World Government In Elaboration. The Climate Summit In Copenhagen Will Probably Be Postponed/ Just A Beginning Point

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Here is a [1] report from a meeting at the [2] Brookings Institute, a Tavistock brainwashing think tank with great influence on US presidents– closely [3] associated  with the Chatham House, a branch of the [4] Rothschild “Round Table, being funded by i.a. [5] Lynn Forrester de Rothschild as well as the [6] Rockefeller Foundation and [7] here .

The [2] Stanford University can be described as one of the "jewels" in Tavistock's Crown in its rule over the United States – in particular over government and the Pentagon..

The following is a discussion of a Brookings publication titled: “POWER AND RESPONSIBILITY: BUILDING INTERNATIONAL ORDER”.

[8] PascualCarlosCarlos Pascual, vicepresident, Brookings: What's going to be necessary to create an international framework that can underpin peace and stability for the next 50 years? What if…we had not developed the U.N. system and the [9] Bretton Woods system and created the foundation that became the foundation for peace and security for the following 50 years? And do we not need to begin to update this process?


Many of you have picked up …an action plan on [3] Managing Global Insecurity Project.

We went to Japan and China and India and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, various parts of Europe, Mexico City. We met with African representatives here in the United States, and then obviously many different parts of the United States.

We really tried to build up something that could become a foundation that can be moved forward by the international community.
Comment: They reallly tried to build up something – which this self-appointed, self-conceited elite will then impose on us quite undemocratically.


StedmanSteve_2004-0930Steve Stedman, Stanford University: The frustration comes from the fact that those institutions are not as effective as they should be or can be, and that these institutions do need to be stronger, and the United States has every right to want international institutions to be stronger.


The great source of danger and insecurity is not from other powerful states but from transnational threats, transnational threats such as [10] climate change, catastrophic terrorism, economic [11] instability, civil wars, and the [12] collapse of states themselves, biological threats like [13] deadly infectious disease, and the possible misuse in the future of [14] biotechnology. First of all, they create an intense security interdependence.
Comment: The dangers mentioned are typically created by the New World Order itself – in order to be solved by their world governance.


So …in the book we put forward a vision of international order that first of all upholds and defends the sovereignty of states but insists that sovereignty, like freedom, entails obligations and not just privileges and prerogatives, and we call this vision responsible sovereignty.
And we use this term "responsible sovereignty," in three ways. responsibilities to other states and to one's neighborhood, and if need be, to other states' citizens, if states are completely irresponsible in meeting their needs. And we add a third level of responsibility, is that states have to take responsibility for the international impact of their domestic policies in action. The content of responsible sovereignty has to be negotiated by states.
Comment: Here is already ample excuse for US aggression all over the world– except in strategically insignificant places like Zimbabwe og Dafur.

Stars-and -strioes1
. you will  not get greater sustained international cooperation to address transnational
threats unless the United States takes the lead.
2. you need institutionalized cooperation among the United States traditional powers and the emerging powers. So the idea is you institutionalize
cooperation amongst the G-16. In some ways the number is not as important as broadening out beyond the G-8. It doesn't matter if it's G-13, G-16, G-20, what is called the "outreach five," which is China, India, Brazil, South Africa, and Mexico, and we also add three other states, Muslim majority states Indonesia, Turkey, and we say either Egypt or Nigeria.
The idea is you institutionalize cooperation amongst the G-16.

3. you need them to negotiate standards of responsible sovereignty across a whole host of different issues.

4. once you have those negotiated standards, you have to bring these back to larger international institutions both for legitimacy, but also to invest in those institutions because many times you're going to use them to try to deliver and implement on the agreements that you forge. Negotiated standards of responsible sovereignty and investment in strengthening of international institutions.

