The Lisbon Treaty “Legalizes” EU-Dictatorship with Death Penalty

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[1] March 7, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.
[2] [2] By Helga Zepp-LaRouche, journalist,  is married  to economist Lyndon LaRouche and the leader of the anti-EU movement [3] Bürger Solidarität  and founder of the [4] Schiller Institute  , being one of the world´s greatest Friedrich Schiller experts

“I think that Europe is confronted with a much bigger danger than the average person knows. In November, French President Nicolas Sarkozy had a closed meeting in Strasbourg with some French European Parliamentarians, and said that if there were a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, in every country where such a referendum would take place, [5] it would be lost. (He added:" There is a cleavage between people and governments. A referendum now would bring (our) Europe into danger.")
So, on Dec. 13, the heads of state had the summit in Lisbon and signed the so-called reform treaty, the Lisbon Treaty. And there can be no doubt that the strategy was to say, "Let's ratify it as quickly as possible, through the parliaments, without public debate—neither in the media nor in the parliaments—of any significance, because if such a debate would take place, it would not go through."
: This is confirmed by the  leaked email as seen below

The most important is, that it would change the relation of the European states, from an alliance of states into a single federal state, which from that point on, once it's ratified, would be ruled as an oligarchy, without the participation of the national parliaments.
For example, the so-called General Clause means that the European Council and the European Commission would have to decide policies in all areas, except foreign policy and security policy. The European Parliament would be heard, but have no say, and the national parliaments have no say whatsoever. So parliamentarians, rather than fulfilling 80% of the Brussels guidelines, would fill 100% of the guidelines.

Then you have the so-called Solidarity Clause, which really is a bombshell, because it means that if there is the need to fight against terrorist actions in any country—and the notion "terrorist action" is not defined,
it's a very vague notion—each country, even if it disagrees, has to participate in military action, in wars of aggression, in peace missions in third countries—so, out of area of the European Union—and it basically means there is no more veto right for those countries that do not agree. So, without public debate, or debate in national parliaments, the European Union is being transformed also into a defense alliance with the explicit obligation for rearmament and out-of-area interventions.

Now, if you look at the fact, that of the 27 European Union countries, 22 are also in NATO, where the Solidarity Clause naturally exists also, you have an intertwining of NATO and the European Union, in an almost 90% fashion, and that, if you think about the implication of that, then you understand why

Russia and China have, for a while, equated NATO's eastward expansion with the European Union's eastward expansion. The Russians, I know from many discussions, look at NATO's policy of encirclement of Russia as the potential road to World War III.
If you have a Bloomberg (New York´s mayor and billionaire) fascist government in the United States and a Lisbon dictatorship in Europe, I have the distinct fear that we are on a road to World War III. And how quickly this can go, you not only see in the demand of U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates for more troop engagement in Afghanistan in the south; you see it in the quick action of the European Union in moving on the independence of Kosovo, long before the independence of Kosovo was declared, and where you had complete disagreement among European Union members, but the European Union bureaucracy anyway deployed 1,800 soldiers and police, and therefore, they said, "We don't care what the opinion of the members is all about."

Death penalty in case of crime against the EU state
[6] Professor Schachtschneider pointed out that it also reintroduces the death penalty in Europe, which I think is very important, in light of the fact that, especially Italy was trying to abandon the death penalty through the United Nations, forever. And this is not in the treaty, but in a footnote, because with the European Union reform treaty, we accept also the European Union Charter, which says that there is no death penalty, and then it has a footnote, which says, "except in the case of war, riots, upheaval"—then the death penalty is possible. Schachtschneider points to the fact that this is an outrage, because they put it in a footnote of a footnote, and you have to read it, like really like a super-expert to find out!”

Now referenda on this treaty are being effectively blocked by European politicians , who prefer to keep the contents of the treaty secret, which they can easily do, since the system is apparently in complete control of our  astonishingly silent media. One reason for keepimg the Treaty secret  may be the [7] selfamending clause in article 48, pieces 6 and 7 making it possible to change the Constititutional Reform Treaty to the liking of the eurocrats at any time without asking us. This Treaty makes the EU dictatorship legal!

