At the Munich Security Conderence on Febr. 7, 2009, José Barroso said 
"We are now in the midst of a global revolution that will change our world in ways we cannot yet imagine…
The challenges are already starting to have serious geopolitical and social repercussions.

Gordon Brown:  We’ve got to think the previously unthinkable, a “global new deal” is possible.

In a globalised economy, economic governance must also be global  ….The world needs a new financial order, and our aim must be to achieve nothing less.
The struggle to contain the damage caused by climate change is the defining battle of our generation.

During his Nobel Lecture in 1970, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn mocked those who still thought they could go it alone
Nearly 40 years later, it is time to recognise this truth, and rebuild our global institutions …to ensure mankind's salvation in the face of global threats that we can only tackle together.

Comment: There is no doubt that Mr. Barroso sees the EU as just a region under the world government  which the EU Parliament has been covertly supporteing  for the past 15 years!!!.

Can the EU and the euro survive the economical crisis?
1. The EU:
Apart from a devouring illuminist ( explanatory statement) desire to introduce the New World Order the EU has just one mission: Economy. The current crisis has shown the inability of the EU to manage it – and the total incompetence of the Commission.
So, the EU Parliament on Febr. 15–17 had a conference: A New Deal for European Economic Recovery?”
EP_logoHans-Gert Pöttering said EU must "act together and find common answers" to the crisis. Protectionism, he said, could annihilate the advantages of the Single Market and create "the foundations for a disaster".
The working group called on the ECB for reducing interest rates and for longer deadlines for paying back loans.
Czech Lubomir Zaorálek:"Only a united and strong European leadership can respond effectively to this crisis". He stressed that the Lisbon Treaty is part of the solution.
Greater use of financial instruments was also suggested. The EU Parliament is now heading for the emission of Euro bonds.
We should demonstrate to the US that we want to maintain our lead in the world in responding to climate change." There will be an “informal meeting of EU Heads of state and governments on 1st of March the crisis being a matter of confidence."
Mr Barroso said, the Commission's proposal to redirect an unspent €5 billion to finance key energy projects would be the right step forward.
However, that money is legally unavailable.

Here is a very pessimistic evaluation by the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin Febr. 16, 2009
One year ago this estimated Research group predicted  that in the 3. quarter of 2008 the great tipping point for world finance would take place.

The April 2009 G20 Summit is probably the last chance to put on the right tracks the forces at play, i.e. before the sequence of UK and then US defaults begin. Failing which, they will lose their capacity to control events; and the world will enter this phase of geopolitical dislocation like a “drunken boat”.
Here is a graph showing the dramatic increase in the monetary base of the US Fed. What it means can be seen here. In short: The banks deposit their reserves with the Fed – instead of lending them. The non-reserves are e.g. due to a dramatic temporary supply of dollars to foreign central banks. If those extra dollars are not destroyed later on they will effect a dramatic inflation.

Most states, including the most powerful ones, failed to realise that they were planning their own trampling.
It is high time for the general population and socio-political players to get ready to face very hard times during which whole segments of our societies will be modified, temporarily or even permanently vanish. For instance, the breakdown of the global monetary system we anticipated for summer 2009 will indeed entail the collapse of the US dollar (and all USD-denominated assets), but it will also induce, out of psychological contagion, a general loss of confidence in paper money altogether.

Last but not least, our team now estimates that the most  « imperialistic » political entities will suffer the most. Some states will indeed experience a strategic dislocation undermining their territorial integrity and their influence worldwide. As a consequence, other states will suddenly lose their protected situations and be thrust into regional chaos.

Euro-statue_608765_l2. The euro
The stability pact of maximally 3% indebtedness of member states as compared with their GDP has  been exceeded a long time ago – and the Euro states have no money to resist the crisis with - are even sinking deeper into recession. The euro is in serious trouble: Eastern European economies have big loans in euro zone banks – and such banks are now having their creditworthiness downgraded because the economies in the East have come under heavy pressure. The collapse of these currencies is likely to constitute a risk for the euro. And that risk is enormous according to The Telegraph Febr. 15:The situation in the former Soviet bloc is desperate. If the EU does not solve the default of the former Soviet bloc it means a global financial meltdown. Austria is desperate: If more than 10% of its 230 bn. outstanding debt in that region, i.e. 70% of Austria´s GDP, default (and it will) it means collapse of the Austrian Financial sector.
Robert Zoellick of the World Bank also calls for EU support to Eastern and Central Europe, adding: “What a tragedy if you allow Europe to split again." But the EU refuses.

