BlodgrådI have suggested that an alternative road may bypass the main path of history, shortcircuiting the organic stages of consensus, value formation, and the experiences of common enterprise generally believed to underlie political community. This relies on a grave crisis or war to bring about a sudden transformation in national attitudes sufficient for the purpose. According to this version, the order we examine may be brought into existence as a result of a series of sudden, nasty, and traumatic shocks. ” Prof. Lincoln P. Bloomfield, The Council on Foreign Relations.

This MIT-paper is from 1961 – but does seem to be the background for the efforts to create world government  through the UN today the EU being particularly involved in creating a UN Parliamentary Assembly – the World Parliament and here 

En foreløbig oversigt over en form for stabilt militært omfelt. Udarbejdet for  IDA som støtte for et studie, der der fremsendt til US Udenrigsministeriet under contractNo. SCC 28270, dateret 24. Februar, 1961.   Lincoln-p.-bloomfield

The author, Professor, Dr. Lincoln P. Bloomfield, a consultant to the Special Studies Group, has written extensively on the role of the United Nations in international politics. He is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Arms Control Project at the Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  He is a distinguished lecturer at the US State Department Foreign Service Institute and elsewhere – and he is a member of The Council on Foreign Relations .

A world effectively controlled by the United Nations is one in which "world government"  would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions, characterized by mandatory universal membership and some ability to employ physical force. Effective control would thus entail a preponderance of political power in the hands of a supranational organization rather than in individual national units, and would assume the effective operation of a general disarmament agreement. While this supranational organization — the United Nations — would not necessarily be the organization as it now exists, the present UN Charter could theoretically be revised in order to erect such an organization equal to the task envisaged, thereby codifying a radical rearrangement of power in the world.

Un-soldiersThe principal features of a model system would include the following: (1) powers sufficient to monitor and enforce disarmament, settle disputes, and keep the peace —including taxing powers — with all other powers reserved to the nations; (2) an international force, balanced appropriately among ground, sea, air, and space elements, consisting of 500,000 men, recruited individually, wearing a UN uniform, and controlling a nuclear force composed of 50-100 mixed land-based mobile and undersea-based missiles, averaging one megaton per weapon; (3) governmental powers in a bicameral legislative organ, an executive organ, and an expanded international judicial network; (4) compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court for both legal disputes and legal aspects of political disputes; (5) approximately 130 political subunits, all nominally independent states, within the system; (6) continued jurisdiction over cosmetic affairs by the national governments; and (7) unrestricted international inspection of all states against violation of the disarmament agreement, with permament inspection of nuclear research and power equipment, strategic areas and industries, administrative policies and operations, and other key and strategic points in the national economy.
The United States position in 1960 carried the unmistakable meaning of world government, suggesting an International Disarmament Control Organization and an international peace force within the United Nations. Finally, to avoid endless euphemism and evasive verbiage, the contemplated regime will occasionally be referred to unblushingly as a "world government."

In general, this is what "a world effectively controlled by the United Nations" might look like
The central authority itself can be sued, but like the US Government today cannot be forced to comply with court judgments.
A human rights court modelled upon the comparable court under the European Community is empowered to hear individual complaints of violations of a covenant of civil rights which would accompany the constitution.
UN_NWOA significant UN presence" exists in all countries. The secondary aspects of this presence provide dissemination of impartial factual information .While there can be no individual veto, the great power veto will in this partial sense be extended into a limited world government.

The nightmare prospect is of world order at the price of world tyranny.

We have postulated by necessity a willing acceptance of limited world government by the great powers. We then further postulate either acceptance by or imposition on all other nations of such a regime. This at once sets up future instabilities. To modify von Clausewitz, limited world government is a form of international conflict carried on under other institutional arrangements than unlimited state sovereignty. In the case of the lesser powers, there must be the conviction that they will not be permitted to settle their disputes by force.

It is difficult to foresee a limited world government within twenty-five years at the earliest, fifty years.
The Recipe to handle Iran
The other potential for strategic war would arise from the
deliberate, overt repudiation of the new order and the political system representing it. If the system did not abort such violation by imposing timely sanction upon a violator in the form of immediate seizure of the forbidden facilities, punishment of those responsible, etc., the danger to the nations who relied upon it would clearly be immense. To abdicate responsibility for self-preservation through a failure of nerve would confront the world with far worse perils than it now faces, given the marginal nature of the authority’s nuclear force. The ultimate question would then be the utilization of the international force after failure to use it preventively. The failure to make early use of initially superior forces to overcome a major violation of the established order is reminiscent of the 1930s

Percentages of national tax
collections. In addition, revenue sources not tied to individual nations might be assigned to the central authority — e.g., tolls on international water-ways and revenues derived from  Antarctica, petroleum reserves under the high seas, space rights, etc.

