Israel vs. Iran

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[1] Bushehr-nuclear-pow_492929aThe tone of the Israeli and Iranian governments about each other – never to each other – over Iran´s nuclear drive is maximally negative – expressing a desire to attack each other – even to wipe off the map – at least that is what Ahmedinejad has promised Israel time and again. Israel being a “partner” in the [2] Union for the Mediterranean, this possible nucclear showdown is pertinent to all of us – thanks to “our” irresponsible New World Order politicians. [3] This blog has previously and [4] here reported on the development of this standoff.
Naturally, Ahmedinejad has brought Israel to the point of despair.

But there is a joker in this game: [5] The House of Rothschild who financed the first Jewish settlements in Palestine at the end of the 19. century, bribed Pres. Truman to recognize the new state of Israel in 1948 and who has built a [6] globalist temple and [3] here for themselves in Jerusalem – The Supreme Court building. The Rothschilds are the initiators and the very force behind the world state and their world government by their own multinational companies and their corrupt hands - ”our” politicians and media. To have a world state all national borders must be abolished. So why did the Rothschilds found a new national state, Israel?

What are the Rothschilds doing today?
[7] The National 6 Nov., 2008
Baron David Rothschild shares most people’s view that there is a new world order. In his opinion, banks will deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance. Although his office denies that he was part of the official party during Mr. Gordon Brown´s fundraising trip to the Gulf states, it is probably no coincidence that he happened to be in the same part of the world at the right time. That is how the Rothschilds have worked for centuries: quietly, without fuss, behind the scenes. We have had 250 years or so of family involvement in the finance business,” says Baron Rothschild. “We provide advice on both sides of the balance sheet, and we do it globally.”

The [6] Supreme Court in Jerusalem was funded by Rothschild. Note the pyramid with Lucifer´s al-seeing eye on the roof.

The Rothschilds have been helping the British government – and many others – out of a financial hole ever since they financed Wellington’s army and thus victory against the French at Waterloo in 1815 (Comment: where [8] Nathan Rothschild cheated the London Stock Exchange to crack on false rumours of Wellington´ s defeat at Waterloo – although through his courier system he knew better. When you could have the stocks for a song, Nathan bought them!! ). By the 19th century, they ran a financial institution with the power and influence of a combined Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and perhaps even Goldman Sachs and the Bank of China today. (Comment: The Rockefellers are their right arm, strangling the USA and Europe´s national states by means of their New World Order clubs).

In the 1820s, the Rothschilds supplied enough money to the Bank of England to avert a liquidity crisis. (Comment: I.e they bought the Bank of England!!) “There is no debate that Rothschild is a Jewish family."
Building a global firm before globalisation meant a mindset of sharing risk and responsibility.” (Comment: Or a firm belief in their own plans!!)
[9] David_rothschildThey are now strong in Europe, Asia especially China, India, as well as Brazil. It is the role as trusted adviser to both governments and companies that Rothschilds is hoping to build on in the Persian Gulf region.

                    Baron David Rothschild seems to be the financial leader of the Rothschild dynasty

As stated here and as repeatedly shown in history this family and its interwoven allies, the Rockefellers, go for power and money – unscrupulously robbing the Americans – and now the world – by means of the [10] Federal Reserve System , his agents [11] JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and perhaps even Goldman Sachs– all guilty of the [12] current economical crisis).
Do you trust them to save the state of Israel, if they can increase their power grip of the world and make a neat sum of money by letting it perish, 
because there is better business on the Gulf? They financed the [13] Russian Revolution  and the the [14] Holocaust. This family are the secret rulers of the world, the political “rulers” of which are all financially in their pockets – and thus dependent on the Rothschilds!

So what does the flagship of its self-pronounced New World Order, its right arm, the Rockefeller-dominated [15] Council on Foreign Relations´ Newspaper, the [16] New York Times write in an Op-ed article on 8 April 2009?  I don’t buy the view that, as Netanyahu told Goldberg, Iran is “a fanatic regime that might put its zealotry above its self-interest.” Every scrap of evidence suggests that, on the contrary, self-interest and survival drive the mullahs. Yet Netanyahu insists (too much) that Iran is “a country that glorifies blood and death, including its own self-immolation.” Huh? What’s critical right now is that Obama view Netanyahu’s fear-mongering with an appropriate skepticism, rein him in, and pursue his regime-recognizing opening toward Tehran.”
This does not bode well for Israel

War games
Already last year, the Israelis made [3] spectacular manoeuvers over the Mediterrranean over distances corresponding to the distance to Iran. However, President Bush forbade Israel to attack Iran – apparently in return for the Iranians not to bother US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now [17] President Obama has also apparently nervous forbidden Israel to attack – just 4 days ahead of Netanyahu´s visit to the White House!!  Obama and the Pentagon have their eyes fixed on Afghanistan and Pakistan - [18] the Grand Chess Board - and want no trouble elsewhere in the environment! However, it also seems that the AIPAC-Jewish lobby in the US dominates [19] more than half of Congress, putting Obama under pressure. Israeli Foreign Minister, [20] Liebermann, on 5 May gave the Western diplomacy 3 months to work. Thereafter action must be taken, he said.  Now The Israeli Air Force is [21] training against Russian MIG-29 warplanes in the service of Arab countries and Iran – lent by an unknown country!

