“The Road to Hell”: Anger in Europe. Will Bilderberg-meeting Decide Depression Or Protracted Recession?

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[1] EU Commissioner Joáquin Almunia, "EU Press Release May 14, 2009: There can be no effective governance of the world economy without bringing all the relevant players to the table. If new global powers are to take their share of the responsibility for global governance, then multilateral institutions need to undergo a fundamental reform. These reforms have been a long time coming, and yet the crisis provides a real window of opportunity to move this agenda forward.Without question, the EU must be an active partner in this new global order."

So, what does this new global order imply? [2]
The Telegraph 8 May, 2009
: The day that the Westminster village has long feared is here. The revelation of the full detail of  [3] MPs expenses will outrage the public and have grave consequences.

EU President, Mirek Topolanek: The US and the UK´s borrowing and spending (bail-outs) is [4] the road to Hell . And it may be true: On 25 March there were no buyers for the UK Government´s bonds (120 mio pounds)!!! The IMF, the Confederation of British Industry, the ECB seem sto be of the same opinion. [5] The Telegraph even states that Obama and Brown see their advisors (Geithner, Bank of England director, Mervyn King) as coming from Hell!


[6] Betænkelig brownDuring the latest months there have been big strikes [7] in France , Sarkozy [8] fearing a new 1968 – Spain and Italy also seeing strikes and hundreds of thousands of students, professors and parents descending on Rome on 30 October 2008 for the largest student protest the country has seen since the sixties,  in [9] the UK , the Defence Ministry of the UK even expecting a [10] revolution from the middle class , in [11] Greece, riots in [12] Iceland.  The multiculture in England now makes the police [13] punish children for “racist” thought crimes, which reinforces anger, too. In [14] Sweden, a the citizens of a township have now taken the matter in their own hands and simply driven violent Iraqi refugees out of their town. 
[15] The Telegraph , April 3, 2009
writes about "the boiling rage of the United Kingdom's coping classes – law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying citizens. Politicians are a tribe of political pygmies creating a democratic deficit, remorseless onslaught on our traditional values, civil liberties and freedom of speech. The Government promised much and delivered little. In doing so, it fostered a wrath among those who cling on to the hope that sanity can be restored to high office. These voters will not be found hurling rocks at the Bank of England or setting fire to RBS's head office. But, make no mistake, their yearning for fulsome retribution is palpable. When the will of the people runs contrary to Government intentions, it is simply bypassed. We keep paying more and more in taxes and getting less. Immigration: Many are dismayed at the way their local communities have been changed – irreversibly – beyond recognition. State education is a disgrace. Rural communities are banned from hunting foxes, while British soldiers are sent to grisly deaths in sub-standard equipment. Gangs of teenagers hang around street corners, doing nothing but spitting and swearing and abusing passers-by. There is indulgence of thugs and spongers."

eurofacts 13 March, 2009: 52 % of  the UK Tory electorate and 42 % of the Labour electorate see immigration as the political top priority – and decreasing the EU´s power comes second.  

[6] Rage-uk[16] BBC 23 Febr.:  
Police – [17] as well as the government – are preparing to face a "summer of rage" in the UK as people join protests over the economic downturn, says a senior Met Police officer.

As people lose confidence in the ability of governments to restore stability, [18] protests look increasingly likely. There is growing concern about a possible global pandemic of unrest. Warnings of dire social unrest are coming with increasing frequency from the highest sources.
MI5 and [19] the army is preparing for riots in the UK  - even [20] asking soldiers  if they are willing to fire at UK citizens . 
But our home editor said "activity on websites does not necessarily translate into action on the streets".

The year has already seen wildcat strikes across the UK in sympathy with British workers protesting at the use of foreign labour at [9] Lindsey Oil Refinery in Lincolnshire. Recently, about [21] 100,000 joined a march in Dublin to protest about the Irish government's handling of the country's recession.

