Call it old or new – the substance of empire building – as suggested by José Barrosovideo, to extend beyond the borders of Europe - is the same today as in Antiquity.

1. The EU Army is coming
Napoleon-sarkozy Bruno Waterfield Febr. 18, The Telegraph: The plan about an EU Army, which has influential support in Germany and France, proposes to set up a "Synchronised Armed Forces Europe", or “Safe”, as a first step towards a true European military force. The EU proposals envisage a "dynamic" to further development of co-operation between national armed forces so that they become increasingly synchronised.
There are also plans to create an EU "Council of Defence Ministers" Bushsr.-okand "a European statute for soldiers".
France is expected to play a key part in shaping Nato's future role by taking the job of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, or Sact, a post traditionally held by a United officers. Caroline Flint, Britain's Europe Minister, insisted: "Let me be clear - there are no plans for a European army."

EU 19.02.09: Mr Solana also spoke of the relationship between the EU and NATO. Many see this as a way of strengthening the EU's foreign policy through military means, as NATO is seen as the military backbone of Europe.

Many MEPs emphasised the growing role of the EU in military and security matters, while some minority voices deplored a possible "militarisation" of the Union. In particular, the EU seems bent upon solving the crisis in the Gaza strip in cooperation with NATO and the US.

Netanjahu-okNetanjahu, coming Israeli prime minister – a member of the brotherhood expecting the "Divine King"   Lucifer´s man -
to rule the world. He is a member of Rockefeller´s Council on Foreign Relations!!! - like Ehud Olmert, too.In Albert Pike´s words: “ After Israel and Islam have destroyed each other…they shall see the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.” The brotherhood´s Divine King means the dissolution of Israel, which Obama´s mentor, Brzezinski, sees a just part of the World State region Middle East. His Temple, the Rothschild Supreme Court building in Jerusalem, is ready for him .
Clinton-okBush-jr.-okMr. Javier Solana,  High Representative for the CFSP of the EU in the EU Parliament on Febr. 18:“Let me conclude by saying that 2009 will be critical for the Middle East. We are possibly at a threshold. We can choose to pursue the same policies in the same manner, knowing that they will lead to the same results – the results that we know today. On the other hand, we can try to work with energy, with determination, to adjust our policies. We have to work on both crisis management and conflict resolution. However, the time has come to focus decisively on conflict resolution.”
Comment: So, a conflict with Israel may follow after Netanjahu´s bellicose  Government takes power. For the EU favours Muslims - as the Jewish Pharisean world elite has taught the illuminist (explanatory statement) eurocrats and politicians. See this EU denouncement  of Israel. This is a new note.

Global Res. Febr. 19, 2009: NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer almost four years ago: “I am optimistic that we can extend our cooperation to additional areas of common security interest …such as the Caucasus and Central Asia."(NATO International, March 31, 2005).
That is, the EU and NATO have designated all of the world except for its Western Hemisphere, that presumably belonging to the US, as fair game for military deployments.

The post-1991 dispensation has reenacted the proscription…of communist and indeed any popular political parties and movements that might defend the interests of the majority, inside Europe or outside against so-called Euro-Atlantic - elites.
George Robertson and Paddy Ashdown
(see below), asserted that "Multilateral co-operation at European level must…involve greater defence co-operation if it is to be taken seriously. The drive to create EU battle groups should be accelerated, made fully compatible with NATO response forcescapable of operating in failed states" (The Times, June 12, 2008)

2. Trio NATO-US-EU
French President Nicholas Sarkozy is paraphrased as affirming "the US no longer saw the ESDP as an aggressive policy against NATO, with both outgoing President George W. Bush and incoming President Barack Obama now supporting the EU policy."

On December 9 British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner signed their names to a joint opinion piece which included confirmation of the EU's role in supplementing US and NATO arms and military involvement in the South Caucasus.

US Vice-President Joe Biden's speech – who has predicted  (video) a possible big conflict in the Middle East with Russia to come soon – at the conference (Munich Febr. 7, 2009): "The Americans will be scrupulously careful that the confrontation with Tehran does not develop into a one-on-one battle between the US and Iran." i.e.: Every NATO country and every member of the European Union is now involved. (Der Spiegel, February 9, 2009). The EU is now so inextricably enmeshed with NATO that it, too, will continue to follow not only NATO but individual US policies and actions.
Here is an inside view what Biden meant: On this video , George SorosRothschilds arm, predicts Russia to be forced to seek “foreign adventures” to divert attention from Russia´s economical collapse.  

It's not difficult to trace where matters are proceeding; the EU is becoming integrated with NATOis in effect subordinated to Washington.

After the fall of communism in 1990–91 the major Western powers immediately resumed plans for global domination interrupted after the two world wars and formed a condominium to share the spoils of the entire world, not just the multitude of former colonies, territories, protectorates and mandates, but parts of the globe never before available to them, including the former Soviet Union.

