KonsensusaberFor a long time I have been wanting to write about the "elite´s" stupid, stupefying, manipulative "consensus."
Fear, which is known from the upbringing of children, is fueled by "consensus" / dogmas.
"Consensus" is being invented by a group manipulators to convince the masses lacking understanding. The word “consensus”, once released into the media, is indiscriminately propagated as an eternal truth. Criticism even leads to social exclusion  - sometimes to punishment. Opposition to 'consensus' is seldom used in the media, for if it should become known that there is widespread dissatisfaction with the "consensus" of the High Priests - the ideologists would not have their "consensus", "Consensus" is the counterpart of religious dogmas: Everyone must believe it - even though many can see that it is a political trick to corrupt the peoples, to plunder and enslave them. A "consensus" - as well as dogma - is not discussed and evades the usual demands for proof!

1. Growth Consensus
Here is a short excerpt from the EU censored Blogactiv 26.Febr. 2008.
This is particularly interesting because the EU have always been preaching growth consensus - and made it their raison d´etre – beside their New World Order Mission!
“A dogma will not accept feedback, even from reality. The dogma of growth narrows our thinking to the stage of childrens mathematics. Growth fanaticism makes it impossible to turn on radio or television, without the dogma being discussed, the latest news on the GDP being religiously broadcast. It is left for growth-clowns to entertain us."

2. The mendacious climate “consensus”
This blog has often demonstrated that the climate dogma is a lie - and here, perhaps the biggest in history - even with the purpose of enriching a small group of bankers and Al Gore. Recently, on 21 Feb., Christopher Booker in The Telegraph reviewed a new series of lies from the IPCC. Moreover, the EU and U.S.are going for climate "consensus" to collect the necessary taxes to create jobs and to pacify the unemployed.

Arktisk-is-1.febr.2009North Pole ice  on 2 Jan 1980 and 2009. Now, probably due to "consensus" the "Cryosphere has  removed the images from 2009. ("The pictures were too bad"!!! For the first time in 29 years, I think!). 
Now comes EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas and tells that the conference in Copenhagen in December is the last chance to avoid catastrophic climate change!
 They said so, too, 2 or 3 years ago! It´s panic making in the service of ideology - it is "consensus."
I once presented to a Danish Fabian socialist and former environment minister this U.S. Senate report where 650 scientists denote climatism as fraud and falsity. His reply: "I still believe that we can talk about a consensus. This report is from the American right.” So, it is only for the left to tell the truth!
Now the Japan Society of Energy and Resources, too, states that global temperature rise stopped in 2000, that there is no reason for concern and that what the IPCC says is not true! This is obviously not "consensus" - and is, therefore, completely ignored by western media.

On 17.02.2009 on the "Watts Up With That" blog Jimmy-carterRajendra_Pachauri_wideweb__470x317,0UN IPCC´s William Schlesinger admits that only 20% of the IPCC scientists are dealing with climate. Nevertheless, he considers this panel the top climate authority!

Right: The head of Nobel-prize winning IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri is an economist! Left: Jimmy Carter, peanut cultivator. Both are IPCC "experts" in "consensus."

The Norwegian newspaper,Dagbladet, identifies those who will not believe in this climate consensus nonsense as climate hooligans.

3. "The war on terror "Consensus"
The war on terror was allegedly Osama bin Laden's work. This is a "consensus" to hide a terrible truth - and to make us ready to be conquered by the New World Order.
The men behind the New World Order like George Bush senior, met on 9/11, 2001, with Shafiq bin Laden, Osama´s  half brother - on arms sales to Arabs - in the Carlyle Group - which also comprises George Soros and the two former U.S. Secretaries of Defence Frank Carlucci (chairman) and James Baker. 
World-trade-centreThat Atta & Co. were nothing but  the helpers of much higher forces is widely presumed. Strangely enough, bin Laden was never caught. Some say 9/11 was an insider job. So far, there are plenty of clues - and the following 4 videos probably come very close to proving it: 1. Video  2. Video  3. Video  Probably the WTC was demolished with Thermat, i.e. insider job. 4. Video: The Pentagon. Here you can see an explosion - but no aircraft!
And here is a shocking  disclosure by a US counter spy, who had in vain warned the US government about the disaster on 9/11.

9/11 became the cause of the "war on terror" in Central Asia - more and more likely to escalate into a confrontation between NATO and Russia - as vice president Joe Biden guarantees in this Video  and here. This is an imperialist war for world government - not to fight Muslim terrorists, whose world view and backwardness is not a threat to the world - unless they make use of  the possibility that "our" European governments and the EU in particular offer them: Unlimited immigration for them to spread their terror in our streets in order to follow Allah´s  commandment (e.g. sura 9:5). But - there is "consensus" that the terrorists are not peaceful Muslims, but "Islamists", alledgedly 1 per 10 thousand Muslims is mad - and that would not be due to Islam!!! The truth is that Islamists follow the Koran - and if you don`t, you are not a Muslim.