There is the Aristotelian dilemma of corruption of government into tyranny. And for the central authority to have nuclear weapons poses one of the most difficult questions about world government: Who guards the guards?

Comment: In reality, the world government is already ruling the world
How much of this plan has been implemented? Well, more or less something of all 7 items
mentioned above.  One current item is inspections of nuclear weapons in Iran – and what to do with that disobedient country. The New World Order has set the pattern for the solution: Attack such a country – as well as Iraq, Afghanistan – and who else?

The UN on Sept. 23 was gangpressed to let the NATO be its military arm – much to the dismay of Russia. NATO is seeking the role of military world domination “entitled” to nuclear first strikes .

Here is a Chatham House-Brookings plan for world government. The idea is you institutionalize cooperation amongst the G-20. Negotiate standards of responsible sovereignty across a whole host of different issues. Once you have those negotiated standards, you have to bring these back to larger international institutions (UN) for “legitimacy” (by UN ambassadors and corrupt national governments, who dare not say no).

It seems that the USA has taken the selfappointed role as the protagonist of the New World Order. Put in other words: The  US Government is the Order of the New World – after Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s guidelines.  So what is the aim of the combined New World Order triumvirate: The USA, NATO and the highjacked UN?
I have previously written about the “Grand Chessboard” by Pres. Obama´s (alias Barry Soetoro´s) mentor, Zbigniew Brzezinski: Central Asia as a necessary field to dominate for any one wanting to rule the world. Another field of the Eurasian Grand Chessboard is Russia!

So, what about the “War on Terror” – a name now abolished in Washington?
Well, the terrorists behind 9/11– which triggered the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq – are to be found in Washington! And Al Quaida? Never existed according to a BBC report video!!!
And according to the Council on Foreign Relations “Foreign Affairs” they just constitute about 200 fleeing persons hiding in the mountains of Pakistan!!! The world government is occupying the “Grand Chessboard under bad, home-made pretexts”

Georgia_guidestonesThe Georgia Guidestones are meant to instruct the dazed survivors of some impending apocalypse as they attempt to reconstitute civilization.
Unknown Robert C. Christian ordered it in 1979 and explained that the structure he had in mind would serve as a compass, calendar, and clock. It would also need to be engraved with a set of guides written in eight of the world’s major languages. And it had to be capable of withstanding the most catastrophic events, so that the shattered remnants of humanity would be able to use those guides to re-establish a better civilization than the one that was about to destroy itself.

Now here is a very interesting article in one of Germany´s biggest newspapers, Die Welt on 10 May, 2009 (Hintergrund). It makes the Zbigniew Brzezinski´s Grand Chessboard something like the final destiny of the world. Brzezinski realizes that his original vision from 1997 of the US occupying Central Asia is no longer realistic. He has written a new book “The Second Chance”, where he still sees the US dominating Central Asia – by means of the EU´s Eastern partnership and the Union for the Mediterranean, a very close and expanding partnership existing between NATO and EU. Javier Solana stated the year of 2009 to be decisive for the Middle East – and the EU cooperates well with NATO in the region.  Die Welt sees the ABM project in Poland and Czechia as systems to catch the last remnants of Russian nuclear missiles after a US first strike against Russia. Which means that Russia might feel tempted to strike first!
Die Welt thinks the NATO strike against Russia has already been planned – as reflected in the abruptly changed Antirussian propaganda of the German media throughout the latest year.
Maybe we should remember once more Vice-president Joe Biden´s warning of a testing of Obama within 6 months (after his initiation – probably) video.

The UN does have have plans to govern the world, that´s why it was constructed by the Rockefellers and illuminatus Franklin D. Roosevelt (and Churchill)  – but probably rather by stealth and secret agreements – like the EU. Apparently its 2 partners , the USA and NATO, will not wait very much longer to fulfill the prophecy of the master of their secret societies, Albert Pike. For Brzezinski´s Grand Chessboard is still the aim of the US and NATO – according to Die Welt. And indeed, it seems the US is already remapping the Middle East and Central Asia.

Conspiracy theory? No conspiracy practice. And President Kennedy agrees. Video