Building the World State XIX. Tottering Don EU Quijote Goes to War For World Climate Domination

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We have now [1] seen[1] how the EU in conspiracy with the Club of Rome manipulates us by holy and indisputable methods: 1. communism 2. multiculturalism 3. sustainability 4. consensus – all subservient to their goal: the corporate world state. This endeavour comprises all aspects of world government , and[2] here  – but climate and ecology in particular.

[3] DanielCohnBenditIn the end we are becoming so brainwashed as to believe anything the media and its master minds want us to believe.  After intensive work by the New World Order´s faithful soldiers, the 1968 [4] Frankfurt School disciples [4] and Rockefeller´s Mental hygiene over the last 40 years in particular, this art has developed into perfection.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit was a leader of the 1968 revolution. Today he is an MEP!!

So, who owns our media?
See this [5] video: In 1917 J.P. Morgan , Rothschild´s US agent, ordered an examination of what to do in order to control the daily newspaper policy of the US. Answer: It is sufficient to own the 25 biggest newspapers. Which he then bought so they could be controlled by the [6] Council on Foreign Relations!! What they do is to manipulate us – and European media largely follow those of the US. According to former US presidency candidate, Senator [7] Barry Goldwater , the David Rockefeller Clique: the leaders of Council on Foreign Relations and the [8] Trilateral Commission dominate the biggest media. That their [9] Jewish ilk owns Finland´s media is documented here.

These people don´t just misinform and disinform us. They twist the news according to their New World Order Agenda. They are being paid for it, they have been Tavistock [10] brainwashed  to do it – no one having an advanced position in the US without having been [11] Tavistock brainwashed.

Al Gore is the climate prophet for sustainability, consensus - and [12] personal gain! [13]

[14] Al-gore-2“Former US vice-president, [13] Al Gore, in the US senate, has raised strong doubts about the European Union's ability to give global leadership, particularly on climate change - an area where the EU prides itself as setting an example to others…he said during a testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on tackling climate change.

"I think the United States is the only nation that can lead the world". Referring to global warming, he said: "This is the one challenge that could completely end human civilization."

During the same hearing, Republican staffers handed out a [15] statement contending that there are "significant objections" to claims about climate change. The document, which did not name Gore, said there is "a continued international outpouring of skeptical scientists" along with research "to refute warming fears."
[16] EU Referendum on 5 Febr. documents the temperature measurements in Antarctis are severely skewed, the sensors being buried in the warming snow - falsifying arguments of a catastrophically warming Antarctis as forwarded by e.g. the UN Secretary General !!

[17] Dimas you control climate changeWhat does the climate guru of the EU – Commissioner [18] Stavros Dimassay? “It is clear that Europe is leading the fight against climate change. But while we are leading, we do not want to lead alone”

Don Quixote-EU is setting out to fight phantoms.
We really will deliver a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20% share  for renewable energy, and a 20% boost to energy efficiency.
We have after all [18] committed ourselves to 30 per cent reductions in case of an international agreement.

EU-Climate change [19] proposals for the global climate change agreement in Copenhagen
[20] Arktisk-is-1.febr.2009


On the northern [21] hemisphere there is historically much snow and no warming on Febr. 2, 2009  


To limit temperature rise to less than 2 ° C, the developing countries will need much more money from the industrialized countries. The Commission's proposals include the creation of an OECD-wide CO2 market by 2015, and innovative international financing opportunities.

Significant private and public investment is needed. This will, however, cause significantly lower costs than a continuation of the destructive unrestrained climate change!

The European Economical Stimulus Programme and similar measures taken worldwide to curb the economic crisis offer opportunities to promote low-CO2 investments necessary to encourage investment and stimulate growth, innovation and employment factors.

However, further funding opportunities have to be found for an agreement to be reached in Copenhagen.
In order to reduce emissions by 2020 according to independent estimates approximately 175 billion Euros extra per year must be invested worldwide.

Global CO2 Market

The EU should try to build an OECD-wide CO2 market by 2015. By 2020, the largest emerging markets should be  included, so that a long-term global CO2 market appears.

This totally unnecessary combating CO2 is going to be enormously expensive
It is possible to maintain global warming below 2°C at an overall cost of less than 1% of global GDP if swift action is taken across different sectors, a [22] study published yesterday (26 January) by consulting firm McKinsey shows.

The consulting firm estimates that €530 billion will need to be invested across the world by 2020 to reduce emissions to 70% below "business as usual" and avoid dangerous levels of global warming. Overall, €810 billion would need to be invested by 2030 to to avoid such a scenario, the external report adds.

Hell awaits us, if we don´t give our [15] money to Al Gore, David Rockefeller and Rothschild now at once.
Eco Solutions 28. Jan, 2009 Suggesting that the planet will soon reach an irreversible "tipping point" of damage to the climate, former Vice President Al Gore told members of Congress on Wednesday that the United States needs to join international talks on a treaty.