It would be very easy to see a meltdown that came about from global warming to catastrophic terrorism, to deadly infectious disease where there's an institutional failure to find cooperative solutions on key transnational threats.You see the rise of economic nationalism, you see countries going their own way.
How terrible for the New World Order. We see how terribly needed the transnational catastrophes made by the New World Order are for them to obtain their [15] world government, and [16] here by scaring us to accept it on their ground:“Global remedy for global problems (made by them)”.

[17] Armitage200Richard Armitage, former Deputy Secretary of State (2001-2005): Can we cooperate with China in international for and on international issues? Well, we certainly can on issues of climate change, fresh water managing, infectious diseases, terrorism to some extent. Do we have ways to cooperate with the Russian Federation? Absolutely. Terrorism, narcotics, drugs particularly in Afghanistan – the drugs there go from Afghanistan to Tajikistan and right into Moscow, and there's a huge problem. [13] HIV-AIDS.

Carlos Pascual: about $2.32 trillion worth of importance in terms of China's holding of American debt, we all often talk about the rhetoric of the importance of the NGOs and the private sector being critical actors and players in the governance of the international community, and then the question that we often come back to is how do you make that a reality other than inviting NGOs to governmental meetings?

The behavior of individuals and the accountability of individuals is going to be critical to the success of long-term outcomes,

Strobe_talbotStrobeTalbott, president of the Brookings Institute: 

We're operating really to militate for cooperation as much as possible, competition as little as possible among us in the NGO world, and I think we've seen a model of it here.

It is a sad fact of history that when things are going badly in national and in the international economy, that does not induce higher levels of internationalism. Quite the contrary. It tends to bring out nationalism of different kinds.


I came back from Europe very worried about whether the European Union is going to survive the financial crisis.

The Rulers of the World
I am concerned, and it goes back to
what I was saying earlier, about the sense in Washington and around the world that Obama is President, everything is going to be fine. Well, no
inding commitments with regard to carbon emissions before we get into Copenhagen? I think that is extremely unrealistic. If our foreign partners set the bar too high  the whole venture will fail.


SandyBergerSandy Berger, former National Security Advisor (1997-2001): With climate change I think that in order to move Congress, the President is going to have to move the American people with a lot of education!!! I think among elites, climate change is self-evident. I don't know whether global warming has become a popular issue. In fact, the polls

suggest to the contrary.
Comment :
A recent review showed that 4 in 10 Americans do not believe the [18] climate lie. In stead of taking an interest in the truth the NWO-people plead for more propagandistic brainwashing!!
In the past week the University of Copenhagen had arranged an
[19] emergency climate conference with 2.000 participants from all over the world – with alarming reports of climate disaster just around the corner. The leader of the conference, the head of the Governmental Climate Committee, Katherine Richardson, a marine biologist!!! stated:  This is not a regular scientific conference. This is a deliberate attempt to influence policy."


Sandy Berger: Copenhagen should not fail, the plan B is to not create a Copenhagen which is divisive and ultimately destructive to the objective of regulating carbon by rolling Copenhagen over for example to a somewhat later date.

MR. Pascual: In other words, not making Copenhagen necessarily an end point but a beginning point? Mr. Berger: Yes.


Sadako Ogata, former U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees: The world does expect the U.S. to lead in a way that is for most people an understandable direction, not so much climate change, don't go too much to war. Yes, climate change is serious but it's very difficult to foresee something that might happen 5 to 10 years from now and become very enthusiastic

SolanaWashington 21-22 nov The  [20] EU-Washington Forum (EUWF) is an annual event of the[21] EUISS organised with the support of the European Commission. This year’s event featured interventions from numerous high-level personalities including HRSG Javier Solana, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Radoslaw Sikorski, and of Spain, Miguel Angel Moratinos, Senator for Nebraska Chuck Hagel and the Head of the EU Commission Delegation in Washington John Bruton.
The election of Barack Obama, an African– American, rehabilitated America’s image around the world and especially in Europe,

where the US came to be again seen as a model to be emulated.
It is unlikely (not least because of the role of the Congress) that the US will revise its climate change policy in time for the Copenhagen summit, due in December 2009.
The G-20 is suggested to be institutionalized to provide the model for the reform of global order. The same was said at a [3] meeting at the Chatham House on Jan. 27, 2009.  The Europeans did not believe in negotiated results with Iran.