In April of 2005, then German Defense Minister, Peter Struck, said that both NATO and the European Union are currently making efforts to be better prepared for out-of-area missions  (Deutsche Welle, April 13, 2005)

3. Empire builders at work again
The ideological brain behind it seems to be Zbigniew Brzezinski Obama´s mentor, who launched the regionalisation concept as steps towards the World State.
In 2008 Robertson and Ashdown (see below) in the Times observed that "This will be vital …to extend public authority into some of the ungoverned spaces that globalisation is helping to generate.
For the first time in more than 200 years we are moving into a world not wholly dominated by the West.” 

They are major architects and ruthless implementers of the order they advocate.
Lord George Robertson
, former British Defense Secretary was Secretary General of NATO from 1999-2004 succeeding Javier Solana – who is now in effect, the European Union's collective foreign minister.

Paddy_Ashdown_1Paddy Ashdown was international High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina from September 2002 to May 2006, ruling with a brazen arbitrariness, highhandedness and ferocity.
Nearly four years ago the International Commission on the Balkans, founded by among other institutions the German Marshall Fund of the United States, "issued a scathing critique of EU and UN policies under Ashdown in the Balkans.

4. Empire builders´prepatory exercises
Ashdown went to work as Javier Solana's right-hand man as Director-General for External and Politico-Military Affairs at the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, a position he holds today.
Robert Cooper  has been characterized as the father of the "new liberal imperialism" .
Like Robertson and Ashdown, he played a role in …imperial strategies and policies. His first book, The Post-Modern State and the World Order, trifurcated the world's nations into pre-modern, modern and post-modern states …his colonialist forebears, too, in dividing the peoples of the world into civilized and uncivilized nations and cultures.
Cooper is also considered to have been instrumental in the creation of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP).
The ESDP is now effectively run by Javier Solana, whose chief lieutenant Cooper is.
Eufor i sverige
The ESDP was first tested on the ground in Macedonia in 2003 when it took over for NATO and has remained the EU's main defense and military arm. Then Bosnia in 2004, Kosovo in 2008.
In November of last year NATO turned over piracy hunting in the Gulf of Aden and at the Horn of Africa to the EU, which was described as "something
entirely new for the EU because it is taking place far from Europe itself….

5. Colonialism has a renaissance
Western powers assembled under the banner of the NATO star  arrogate to themselves the exclusive prerogative of intervening in the regional and internal affairs of nations anywhere in the world and the sole right to employ military force beyond their borders.

Earlier this month Giampaolo Di Paola, Chairman of NATO's Military Committee, heralded the "need for a new form of world governance in which NATO, the EU, and other major international organisations have a part to play." (ADN Kronos International [Italy], February 13, 2009. What sort of world governance?.

The main EU and European NATO states are the former colonial powers - Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Denmark and the second, 'place in the sun' contingent of Belgium, Italy and Germany.
These are the states that forbid others, even in the European context, the right to exercise influence in territories that were an integral part of their country for several centuries, such as Serbia with Kosovo and Russia with Ukraine.The main Western nations were also the perpetrators of the African slave trade. The underlying worldview and geopolitical objectives have not changed.

Western military forces have returned to nations that thought themselves forever rid of the them; for example, British troops are back in Afghanistan, Iraq and Sierra Leone; French ones in Haiti, returning on the bicentennial of its independence from France, and Cote d'Ivoire; American armed forces are back in the Philippines. What has emerged is a systematic and international nexus of planned and coordinated deployments with precise and extensive geostrategic goals.

Klaus Naumann, former head of NATO’s Military Committee:"Europe is again being haunted by the ghosts of sovereignty,” meaning that residual love of one's land and people is an impediment to the further consolidation of NATO's and the EU's unchallenged domination in Europe and beyond.(Defense News, October 14, 2005) Further: "The two bodies must expand their strategic dialogue and… escalate their intrusion into other areas including "regions such as Ukraine or Moldova."(Daily Times [Pakistan], December 1, 2005).

Tysk-kolonialismeBush's speech at the summit (Bucharest 2008) reiterated that "NATO is no longer a static alliance….It is now an expeditionary alliance that is sending its forces across the world.…" (USA Today, April 1, 2008)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
issued a warning that NATO was bent on usurping the role and functions of the United Nations , said, "This is….an attempt to form some new global union with a Western core wishing to claim all but UN functions." (Interfax, April 17, 2008)

Western leaders see no role for organizations like the 114-state Non-Aligned Movement, the 53-nation African Union, the 33 member Organization of American States, the 23 member Arab League, the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference, the post-Soviet Commonwealth of Independent States and Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). One could be pardoned for reworking the NATO acronym as Nordic Aryan Teutonic Order.

A very threatening monster is developing – a militarised dragon to eat the whole world on behalf of its masters behind the New World Order, transforming it into a dairy cow to supply the illuminists  with our money, blood and souls. And because we have been brainwashed , we will do nothing to stop it: This military machine will also be turned against us – if we rebell. For its goal is the illuminist, corporative world government according to the pacified EU modell, which is rapidly developing right under our blind eyes here