“Work Towards A Joint Euro-Mediterranean Strategy On Human Development”

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(provided the Reform Treaty will not be blocked by referenda).

Agreed Conclusions of the [1] 9th Euro-Mediterranean Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Lisbon, 5-6 November 2007

This is alarming reading. The [2] Euromediterranean would-be “Gods” want not only to shape the Euromediterranean area – but also its human beings according to their Utopian liking. This is not only fascistic or stalinistic. This is the nature of ideology: Create an “new,” hollow “man”without soul and obedient to the ruler, plasticine. On Oct. 24, 2007 the [3] EU declared its ideology to be illuminism, the mother of all ideologies and the dictatorial force behind the one-world movement. They know they have to perform their experiment on the Europeans only, because they cannot move the Muslims an inch. That is why they are fawning on Islam.

Ministers welcome Albania and Mauritania into the Barcelona Process

Ministers agreed to organise a Ministerial Conference in Morocco in 2009 with the objective of supporting national programmes on human development and initiating work towards a joint Euro-Mediterranean Strategy on Human Development. To this end ministers mandate experts/senior officials to hold a preparatory meeting.

 Ministers take note of the first meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament in (Berlin 26 May – 3 June 2007) to allow young people from both sides of the Mediterranean to discuss their views about the region and the prospects for future cooperation and welcome the second edition of the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament to take place next year in Morocco.

Ministers stressed that the activities of the Euro-Med Youth Programme contribute to the young people’s active citizenship and to the dialogue between civil societies and they take note of the Moroccan proposal to host a ministerial conference on Youth.

 Ministers note with satisfaction that the Commission will launch negotiations with a figure of Mediterranean partners at the beginning of 2008, with a view to concluding bilateral protocols expected to be concluded within a time frame that should deliver progressive liberalisation of services and establishment by 2010.

Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP) has invested some € 6 billion. Slovenian initiative for the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean University

 The [4] Anna Lindh Foundation for the dialogue between cultures” since its official inauguration in April 2005 in Alexandria, has meanwhile fully established itself as “ the common Euro-Mediterranean  institution dedicated to ensure knowledge, mutual understanding, freedom and respect for all religions, other beliefs and cultures among Euro-Mediterranean peoples, embracing their cultural diversity, through intellectual, cultural and civil society exchanges. Ministers encourage the Anna Lindh Foundation to look for further ways to involve a broad spectrum of society in its work. To this end they suggested seminars could be held in 2008 on combating all forms of discrimination, racism, xenophobia and religious intolerance as well on the role that citizens can play in promoting moderation and rejecting extremists’ views.

The Ministers also reiterate the complete rejection of attempts
to associate any religion or culture with terrorism.
Here the Danish Embassy in Beirut  is burning  due to  Muhammed  Cartoon -rage.

Ministers recognise the value of the various activities in the media sector (training of young journalists, TV and radio programmes in local languages, press supplements, opinion research polling and surveys, etc…) which will help to enhance the visibility of the Euro-Med Partnership in the Euro-Mediterranean region as well as contributing to a mutual understanding between the peoples of the Euro-Mediterranean region, with the contribution to the Information and Communication programme.

The Euro-Med Audiovisual conference met in Berlin in February 2007 in order to assess progress made in this sector and to discuss transfer of knowledge. A reflection group has also been set up with the goal to identify the priorities for the audiovisual industry in the Mediterranean region in the coming years.

Furthermore, Ministers welcomed the adoption of the ‘Alexandria Declaration’ by the IV Euro-Mediterranean University Forum (11-12 June 2007) which emphasises the needs for exchanges of researchers and members of the academic community between all of theof higher education of the Euro-Mediterranean area institutions .

The upcoming Euro-Med ministerial meeting on migration will be a good opportunity to underline the added value of the regional cooperation framework, stressing the need for continued progress by all Partners to achieve the strategic goal of optimising the social and economic benefits of migration for countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as continued cooperation in efficiently tackling illegal immigration.

 The Ministers reported about 50 Euromediterranean conferences and meetings within about a year to promote the development towards the Euromediterranean free trade area and its further development towards its aim: A Euromediterranean Union.

In connection with this Foreign Minister Meeting, [5] Benita Ferrero Waldner said:” The Five-Year Action Plan agreed at the Barcelona Summit (2005) draws the operational map for our common endeavours. After 12 years of progressive co-operation, we need to mobilise political will, courage and determination, to make a reality of the goals we set ourselves in 2005 and to achieve our joint objectives of peace, prosperity and security for the region. Partnerships are principally about people. That is why we will be discussing work in areas in which we need to make progress for the benefit of the people in the region."

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