EU-islamophilia-Manifestation in Gaza: The EU Has Chosen the Palestinian Side in Middle East “Final Solution” This Year

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Javier Solana: “The year of  [1] 2009 will be critical   for the Middle East – we are at a threshold and have to focus on conflict resolution in stead of going on as heretofore.”
Debkafile 12 March 2009: “Netanyahu´s main consideration is that [2] Israel expects to be embroiled in a major military confrontation in the next few months with Iran, Hamas or Hizballah – or all three at once …”
[3] Joe Biden
20 Oct. 2008: Guaranteed big generated conflict within 6 months - probably conflict between the US and Russia in the Middle East.

In 1948 Israel was recognized as a state by the UN – including most EU states – after the spadework of the [4] House of Rothschild.

The Supreme Court building in Jerusalem was built by Rothschild and is a Rothschild temple [5] full uf illuminist symbols. Note the illuminist pyramid on the roof (Compare with header of this blog).

Since then the conflict over the tiny strip of land, Palestine, has raged.   As it appears from the following the sympathy of [6] EU´s Fabian socialists now seems to be moving on to the Palestinian side  in this conflict between 2 incompatible descendants of Isaac (Gen. 27): Jacob (Israel) and Esau  ([7] Idumeans) and the Philistines

[8] Brussels 27 Febr. 2009 : The EU in the Middle East process.  The EU’s objective is a two-state solution with an independent, democratic, viable Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel and its other neighbours.

1. Borders should be based on a withdrawal from the territory occupied in 1967 with minor modifications mutually agreed upon.  

2. Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.
On 8 December 2008 the EU confirmed its deep concern about accelerated settlement expansion. The EU considers that settlement building anywhere in the occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, is illegal under international law. On 20 February 2009, the EU condemned Israel’s planned settlement construction in East Jerusalem, stating that settlement activity calls into question the seriousness of Israel’s commitment to the two-state solution.

[9] [9] Østjerusalem-husdemoleringThe EU is furious over Israel demolishing 90 Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem, letting the most fanatic settlers squat there and using religious sensitive grounds for “political archaeology”. 
[10] EU Observer 9 March 2009: British liberal MEP Chris Davies told EUobserver that Brussels should suspend the Association Agreement over Israel's actions in East Jerusalem and Gaza. "The idea that our close co-operation with a nation that is in military occupation of Palestinian land gives us 'influence' in shaping Israeli policy is a complete nonsense," he said.
The European Commission paused talks on the upgrade
. Ireland and Sweden also called for an enquiry into alleged Israeli war crimes, but Germany, Italy and the Netherlands opposed any probe.

3. Jerusalem. The EU considers that the peace negotiations should include the resolution of all issues surrounding the status of Jerusalem. The EU supports institution building work in East Jerusalem, notably in the areas of health, education and the judiciary.

4. Palestinian refugees.
 “We will respect an agreement reached between the two Parties on this point. Since 1971 the EU has been providing significant support to the work of agencies providing vital services to the Palestinian refugees (UNRWA). It is committed to adapting this support as appropriate, in pursuit of a just and equitable solution to the refugee issue.
Empty talk. The EU doesn´t know what to do with  [11] 5,2 mio Palestinian “refugees” . They would submerge the Israelis if they returned to Israel – many times more than in 1948!


5. Security. The EU condemns all acts of violence which cannot be allowed to impede progress towards peace. The EU recognises Israel’s right to protect its citizens from attacks, but emphasizes that the Israeli Government, in exercising this right, should act within international law. 
Comment: The EU sees the Palestinians attacking Israel with rockets and suicide bombs – and demands only Israel to observe international law!
The error lies with the US and the EU countries who established Israel knowing that chaos would ensue – repenting the Holocaust – and allow Muslim immigration into Europe to create similar chaos.  But something indicates that much stronger forces are at play  here (Ezek. 35–39), [12] Albert Pike.

6. The EU has set out its policy on the Middle East in a series of high level public statements.

[13] ØstjerusalemIn June 2002, the EU co-sponsored the Roadmap for Peace, a three-stage process for achieving these objectives.   

In December 2008 EU Heads of State and Government made a statement stressing that a comprehensive peace in the Middle East remains a top priority for 2009; they praised the Arab Peace Initiative.


The EU has strong political and economic relations with partners in the region including Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. These are underpinned by Association Agreement” and by [14] European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plans.
The EU’s Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (“[15] Union for the Mediteranean”) serves as a [16] forum  for regional dialogue.
Along with Russia, the UN and the USA, the EU participates in the so-called “Quartet”. Quartet Representative: Tony Blair.

[17] [18] The “EU Troika” consisting of Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, High Representative Solana and the Presidency of the EU, represents the EU at [18] Quartet meetings.

