Tony Blair, New Age Warmonger, Probably EU´s Coming President: “Let´s Reorder this World!”

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Many things can be said about the Lisbon Treaty, but above all it shows a total lack of EU respect for democracy and popular referenda. It also has built-in self-amendment – “allowing” the Eurocrats and our bilderberger leaders to bend it according to their future needs. And it is a necessity for future expansion – including the [1] Union for the Mediterranean.

It is to provide the EU with a non-rotating president and a permanent foreign minister (“High Representative” – which Solana already is).
Now, since, of course, the EU is certain to proceed with its dictatorial institutionalisation, it does seem to have the the candidate for the coming  presidency: [2] Rothschild´s man, Tony Blair.
The Irish as the last obstacle? Well the Bilderbergers just decided to pound them to vote for the Lisbon Treaty this autumn – and now an [3] Irish Times poll shows once more that the Irish are being scared of their own courage: 52% will now vote for the Lisbon Treaty!! Even in case of a NO the EU will no doubt proceed with its New World Order agenda, the Lisbon Treaty – and a president under another name!

[4] Blair-V-sign[5] The Guardian 3 Oct, 2001 Some leftwingers and trade unionists, irked by the Blair-address's religiosity, called it "messianic" and lacking commitment to the means of righting the world's wrongs.
"This is a moment to seize," he said. "The kaleidoscope has been shaken, the pieces are in flux, soon they will settle again. Before they do let us reorder this world around us."  

[6] The Independent 5 April 2009: Tony Blair has emerged as the leading candidate to become the first permanent president of the European Union after Gordon Brown gave his grudging blessing to the plan. The former prime minister has stepped up his campaign for the job, which he wants to use to build a bridge between Europe and the new Obama administration. His return to the global stage would be a shock to his critics over the Iraq war and dismay many in Europe.

But The Independent on Sunday has learnt that Mr Brown has accepted that his old rival should be in pole position for the appointment, on the basis that Britain needs to have a key figure in the architecture of the "new world order". A senior British official said: "He [Brown] will have to swallow hard to sit down in meetings once again with Blair. But he accepts that there needs to be someone from the UK in the new global architecture. There is no opposition to the plan. " Other European leaders are also broadly supportive because they want a high-profile figure to represent the 27-nation bloc in the new alliance with the US administration. Mr Blair remains a popular figure in the US. After initially trying to block Mr Blair as a possible candidate last year, the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, has thrown his weight behind the former prime minister.

As the eyes of the world were on London's G20 summit last Wednesday, Mr Blair held private talks with the European Commission President José Manuel Barroso in Brussels. The talks focused on his work as Middle East envoy to the quartet of world powers, but it is almost certain that the two men discussed his candidacy.
But Mr Blair's plans could still be scuppered if Angela Merkel loses the German general election in September. She is thought to have a strong desire for the job in the event of defeat.

Britain has already thrown its weight behind Mr Barroso to serve a second term as Commission President. His re-appointment would also strengthen the chances of a British name for the new job.
Mr Blair will have spent two years in the Middle East role by July, giving him a legitimate opportunity to claim he has devoted enough time to the job. But critics will say Mr Blair has failed to make any significant breakthrough.

[7] Præsident-tony-blairWhat powers would President Blair have?
[8] EUObserver 6 April 2009: The President of the European Council is a two and half year post that can be renewed once. The job description in the Lisbon Treaty foresees that the president represents the EU externally and organises the regular meetings of EU leaders. However, the description leaves plenty of room for manoeuvre, prompting much debate in Brussels about what sort of person should hold the job and how much power they should have.

The European Parliament is keen to keep a lid on the powers, fearing that an all-powerful president would change the institutional balance of the EU towards member states. Last month, its constitutional affairs committee approved a report saying the president should not speak for the EU as a whole on political issues.
But putting a senior political figure such as Tony Blair into the post would likely see this happening.