Now, this is what  the elite of the world intends as for the New World order: Make the closed G-20 rule the world without asking the peoples of the world. Then go to the UN and let “our” bribed unelected representatives pass the regulations which are becoming more and more gobal, dictatorial and totally undemocratic. Thereupon, we have to obey orders which we have had no possibility to influence. They have, fortunately, decided not to put a lot of money into the climate hoax now – and to probably postpone the irresponsible Copenhagen Climate fraud in Dec. 2009 which was to CO2tax us into poverty – amid their ongoing recession/depression. Even IPCCs boss, Pachauri, admits that Obama´s accepting the Copenhagen Conference would [22] bring about a revolution in the US. Immediately thereafter, Obama stated that he would [23] not introduce CO2 quotas until 2012, at the earliest.
[24] The Telegraph 13 March describes the G-20 as a useless, incompetent circus costing a terrible lot of our money!!


[25] Obama-bought-barkyBut who is Obama really? He as well as the above think tank figures, the G-20 and the EU are just puppets. See this [26] Alex Jones film (1 h. 51 min) or these [27] short trailers .
Who are the persons pulling the strings of the jumping jack, Obama?

“The [28] American Israel Public Affairs Committee brags that it is the most influential foreign policy lobbying organization on Capitol Hill, and has demonstrated that time and again, and not only on Capitol Hill.”
An article in the Global Res. 12 March tells an incredible sstory of the US Spy Chief, Dennis Blair, being forced to [29] recall his appointment of Charles Freeman to head the National Intelligence Council - due to pressure from the above Jewish lobby!!! Steve Rosen who is currently on trial for spying for Israel was the man who brought Freeman to fall.
This lobby is so strong, that it has now succeeded in [30] deleting the  Islamic demand to place  Israel and criticism of religion on an equal footing with racism from the Durban II Paper.

A closer look at the Obama administration shows an impressive lot of [31] Jewish elitists: Alan Greenspan, who bears the main blame of the financial crisis, is Obama´s adviser. White House chief of staff is Rahm Emanuel. David Axelrod (2009),  Senior Advisor to the President,   Lawrence Summers (2009- ),  Director of the National Economic Council,  Dan Shapiro (2009- ),  Head of Middle East desk at the National Security Council,   Eric Lynn (2009- ),  Middle East Policy Advisor,  James B. Steinberg (2009- ),  Deputy Secretary of State,  Jack Lew (2009- ),  Deputy Secretary of State,   Lee Feinstein (2009- ),  Foreign Policy Advisor,  Mara Rudman (2009- ), Foreign Policy Advisor.  
The Clinton administration was one long list of
[32] Jewish Elitists

Osiris - Horus  Eye PyramidBell-pyramid-200Here is a [33] list of Trilateral Commissionists – the [34] task force of the New World Order -in the Obama administration: Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner,  Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice,  National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones, Deputy National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon,  Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volcker,  Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis C. Blair, Assistant Secretary of State, Asia & Pacific,  Kurt M. Campbell, Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg, State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Haass  State Department, Special Envoy, Dennis Ross, State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Holbrooke. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is married to Trlateral Commissionist and CFR, Bill Clinton.
They are also[35] Bilderbergers and [36] Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members, Haas even being the president of the CFR!!

But behind them are the Jewish elitists [37] Rothschild and Rockefeller (ruling the media, the military and the political system of the USA according to former US Presidency Candidate  [38] Barry Goldwater) – the real rulers of the world in the corporate New World Order conspiration between the  [39] Pharasaic elite and the anglo-saxon “nobility”to rule the world.

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