Jyllands-Posten. 8 May, 2009: Italy has just picked 227 North African boat refugees up and immediately returned them to Libya. "A historic day," says Italy´s Minister of the Interior, Maroni.

The EU has a predilection for immigration and subsequent destruction of European culture and racial mixing (métissage). The protagonists of this development are the criminal EU Commissioner for Justice, Jacques Barrot and European Economic and Social Committee. Due to the EU Charter for Fundamental Rights it is virtually impossible to return any asylum seeker or illegal refugee. 
As Barrot has stated: he will see to it that the EU Charter and the UN Universal Declaration of human Rights are meticulously followed. EU Commissioner Frattini  introduced the blue card system to drain the EU´s neighbours of what little skilled labour they have – wanting 20 mio workers (+ their families ) to come to Europe over the next 20 years. Now the EU has opened a taxpayer funded job centre in Mali for a start – to recruit 56 mio workers + families to Europe by 2050.
On this background the following can hardly amaze any one. But it is a cultural disaster for Europe.

The EU is making it easy for asylum seekers. (The 4 bills were enacted on 7 May).

EU Press Release 28 April 2009A  package of measures to improve the way the EU asylum system works and strengthen asylum seekers' rights was approved by the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee on Monday. MEPs adopted amendments to enhance solidarity between Member States when managing asylum applications. The four co-decision reports that make up the package will come before the full Parliament next week in Strasbourg.
The first piece of legislation, was adopted by the committee by 33 votes to 1 with 1 abstention, is intended to beef up the right of asylum seekers to adequate reception conditions: it lays down standards that must be guaranteed in terms of housing, food, clothing, health care, financial benefits, freedom of movement and access to work.  The text also includes provisions on the protection of vulnerable people, such as minors, unaccompanied minors, pregnant women and victims of torture and violence.
African-queueRules on the use of detention
According to the draft legislation, the use of detention should be decided on a case-by-case basis, and asylum seekers should not be held in prisons but in specialised detention facilities.  Legal guarantees against arbitrary detention must be introduced. The detention of unaccompanied minors must be banned.
Free legal assistance for asylum seekers
Only the judicial authorities should have the power to order detention, says the legislation. Administrative authorities can do so only in emergency cases and their decision must be confirmed by the judiciary within 72 hours.  In the absence of a decision, the asylum seeker concerned must be freed immediately. Asylum seekers placed in detention must be informed in a language they understand, or that it is reasonable to assume they understand, and receive legal assistance and free representation if they wish it. They must also be able to receive medical care and appropriate psychological support.
In addition, they believe that access to work must be guaranteed within six months after a request for international protection has been lodged.  Minors must have access to education within three months.
Vulnerable people
Member States are required to check, as soon as request for international protection is lodged, whether the applicant has special needs: vulnerable people, including minors, pregnant women and victims of torture and violence, or victims of female genital mutilation, must receive adequate attention, say MEPs.  They add that torture victims must be directed quickly towards a care centre suited to their situation. Member States must also assist family unification and guardians must be designated to advise and protect unaccompanied minors.
Muslimske flygtninhe i belgisk kirkeRehousing of asylum seekers
A second proposal in the asylum package seeks to improve the Dublin regulation of 2003.  The purpose of this regulation was to ensure access to the asylum application procedure and guarantee swift processing of applications, while preventing multiple applications by one person in several different Member States. The proposals seeks to guarantee higher standards of protection for individuals and cope better with situations in which the reception capacity of asylum systems of the Member States are under particular pressure.

In Belgium refugees have taken permanent stay in churches, desacrating , covering Christian religious symbols. The Bishops of Belgium sympathize with “the Poor Undocumented refugees” and blame the government for it. Rather politically correct and mock Christ!!

The report, which was adopted unanimously, backs these principles. However, it proposes that solidarity between Member States be enhanced by means of compulsory instruments such as the formation of teams of national experts to assist Member States confronted with a large number of asylum applications, and the creation of a rehousing programme to enable beneficiaries of international protection to be received by a Member State other than the one that granted them this protection.

Improving the Eurodac fingerprint database
The Dublin system could not work without a system for identifying foreign nationals who have already lodged an asylum application in another Member State. This system is Eurodac, a digital set-up for comparing fingerprints, which has been in operation since 2003.   Member States will be required to delete data no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected. The report by Nicolae Vlad Popa (EPP-ED, RO), adopted by 28 votes to 4 with 3 abstentions, supports this proposal with some technical improvements.
BadflygtningeAn office to help Member States
Lastly, the Civil Liberties Committee adopted, nem con with one abstention, a report approving the creation of a European Asylum Support Office.  This body will provide expert assistance to help implement EU asylum policy and will boost cooperation between Member States and help those subject to particular pressures. MEPs want this office to develop, in conjunction with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and relevant NGOs, training programmes on asylum for members of national civil services.  The office must also put in place an early warning system to enable Member States and the Commission to anticipate large-scale influxes of applicants for international protection as well as a system of mandatory solidarity for rehousing beneficiaries of international protection of any Member States whose national asylum system are overloaded.

