Club of Rome Schools to Produce Standardized Globalists

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The Club of Rome is the [1] Propaganda arm of the New World Order (NWO) and its school programme gives a good picture of the way of thinking and the working methods of this order. The Club is very influential and works very intimately together with the [2] EU  and the [3] UNESCO,
as well as with the Global Development and Learning Network ([4] GDLN) of the World Bank - [5] here - (always led by the NWO US Council on Foreign Relations - at present Zöllick) .
Here it is appropriate to mention the [6] UNESCO Culture Convention of 2005.

 Like all demagogues, the Club of Rome also strives to take over the education of our children - in order to corrupt them. That´s why the Club now attempts to establish "Club of Rome " schools - hoping, of course, to be equally successful as Hitler was with his ideology.

For: "The question of controlling and sharing information has always been in the interest of ruling classes in different societies. And when these societies face crisis in one form or another, the question of information becomes even more relevant….In many cases misuse!!! of information and information channels obscures the premises of the public decision-making!!! and makes reconciliation processes even more challenging" (Then Finnish President [7] Martti Ahtisaari to the Club of Rome).

The following is based on the Club of Rome itself, and deals with its school activities in Germany : [8] BROSCHÜRE and  "[9] Club of Rome Schulen - Konzept". 

In education The Club of Rome sees the strategic factor for  the solution of the central world problems to which it referred in its publications.
That this is understood by more and more people and is made the foundation of their own acts is first and foremost premised upon education. A sense of "globality" is mainly determining the central role of individual world orientation and social behaviour. Schools should deliberately work in the field of tension between cultural identity and world citizenship. Educational work should be characterized by sustainability. School should see itself as a school of the region and as a school of the world.

CoR-Schools have a special ethos
They base their daily work on a canon of values with positive aims, in which the dignity of the individual , peaceful and mutually inspiring cohabitation of cultures, the protection of environment and the acts of the individual in responsibility carry a particular weight.

The cooperation with other schools, in particular foreign schools, belongs to the core programme of CoR schools.  Practical learning and the learning at other learning sites (in the region, in Germany, abroad) are to have a high share.

The Club of Rome is going for an educational model and presents an offer to every school…with radiation on to the total educational landscape , not just in Germany and Europe - but in the whole world…
According to Dr.Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner, Honorary President of the Club of Rome, CoR-Schools are open schools, they cultivate partnership relations to business and society.
"The Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammertag supports this project, because it is suitable for  setting a benchmark  or to become a model for the independence and  autonomy of schools." - Ludwig Georg Braun,Präsident,Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK).

A systemic-holistic understanding
We urgently need more pace and more competition in our educational system.
Empathy, i.e. the ability to imagine how other peope see things, is strongly underscored, tolerance does not measure the world by its own measures.
"To one of the pillars of Rotarianism belong education and and understanding among peoples"
- Prof.Dr.Gerd-Winand Imeyer, Past-Governor Rotary Distrikt 1890.

Changes stop neither before school house doors nor before borders. 
Our Schools, therefore, create the preconditions for the pupils to entertain regular and intensive contacts to children and youths in other parts of the world.  Beyond  the indirect contact the schools cherish a systematic exchange of pupils with the aim of approaching other languages and cultures  at a personal level, a contact with people in stead of just over the media.
The leading educational ideas of the Club of Rome, in particular the consciousness of justice, sustainability and solidarity, are fostered through theme working at key problems.

Apprenticeship in stead of class
orients toward actual needs. The pupils are - just like the teachers-  full-time present and in this way they form a promoting learning community.
Comment: And there is no time for the pupils to receive other ideas than the ones taught at school!!!

State and private schools of all kinds can become "Club of Rome" schools.
The Club of Rome commits itself to foster the schools in their development in order that  in  the long run they grow into points of crystallization and set good examples to other schools

Club of Rome School meeting, Nov. 2007. 

First a selective procedure has to take place in which the innovative power of the school and a plan for a CoR specific school attitude must be  illuminated and successfully concluded. After a successful application the school is admitted into the network in Germany as a "CoR schhool in founding" . Alongside with the school and its local partners a "CoR school promoting circle" is formed and a work and development programme elaborated. At the conclusion thereof (after about 5 years) a  licence  examination takes place. After successful examination the school receives a certificate and is allowed to call itself a "Club of Rome school".

The networks of the Club of Rome-Schools are to spread to as many Länder of the German Federal Republic as possible. 
The Club on its part will follow and evaluate the development - and on negative evaluation results the Club is entitled to withdraw the licence.

David Rockefeller did, of course,  take part in the  foundation of the Club of Rome.

Club of Rome Schools are to shape personality!! - they are  innovative schools of a special character in the framework of the leading ideas as for the educational-instructional work of personality shaping... and thereby they have to stick to the following leading ideas of the Club of Rome:

- Justice related thinking and acting
- cultural Sensitivity and openness, consciousness of international global and holistic development
- economic and ecologic developmental thinking based on sustainability (a Club of Rome expression)
- Partnership-thinking, acting and behaviour  (Partnership Education)
- social solidarity
- civil courage and democratic-political engagement for civil society
-All CoR-Schools have the task to work in intimate association with these educational leading ideas and to shape themselves as innovative in their instructional work.

We should be very thankful to the Club of Rome if its educational programme could change these beings into civilized people (Picture from London).
This self-appointed world-saviour Club has had enough time for its self-imposed task. But it just makes things worse and worse intentionally. "Order out of Chaos - but first make chaos!"

In principle pupils document their own learning development and are involved in the process of evaluation. They develop criteria and indicators of performance and learning and evaluate their own performances. Cooperative and individualising working methods are to be considered equal. Differentiated demands to each pupil and underscoring of the principle of widely self-created and self-responsible learning, as well as of systemical cooperation based on continuity with partners from outside the schools - also in the international field.

As for the pupils heterogeneity is to be aimed at

without changing the the type of school or the specific aims. The cultural, social heterogeneity is to be achieved by enrolment open to all parents - but the decision about admission is made by the schools. 

The Club of Rome was officially founded in 1968. But in fact it  [10] existed already 1953,  David Rockefeller being cofounder.

Club of Rome-Schulen Deutschland,
Steckelhörn 9,
20457 Hamburg
Tel.040/89 80 75 86,Fax 040/89 80 75 87,

Now one wonders what is meant by innovation?
Everything changes every year in these times.  Do we not rather need stability than eternal renewal the purpose of which no one can see any longer? Solidarity, Equality of people and cultures - illuminist slogans from the French Revolution.
Freedom seems to have disappeared under way as has nationality! Or was it just always an empty slogan?

Anyhow, we are here facing markedly undemocratic freemason/illuminist ideology: Calculating, cynical, psudoreligious belief that through education mankind can be united in communist equality and brotherhood - and then be commanded  by the self-appointed elite. And thisis what they call freedom!

In ancient Rome innovation - novae res - simply meant revolution and was considered high treason. All later revolutionary movements have demanded innovation. This is their mantra to cover the fact that they only have a mission in the stage of innovation. After that - at the stage of consolidation - the enthusiam of the corrupted masses disappears, and the the position of power of the leading  people of the movement can only be maintained through dictatorship and repression. Whereupn the whole mess falls back into the old state - after the useless loss of many human lives.
This is also true of the New World Order.




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