Only Ireland can save Europe
from the dictatorship enclosed in the Constitutional Reform Treaty already discarded by French and Dutch voters.

[8] Developments in Ireland on the referendum
60% of Irish people are still weighing their options for the 12 June referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon, according to a poll published ahead of a visit to Ireland this week by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

Only 28% of Irish citizens are certain to vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty, while 12% said they would reject it, according to the poll, published by the Irish Sun newspaper on Monday (14 April). 

But although the number of undecided voters has decreased from 72% to 60% compared to a similar poll in December, the outcome of the referendum is still far from certain.

But the same poll also confirmed what has regularly been shown by EU-wide surveys – that Irish voters are the most positive about effects of the European Union. [9] Some 89 percent surveyed said membership of the bloc had been good for the country  .

In an attempt to rally support for the treaty, Merkel delivered a pro-European speech at the National Forum of Europe in Dublin yesterday (14 April), saying that "the Lisbon Treaty offers the best preparation for Europe's future" and allows the EU to "continue to flourish".

Promises from Margot Wallström leaked
Bertie Aherns likely successor, former foreign minister Brian Cowen, has pledged to make securing a "Yes" vote his top priority

His efforts might, however, be complicated by an Irish government memo leaked to the [10] Irish Daily Mail on Monday (14 April).

[1] The document stated that Commission Vice-President Margot Wallström had told Irish Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern "that the Commission was willing to tone down or delay messages that might be unhelpful" in advance of the referendum. 

Margot Wallström notes that the  media have been relatively quiet on the rtification process so far. “We need to remain close touch considering the media crossover”.

If any one has forgotten it: Margot Wallström is  the 1 vice president of the EU Commission - and the supreme in charge of EU Communication!!! In fact she is the supreme in charge of EU censorship. Any similarity to Carlo Pontis Queen of Heaven is EU-intended!

[9] Declan Ganley, chair of anti-treaty organisation Libertas, said that the most damning part of the email "was the admission that the Government hoped that very few people would actually read the text of the Treaty, and would simply vote with the politicians they trust."

The memo according to an article in the [10] Irish Daily Mail on Apr. 14, 2008
According to this article the Irish government has elaborated a plan to deceive Irish voters through a misinformation campaign to make sure the Lisbon Treaty is passed, when it is put to the public. Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern has been assured that the EU will tune down or delay any announcements that would be  “unhelpful” Amongst the items reported in the memo are
1. The Government have ruled out a delay in the referendum to October for fear of the French Presidency . They fear “unhelpful
developments” during the French presidency

(The email noted that French president [9] Sarkozy was considered "completely unpredictable).

2. That Dermot Ahern has sought - and received -guarantees that the European Commission will tone down or delay any announcements that might damage the Yes campaign.
3. That developments in the area of Common Defence pushed by the French Presidency would damage the Yes campaign.
([9] Irish voters rejected the EU's Nice Treaty in 2000 largely on the back of a heated debate about neutrality and European defence issues.)
4. Concerns of losing support by the Agriculture community as a result of the latest WTO discussions.
5. An intention to not discuss the treaty but focus on the overall benefits of EU membership
6. A plan to fool No campaigners over the date of the referendum by playing with the date of the referendum - the memo suggests May 29th as the referendum date.

[11] Bruno Waterfield of  The Telegraph confirms the story on  Apr. 15,  2008, adding: “The fact that the EU Commission is “willing tone down or delay messages” is firmly denied here in Brussels, though often with a knowing simper or wink. Confirmation on the policy is mounting up.
On Tuesday, there was more evidence of operation apathy with the announcement that a consultation on EU budget reform (that’s farm subsidies and Britain’s £3 billion annual rebate) was being extended until June 15 – after the Irish referendum. The extension means the cancellation of a “political conference” that had been scheduled for May 27 – an event that would meant pushed an intense EU policy debate into the public realm”.  The rebates are expected to be cut.”

Comment: Ireland is, in fact, the key to our future. Here is a video : "[12] The End of Nations" (1 h. and 22 min.) from the Irish No-Campaign. If you see the video from the 58 minutes point to the end, you will see the shocking explanation for the EU being so keen on this treaty - a necessity for coming enlargements.

[13] Here is the judicial background of  the EU death penalty




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