Dismantling the Old World Order III. Kleptocracy

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 Stealing money and power at the same time by a few is called oligarchy - putting up with it is serfdom. That is what history is all about.
[1] New-world-order-jewsHere is a thought-provoking article in the [2] Global Research on 11 Febr. 2009:   
Real estate bubbles were not economically necessary. They were financially engineered by the political deregulatory power, by a cartel of just a few giant conglomerates. “Give us what we want or we’ll plunge the economy into financial crisis.”

The  3 goals of the [3] Talmudic/Pharisean Jewish elite[3] , the enemies of all mankind – of ordinary Jews in particular – as seen by an apostate Jew: I. The Melt-Down Of National Borders II. The Melt Down Of Financial Institutions III. The Melt-Down of Christian Culture

The Clinton administration ( Obama has the same advisors),  enabled banks to merge with junk mortgage companies, junk-money managers, fictitious property appraisal companies, and law-evasion firms all designed to package debts to investors so as to rake off enough commissions and capital gains. Today’s economic collapse is the direct result of their planning philosophy.

The wealthiest 1% of the population has raised their wealth from 37% of the total ten years ago to nearly 70% today.(kleptocracy).

Wall Street knows asset prices not only need to rise, they have to go down again. Without going down, after all, how can they rise up?

[4] Kernschmelze-im finanzsystemThe first objective is to preserve the wealth of the creditor class.

A  bad bank” will buy the bad debts and put them in a public agency. It does good for Wall Street.

Vulture funds are said to be offering:  22 cents on the dollar. Government will guarantee the price at which private investors buy toxic financial waste from the banks (“liquidity to the market”).

Then create a new bubblea fresh wave of asset-price inflation to be introduced to “cure” the problem of debt deflation. Only who has the money for it? Just the state. (And states may go bankrupt).

For Wall Street, free markets are “free” of public regulation against predatory lending; “free” of taxing the wealthy so as to shift the burden onto labor; “free” for the financial sector to wrap itself around the “real” economy like parasitic ivy around a tree to extract the surplus.
The new wave of asset-price inflation is made by printing unfunded money – which the Fed has long been doing , now to be followed by the [5] Bank of England.

Comment the term kleptocracy goes for our politicians stealing our national states and cultures from us through unlimited immigration.

1. Protectionism threatens world trade and globalization
Leading economists across the world are issuing dire warnings about the lessons of the great depression: governments responded to the crisis with protectionism and thus deepened the depressionand brought about war.
[6] Global Research 5 Febr. 2009 As the recession deepens, corporations around the world will be asking their government to use every economic trick in the book to bolster their profits, always at the expense of other nations. It is a game played using diplomacy and threats, but backed by military power.

“[7] Major developed [8] Obama-fingers_thumb[2][9] Skt.obamaeconomies seek to implement stimulus packages to boost their domestic economies. U.S. Democrats were pushing for "Buy American" provisions to be included in President Barack Obama's [10] proposed stimulus package. The [11] EU protested.  British policymakers have [12] come under fire from the head of the World Trade Organization for a bailout package aimed at stabilizing British automakers, valued around $3.3 billion. French leaders, too, following [13] recent strikes . And of course populist [14] Sarkozy gave in .[15] Now[15] [15] EU warns France over protection of its car industry.

The [16] stimulus package the U.S. Congress is completing would raise the government’s commitment to solving the financial crisis to $9.7 trillion, enough to pay off more than 90 percent of the nation’s home mortgages.
This is 23 times the costs so far of the wars in Afgahanistan and Iraq. The Fed refuses to tell who are the recipients of the money.

The banks are going national “Richard Lambert, director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, says international banks used to account for up to 40 per cent of lending in the UK. “They have now gone.” In eastern and southern Europe there are growing fears that banks could repatriate capital. Spain is urging Spaniards to [17] buy more local products  .
[18] Now for  March 1st the Czech EU-President has summnoned an EU summit on counteracting protectionism

2. Consequences for the World: Back to the national state 
"There's pressure pushing in the direction of the [19] nation
[20] Foreign Affairs: “Much of the world is turning a historic corner and heading into a period in which the role of the state will be larger. The crisis is an opportunity to strengthen and reshape the IMF. The organization has $250 billion in unused lending capacity, but this capital base has not been adjusted since 1997 and may not be large enough to help the many developing nations.

3. Consequences for Russia
[21] Rusland-protestererThe unspoken [22] contract between Putin and his people is being thrown into doubt 
For now, the Kremlin is desperately spending down the hundreds of billions of dollars in reserves that it put away in good times. The Parliament is essentially an arm of the Kremlin, and Putin has done away with the election of regional governors, who are now presidential appointees.

The relationship to the people is basically through television. And under the conditions of the crisis, that can no longer work."
These local  bureaucrats, they wait for a reaction from Moscow before they make  decisions. It is very dangerous for Putin."