[22] The Times 18 April, 2009: The Israeli military is preparing itself to launch a massive aerial assault on Iran's nuclear facilities within days of being given the go-ahead by its new government. Among the steps taken to ready Israeli forces for what would be a risky raid requiring pinpoint aerial strikes are the acquisition of three Airborne Warning and Control (AWAC) aircraft and regional missions to simulate the attack. Two nationwide civil defence drills will help to prepare the public for the retaliation that Israel could face.
An official said that it was unlikely that Israel would carry out the attack without receiving at least tacit approval from America.

 [23] DEBKAFILE 15 April:  The detailed report compiled by the Center for Strategic & International Studies(CSIS) in Washington last month,concludes that the Jewish state has all the resources necessary for a successful strike.  When asked recently, Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, agreed with this estimate. This week, president Shimon Peres and prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu both said that if diplomacy failed to halt Iran's nuclear activities, Israel would be left with no option other than the military one.

 Israel and the US
[24] DEBKAFILE 15 April Benjamin Netanyahu declared at his swearing-in last Tuesday that if American sanctions and diplomacy fail, Israel will be forced to take action against Iran's nuclear [25] Netanjahu-okweapon drive and time was running out.  His words were echoed by Barak. Washington will not brook any unilateral Israeli military action that might upset US-Iranian moves towards cooperation in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a
[26] member of the US Council on Foreign Relations – although being an Israeli citizen? [27] Ehud Olmert, too, is a member of the CFR! Here Netanyahu is showing the sign of the “[28] Divine King”, the sign of the Antichrist, to govern the Earth –from Jerusalem? See the Rothschild Temple above. The sign means “Annuit coeptis”: “he approves of our undertaking” according to Texe Marr – as written on the back side of the Great Seal of the USA and on every 1–dollar bill. (See header of this blog). 

[29] DEBKAFILE 16 April: Tehran effectively rejected the latest offer by the five UN Security Council permanent members plus Germany of nuclear negotiations with direct US involvement. This shut the door on US president Barack Obama's first diplomatic gambit for direct dialogue with Tehran.

Obama's planned dialogue with Tehran received another setback Saturday, April 4, from Moscow. Shortly after the six powers published their proposal, foreign minister Sergei Lavrov told the Russia parliament: "Relations between Russia and its neighbor Iran are expanding at high speed."

[30] Debkafile 14 May Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta visited Israel two weeks ago to explore Israel's intentions with regard to a raid on Iran's nuclear facilities and its alignment with Egypt and Saudi Arabia for this shared objective.  On the one hand, Panetta showed Israeli leaders with a new US report which estimates first, that Iran lacks adequate military resources to shield its nuclear sites from attack and, second, would pull its punches in responding to an Israeli strike. On the other, it is feared in Washington that by linking up with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Israel would be free to send its warplanes against Iran through the skies of its two Arab partners. This understanding prompted a policy review in Washington, which is still going on. This is confirmed by [31] The Times 16 May, 2009.

[32] The Times 5 May: ”Vice President Joe Biden added that Israel had the right “to make its own judgment about what it needs to do to defend itself”, which many members of the audience saw as a hint that the US might allow it to deliver an airstrike against Iran’s nuclear sites.

Israel on its way to be [33] isolated in the Union for the Mediterranean?
The EU has taken a stand for the Palestinians during the Gaza War – and now urges Israel to accept a two-state solution by all means The European Union is also discussing the possibility of diplomatic sanctions against Israel.

The Time factor
[34] The Middle East Times on 10 April announced it might be possible for Iran to make a nuclear bomb within 60 days. The IAEA gives varying information.
[35] The New York Times 18 May 2009: Pres. Obama told Mr. Netanyahu that he saw no need for a deadline for "diplomacy" with Iran - he wants to see at the end of the year.This does not comply with Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman´s, term about August 1.
[36] Netanyahu´s comment was: "We will defend ourselves."

But who is this Ahmedinejad?  [37] An Iranian writes about him that he hates Jews and is incomprehensibly fanatic - but not insane.
Something indicates that Israel will have to act on its own.

If all this information is correct we can expect a catastrophe to take place in the Middle East some time this year. Much indicates that such a crisis cannot  – and probably is not even planned to – be contained to the Middle East. I cannot forget the [38] video statement by Vice-President Joe Biden on a severe crisis to hit us within 6 months (after Obama´s swearing in) – even [39] mentioning the Middle East and Russia as the foci. This combined with the [40] opinion of “Die Welt” that a war between Russia and the NATO has already been planned is not reassuring.

Such  events do not take place without the consent of Rothschild and Rockefeller (The [15] Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the [41] Trilateral Commisssion, the [42] Bilderberg, the [43] Club of Rome). And the [44] CFR dissuades the US a strike on Iran.

The "Albert Pike letter"- known for at least 60 years- describes exactly this scenario. I think [45] Albert Pike (or what illuminist wrote “his” letter to Mazzini) had e.g. Ezechiel 35–39 and the Book of Revelation in mind. And according to God´s plans, it is not Iran which will finally destroy Israel. Nor does the German Islam expert, Peter Scholl  Latour think so [46] video – the man who has stated that the fate of Jerusalem and Israel is a matter of Apocalypse. This is a task reserved for a great power.

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