The Union for the Mediterranean Is the “Sublime Dignity of Man”

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”After all, our common objective is to strengthen our relations across and around our “mare nostrum” (our sea), the Mediterranean region that we all share. This will also be reflected in the planned Co-Presidency of this Union (with a President) from a Northern and Southern country.

The [1] French Presidency has already made clear its desire to reinforce the multilateral element of our relations in the South. So the last European Council proposed that the Barcelona Process be given a boost by a new Union for the Mediterranean."[1] Benita- Ferrero Waldner 7 . april 2008.

[2] Danish Newspaper Politiken on 08.04.2008: Sensitive discussions on the new Lisbon Treaty must wait till the Treaty has been passed.
This is the message from the Chairman of the Committee for Constitutional Affairs, German Jo Leinen, in an internal letter to a number of additional Committee Chairmen. His Committee coordinates the parliamentary work with the new Treaty. In a letter of 12.03.2008 he explains that the other EU institutions use a similar procedure.  Leinen tells the Chairman of the Budgetary Committee to keep silent on the cooperation for a future report on the economical consequences of the Treaty.

Leinen concludes: "It will, therefore, be very advisable that every document pertaining to the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty and concerning politically sensitive subjects will only be treated after it is sufficiently clear that the Treaty will be enacted."  A precondition for the[3] Mediterranian Union is  the Lisbon Treaty being enacted - as declared by [4] Barroso on 14.02.2008.

Water into bucket from standpipe. If the water is known to be dangerous and is nevertheless being pumped up to be distributed in society a crime is being committed. Who is to blame? The water pouring into the bucket? The mediating pump? Or the man handling the pump? We are seeing Islam being pumped into Europe!

[5] [5] DR-News , Apr. 8, 2008: It is OK to wear an islamic headscarf in the Danish Parliament!  whereas burka and nijab covering the whole face are not allowed , says the President of Parliament, Thor Petersen.  Cause: Parliamentary substitute, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid. This opens up for [6] judges with headscarves to condemn us for speaking the truth about Islam.

Comment:  The EU has abolished democracy in favour of regular islamic dictatorship to be pulled down on us. This is what [7] Pres.[7] [7] Bush sen. in 1990/91 called the New World Order 5 times - (below) which the [8] EU described in the explanatory part of the EU Parlament´s proposal on 24.10.2007: "It is progressing towards its aim of establishing a political community pursuing the illuminist ideal of the sublime dignity of man and it is gradually instituting political power-sharing amongst its Member States, cooperation amongst institutions and a legal system which is both cosmopolitan and people-centred."  Barroso has Declared that  the [9] EU is to lead that order!

A characteristic feature of illuminism, the declared aim of the EU, is the distinction between the [10]   sublime master race and the underlings, the useless eaters, to whom we are supposed to belong, since we are not to be informed about the striving of the sublime eurocrats for their cosmopolitan goal at our cost.

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