Danish Integration Ministry: Immigrants to Sponge on Our Pension-Savings

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The Danish Integration Ministry admits that the economical consequences of immigration are absolutely untenable - and that the usual explanation for immigration: necessary labour, is a lie.

"Integration" is a magic formula incessantly thrown by public authorities, politicians and media at the Europeans who have to acquiesce with increasing violence  from a hostile, foreign culture and even pay tributes to these intruders rushing in over us. In other words: "Integration" is a sop for scared populations. Till this day no normal European has been able to see any effect on Muslim immigrants of these immense "integration costs", although our governments keep hurling empty phrases at us about an unavoidable need for labour import.

[1] 2002- Estimation by the Danish Integration Ministry as for consequences of immigration
" The Conclusions of the prognosis is that it is necessary to reduce public expenditure by 1,1% of the Gross National Product with effect from 2005. In 2005, that corresponds to a cut of 14,3 billions in 1999 prices at the same integration rate as in 2002!!!

There are 2 main reasons for the finance policy not to be tenable. In the first place,  the share of persons not in their working age is increasing considerably. The demographic fraction of breadwinners  (showing the number of youths and elderly persons in relation to the number of employees) is increasing by about 30 % up to 2040.
In the second place the share of the population who are descendants of immigrants is increasing. Immigrants and their descendants have a lower rate of employment than the remaining population . This means that the percentage of  breadwinners will decrease by 33 % up to 2040.  

Thus, a lasting increase in public weight of expenditure (public expenses as percentage of the gross national product) can be expected, because there will be a permanent increase in the share of the population outside the labour market. 
The necessary adjustment of finance policy is so comparatively limited due to the prospect of an increase in the base of income taxation. This is bound up with labour market pensions of the 1990es and their fiscal treatment. Labour market pensions are savings-based arrangements, and payments for these arrangements are tax deductible,  while taxable on being paid back."

[2] What is integration officially?
"The bringing of people of different racial or ethnic groups into unrestricted and equal association, as in society or an organization;".  Assimilation is one step futher: the minority culture is abandoned in favour of the majority culture.

Integration of Islam is impossible
In 2000, the Danish Home Office appointed a Think Tank on challenges to integration efforts in Denmark.

"Integration of Foreigners into the Danish Society" was the  [3] first initiative of the Think Tank. On 2001-08-09: "Assuming 7 aims for successful integration of foreigners the Think Tank estimates most aims not to have been achieved. This is true of integration   in both the social and cultural fields. In particular in the educational and labour market fields needs are seen for a stricter effort to integrate foreigners into the Danish society." 
This is not surprising considering the fact that the [4] ISESCO Charter, art 4, declares as its aim to prevent Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to be integrated there. It does so because the Koran forbids integration in infidel societies (sure3:28, 4:89, 4:144, 5:51 e.g.). The danish Foreign Ministry cooperates closely with ISESCO through the [5] Danish Centre for Cultural Development.

[6] The winners of the annual integration Prizes were chosen at the Circus Building in Copenhagen on Oct. 25, 2007, HRH Crown Princess presenting the prizes. See pictures from the prize presentation . The purpose of the integration prizes is to recognize the successful integration work going on around the country as well as to communicate all the good experiences with this work. At the same time the integration prizes are to create positive attention about the integration and to illustrate the width of integration work.

[7] The integration policy of the Danish government has 3 main aims :
1.More immigrants to have jobs so as to be self-supporting
2.The social heritage has to be broken so that bilingual children and youths have an education.
3.Society is to be built on common basal democratic values.
4. We are to settle with the lack of consequence in all varieties.
Very modest level of ambition - indeed!!

[8] Declaration on active citizenship has to be signed
The purpose of the declaration of integration and active citizenship in the Danish society is to make the values of the Danish society visible to individual foreigners and to make them conscious about the Danish society expecting them to make an effort to become integrated as participant and contributing citizens on an equal footing with other citizens.
1.[9] Well-integrated foreigners can have unlimited permission to stay after 5 years, in special cases after 3 years as compared to the usual 7 years.
2.A demand has been introduced to pass an integration examination as a precondition for cash aid and unlimited permission to stay. The exam has been passed when the individual applicant has had ordinary full time job for 2 1/2 years. Besides, a passed language test is required as a condition for unlimited permission to stay.
Comment: Many women are unable to comply with these demands - but are living here year by year.