4. Immigration “Consensus”
The real terrorism is carried out by Western governments and particularly the EU through the encouragement of the immigration of Muslim holy warriors into Europe - and they leave us behind.
Now, to silence us they prohibit criticism of Islam and Judaism under the threat of 3 years of imprisonment (the Framework Decision on Combating Racism and Xenophobia).

Stephan-kramerIt is amazing that the entire political world defends immigration in “consensus” - and especially that criticism of Islam is time and again condemned by the Muslims' worst enemies, the Jewish elite, who very well know Islam as the problem from Israel. Eg. Stephan Kramer and Michel Friedmann of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and here and their loyal media spoiled Roland Koch's election campaign in Hesse inRoland_koch_DW_Politik__476849g 2008. Due to Koch's public criticism of a brutal assault by two Muslims (video-recorded) on a 76-year-old man, the Jews and ex-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (Bilderberger and Trilateral Commissionist) cried out that Koch was behaving like Nazis - and his otherwise certain electoral victory was turned into  a flop. For Koch had violated the "consensus" about even Muslim criminals´ immunity on behalf of the Pharisean New World Order - although the growing anti-Semitism in Germany is due to Muslims - which the EU in the name of holy 'consensus' wanted to conceal. This was confirmed by the European Jewish Congress. They demanded severe punishment for internet racism - and got the aforementioned Framework Decision. 

Konsensushåndslag 5. The Holocaust 'consensus'
To ensure the Pharisean Talmud-Jewish elite's dominance over us, they always keep Europeans´ bad conscience alive (the Holocaust) in order to have our governments give in to them. Holocaust denial is punishable in Germany by 6 years in prison (Horst Mahler), as it is in Austria, too (Wolfgang Fröhlich ) - the same punishment as for Muslim murders committed on Europeans!
Robert-williamsonThe Catholic bishop, Richard Williamson, has reduced Holocaust to 200.000-300.000 killed Jews and denied the gas chambers. Thus, he brought the Pope, who had just admitted him to the church again, in a political embarrassment. The Central Council of Jews in  Germany, Israel, and thus Angela Merkel were blaming the poor Pope. Williamson was forced to apologize for what he had said, when he was expelled from Argentina, where he lived! Now EU Commission Vice President and Justice Commissioner, Jacques Barrot, who was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment for fraud! is threatening Williamson litigation in the EU if he repeats his denials! 
Recently, by means of the European Arrest Warrant,  Germany wanted Australian Gerald Töben extradited due to Holocaust denial. However, it was rejected by a British judge.

That the Holocaust produced 6 million Jewish victims is a "consensus" and its denial is sacrilege, because it might reduce the power of the Pharisees, ie. the faithful servants of the Rockefeller-Rothschild New World Order, over us and our governments. The other weapon of the Pharisees goes: "Pth! Conspiracy theory" - wherewith they mask their collusion on their New World Order government and here fantastically effectively. See videos on right margin of this blog.

From my perspective, it is morally - not in practice, of course  - unimportant whether 1 or 6 million Jews were killed. In any event it is horrible. The fact that the Holocaust took place, was confirmed to me as a doctor in Germany by a very Aryan former SS orderly. He told that he had come to Auschwitz, and had seen dead bodies  being dragged to  a cremator. And it stank terribly.
But this is not a valid reason for the Pharisees to  perpetually maintain a sense of guilt with us, who were not involved - even using it as a weapon to dominate the whole world through their New World Order - as others have attempted at their expense.

Konsensus-bustersKonsensus-haj6. There is "consensus", that God is dead - and Allah's disciples are holy.
The result is that the 10 Commandments, which our society is built upon, are eliminated. Therefore, the British government can publish a pamphlet on teen-age sex, which says: "Parents should try not to convince their teenage children about the difference between right and wrong when they talk about sex with them"!  Therefore, Muslims possess weapons and commit their street terrorism and drug trafficking almost unpunished. In Denmark, we are happy if we only learn about just one shooting or stabbing every day. It is worse than the Wild West.

Without the "consensus" among the elite, and without ignorance of the masses about the massive and costly fraud, the new world order cannot develop. So masters of the New World Order control the media. That´s why the media call Horst Seehofer's call for EU referendum  "populist" , which means that people's wishes are despicable, brutish, and primitive.
What lies behind this "consensus" is pure dictatorial elite power politics: The Telegraph 15 Nov 2007: : "Referendums on the new EU treaty are "dangerous" and in France, Britain and other countries, they would be lost," Nicolas Sarkozy has acknowledged." There is a cleavage between people and governments. A referendum now would endanger (elitarian) Europe." This is " consensus” .