For the moment, the creation of the post hangs in the balance. The Lisbon Treaty faces a referendum Ireland later this year and has yet to be approved in the Czech Republic. It is also facing a court challenge in Germany and has still to be signed by the Polish president.

Who is Tony Blair?
Religion: [9] The Times 22 Dec. 2007: The former Prime Minister Tony Blair has been received into the Roman Catholic Church. Political and interdenominational sensitivities meant he felt unable to follow his spiritual heart's desire while in office. There were also fears among his advisers about his being identified publicly as a devout Christian. Even though his faith and personal leanings towards Catholicism have never been a secret, his former press secretary Alastair Campbell once famously said: 'We don't do God.'

So, he is a Christian – or what is he?
The following incredible story was mentioned by the [10] Guardian on 16 Oct. 2004 – having first been reported by the Times on Jan. 15, 2001 – this article now being deleted – but here is a copy in the [11] Freemasonry Watch. However, this report in [12] The Daily Mail 4 July 2007 will do: “
In a documentary to be screened by the BBC tomorrow night, Cherie Blair defiantly announces: "I am not bonkers." But given her husband's track record with the truth, can we believe her?

[13] Cherie-blair468x475The Blairs, however, preferred a gentler, A-mock-alypto Mayan vibe. Holidaying on the Mexican Riviera in August 2001, they underwent a "rebirthing ritual" in a temazcal - a Mayan steam bath which represents the womb. Herb-infused water was thrown over heated lava rocks to create a cleansing sweat and balance the Blairs' "energy flow", while their therapist, Nancy Aguilar, told the credulous couple to imagine animal-shapes in the steam and explained what such visions meant.
The Prime Minister of Great Britain and his wife, a Crown Court judge, wished for peace on earth, then screamed to signify the pain of rebirth before venturing outside again. They were offered watermelon and papaya, then told to smear any uneaten fruit over each other's bodies, along with mud from the jungle outside. They then walked hand in hand down the beach to swim in the sea. Did it work? The 9/11 catastrophe came a month later, followed by six years of global conflict. So not much peace, but plenty of Apocalypto.

But how can you be a Christian - when married to a New Age witch, Cherie Blair, as further described in the Daily Mail article - and owing your career to the New World Order - the political system of the Antichrist?

Mr. Blair gave the world the appearance of being a Christian – but combined New Age/ New World religion in his ”[14] Tony Blair Faith Foundation” - previously described on this blog  - in order to promote [15] Interfaith, the New World Order´s antichristian global unity religion making every religion equal and equally true – which is a blatant lie in the eyes of Christians, Muslims and Jews alike. Of course, his friend, the Rothschilds, helped him.

[16] Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury said, "The Faiths Act Fellowships initiative which the Tony Blair Faith Foundation has initiated is a fine example of the way in which young people can show in the most practical terms what it means to be people of faith. By their giving of their time to others they demonstrate the love of God for all.” (Matth. 25 expresses a different view!)

 [17] The impact of religious faith is therefore likely to be profound, especially in a world where different spheres are increasingly interconnected. It is the Foundation's belief that intelligent and sustained reflection on the crucial issues of faith and globalization can lead to the deeper understanding, and the kind of reconciliation and peaceful coexistence, that will be vital in the 21st century.
As a way of considering these essential questions, the Foundation is working to build a global conversation on them between an elite group of universities around the world over the next eighteen months. The initiative was launched at Yale University in September 2008 with a thirteen week course on faith and globalisation, which Yale will adapt and repeat this year and next. We are now developing the initiative more widely. The National University of Singapore and Durham University in the UK are now each developing their own versions of the course. We are in conversation with a number of other universities, with more to follow.
For the faith and globalisation initiative to be most relevant, it must look beyond the classroom. We are working with religious leaders, politicians, policy makers, business leaders, and civil society in order both to inform the lessons of the academy and to take the lessons of the academy into the wider world.

