Biodiversity Crisis New Scaremongering Lie for UN World Dictatorship

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There seems to be no end to the scaremonger campaigns which the New World Order exposes us to: Home-made  [1] terrorism,and [2] climate lie, immigration, [3] pandemics, and [4] here,  and [5] financial crisis – and now the threat to  biodiversity and so our own survival on the planet! 

[6] EU Press Release 23. April
 “A two-day conference in Athens on the future of European biodiversity policy entitled "Biodiversity Protection – Beyond 2010" will open on Monday the 27th of April. Some 230 delegates from all the EU Member States, together with representatives from [7] NGOs, European business and UN organisations will discuss current EU policy on preserving EU biodiversity and identify priorities for future action.  [8] Dimas you control climate change

"Ecosystems are the foundation of life on earth and they are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate"
said EU Environment commissioner Stavros Dimas. There is increasing recognition that the benefits that human society derives from nature have a very high value and that sustainable human development is dependent upon the continued delivery of these benefits. However, the true value of these benefits is not currently reflected either in their market price or in political decision making. Until this basic failing is addressed, biodiversity will continue to be lost.”

Healthy ecosystems, therefore, constitute our best defence against the worst extremes of weather associated with climate change. “  [9] There is now clear evidence that biodiversity loss has reached a point where we are severely compromising nature's capacity to deliver the goods and services upon which we are so dependent.
Numerous pressures act on our environment, including climate change, land use change, habitat destruction, overfishimg, pollution and waste disposal, and all of these pose a threat to biodiversity.

Comment: Alarming, isn´t it – as are the climate change, the financial crisis, terrorism, pandemics. The Message: “Global (NWO-made) disasters demand global (UN) solutions!”

 [10] EU Press Release 27 April José Barroso: Not only we have a moral obligation to biodiversity but it will be significant for our contribution to the next Copenhagen conference on Climate Change at the end of this year.  The European Commission has been at the forefront of the fight against climate change. This is an area where Europe can be justifiably proud of its role as a world leader .
The success of our climate change policy will also be measured by the success of our efforts in stopping the loss of biodiversity. The loss of biodiversity is a global threat that is just as important as global warming. It threatens our natural environment and thus, the quality of our life. But biodiversity underpins also our economies.

Efforts made by this Commission have concentrated on our ambitious target: to put a stop to the loss of biodiversity in Europe by 2010. But all the evidence is that the destruction of biodiversity is continuing. We are running up debts against the future of the planet that we will never be able to repay. The Nobel-winning work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has shaped the political response to climate change. A similar initiative is needed with regard to biodiversity.
That´s it! The EU has great ambitions eying an opportunity to gain “world leadership” in yet another field, which Barroso puts on a footing with the home-made, mendacious “climate change”. Nay he even wants a counterpart of the scandalous [11] Al Gore-IPCC – ([12] with only 20 % “experts”!)  for biodiversity!!!

[13] Achim Steiner[14] Deutsche Welle 24 April, 2009: G8 plus meeting:Saving the world's biodiversity and agreeing on a way forward on climate change negotiations had topped the agenda at the three-day international environment meeting in Syracuse, Italy. But ministers attending were only able to tick one of those boxes. An elusive global warming pact still looks unlikely anytime before a UN climate change conference in Copenhagen in December, when it is hoped a global strategy for the post-Kyoto Protocol era can be laid down.
“Extinction rates are currently running at around 1,000 times their natural pace, with three species vanishing every hour, according to UN statistics.” (Achim Steiner, UN Environment Program). This would correspond to 26.280 species annually - especially due to climatic change!!!The only thing to prevent this is said to be a successful Climate Conference in Copenhagen in Dec. 2009!!!

[15] In 2005 the BBC reported that 8oo species were threatened with extinction . Now all of a sudden this figure has risen to 26.280 species annually.

Now what is the truth?
[16] Number of species: 7 - 100 millions (identified and unidentified),  297,326 plants species, 1,250,000 animal species, including: 59,811 vertebrate: 29,300 fish, 6,199 amphibian, 8,240 reptile, 9,956 bird, 5,416 mammal species. [17] Wikipedia: ”The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, founded in 1948, is the world's most comprehensive inventory and the world´s authority of the global conservation status of plant and animal species.” What does this list tell us? In 2008 there were [18] 16.928 threatened species – which means that they are still there. This is just a fraction of the UN´s alarmist figures for extinct species.