[22] The London Telegraph 21 March 2009 refers to the Economist´s Intelligence Unit: Ninety-five countries were ranked in the "high" or "very high" risk (social upheaval) bracket. The report identified the use of immigrant labour at a time of soaring unemployment as a possible flashpoint for unrest in Britain. 80 per cent of British adults believe that immigrants should be asked to leave the country if they do not have a job."

"Popular anger around the world is growing as a result of rising unemployment, pay cuts and freezes, bail-outs for banks, and falls in house prices and the value of savings and pension funds.
As people lose confidence in the ability of governments to restore stability, protests look increasingly likely."A spate of incidents in recent months shows that the global economic downturn is already having political repercussions."This is being seen as a harbinger of worse to come. There is growing concern about a possible global pandemic of unrest."

[23] Politivold-i-athenFrom the riots im [24] Athens Dec. 9, 2008. The killing of a 15–year-old boy touched a raw nerve among young Greeks, outraged at years of political scandals and rising levels of poverty and unemployment, worsened by the global economic downturn.

  A day of protest on Jan. 29 that was joined by up to 2.5 million people. Opinion polls show around 75 percent of French voters support the strikes. "A very strong sense of injustice is building up." [25] Video.  Many analysts predicting that the economy will contract by 2 percent this year and unemployment jump 25 percent to almost 10 percent.

[26] EUobserver 20 March

In a record turn-out, as many as three million people hit the streets in France on Thursday (19 March) to protest against the government's economic policies in response to the global crisis, according to union estimates. The numbers were closer to 1.2 million, say the police.
The country's airports, trains, schools and public transport were disrupted by the mass demonstration - the second general strike faced by France in two months." Meanwhile, strikes have been taking place in other EU countries as well, including Italy

[27] Nato riots[27] BBC News   Unemployment is likely to shoot up to 10% in the next 12 months with a further 350,000 lay-offs expected by the end of this year. Many people are angry that big companies like the oil giant Total is making staff redundant while simultaneously announcing record profits.

                                        NATO riots

[28] Italy's President has warned of a "worrisome" increase in intolerance toward immigrants in his country, the day after the government turned back a boat carrying 200 migrants without screening them for asylum onshore.

Germany [29] Deutschlandwelle 23 April 2009: German President candidate Gesine Schwan and top union leader Michael Sommer [30]  If there is no sign of hope for things to improve, then the mood can turn explosive," she added. In an intervew with Germany's ARD television, Sommer warned of social unrest comparable to that in the 1930s - when widespread poverty paved the way for the Nazi regime's rise to power.

The Eurozone
[31] Jean-Claude_Juncker_%282006%29 [32] Deutsche Welle 13. May 2009:   According to the European Commission's latest estimates, some 8.5 million Europeans will lose their jobs over the next two years, with unemployment hitting 10.9 percent in the euro zone. As a result, social unrest across the zone could increase as workers meet the crisis with strikes and protests. Some say it's a potentially explosive situation.  To raise awareness of the issues facing European workers, trade union representatives are holding a series of demonstrations from May 14 - 16. Up to 200,000 people are expected to take to the streets of Madrid, Brussels, Prague and Berlin, said Reiner Hoffmann, deputy secretary general of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).
On May 14, 2009 [33] Madrid (50.000) and Bucharest (10.000) saw large demonstrations against the  impoverishment - brought about by criminal New World Order bankers

 Euro group chief [34] Jean Claude Juncker May 5, 2009 "We are in the heart of an economic and financial crisis and we are headed towards a social crisis," said Mr Juncker after a meeting with eurozone finance ministers, describing the fallout as potentially "explosive."

Historians have observed some [18] uncanny parallels between the world today and on the eve of the first world war.   The greatest danger, dwarfing all other risks, is the possibility of an outbreak of major inter-state conflict, an all-too-common feature of past episodes of extreme economic distress. The British historian, Niall Ferguson concludes that in the 20. century just three factors made the location and timing of large-scale conflict more or less predictable: ethnic disintegration, extreme economic volatility and the decline of empires. All three are very much present today.