So far, Putin has instead made a [23] scapegoat of the United States, saying it was at the heart of Russia's crisis.
Russia´s credit rating is downgraded which might prove very costly to Russia. 

4. Consequences for China
 In 2008 as many as [24] 30 mio workers were laid off  – in 2009 a 40–50 mio additional jobs treathened to be lost. Social riots and revolution due to poverty are growing more and more impending. However, according to [25] Bloomberg China´s bail out of 585 bn dollars on infrastucture is now taking effect – and Chinas public debt is only 18.5 % of its GDP. But will this be enough to pacify?

5. Consequences for the EU
[26] Barroso-får-hjælpEach of the 27 heads of state and government wants to save his own country's banks, companies and jobs — while securing his or her re-election.

In the end, everyone in Europe is pursuing his own interests. Economists refer to this as a [27] beggar-my-neighbor policy,  .

Many find it difficult "to respect the rules," complains European Commissioner for Competition [28] Neelie Kroes. What is missing is a global strategy against a global recession — and a body with the authority to coordinate a joint approach. But “The Commission will fight a [29] losing battle,”
 and EU´s [30] coherence is threatened.  Commission President [31] Barroso is making desperate but futile efforts to prevent the EU states from taking to nationalistic, oldfashioned protection of their own economies .

The European [32] Commission warned that government attempts to buy up or underwrite "impaired" assets could plunge the EU into a deeper crisis, one that threatens the Union. Ministers and officials fear that the process could lead to vicious spiral that threatens to tear both the euro and the EU apart.
[33] Lappet-euroThe potential collapse of the euro zone
[34] Bruno Waterfield, EU observer for the Daily Telgraph 9 Febr., 2009 sees the EU and the euro zone cracking already over this crisis.
The industral production of the euro zone sees the greatest decline ever measured: [35] 12% in the euro zone, 11.5% in the EU27 in comparison with the previous year. The recession is [36] deeper in the euro zone than in the EU27!!!

EU Industrial Commissioner Verheugen: "The EU economy is [37] in a free fall - and the speed of falling is accelerating."

6. Consequences for the political system
On 5th December Professor [38] Anthony King, declared: “Our scepticism about politicians has morphed into
contempt…the truth is that the deepest divide in British politics today is not between Labour and the Tories;  It is between Britain’s whole political class and the great majority of the British people. In continental Europe similar discoveries are being made.”

7. Consequences for immigration
Britain is a paradise for immigrants. But in the recession, Brown´s government mull tougher immigration rules.
Wildcat strikes against foreign workers are promoting the change.
According to "The Independent" the government mulls, inter alia, stricter immigration rules for university graduates from non-EU countries. This year, 400,000 British university graduates will be  pushing on the labor market, especially entry-level jobs are scarce.

[39] Frankrigs-røde-faner8. Consequences for peace and stability in the EU
Many of the[40] demonstrators Thursday (in France) were calling for an “Obama-style” plan aimed at stimulating consumer spending . According to the results of a poll by CSA-Opinion for Le Parisien, 69 percent of the French either “supported” or “had sympathy” for the demonstrations.

In Great Britain [41] strikes are spreading – because Italians and Portuguese workers take British jobs – in spite of a promise by Gordon Brown.
"The discontent among [42] farmers is widespread across the European Union. Most dairy farmers are selling at a loss, below their production costs, so they are rising up and protesting. Worst in Greece and Latvia, where the minister of agriculture has had to resign.
[43] UK-workers-firstEU will  [44] punish employers of illegal labour but not the illegal employees.[45]

UN Secretary-Ban Ki-moon [46] captured the gravest concern (Reuters) "If hundreds of millions of people lose their livelihoods … the human crisis will [47] not remain just economic. "
EU now threatens a [48] trade war on the US for [49] protectionism  –   –  Obama [50] moderating his position on 3 Febr. 2009 .

[51] Eu-valg-plakatBehind all this is the explicit desire to have a corporative [52] world government    –  the European Financial Services Round Table ([53] EFSA) probably  playing a central role. It is a Rothschild club – just as the illuminist-studded board of the European Central Bank , the central banks and their central bank, the[54] BIS. Now the [55] ECB is pushing for macro– and microcontrol of the financial markets.
In spite of  the EU´s increasing [56] lack of money   – Commissioner Ferrero Waldner lavishly [57] grants 149 mio euro to Egypt this year!

The persons who launched the crisis are the ones who claim to be able to solve it – on Rothschild´s premises. "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."  (ascribed to [58] Mussolini. Franklin D. Roosevelt said something similar). Now, on Febr. 13, 2009, the [59] EUObserver writes: “Senior expert groups established by the European Commission to offer policy advice are not transparent, but heavily skewed in favour of big business.”  The EU will not change this. Consequently the EU can be called fascist.  I.e.: We are in a transitional phase from the democratic Old  to the fascist New World Order.



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