7] Obama-taler[8] Global Res. 23 May, 2009: “Never before had one witnessed such an accomplished use of manipulation, propaganda, imagery and public relations wizardry to sell the public a man who was to take the baton from Bush and run with it in the race to destroy the economy, the rights of the people and help birth a nation totally controlled by those who have always lurked in the shadows of power. "Change" was promised and was delivered in the form of a deepening of the already dystopic  nightmare.
Promises were broken with no apology,The President who promised accountability in Government has filled his staff with lobbyists, banksters and warmongers. His Attorney General refuses to prosecute some of the worst war crimes committed in modern history and continues to give legal cover to criminals who tortured with impunity.

The country has been further bankrupted by the continuing theft of taxpayer money as the Wall St. campaign donors receive their quid pro quo. Obama has stood by idly as Bernancke states that the private Federal Reserve is not answerable to either Congress or the American public. The U.S. taxpayer is now on the hook for $14.3 Trillion and rising. Foreclosures and unemployment are rising with no meaningful efforts by the administration to alleviate the symptoms, never mind the cause. The new image of America is one of tent cities, lengthening soup kitchen lines, sherrifs evicting countless thousands of young and old from their homes, once prosperous towns descending in to an eerie stillness and an increasingly disillusioned populace. The "War on terrorism" has mutated into a control grid for an increasingly aware population. 

Homeland Security now defines "Terrorists" as those who believe in the Constitution, the first, second and fourth amendments. Returning veterans are being targeted for a denial of their second amendment rights (to carry weapons). A  "Terrorist Watchlist" of more than a million and rapidly growing, is being used as the basis for denying citizens the rights to travel and to work. Obama is now mulling over the idea of indefinite detention without trial for U.S. citizens. This, from a teacher of the Constitution! Bills are in congress to criminalize free speech on [9] City-yearthe Internet via the Cyberbullying Act which will make hurting somebody's feelings a felony. Just like the Patriot Act this will morph in to a criminalization of political free speech and any criticism of the [9] Government. "Cyberterrorism" is being used as a pretext to bring government regulation to the the last stronghold of unbiased information. Washington has realized that it's getting harder to get away with their Fascist agenda and are moving to control the field. The populace have become more aware of just what kind of "Change" Obama intended to deliver.

“City Year”/Obama Youth

There has been a growing resistance on a state level with several invoking their 9th and 10th Amendment rights in a valiant attempt to stop the Federal Vampire from draining the last drops of blood, the last vestiges of Freedom and Hope.  This is the Dystopic Nightmare that America finds itself in today and each day brings new assaults on Freedom and Sanity. The framework for total control of the citizenry, the economy and the media is being built upon in a relentless aggrandization of Govermental power. Obama sits atop his new Empire still smiling that sickeningly disingenuous smile surrounded by his seasoned courtiers who have worked for decades to bring America in to this new era of the New World Order.”

On [10] 13 Febr. 2008, The Fox News compared an Obama speech with an Adolf Hitler speech. Since then quite a few comparisons have been made between those two.
After Obama has been in power for now 4 months, there seems to be little doubt as for his affiliation with the corporate system of the US: His government is [11] stuffed with [12] CFRs and [13] Trilateral Commissionists, his mentor is Zbigniew Brzezinski who alongside with David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission – and he seems to have been at the [14] Bilderberg meeting 2008.
So Mr. Obama does seem to qualify for Mussolini´s fascist criterion. Or rather for the side of the New World Order not called communism – although it is one and the same monster.

But does he add some of Hitler´s characteristics as well?

[15] [15] Hitler-jugend1.Hitler staked on corrupting the youth through the organisation of uniformed Hitlerjugend – Hitler Youth, [16] video . Every youngster had to be a member in order for him/her and his/her parents and families not to be harassed.
The purpose was to monitor society – even to report their own parents for disloyalty to the nazi regime. Besides, it was a paramilitary organisation to create brave warriors.