Senator John Kerry: Frankly, the science is screaming at us." "Such technology represents an enormous opportunity for United States exports," Lugar said.”

Comment: [23] Al-gore-i-sne-1.majAnd that is the bait, of course: Occupation in times of recession paid through extra taxes– the story of the hungry dog eating its own tail
What a smart trick! In order to lure people into swallowing this enormous New World order tax the i[24] lluminists  present it as a great opportunity for their slaves amid the big economical crisis which they have also made so as to steal our money, pensions, jobs etc!!!

The EU hails this trick as a wonder drug
[25] European Parliament 27 Jan 2009
Many see an opportunity amid the crisis - investment in green technologies to boost jobs!!
Last December the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon called for a new "Green New Deal" to kick start the global economy

[26] EurActiv 2 Febr. 2009 : Creating new jobs and greening the economy will be among the key campaign messages of the centre-right European People's Party (EPP) for the EU elections next June,
Such investment will boost employment and economic growth, while positioning Europe as a world leader in new innovative sector.

But not for the sake of climate – heavy industry being [27] exempted:  Euractiv 27 Jan. 2009: Fears that tighter controls on CO2 emissions in Europe will drive factories to relocate abroad has led the EU to grant sweeping exemptions for industries deemed to be at risk. Aluminium, steel, iron and cement producers are likely to benefit from the preferential regime.

In the US the Obama Administration has launched a "Recovery and Reinvestment Plan" which ….they hope will create "green" jobs.

Quotations from the EU Parliament: "If we invest now we can safeguard the jobs of tomorrow." "investment, jobs, salaries, consumption and saving our planet are all synonymous".
"A modern-day John Maynard Keynes would put people back to work installing solar panels and wind generators on every house in Europe, fostering innovation and providing jobs simultaneously."
 "The environment is not a problem for the economy but the key to the solution for Europe's economic woes!!

But how can this tax and duty plundering satisfy empoverished and [28] rebellious peoples?
EurActiv Jan 29, 2009 

French voters: almost 70% are sympathetic towards the mass-protests.

[29] Fransk-strejkeRonald Janssen, an economist at the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), told EurActiv that social unrest across Europe will "intensify" and is likely to mushroom into an "explosion" as the economic crisis escalates (Here is a [30] video from France showing he is right).

The collapse of Iceland´s government was precipitated by weeks of angry protests in Reykjavik. Indeed, following last year's tumultuous riots in Greece (EurActiv 11/12/08), anti-government riots having taken place in Bulgaria, Latvia and Lithuania. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, president of the International Monetary Fund, warned in late 2008 that "social unrest may happen in many countries, including advanced economies," as a result of the crisis.

"This is not sustainable for public finances, so you have to cut social security.” 

As a result, the combined effects of mass unemployment, collapsing social security systems and heightening social unrest could herald a "major collapse.”

[31] Times Online 1 Febr. 2009: But of course, there is always an alternative solution: Couples who have more than two children are being “irresponsible” by creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the government’s green adviser Jonathon Porritt, who chairs the government’s Sustainable Development Commission has warned. He says each baby born in Britain will, during his or her lifetime, burn carbon roughly equivalent to 2½ acres of old-growth oak woodland - an area the size of Trafalgar Square. So why does the [32] EU Commission recommend "Make love - not CO2"?
Crazy? In [33] The UK school children are being brainwashed to be green, so that they can educate their parents at home - demanding fines e.g. when room temperature exceeds 20 degrees C etc.

So we are the ones not to have more children  – so that we can import the very procreative Muslims – until we can no longer provide for them! 
The entire project seems characterized as a communist redistribution of the goods of the world from the industrialized to the underdeveloped peoples. For the real significance of the climate humbug is a bid for world governance – even at the cost of economical sustainability – for where are the 175 bn euro to come from – if not as extra taxes?  In this context it is reassuring to see that no agreement as to the leadership between the US and the EU exists. Today´s Don Quixotes lance is the climate creed.

Will they succeed? Increasing European riots to economic woes may lead the peoples to ask: “Why do we have to pay so much money to prevent a global warming when we actually are freezing in an unusually cold winter – and when more and more scientists protest against the climate blackmailing – and thus show that all this “consensus” talk is nothing but a lie? Why should we believe in this economic sustainability rubbish when we see that the people launching it are [34] fraudulent  eurocrats and bankers who are pushing us into disaster? Why shall we go on paying more than 30% of our state budgets ([35] Sweden  and [36] Denmark to unskilled, unemployed Muslim immigrants who “thank” us by raping our infidel girls and killing us in our streets  – behaving like hostile occupants of “no-go-zones” for native Europeans?

All this might influence even rabid MEPs, who have just published a [37] report demanding even an EU-foreign policy on climate policy to be included in every political area!!! involving all ambassadors to be "climate-ambassadors"
However, MEP Rebecca Harms questions the unity behind this report hinting at the EU´s weak role at [38] Poznan, where member states watered down their ambitions.

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