[18] Soalana+palæstinenser-udenrigsmin.
Javier Solana glad to see Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyad al-Maliki

The EU is the largest donor to the Palestinians. In recent years, the combined contribution of the European Commission and EU Member States has reached €1 billion per year.
The EU has several measures aimed at encouraging the Palestinian private sector including credit guarantees, vocational training and trade facilitation. Unfortunately at present Palestinian economic activity (and daily life) is limited due to Israeli restrictions on access and movement in the occupied Palestinian territory.


 8. State-building activities. For over a decade, the EU has placed a major focus on empowering the Palestinian Authority through institution building and governance work.
Trilateral dialogues have been organised between the European Commission, Israel and the Palestinian Authority on transport, energy and trade policy.

[19] Civil society activities. We support initiatives that promote peace, tolerance and non-violence in the Middle East. The objective of this support is to contribute to the rebuilding of confidence within each society and between societies.
On March 2 the EU was sponsoring a[20] Conference in Support of the Palestinian Economy for the Reconstruction of Gaza” at Sharm el Sheikh  
(with participation of all the unelected goodpeople of the New World Order to spend our money on the Palestinians – just to be squandered by the next war).

As Benita Ferrero Waldner says: ”By offering a substantial aid package we confirm our generosity and commitment towards the Palestinians.

[21] Benita-Ferrero-Waldner-EuromediterraneanSince its establishment in January 2008, [22] PEGASE has allowed the delivery of over €550 million  assistance to the Palestinians.

Here is a spate of words from EU Commissioner for External Relations, Benita Ferreo Waldner – who pities the poor Hamas mothers, fathers, sisters
etc. as victims in Gaza for not doing what she wants us to do: Submit to a foreign and unwanted culture. However, she does not pity us who have to bear the consequences of the very same culture: Islam, when it makes us victims!
Where does the  hatred and fanaticism mentioned below come from? We in Europe making the unwelcome acquaintance of Islam have our suppositions about that – as well as about the [23] Pharisaic  (Medina) origins of Islam.

[24] ChrisPatten20050317_CopyrightKaihsuTaiLord Chris Patten of Barnes  was an EU Commissioner for External Relations under Romano Prodi. He [25] failed mainly but obtained a lot of honorary titles – e.g. Chancellor of the University of Oxford. [26] Bilderberger 2007. Member of [27] Rockefeller´s Trilateral Commission
The EU has thrown its love totally on the Palestinians (as on all other Muslims).
[22] Benita Ferrero Waldner: “My predecessor and friend, Chris Patten, writing recently of his despair at the tragic events of December 2008 and January 2009, asked, “Who is there now who can still light a candle in the dark?”The people of Gaza do not deserve to live –metaphorically or in reality – in darkness. Human beings, fundamentally the same in every way as you and me, they deserve neither the real nor the mental imprisonment which hatred, fanaticism and conflict have brought in their ugly wake. The people, and in particular the children, of Gaza deserve, instead, the light of reason, the light of hope. They deserve freedom from want,  from hatred from fear. 
Second, the light of hope must illuminate the path which leads to peace between Israel and the Palestinians…..the light we shine today on the problems of Gaza… When I visited the occupied Palestinian territory in November 2007, I made the promise: “The European Commission will never let the people of Gaza down.” That promise is kept by the European Commission”

So, now it is just a matter of time when the [28] UN´s R2P (Responsibility to Protect) resolution will come to carry in Gaza ([29] With NATO help?). For money collected for the Hamas electorate in Gaza cannot be dispensed  (The [30] Middle east Times, 3 March)
“There are the Hamas, and Israel's stifling blockade since the Islamist movement ousted the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority.
Israel has so far refused to open the borders unless it is part of a truce agreement with Hamas.Hamas on Tuesday blasted the Sharm el-Sheikh conference as an attempt to pressure it into changing its policy in return for aid. There were no signs that the process would be restored any time soon, as a new Israeli right-wing government is being formed – one that is not expected to be peace-friendly.

Note the use of words like economic recovery, rebuilding of confidence. This is mendacious: There [31] Das schwert des islamnever was a sustainable Palestinian economy. The Palestinians have been kept alive by the West, because the Arabs didn´t care about them – only about their hurt Islamic identity there and in [32] “Golden Andalusia”. And there never was any confidence – not even between the Palestinians themselves – just hatred and chaos. The EU wants to be the champion of the Muslims – so as to spread the rule of  their [33] Empire (Barroso) reaching  [34] beyond the borders of Europe (Barroso) – all the way to Afghanistan?

Words by Chris Patten – quoted by [35] illuminist (explanatory statement) Benita Ferrero Waldner – like illuminate the path, the light of hope, in particular the [36] light of reason are typical  [36] illuminist phrases – no wonder Chris Patten being both a [37] Bilderberger and [38] Trilateralist – Rockefeller clubs.

The conflict in Palestine is as old as the story about Jacob and Esau. This conflict is not for the EU to solve -the EU can only draw us into a nuclear inferno. Israels borders and Jerusalem  are a matter of the Judgment Day – as Islam expert Peter Scholl-Latour said. The statements at the beginning indicate that this might happen already this year.



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