Germany is the only country which might do something to rescue Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, France  etc. – may even be willing. The German Social Democrats – always so generous with other people´s money – now mutter something about bailing out all the euro countries in distress. So the euro zone  will only survive as long as Germany will pay for the party. This alarming report is supported by the International Herald Tribune. Looking at the tables here the reason is seen: Germany with a big trade surplus – countries like France, Spain, Greece, Italy with big trade deficits


Menneske-på-nedturIncredible. This uncovers an unbelievable incompetent  EU Parliament which at the same time demands leadership of world governance – in the climate field. OK – the CO2–emission Trade Scheme and the European Climate Exchange do bring big extra taxes  from populations who still cannot feel the global cooling.
EU-bonds? Who can or dares buy them considering the euro is on the verge of collapse?
How can the Lisbon Treaty offer any solution – except through more taxation and the possibility of adopting any legislation the EU likes – without asking us. ECB interest rate cuts? The rate has been cut by 3%. How can these ignorants believe that even a cut to 0%  would do any good. It did not in the uS nor in the UK. Politicians to create confidence? They are constantly lying to us – about their New World Order monkey business and the Union for the Mediterranean  and about their empty phrase: democracy.
Here is money to inject into our economy: In the Period from 2007–2013 about 12 bn + much more euros will be paid to “partners” in the European Neighbourhood Policy - in particular to the Union for the Mediterranean. Keep that money and send their unemployed citizens back – in stead of paying their social needs here.

Spiegel Febr. 16: There is, in short, little good that Brussels can do. But it can do plenty of harm. Last week, for example, the Commission discussed guidelines for new CO2 emissions rules for commercial vehicles. Experts believe that merely the announcement of new standards would destroy the already ailing truck market.
Barroso has just one solution: more global institutions to enforce world governance – as though we did not already have much too many of that kind in the UN – and they can do nothing either. But here is his help from the New World Order: His cronies in the Brookings Institution and the Chatham House (sister of the Council on Foreign Relations) want the G20 (the richest countries) to practice world governance without asking us!  Here is a video telling us what Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin expects from the G20: Give up part of our sovereignty to make the world work!!!

 we are all going to give up a little bit of our sovereignty to make the world work. I hope that is also something that the G20 comes to deal with.

However, I do not think these illuminists  want any other solution than a total collapse of global economy – in order to introduce their world currency  probably based on Rothschild´s and Rockefeller´s gold. The US Defence Department and high level experts are preparing for and warning about rebellion within the US and the world.

Demokratiets gravstenCzech President Vaclav Klaus, my favourite politician recently said  "Europeism" to be based on these functions: “1. the belief in social market economy, and the demonisation of free markets. 2. the reliance on civil society, on NGOs, on social partnership, on corporatism, instead of classical parliamentary democracy 3. the aiming at social constructivism as a result of the disbelief in spontaneous evolution of human society 4. indifference towards the nation state and blind faith in internationalism 5. the promotion of the supranationalist model of European integration, not its intergovernmental model
In the EU parliament he was booed and mocked for opposing this.

Bruno Waterfield, EU observer for the Telegraph: “The EU has no vision of an economic future, it seems to be bailouts, heads down and hope for the best. The EU  have not tried to mobilise sections of the population behind a crisis programme. In fact, the EU seems more afraid of its populace than anything else. For over 20 years, the EU has been an elitist master-class tutoring Europe's rulers in how to do politics behind closed doors without us. This leaves them ill equipped now. Governments who have been long used to showing their contempt for the public have precious little trust or good will to bank on. Perhaps it is time to start thinking about life beyond the EU. It could be that this crisis demands it.”