Now Obama is doing the same trick, creating a uniformed youth civil National Security force, the Obama “City Year” - as strong as the military according to Obama himself, [17] video. As Obama himself used the empty phrase ”change” to seduce the Americans this Obama Youth uses 3 simple words given by Obama to hypnotize themselves: ”Yes, we can.” It is planned to let [18] every one between 18 and 24 years serve 3-4 months (video) on a compulsory basis! Thus Mr. Obama will have a faithful cadre like the Hitler Youth to secure his power.

[19] 2. Mass hypnosis. Hitler was a master at mass hypnosis. Is Mr. Obama imitating Hitler here? Here is a video  showing Mr. Obama´s very simple mass psychosis tricks – and do they work!!
[20] [20] Obama-i-berlin
3. Gestures and way of speaking. Hitler enthralled the masses by means his abuse of the German language and his gestures. Here is a [21] video showing Hitler speaking. This [22] Linguistic Neural Programming (NLP)  is extremely important to master in order to become a charismatic leader who can seduce the masses, and it was shared by Ronald Reagan, Billy Graham and – now Obama, [23] video
4. Lying. As shown in this [25] video  Mr. Obama has kept none or very few of his election campaign promises. In Berlin on 24 July 2008 (right) he postulated that the polar ice cap is melting and that the Atlantic coastlines were receding (due to increasing sealevels) . This is a blatant [24] New World Order lie.

5. Militancy. Hitler liked war. Obama promised to withdraw US troops from Iraq within one year – now the deadline has been prolonged indefinitely video. Obama is now seeking more money for the War in Afghanistan and is becoming more aggressive in Pakistan – sending [26] 21.000 more military personnel to Afghanistan.

Hitler wanted ”Neuordnung Europa”. Mr. Obama wants [27] global citizenship and common humanity in the New World Order. 

Hitler was a cult object, a Messiah. So is Obama video – this showing brainwashed kids scanning the party watchwordYes we can, yes we can”. How many believe in that nonsense today?

[28] Hitler-kult8. Hitler used concentration camps to put people into wihout trial. [29] Mr. Obama has proposed (New York Times, May 22, 2009) that persons suspected of “terrorism” should be held for “prolonged detention” without trial!!! Do you think this cannot be not true? See this shocking [30] video-speech by Mr. Obama. So-called FEMA-concemtration-camps are said to be ready to receive such government-hostile “terrorists.” [31] Fox News debunks this story – just to give us another about a US concentration camp! But [32] Alex Jones argues convincingly for their existence.

But Hitler had one big advantage over Obama: Hitler delivered on his promises. Obama does not, cannot. Hitler made poor Germans well-to-do, shameful Germans proud of their country – in Obama´s case it seems to be the other way round. That´s why Obama may know he has to act fast to satisfy his masters, his power-obsessed [33] New World Order masters who have promoted him for their [34] world government  and [35] here purpose. I wonder what exactly Obama´s role is. But he does not seem to be a prince of peace. He seems to me to be – Obama´s man wanting to do anything to keep Obama in increasing power. His Vice-President, Joe Biden, gave a very [36] sinister prophecy  about Mr. Obama´s immediate future.

The foundations of the EU were nazis and nazi-money
[37] Eu-hagekorsflag[38] The Daily Mail 9 May. 2009: US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128. The document, also known as the Red House Report, is a detailed account of a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. There, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for Germany's post-war recovery, prepare for the Nazis' return to power and work for a 'strong economic German empire'. In other words: the Fourth Reich. The three-page, closely typed report, detailed how the industrialists were to work with the Nazi Party to rebuild Germany's economy by sending money through Switzerland. They would set up a network of secret front companies abroad. They would wait until conditions were right. And then they would take over Germany again. Nazi names like Ludwig Erhard, Hermann Abs, Krupp, Flick played a very fundamental role in the recovery of German economy. Erhardt who became finance minister and responsible for the “Wirtschaftswunder” and later on Chancellor, pondered how German industry could expand its reach across the shattered European continent. The answer was through supranationalism - the voluntary surrender of national sovereignty to an international body.

The [39] EU Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia and the [40] EU Arrest Warrant are definitely legislation reminding of Nazi Germany. So does the[41] EU consensus principle

So now I shall leave it to you to decide how well Mussolinis definition fits with the EU today. Maybe [42] this,  [43] this and  [44] this can inspire you.



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