April 12, 2008 (Bloomberg) If food inflation keeps accelerating at its current rate the consequences will be terrible,'' Strauss-Kahn (Bilderberger 2000) told reporters at the IMF's semi-annual meeting in Washington today. "Hundreds of thousands of people will be starving, leading to a disruption in the economic environment.'' Haitian Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis was voted out of office by the country's senate today after violent protests over rising food prices, news agencies reported today.

March 8, 2008, Margot Wallström, 1. Vice President of the EU Commission: "This week the director of the Rome-based World Food Program - Josette Sheeran - reported that skyrocketing food and fuel costs have caused a 500 million dollar shortfall in the agency's 2008 budget of totally 2,9 $billion. And we are only in March. It is extremely serious. The relief agency feeds almost 89 million people in 78 nations, including 58.8 million children.
Josette Sheeran blames the booming economies of China and India, bad harvests and droughts… but the key factor is the growing demand for biofuels in the EU and the US. Last year over 100 million tons of cereals were diverted to the production of biofuels – ethanol. Global food reserves are now at their lowest level in 30 years. Over 100 million people in the world cannot afford the price of corn and wheat. In the world's poorest and least developed countries food prices have increased on an average by 30% only this year. We have seen serious and violent food riots in Burkino Faso, Cameroon, Senegal and Morocco. .. and even Egypt has started to ration food! It is clear that we cannot allow a continued production of ethanol based on cereal bio-mass.”

CO2 has nothing to do with climate. The only argument for biofuels is a need to make ourselves independent of Russian and Arab energy sources! However, that argument is rarely produced.

In Jan. 2008 The World Economic Forum predicted famine due to biofuel production and climate change.

Nevertheless, the folly of the illuminist (explanatory part) EU continues: The EU is only considering to recede from its 10% biofuel goal in our petrol - but did not decide it at its spring summit!  " Not even the US Agricultural Department is willing to shrink the Conservation Reserve Programme  barring cultivation of land areas bigger than the state of New York!

This scenario reminds of the following description of the French Revolution 1789 by David Allen Rivera: "The Illuminati created situations in order to create dissention among the people. For instance, the Duke of Orleans instructed his agents to buy up as much grain as they could, then the people were led to believe that the King intentionally caused the shortage, and that the French people were starving. Fellow conspirators in the government helped create runaway inflation. Thus the people were manipulated into turning against a king whose reign had strengthened the middle class. The monarchy was to be destroyed, and the middle class oppressed."

EU Observer (9.4.2008)  "A global food crisis is becoming apparent," said EU humanitarian aid commissioner Louis Michel after a meeting with African Union Commission President Jean Ping, "less visible than the oil crisis, but with the potential effect of a real economic and humanitarian tsunami in Africa." The commissioner said that the EU would boost emergency food aid from the European Development Funds from its current €650 million to €1.2 billion.

A surge in demand for biofuel has resulted in a sharp decline in agricultural land planted for food crops. About 16% of U.S. agricultural land formerly planted with soybeans and wheat is now growing corn for biofuel.The shadow of "a new hunger" that has made food too expensive for millions is the result of a sudden and dramatic surge in food prices around the world.
Rising prices for all the world's crucial cereal crops and growing fears of scarcity are careening through international markets, creating turmoil.

The chairman of Renova, said. “Two years ago the cost of corn was $2 a bushel; now it has reached $6. As the feedstock goes up, your margin is squeezed.” (Times Online Apr. 7)

The folly of biofuel  (Money Week Apr. 3, 2008)
On 15 April the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) Programme is supposed to come into effect. What this silly government programme (UK) will do is introduce a 2.5% requirement of biofuels at the pumps, a figure that will rise to 5.75% by 2010 and 10% by 2020. 

According to the Stockholm International Water Institute, "agricultural demand for water will double by 2050, largely due to the anticipated needs of the biofuels sector. It takes around 3-4 gallons of water to produce one gallon of ethanol and using ethanol to power the average US car for one year would require a staggering 11 acres of farmland.
70% more energy is required to produce ethanol than the energy actually in ethanol. All of this means that food will be in tight supply for many, many years. Energy policy has always been a politically charged affair – but it is getting more and more political as each week passes."  

The switch from food to biofuel production (The Guardian Apr. 5, 2008)
Since the FAO's report in April 2006 tens of thousands of farmers have switched from food to fuel production to reduce US dependence on foreign oil .
Spurred by generous subsidies and an EU commitment to increase the use of biofuels to counter climate change, at least 8 mio hectares (20 mio acres) of maize, wheat, soya and other crops which once provided animal feed and food have been taken out of production in the US.

Lester Brown, director of the Earth Policy Institute in Washington, said yesterday that land turned to biofuels in the US alone in the last two years would have fed nearly 250 million people with average grain needs.
Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank, said this week that prices of all staple food had risen 80% in three years, and that 33 countries faced unrest because of the price rises.The bank plans to increase lending for agricultural production in Africa from $420m to $850m a year in 2009.

Meat production reduced
High prices for grains, driven by demand for food around the world, means high prices for hog feed. The price of energy, a major cost for farmers, has also jumped, and hog prices have dropped well below production costs for farmers all over the United States.
Economists predict that some will pare back this year and others will quit. Smithfield Foods Inc, the country's largest hog producer, has already said it is cutting production because of high feed costs.

Consequences of famine
"Scratch beneath the surface of major social or political upheaval - the French or Russian revolutions, Germany's military collapse in 1918 or more recently China's Tiananmen Square - and you will find that food shortages, brought about by crop failure, naval blockade or spiralling prices, lie at the heart of the matter.