[10] Work
New and simple active offers have been introduced: Guidance and improvement of skills, practice in enterprises and taking on with wage subsidy. Support can be given to mentors at enterprises and educational institutions.

[11] Places of work for ”new Danes”

[12] Effort for bilingual children
[13] Stimulation of language learning for  bilingual children needing this has been advanced to the age of 3 years (as compared to 4 years previously) - and now made compulsory.  [14] A material for  language screening has been developed for the evaluation of the linguistic competences of bilingual children.
2006 Percentage of unemployed (light blue) male - immigrants (above) and female immigrants (below) at Holstebro, DK according to Danmarks Statistik.
Danish as the second language
for bilingual pupils has been reinforced in the primary schools , e.g. by increased access to referring bilingual pupils to another school than the school of their district. IT- based tests in Danish as second language have been introduced at 5. and 7. form levels. The tests are voluntarily placed at the

disposal of municipalities.The education of educationalists and teachers has been changed, so that recently educated teachers and educationalists have knowledge on linguistic stimulation and instruction of bilingual pupils. Comment: E.g. therefore, still fewer want to become teachers!

Effort in exposed housing areas
A [16] Programme board for the period of 2004-2008 has been appointed. This board is to contribute to initiating and maintaining a positive development in the most exposed housing areas.  

For the period of 2006-2010 a total of 2,2 billion Danish kroner have been assigned for the National Building Fund meant for social and preventive efforts in exposed housing areas. Comment: Recently it was established as a fact that offers for Europeans to settle in the immigration ghettos at a low rent failed. The Europeans don´t want to go there!  The descriptions by the Ministry for Integration  as "exposed", negative social heritage", and "negative development in the composition of residents" may give an idea why!  And an idea about an immense lack of governmental responsibility to native Danes for allowing that kind of immigration!!!

Concrete integration initiatives
are to reinforce the networks, entrepreneur activities, employment and opportunities to foster the development and integration of the children of women of ethnic minorities. [11]

From the presentation of the ministerial integration Prize 2007
[18] The Campaign "Need for all Youths" is to have young immigrants and descendants to go through with an education qualifying for a job. In this campaign role models, coaching, job and education bazaars as well as the task force effort on the the trade educations are included.
See the home page of the campaign [19] www.brugforalle. Pools are to reinforce and futher develop the integration efforts. [17] Integration service is to assist municipalities to reinforce integration efforts in the fields of employment and education.[18]
[11] The Multiculturalism Programme  is to collect, develop and communicate the good experiences of managing a multiculturally composed group of  employees.
The Experience base collects and communicates experiences from the projects.

[20] For integration work 122.5 million Danish kroner have been assigned in 2008. This money is to meet practical activities. E.g., 32.6 millions are designed for the prevention of criminality. But the real costs are much bigger. The municipality of Copenhagen spent [21] 337 mio. kroner on integration  last year.  The Municipality of Copenhagen has introduced an [22] integration barometer – showing no development in spite of the immense expenditure.

1.Integration has become a large-scale industry securing innumerable persons employment with just as meaningless work as the innumerable persons working
to fight climate change have.
We are talking about labour missing in child - and eldercare, in schools, hospitals and industry - thus necessitating import of unemployed unskilled labour. Both this unnecessary immigration and the payment of the useless integration workers cost the tax-payers and our societies immensely - and will some time soon cause the economical collapse of the western world.
In Dec. of 2005 a governmental [23] Welfare Commission stated that just the immigration from the "heaviest countries" cost Denmark at least 50 billion kroner a year up to 2040. Some experts consider the real figure to be about 100 billions.
Our politicians know this - and continue their destructive plan for the disatstrous New World order: We are being made slaves to provide for an easy-going master race of Muslim immigrants.
So, who might have expected more welfare from the state in his old age can now look forward to poverty in stead!
2. Besides, from the above it is evident that the national state has been practically  abolished:  If only you have a job and know a little broken Danish you are a "new Dane" - no matter what you may say or think!!!

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