EU:”When the Reform Treaty Comes Into Power We Will Get You Racists !”

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[1] Euractiv. Published: Wednesday 23 April 2008
Due to resistance from conservative member states, the Commission is likely to backtrack on its plans for an anti-discrimination directive, proposing only to offer protection against discrimination on disability grounds.
Other forms of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, age, religion or belief will be covered only by recommendations to member states. 

Those familiar with the process say that the Commission's retreat is due to pressure from Conservative member states - and namely Poland - which seem to have difficulty accepting legislation against discrimination on the grounds of homosexuality or non-Christian religious beliefs. 

In order to become law throughout the EU, a directive on anti-discrimination would require unanimity in the Council

The Commission's indication that the proposed directive would only include concrete measures against discrimination on the grounds of disability went down badly with the NGOs and MEPs that are engaged in the matter

UK Liberal MEP Liz Lynne (here with Pakistan´s Pres. Musharraf), who is the Parliament's rapporteur for its own-initiative report on "Progress made in equal opportunities and non-discrimination in the EU," said: "Millions of individuals encounter discrimination every day. A comprehensive horizontal directive covering access to goods and services would tackle this discrimination and break down the barriers currently faced by so many."
Lynne reacted by launching [2] an on-line petition for a directive to outlaw all forms of discrimination

What is this fuss all about? 
Inaugural [3] speech by José Barroso on Oct. 24. 2004:  “Lastly, I intend to launch a programme and an action plan to combat discrimination, with particular reference to all forms of anti-semitism, racism and xenophobia. In this connection, the future Commission will commit itself to relaunching negotiations on a [4] framework decision on racism and xenophobia , which has been blocked in the Council for far too long."

"[5] Draft Report. EU Parliament ,
Committee on Employment and Social affairs, Liz Lynne, Dec. 6, 2007

Calls for the establishment of national integrated action plans against all forms of discrimination

Stresses the importance of horizontal implementation and mainstreaming of the non-discrimination clause of the Lisbon Treaty "after it comes into force", which commits the European Union to aim to combat discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Note: "After it (the Lisbon Treaty) comes into force". The Irish electorate is disdainfully ignored!

Calls on the Member States in cooperation with the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights and the European Commission, to collect, compile and publish comprehensive, accurate, comparable, reliable and separate statistics on discrimination at regular intervals and to publish them in such a way that they can be easily understood by the public and enables more effective exchanges of best practice;

The Commission should continue to provide legal training for judges, lawyers, trade unions and NGOs to enhance the long-term impact of the Directives,.. calls on the Commission to adopt a balanced broad concept of multiple discrimination and for the Commission to examine and supply data on multiple discrimination and hate crimes.

Reiterates the political, social and legal desirability of putting an end to the hierarchy of protection against the different grounds of discrimination.

Believes, that any new proposed directive to combat discrimination within the meaning of [6] Article 1[6] 3 of the EC Treaty (appropriate action to combat discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation) will have to prohibit all forms of discrimination, including direct and indirect discrimination in all areas already covered in [7] Directive 2000/43/EC, discrimination by associations and discrimination linked to perceived membership of a protected group, harassment.

From Nigerian Sharia courtroom 

(21) “The rules on the burden of proof must be adapted when there is a prima facie case of discrimination and, for the principle of equal treatment to be applied effectively, the burden of proof must shift back to the respondent when evidence (by whom?) of such discrimination is brought.
(26) Member States should provide for effective, proportionate and dissuasive sanctions in case of breaches of the obligations under this Directive."

Regards Directive 2000/43/EC as the foundation upon which a comprehensive antidiscrimination framework can be built.
(37) Believes strongly that the material scope of the new proposal for a directive to combat discrimination within the meaning of Article 13  of the EC Treaty must be broad, covering all the areas that fall under EU competence as well as education, life long learning, social protection including social security ,housing and healthcare, images of discriminated groups in the media and advertising.

(44) recommends the establishment by Member States of one or more independent and effective bodies for the promotion of equal treatment and for combating the various forms of discrimination, with a remit to cover all grounds of discrimination under Article 13 and in all areas covered by the Gender Equality Treatment Directive; believes that the competence of these bodies should include providing independent assistance to victims of discrimination in pursuing their complaints about discrimination.

Comment: Disclosing and  bringing this kind of "criminality" to "justice" would have been an obvious working field for the new EU Institution, the [8] Europol. Thank you, Poland, for delaying this act of EU dictatorship. For yet a while employers are  allowed to engage whom they think they can cooperate with - and to dismiss those they cannot cooperate with. I would consider it to be a fundamental right to decide whom I would spend my money on - whereas the EU does not.

When I read the above I have a clear feeling of a person (Liz Lynn), who is just as fanatically religious as an Islamist - even hateful to her own culture.. Nothing is left to chance here. Anbody with a different opinion is to be levelled with the ground.
As is the case with asylum and immigration cases this kind of "criminality" could soon block our Courts of Justice so as to make the treatment of cases of violence, killing and terror impossible!
And I wonder why in particular women (Liz Lynn, Beate Winkler, Benita Ferrero Waldner, many clergywomen e.g.) are so intent on protecting and paving the road for Islam. For they have more to lose in the Sharia. What is behind this phenomenon? 

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