The excellent blog, Euractiv, today (Apr.25, 2008)  brings the core of Margot Wallström´s (i.e. of the supreme in charge of EU communication) Plan D (dialogue, debate and demokracy). So, already this very name: Plan D, is a mendacious trick.
But after the French and Dutch rejection of the EU Constitution Wallström feels pressurized to brainwash the Europeans better and in a more cunning manner - still without  telling them the whole truth about the undemocratic manipulations by the EU, of course!!

Firstly, it aims to "contribute to greater and more sustainable coverage of EU affairs" by supplying audiovisual media professionals with quality information and material.

A second key approach (bribery?) will be to "encourage media professionals to devote more programmes to EU affairs". …. This should be particularly relevant in 2009, according to the draft report, when a number of interesting and newsworthy events take place in the EU, notably the "coming into force of the Lisbon Treaty […] and the creation of a president of the EU Council". The Commission will particularly focus on continuing support for the Europe-wide TV channel EuroNews, notably ensuring that the station's new service in Arabic can begin in July 2008. This should increase the channel's global reach to some 400 million households," according to the Commission.

The third and final step will be to "promote the EU executive's communication priorities" by increasing its production of high quality edited audiovisual reports and video news. This increased video production should allow the Commission to "better illustrate or explain EU policies".

Speaking to EurActiv, Marc Gruber of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) said "there is no problem in offering better information to journalists, but what we do not wish to see is pre-packaged programmes being disseminated by the Commission. "Deciding what is newsworthy is the job of journalists, not of the European institutions," he added.

: Note: "promote the EU executive's communication priorities". This means you are only allowed to learn, what Margot Wallström wants you to know!!!
For sure, among the topics Ms. Wallström will feed us with there will be absolutely nothing about the Euromediterranean Declaration,  The Euromediterranean Project, the Union for the Mediterranean to begin on July 14, 2008 nor about the EU deficit of democracy - although the EU channel, EuroNews, is now to start its news in Arabic so as to reach 400 million Euromediterranean households.

                                                                                                   This man has teachable pupils

This is Goebbels,´Stalin´s and Radio DDR (GDR) methods. However, because of the blogosphere EU censorship of its undemocratic manipulations will be and become known to many opinion formers - and that will certainly further isolate the EU from its peoples.