This is the first time I have seen an MSM, The Telegraph, expressing what people really think and feel. Normally such sentiments in the population are ignored completely – as taboo – by the New World Order owned media. [35] Video .
Political correctness has suppressed the wrath of Europeans for so long that the police now is fearing “a summer of rage.” Or are they? Maybe they are just using such arguments as a pretext to increase surveillance even more, to get more police state. At the G20 summit in London it seems that plain-clothed policemen egged on the riots – according to the [36] London Observer, For deep inside they know very well that we are too disciplined to do what free citizens would do: Firmly to say enough is enough in a way not to be misunderstood. I think that if such protests should occur they would be coordinated strikes – in Northern Europe. And maybe the undemocratic rulers just want to scare people into accepting “global solutions for global problems” (made by them).

[37] The Brookings Institute: Historically it has taken war or crisis to bring about a fundamental transformation of international order.
International order in an age of transnational threats requires power in the service of responsibility. Major powers must be convinced to exercise their sovereignty responsibly. But above all it will require effective international leadership by the United States.

And[1] EU Commissioner Joáquin Almunia agrees: "EU Pess Release May 14, 2009    Finally, there can be no effective governance of the world economy without bringing all the relevant players to the table. International policymaking no longer concerns a cosy transatlantic club. If new global powers are to take their share of the responsibility for global governance, then multilateral institutions need to undergo a fundamental reform. These reforms have been a long time coming, and yet the crisis provides a real window of opportunity to move this agenda forward.Without question, the EU must be an active partner in this new global order."
[38] Muslimas
But the Telegraph´s article is a hallmark of  shame over former democracies who have stealthily given our freedom away to New World Order criminals – who even have the insolence to declare in public that they are working for that new Order (see videos nr. 2 and 3 from above on the right margin of this blog).
If we do not wake up now these criminals are going to rob us of our last money and send us to live on the street. OK, if that happens I should even say this is the consequence of our decadence – and that we are getting our deserves. 

How is that robbery to take place? On this [39] video David Rothschild is addressing children, who are easy to brainwash, with a climate combat propaganda. He even appears more credible in his lies than does Al Gore! His motive: [40] The European and the Chicago Climate Exchanges – which bring his and Al Gores houses a tremendous lot of our money, and the New World Order through terror campaigns. (“Global solutions for global problems”).

The role of the Bilderberg Club
Daniel Estulin
is always very well informed on the [41] Bilderbergers - he even took part in their [42] 2005 meeting, where they adopted an energy tax (CO2) - small enough that it would be very little felt. He correctly foretold the US housing crisis and the current financial crisis – due to his Bilderberg insight. [43] This club (video) has
[44] Etienne davignoncorrupted “our” politicians for many years to work for world government – wherein the EU was made an irreversible building bloc!

Etienne Davignon is the president of the Bilderbergers

Now According to the [45] Canadian Free Press, Estulin seems to have got hold of a pamflet for the Bilderberg
meeting in Greece on May 14-17. The Bilderbergers will prolong the current recession or make a severe depression and make it very painful. And they will continue to deceive millions of savers and investors who believe the hype about the supposed up-turn in economy. They are said to be about to be set up for massive losses – as also stated in the [46] Financial Times, 9 May, 2009.

Bilderberg expert and spy, [47] Jim Tucker, tells the Bilderbergers are for a short depression - and are grim faced because Europeans and Americans are responding and their programme is being blocked!  Their programme also includes making us pay a direct CO2 tax to the UN and to transform the WHO into a world Health Department and the IMF into a world Treasury - both of course under the [48] UN world government - and [49] here.
Here is an interview with Jim Tucker on the Bilderberg meeting - [50] video. And [51] here he says that the Bilderbergers not only staged the financial crisis - they are celebrating it as a quick road to world government.

Against that kind of usurpation and conspiracy against us, there is only one remedy: Disclosure and vigorous popular protests!
It is "our own" politicians, media tycoons, bankers and corporate bosses who thus are betraying us! Popular wrath should aim at them!


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