No wonder, then, that recent steep rises in the cost of basic foodstuffs including wheat, barley, maize, rice, cotton and soya are sending shockwaves around a developed world used to bargain-basement prices at supermarkets.

A FAO report says: 'Biofuels tend to allocate resources [for example, land, labour and capital] away from the production of food crops into the production of feedstocks for biofuels.'
UN's leader of humanitarian work, John Holmes, warned at an emergency aid conference in Dubai against worsening crises in the hot spots of the world due to food price

Chinese grain producers got 51.4 billion yuan (6.9 billion U.S. dollars) in direct subsidies in 2007, up 66 percent from a year earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Wednesday   (26.12.2007)

Areas of riots due to famine because of high food prices:
There have been protests and riots in Guinea, Egypt, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Niger, Uzbekistan, Senegal, Haiti, Bolivia and Indonesia, Argentina, Peru, Cameroon. Mozambique  as well as Mexico and hoarding in South Korea. In the last two months Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, India, the Philippines and Thailand have stopped crop exports or raised prices to more than $1,200 a tonne to discourage exports .

The upshot of rising food prices is already being felt acutely in China.  Robert Ziegler, of the Philippines-based International Rice Research Institute, gives a warning that 'civil unrest' is possible as people in China are eating more rice than is being produced, and that the cost of rice has doubled to $400 a tonne in five years. 'We are at a pre-crisis stage,' Ziegler says. 'The way things are coming together isn't pretty.

'Last year, Russia introduced retail price controls on some basic foods to prevent sky-high shopping costs denting the Putin administration's popularity, and last week the UN said food prices had risen 75 per cent since 2000 and that budgetary constraints could force it to ration food aid to developing countries. Over the past two years, Australia, one of the biggest grain producers, has been hit by severe drought.

Club of Rome and Limits to Growth or what to do if your prognosis proves to be wrong
In 1972 Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers and Dennis Meadows introduced the environmentalism religion by their book "Limits to Growth" - sold in 12 mio copies.
It was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an institute  associated with NWOs Tavistock brainwash and employing Mordechai Rothschild , as well as Casey Rothschild , previously  Emma Rothschild  and Michael Rothschild (Ph.D. 1969). LindaRothschild ,
Kenneth Rothschild  , Dave Rothschild (Master of Science) , Bruce Rothschild .

"If the present growth trends in world population, industrialization, pollution, food production, and resource depletion continue unchanged, the limits to growth on this planet will be reached sometime within the next one hundred years. The most probable result will be a rather sudden and uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity. "The larger industrial plant releases pollution at such a rate, however, that the environmental pollution absorption mechanisms become saturated. Pollution rises very rapidly, causing an immediate increase in the death rate and a decline in food production. At the end of the run resources are severely depleted in spite of the doubled amount initially available. Population finally decreases when the death rate is driven upward by lack of food and health services. The exact timing of these events is not meaningful, given the great aggregation and many uncertainties in themodel. It is significant, however, that growth is stopped well before the year 2100".
This is already a prolongation, since in 1972 the authors predicted the catastrophe before the year 2000.

The solution: "equilibrium".
There are only two ways to restore the imbalance due to the overwhelming growth of the population of the world: 1. Either the birth rate must be brought down to equal the new, lower death rate, 2. or the death rate must rise again. All of the "natural" constraints to population growth operate in the second way–they raise the death rate. Any society wishing to avoid that result must take deliberate action to control the positive feedback loop–to reduce the birth rate.
Hereafter free abortion was introduced in the West - so that we now have to import "labour".

"But stabilizing population alone is not sufficient to prevent overshoot and collapse; a similar run with constant capital and rising population shows that stabilizing capital alone is also not sufficient.

Equilibrium would require trading certain human freedoms, such as producing unlimited numbers of children or consuming uncontrolled amounts of resources, for other freedoms, such as relief from pollution and crowding and the threat of collapse of the world system.

The population explosion in the South and the ageing of the populations of the North, the risk of major disturbances in world climate, the precarious nature of supplies of food and water in many regions of the world, are all signs of the vast changes taking place."

Comment: The predictions of "Limits to Growth" were not valid. But  its perspective is the tool of the illuminist, capitalist-communist New World Order (NWO) and its arm, the Club of Rome. So, what to do? Climate panicking and and starvation!!

For the success of the French Revolution ist to be repeated!

It is striking how the NWO organisations: the UN, the IMF, the FAO, the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, the Earth Policy Institute in Washington, the International Rice Research Institute, Bill Clinton, EU Commissioner for Human Aid Work,  Louis Michel, the 1. Vice President of the EU Commission, Margot Wallström, are warning against famine - whereupon neither illuminist EU (explanatory part)  nor illuminist USA even reduce their bio-fuel production!!

That really is very suspicious!

The NWO follows Hegelian dialectics: 1. Thesis:They  invented a non-existing problem (man-made global warming), which now not even experts believe in any more. 2. Antithesis: On these false grounds they introduced the CO2-tax wanted by the illuminists , whereby they brought about an enormous increase in prices of transport and foods. Besides, they let their banks give irresponsible credits for a long period - just to suddenly withdraw their credits, so there is "bank crisis" and less money to buy with. 3. Synthesis: Starvation! The turmoils and chaos which always accompanied starvation actually take place. They are expected to reinforce the role of the illuminist UN - and to pave the road to the world state. The motto of the people behind the NWO is: "Ordo ab Chao" - Order out of Chaos - but first make chaos!
Moreover, famine could be a means for the  Club of Rome which has declared as its goal to see a drastic reduction in  the world population.