They are flooding in – nobody wants them – so the EU keeps them
The Globe and Mail 5 May, 2009   Migrants who flock to this busy port city try just about anything to get out. They cling to the undersides of tractor-trailers being loaded onto ships and ferries. They sneak into refrigerated trucks, shivering among crates of vegetables. They seal themselves like amateur Houdinis into false-bottom cubbyholes in the backs of vans.Their destination is Italy, the next stop after Greece on the people-trafficking routes into Europe. Some are caught before they make the crossing. Some die of suffocation in their airless hiding places.
In Italy, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's government has said it will deploy troops in major cities this summer to round up illegal immigrants and will hold new arrivals in island detention centres until they can be expelled.

But hope and desperation keep them coming, making Patras a magnet for thousands of illegal migrants that Greek officials say they can no longer manage or absorb.  The influx of undocumented migrants coming into Greece - and then trying to sneak out - has grown dramatically in the past few years. Last year, more than 146,000 people were arrested for entering the country illegally, a 65-per-cent increase over 2006, and many more are believed to slip in undetected
If they are caught, undocumented migrants are fingerprinted, held for a few days in overcrowded detention centres and then released with orders to leave the country within 30 days.
But the deportation orders can only be enforced if the migrant's home country is willing to take him or her back. In the case of Asians, Africans and Arabs, who make up an increasingly large proportion of illegal migrants, that rarely happens

And now a personal story with a bias
Flygtninge-fortvivlelseAnsamed 5 May, 2009: “Abdullah has decided to go home, but takes no joy in doing so - indeed his eyes tell a sorry tale of ''defeat''. He is the tale of all the Abdullahs, Mohammeds, Ahmeds and Alis who having made it to Libya after torturous journeys from the heart of Africa, have not managed to conquer ''fortress Europe.''
The failed immigrants fly home on charter flights, with documentation from their consulates and having received medical and psychological care, as well as money to help them reintegrate economically and socially in their home communities. The first four months of 2009 has seen the IOM send 363 immigrants home (1460 in 2008) to Ghana, Mali, Cameroon and Togo. 
Abdullah, 35, left his small village in Burkina Faso on May 10 2007 and crossed his own country, Niger, Algeria and Libya in 40 days travel, arriving in Libya in June. Abdullah is reluctant to talk about the Libyans, about how they treated him, the police and their raids on immigrant houses or street roundups.Today, 23 months after his journey began, he has chosen not to risk a sea crossing and to not stay as a sort of modern-day slave in Libya. His journey is over. Perhaps Abdullah's 'European Dream' has been lost.”

A sad story, indeed – for Abdullahs, Muhammeds and Alis will be forced to flee again and again – for 2 reasons: 1. Muslim societies have much too high birth rates. 2. In general Muslim countries are backward and show little signs of progress whatsoever. When Abdullah, Muhammed, Ali etc. succeed in taking power in Europe and in introducing their beloved Sharia – as commanded by their Koran, the reason for all their misery - conditions here will be as there. And where will they flee then – as their Koran commands them to do?

A demographic bomb has been laid under our culture by the Muslim immigration. See this terrifying video.

The first reading of the EU legislation will take place on May 4–7. No doubt it will be passed. Thus the EU signs the final death sentence to European culture within a couple of decades. For the task of the EU Parliament is not to secure Europeans´ interests – but that of the New World Order´s world government. This press release is a very clear evidence of this agenda, which cannot even be considered secret any more (see videos on right margin of this blog). A conspiracy? No! Conspiracies are not revealed to the public. Nevertheless, the only disguise these globalist traitors have is the belief of the public, that this is “conspiracy theory”! Brainwashing is a very potent weapon working for generations – until unmasked by much more violent events than the daily violence in our streets.
The above will not be mentioned by the New World Order dominated media – and our children will have to pay dearly for our ignorance and indifference.

Indvandrere-i-italienItaly and Malta disputed about the reception of African refugees from the Turkish ship, Pinar. Italy took them – and EU Commissioner Barrot called for solidarity in the EU, i.e. all member states sharing the burden of such endless illegal immigration of Islam´s birth surplus. 

It is diificult to find numbers of asylum seekers to the EU. In 2006 the UK had 30,500, and Germany had 28,900. Austria came in fifth with 22,500. As for immigration on a whole: Once arrived here, the risk for them to be returned is slender: Despite 650 000 return-decisions in 2004, only 164 000 were actually returned to their home countries. In Denmark the rate of immigration from the Muslim world is explosive.
The police is deeply  frustrated, because it cannot cope with the increasing criminality. 

There is just one remedy to save us from the demise of our culture: Fortress Europe! For the immigrants show us no gratitude – just contempt. Real integration here - i.e. apostacy from Islam - means death by throat cutting according to the OIC -conference on 30 April, 2009!

Next month the EU Parliament will try to get your vote. As  British Labour Immigration Minister, Phil Wollas, recently said: “Come and vote for any of the parties represented in the European Parliament today. Just do not vote for the British National party (which opposes immigration).”
Stay away from the EU Elections, unless you have an antiimmigration party to vote for. The eurocrates really fear low turn-outs in their meaningless elections. The EU Parliament´s parties are just the same – as standardized as in the Soviet Union.