Hurrah! No Hell! God Is Politically Correct!

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That something is rotten in the Danish State Church has been clear for a long time.

On. Febr. 17, 2005 the Bishop of Roskilde, Denmark, Jan Lindhardt, invalidated [1] The 10 Commandments - though Christ confirmed every iota of them (Matth. 5:17-21) - and makes  obedience to these commandments according to one´s gifts the definition of being Christian (Johs. 14:15 og 21)!
Now he declares [2] Hell to exist in the psychiatric hospitals and in their depressive clientelel only!

"Hell is just despair and a feeling of meaninglessness before death"  - and does not  fit in with bishop Jan Lindhardts home-made  picture of the all-embracing, tolerant Lutheran image of God. And I have learned that Norwegian bishop-colleagues support him - nay had the idea before him!
According to the oracle of Lindhardt there is by [3] no means any hell after death, God being too tolerant and politically correct for that!

And why should we have Hell after death when this populist Bishop has abolished the concept of sin alongside with the 10 Commandments, assuming like Luther that the certificate of baptism is the great universal indulgence permitting all future sins - no matter what you might please to do? Which must be of great comfort to Hitler and Stalin who were both baptised!

There is just one catch in this delightful Easter message from the Bishop: It is just as home-made as his image of God and his invalidation of the 10 Commandments.
For Christ left no doubt of the horrible reality of Hell, the Inferno, the Gehenna on the day of Judgment (Matth. 25)
"Sure as Hell" - as John Wayne so often said.

Here is a man who seems to disagree with Bishop Jan Lindhardt. He makes the sign of Lucifer again and again - as do his family. For being baptised? they will be saved anyway! He and other illuminists think Lucifer is the good god!!

Of course, it is not allowed to wear clothes with a La Coste crocodile on it, if they are cheap copies  - but some do it nevertheless. Likewise, there are some walking about calling themselves Christians, although they have broken off any connection with the teachings of Christ - nay even call those hypocrites who try to live by those teachings to the best of their ability. This is also misleading trade description!

One just cannot help wondering why a bishop  - and many clergymen - go on calling themselves Christians, considering their home-made attitudes which they call exegesis  as suggested by the atheist theologist,  Rudolf Bultmann. Bultmann suggested every generation to interpret the gospels to its liking. And he was supported by the teachers of Jan Lindhardt: Johs Sløk and K.E. Løgstrup at my University - of Århus. These people educated 2 - 3 generations of atheist clergymen.

What went wrong?
Since 1968 a united effort by  [4] 68´-communists  and   [5] mental hygienics has downgraded the teachings of Christ - their effect reaching far into the state Church. This process was to clear the track for globalisation and its [6] Global Unity Religion. As stated by  [7] Anna Lindh- Foundation director, Traugott Schöfthaler: "We have to create a Euromediterranean area without "them" and "us". As "They", the Muslims, are known to be unable to move an inch away from the Koran there is but one way: The one outlined by the chief of the [8] Danish Centre for Cultural Developmen of the Danish Foreign Ministry in Rabat on June 13, 2005: dismantling our religion and culture in cooperation with The Arab League and ISESCO, the purpose of which is to prevent the integration of Muslims here and to spread Islam to the whole world. Unfortunately this Charter to which I have linked so often has now  been removed from Google!!!
And in this project now comes the State Church to help as dhimmis.

There is apparently no doubt that quite a few disagree with Bishop Lindhardt: Lucifer is not homeles.

According to the invention of the [9] New Age of the New World Order (NWO): viz.the [6] Global Unity Religion , Allah who denies to have a son (Koran sure 4:171, 18:4-5) and will kill any one postulating he has one  (sura 9:5) is the same as the Father of Jesus Christ!!  That is what the main part of the Danish State Church thinks today  - with a few decent exceptions. They think the message of Christ is the same as that of Allah: love thy neighbour! But the divide is between the commandment of the apostle John (2. Letter:7-11), not to take the enemies of Christ home and shelter them. For in that case one "becomes an accomplice to their evil deeds!"   - and Allah´s more radical solution to that problem.

The Danish State Church mainly thinks that son-less Allah is identical with the Father of Christ!!!  But logics becomes even more blurred: How can the bishop expect the ideologists to keep the peace in Paradise, since his politically correct god saves every one - and  there is no Hell for Hitler, Stalin, Nero and all the other bloody ideologists and sadistic murderers- and even the Christians persecuted by them have to go there!!

The riots in Denmark this winter with murders, arsons of cars and property do show that Muslims and Christans or atheists cannot live in the same place - be it Heaven or Hell.