Comment: No doubt, religion- no matter of what kind – is being hitched to the carriage of New World Order globalization. That is Mr. Blair´s mission. And he makes no secret of the fact that he is a partner of the Yale University the core of which is the New World Order Skull and bones denomination fostering the Bush presidents. [18] Video. Hitler knew it was necessary to win Catholics and Protestants for his ideology. He succeeded – and the churches abolished the teachings of Christ for ideology. This is exactly what New Age maya-reborn socialist Tony Blair is doing.
Christ says: “No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (Johs 14:6). Mr. Blair does not care about that sort of trifles – even though this is the core of Christianity, of course. Mr. Blair is eager to/ must let all religious beliefs be mixed as equal into a distasteful soup for the promotion of the New World order, make them “inclusive”, for according to their natures they exclude each other. [19] Of course, Mr Blair denies this. Mr. Blair is not a Christian.  He is one of Rothschild´s useful [20] Luciferian idiots, the [21] illuminists – as is [22] the EU on the whole (explanatory statement).

Mr. [23] Blair praises inclusive Islam in his “A Global Alliance for Global Values” (pp. 12–13)
"The most remarkable thing about reading the Koran – in so far as it can be truly translated from the original Arabic - is to understand how progressive it is. I speak with great diffidence and humility as a member of another faith. I am not qualified to make any judgements. But as an outsider, the Koran strikes me as a reforming book, trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, rather as reformers attempted with the Christian Church centuries later. It is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance," he said.

He added that under the guidance of the Qur’an, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands was "breathtaking". "Over centuries it founded an Empire, leading the world in discovery, art and culture. We look back to the early Middle Ages, the standard bearers of tolerance at that time were far more likely to be found in Muslim lands than in Christian," he declared."

But there is more.
Tony Blair is a [24] Fabian socialist: it is [25] ideology abusing God - another anti-gospel : It is diabolical that this religion is similar to Christ's social ideal - but in practice despises and ignores it and the neighbour like the Pharisees. OK this means Tony Blair is anchored to Karl Marx – promoting the ideology by means of the military. So are all European leaders today.

But there is a fact that Europeans should not forget about the would-be coming president of the EU under the Lisbon Treaty: Tony Blair is a warmonger.
The Telegraph 1o May 2007 http: [26] Defiant warmonger to the last. Tony Blair will go down in history as a warmonger. During his 10 years in office he has fought more wars than any previous British prime minister, and his premiership will ultimately be defined by his decision to commit British troops to the invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2003, and his staunch support for the Bush administration in its global war on terror. Some of Mr Blair's wars are more easy to justify than the others. Britain's involvement in the Kosovo conflict in 1999, which sought to prevent a recurrence of the ethnic cleansing that had plagued the Balkans throughout the 1990s, was hailed in many quarters as a "just war".
Similarly, the decision to commit British troops to intervene in an ugly civil war in the West African republic of Sierra Leone in the summer of 2000 earned him plaudits.

[27] July 11, 2003: Nelson Mandela said yesterday he was "pained" by Tony Blair waging war on Iraq.
[28] The Independent May 21, 1999 The US press reported that President Bill Clinton had intervened to press Britain to damp down its warmonger-rhetoric (on ground troops in Kosovo). The President spoke with Tony Blair for an hour-and- a-half on Tuesday night, the New York Times reported.
[29] Socialist Worker Online Sept. 2006  Blair´s defence of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan triggered sustained heckling.

Comment: Werewolf, cult of death and war, desire for Rothschild´s money and power to abuse to our suffering, deception and hypocrisy.These are the words I connect with the name of Tony Blair. And now that man seems to be bound to be our dictatorial future president.That the EU can even take him into consideration says a lot about the lack of morality and democracy in the EU. Birds of a feather stick together.
But of course, when the EU can appoint the [30] convicted criminal impostor, Jacques Barrot, Commissioner for Justice– then why not a warmonger for president, as well?
After all, he has the main qualification: He is Rothschild´s man  and henchman.  This is the uncanny thing about him: He will reorder the world - into the New World Order. And he knows just one means: War alongside the the US to which he is again trying to build a bridge.


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