Dismantling the Old World Order I. Funeral Feast at the New World Economical Forum. Globalism Is Painful Chaos

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Globalism has been preparing to break down the old world order of national states since after the 2. world war: the European Coal and Steel Union developing into the supranational EU, the [1] 68-revolution and the disastrous [2] Mental Hygiene supported by Rockefeller. See [3] Albert Pike's letter to Mazzini.

TheTelegraph 6 Febr 2009 The strongest protests against protectionism came from the World Economic Forum in Davos.
And who was in Davos? Politicians, economists, public investment and central bankers who got us into this mess.

[4] British workersWho profits from this?
"It feels as if the benefits accrue to the men in Davos, and the bill goes to men at Lindsey. Globalization was to be a free market enterprise, but it feels like a conspiracy of the rich and powerful. The crisis makes the poor poorer and weaker feel terribly vulnerable. They can not save and they can not borrow, and in increasing numbers, they can not work. The political system is not within their reach. What do they do?

When asked "What do you think was the effective solution to the Great Depression - in 1930?" several responded "the war".
If true, it helps to explain why Hitler and Mussolini appeared as a saviors to millions of people.

What most annoys people about Gordon Brown is that he promises to produce "British jobs for British workers," although it is clear that he can not because of EU legislation.


One way for politicians to obtain forgiveness would be to ensure the coherence of the British society by ensuring that immigration is much more strictly controlled. Since 1997, our average net immigration more than tripled, to about 200,000 a year. The government's plan is that it should continue at this level.
The load and the cost in terms of social services, health services, language problems, crime, terrorism and schools have made the people feel that the economic benefits are illusions and social costs too high."


Corrupt New World Order aritstocracy
[5] Global Res. 8 Febr. 2009 Any discussion of a rational attempt to find a solution to the economic crisis runs immediately into the ferocious opposition of this elite. Similarly, in the 18th century the aristocracy of the French regime precipitated a financial crisis through its avarice and wars. When the aristocracy convened the Estates General in 1789, it was to demand that the Third Estate, the commoners, bail the aristocracy out of the crisis of their own making. This triggered the [6] (illuminist) French revolution.

Yesterday it came to light that Leon Panetta, Obama’s nominee for chief of the Central Intelligence Agency, took home more than $1 million last year through payments from corporations. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have also used their political connections to make millions from the same financial elite.
Obama knows very well that when he leaves office he will be able to make millions of dollars, as Bill Clinton, and countless other leading politicians have done. Obama´s career was taken into hand early on by leading financial and political figures in Chicago. At this point it is necessary to destroy the political and economic power of the financial aristocracy, a revolutionary movement.


The purpose of our suffering is World Government
“[7] Global governance can be defined as "a complex of formal and informal institutions, mechanisms, relationships and processes between and among states, markets, citizens and organizations, both inter-and non-governmental, through which collective interests on the global level are articulated, rights and obligations provided,  inconsistencies brokered.". [8] This is what the World Economic Forum, Davos (WEF) stands for. [8] Its founder and chairman, Klaus Schwab, is a Bilderberger (2003).

The Danish Prime Minister[10] Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Parliament on 4 June 2008:
It is my understanding that since 27 November 2001 I have been invited to the Bilderberg Meetings and other events of an informal nature, eg. the Economic Forum at Davos,…., because I am prime minister.


Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, 35 years old and about to become the richest of them all. In five short years he, the coming 5. Baron Rothschild, is close to becoming a billionaire. In 2005 he was appointed "a [11] young global leader" by the WEF

[12] Global Research 3 Feb 2009:Annually Davos becomes headquarters of the world's power elite to meet and review the past achievements, challenges and prospects for greater use of world markets, resources and people everywhere. In other words, spending money to create more of it for himself, of course. Charles Goodhart's, a former senior official of the Bank of England was pessimistic: "The [13] only people who can act, the nation states. I think that the crisis has set globalism and world federalism far back."

Or has it?