This is confirmed by hateful Muslim assaults against infidel "apes and pigs" (Koran sure 2:62-65, 5:59-60, 7:166) - e.g. because of cartoon "insults" to their prophet. Calling this blasphemy although, in fact, Muhammad time and again stated to be just human - not the cartoonists, but Muslims who use the term blasphemy in this context blaspheme - equalizing Muhammed with Allah (sura 3:64)!
So life after death can in the phantasy world of this arrogant bishop - only be a continuation  of the Hell the globalists and their Globalist Unity Religion -which is no religion, but the tool of the NWO -are creating on Earth. For the imaginary humanist god excludes no bloodthirsty  ideologist from eternal life in this home-made "Heaven". 

And here excluding Christ is simply in the way - now as to the NWO people of those days, the Pharisees: the  [10] Talmud-people wanted and want to [11] put Christ out of the way !!
For just look, what the [12] Jewish Encyclopedia 1943  has to say: "
  The Pharisees´ leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent. The Talmud is the largest and most important single piece of that literature … and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism."

Pharisaism is the spirtual basis of the New World Orders philosophy about them being the masterrace! We are fighting the same obscure forces as Christ did 2000 years ago!

This problem is elegantly solved by the State Church - using the "New Catholic Cathechism", [13] art 841 for a model: Christ is basically superfluous, because also Muslims are saved and come to their home-made, all-embracing, inclusive god, who excludes no one at all." 
So: "Let us get rid of the 10 Commandments and Hell". For then the teachings of Christ are annihilated!!!

Whereby the State Church immediately confronts Islam which refers all us non-Muslims like Bishop Lindhardt to - Hell on the Judgment Day.
So, Bishop Lindhardt, you want to abolish Hell after death to have all rascals of this Earth united and avoid conceptual confusion about what might be Heaven and what Hell. "As below - so above" as the luciferian supporters of the New World Order say. How can you bear that for all eternity?
You do leave me with the impression that what you imagine after death as Heaven is really Hell, the existence of which you thereby confirm!

The antique Pharisees did not put Christ out of the way - nor destroy the validity of his Heaven and Hell. Nor will modern Pharisees succeed with their primitive "modernisation"

Above: The front picture of the Shroud of Turin from The [14] Shroud of Turin Website. a 3-dimensional photographic negative on 1. century quality linen from the immediate neighbourhood of Jerusalem (pollen). Known since 1356, i.e. 500 years before the invention of photo technique. No similar photos are known. The image formation is due to gentle  chemical  action to the most superficial fibrils of the most superficial fibers - but in a manner so as to also create a [15] faint 3-dimensional picture on the outermost fibrils of the outer side of the cloth as well- leaving the intermediate fibrils intact! No  one has been able to account for the formation of this photo! There is genuine blood on it. Roman [16] lepta-coins (from the year 29 A.D.) -photos are seen on the [17] eyelids.

The Shroud has been examined by all branches of science and [18] declared to be genuine by them.
A C-14 analysis in 1988 referring the shroud to 1260-1390 A.D. is surrounded by incredibly much lack of scientific professionalism, bribery and secrecy.  Scientific protocols were pushed aside and the leader of the project, Dr. Tite of the British Museum received on Good friday, 1989, [19] 1 mill. British pounds from anonymos admirers as as well as a professorship at Oxford in recognition for his result.

And the advisor of the Archbishop of Turin, [20] prof. Gonella said, that [20] the Church had been blackmailed  by a strong group of persons, which did not want the Shroud to be investigated  - and that the C-14 investigation was a mess.

Shroud research workers agree that the secretively taken and analysed samples from1988 were not derived from the original Shroud - and demand a new C-14 test under scientific control! This is constantly denied by the Catholic Church. Is the strong group of people who can force a cardinal and the Pope to hyping the Club of Rome? which certainly does not want its multicultural globalist dialogue to stop because of the proof of the resurrection of Christ.

[21] Pope John Paul II said in 1998: This 53-day long exposition is the providential occasion for a happy encounter, in the joy of Easter and in the certitude of the Resurrection of true Catholics, new apostles, holy women and disciples of Emmaus with their Lord and Master Jesus Christ, present under the species and appearances of His Body, His Blood and His human aspect, preserved down the centuries by His holy, adoring and loving Church." and he continued: "this pilgrimage to view the Body of Christ, this adoration of the Shroud in which Jesus was buried"
According to van Haelst  the  [20] Cardinal  of Turin, Ballestrero, (who took part in the cutting of the C-14 sample ) said in an interview with the German Newspaper,”Die Welt”  on Sept. 5, 1997  ”In my opinion the Shroud of Turin is genuine. The C-14 analysis seems to have been made without  the due care!"

Therefore - and in spite of Bishop Jan Lindhardt - there is still hope of an Islam-free time after death!

A happy Easter season! For Christ is something quite different from e.g. Muhammad.

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