In 2008 [19] 717 species we extinguished:76 mammal, 134 birds, 21 reptiles 38 amphibian 1 insect. As [20] for plants 87 species were extinguished

[21] DodoWell, that is sad – but the question is, if this is not in part due to natural selection and “survival of the fittest” – as nature has always developed?
”Prior to the dispersion of humans across the earth, extinction generally occurred at a continuous low rate, mass extinctions being relatively rare events. Starting approximately 100,000 years ago, and coinciding with an increase in the numbers and range of humans, species extinctions have increased to a rate unprecedented since the extinction of the dinosaurs. 
Descendants may or may not exist for extinct species. Daughter species that evolve from a parent species carry on most of the parent species' genetic information, and even though the parent species may become extinct, the daughter species lives on. [22] Over 99% of species that ever lived are now extinct!

           The dodo was extinguished by sailors in the late 17th century.

But is it possible to decide whether or not a species is extinct? There are even still unknown species. The [23] US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service shows how difficult – or impossible it is to decide biodiversity quantitatively.

"Given (1994) stated that 64 percent of the neutral genetic variation of a population will be lost through genetic drift in 100 generations (plants)."
This fine article reviews the methods to quantify biological diversity. They find that all methods are extremely unreliable.

[24] Passenger-pigeon
The passenger pigeon was extinguished by hunting.

A: Genetic variation analysis and examinations of population structure among 26 populations of the endangered redcockaded woodpecker (Picoides borealis) was made. Large among-population component of genetic variation when compared to other bird species. Genetic variation was reduced in some small populations, but these small populations were important as reservoirs of unique genetic combinations (I.e. The majority birds are cross-bred – and therefore disappear as species)
B: Populations within species often have unique mitochondrial DNA genotypes that reflect the distance between populations or the presence of geographic barriers to genetic interchange

What ensued from the Athens Conference?
A lot of practical proposals for the EU. Some items are interesting in a globalist context: [25] EU Press Release 28 April: “Better information on the state of biodiversity and current trends in biodiversity is crucial. A better understanding of how natural systems work is also needed. Covering 17% of EU territory, NATURA 2000 is the largest network of protected areas in the world

At the same time scientific indicators show that the EU’s 2010 target will not be met.
At a global level, where the target is to significantly reduce the current rate of biodiversity loss, the EU has taken a leading role. However, the impact of European consumption on global biodiversity is an issue that needs to be addressed and biodiversity conservation needs to be integrated more effectively into all the EU's policies that have an impact at the global level.

Make biodiversity conservation a priority for future communication programmes. It is essential to engage the public at all levels – including through the education system - in order to build an understanding of "why biodiversity matters". Ensure that EU nature legislation is enforced more effectively. Support effective governance structures for the protection of international biodiversity.

This is a new version of the old story of the climate lie: We don´t exactly know if it is a problem. We will try to find out! But we postulate that it is!! So, we are taking the lead in world governance in the biodiversity field as we have done in the  climate field. And we will brainwash the population and in particular the children to recognize the importance of a global solution for this vital global problem!
The Durban Review Conference Declaration states that it is scientifically incorrect to say there are different human races. Above item B clearly rejects this assertion as being genetically wrong. And item A shows that racial mixing threatens species with extinction. Well, I guess that´s why the Declaration forbids genetic research.

[26] Map-threatened-speciesThe determination of changes in biodiversity is a very uncertain business full of pitfalls. So, the UN´s alarmist outcry is, at best, very disputable. One thing forgotten by the biodiversity-saints is the natural extinction of species – even in our day. This natural selection (the “survival of the fittest”, has to be subtracted from the IUCN tables.
There is no global warming – and so [27] no threat from [2] climate to biodiversity!!

Global richness maps for threatened species of birds (above), mammals (middle) and amphibians (below). Colour gradients are linear with respect to species number. (Image courtesy of Imperial College London)

Here is a surprise: [28] Science Daily , Nov 5, 2006, reports an Article from Nature and shows Patterns Of Extinction Risk. The most detailed world map of mammals, birds and amphibians ever produced shows that endangered species from these groups do not inhabit the same geographical areas, says new research published today. Here is a scientific explanation to threats to species.

The UN claim at the G8 meeting that 3 species die every hour is deeply unscientific and in blatant and insultingly exaggerated contradistinction to the world´s most reliable information (the IUCN).
The UN here even makes the climate responsible for the mendacious rate of extinction of species. Even more grotesque is this statement by the fact that it is obvious scaremongering for a needed ”success” of the Climate Conference in Copenhagen in Dec. 2009. A conference which by all estimates seems to become a big ”failure” for the New World Orders scaremonger policy to convince the world of a [29] UN World government/dictatorship. This is scandalous.

That the EU will also profit from the lie by letting the “market price” increase is only to be expected considering their [30] lucrative CO2–tax.

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