World_Economic_Forum_logo_svgThe [14] World Economic Forum (WEF)  calls itself "an independent international organization that is committed to improving the situation in the world by leaders in partnerships forming global, regional and industry agendas. "It is aimed at "world-governance (see dominance)." Its motto is "entrepreneurship" in the global public interest (read the top 1%)." This year's theme is "Shaping the World after the Crisis" - a tall order, given what they have been guilty of - namely, to lead the world into a catastrophic depression.

Who are the participants
Its five-day meeting in 2009 attracted over 2500 participants from 91 countries, including more than 1,170 CEOs and chairmen from the world's most powerful corporations. Others included 219 public figures, 40 state, 64 ministers, and various other high-level from industry, government, think tanks, media, academic, religious, organizational, and EU officials. Significantly different, according to Bloomberg, "was the actual lack of Wall Street figures" and the top of the Obama administration.

[15] Clinton-davos2This man, Bill Clinton, was the launch of subprime mortgages – the collapse of which  collapse started the current economic crisis. Nevertheless, he delivered a speech in 2009 in Davos - unblushingly.

The Wall Street Journal reported that "Prime ministers of Russia and China condemned the U.S. economic system and held it responsible for the global economic crisis."

U.S. officials did not comment, but former Fed vice-chairman Alan Blinder said: "We have really pulled the world down" economically."

Regional secretary for the trade union, Unia, Geneva, Alessandro Pelizzari, spoke for many when he said: "100,000 have lost their jobs in Europe this week. And those responsible are at Davos."

[16] Bernanke

Global Research 4 Feb 2009:  G8 central- bank governors attended with the exception of the U.S. Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke, presumably to avoid being rolled in tar and feathers.

"Critics ask whether those who have been part of the problem may be part of the solution." Schneider came out of the problem as to insist: "Yes, it is the only way to find the solution." It never occurred to him that the culprits might better serve the "global public interest" behind bars, stripped of their wrongful gains.

[17] Joseph.StiglitzEx-World Bank economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz advised the British government to let the whole banking system collapse to build a well regulated system from scratch under temporary state control.

 World Government of economy called for
The debate on the nationalization of banks led to a discussion on the need for a new "Sheriff" to monitor global financial markets. It shows how far the global elite have had to change along the ideological spectrum, because of the crisis.

Giving the [18] IMF, World Bank  or the [19] Bank of International Settlements greater authority would be putting the fox to guard the chickens.

[20] Brown-synker

What about comprehensive bail-outs?
[21] Bloomberg February 7, 2009 Ten days ago, the IMF lowered its estimate of world economic growth this year to 0.5 percent, the weakest pace since the Second World War. Stimulus packages around the world will not succeed to drag the global economy out of recession, if confidence in the banking system is not restored , said Strauss-Kahn.
IMF and similar institutions are unable to tackle the global financial crisis because their resources can not keep up with demand, said the former World Bank President, Paul Wolfowitz, 4th febr 2009.


George Soros said at the WEF 2009 in Davos that the financial system from now on is on "artificial life support." ([22] Reuters 28 January 2009)
Has the media reminded us of speculations like the ones George Soros made when he first cracked the British pound in 1992 and then in 1997 devastated Southeast Asia's economies? No - the new world order criminals [23] dominate  [23] the obedient media, blaming much smaller fish. And yet - trillions of dollars have changed owners - they were not destroyed. But who are the happy owners today?
Here you can read more about this Rothschild-tool, George Soros' criminal deeds - even being a [24] partner of the bin Laden family

Has the media even suggested the fortunes that can really create a global financial crisis as it happened in [25] 1929  - even granted by the Fed - the House of Rothschild, which in 1997 owned up to [26] $ 491,409.0 trillion dollars compared with a U.S. GDP of 8 trillion dollars - with Rothschild's U.S. agent, [27] JP Morgan , who has benefited from all bank bail-outs (the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers) - or the Rockefellers´ mindboggling wealth? No - for it is they who dominate our media. 

Even in the temple of globalism, Davos, they seem to know that the national state is the guarantor against chaos - however that does not stop them from undermining it with all their might.




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