Margot Wallström on EU-Climate Programme: Only Hope is left!

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Annoyed and offended persons may reveal things that the EU would never tell us. Is this what Ms [1] Margot Wallström, EU Commission 1. Vice-president and supreme in charge of communication, did on March 8, 2008 in Copenhagen? After professing the compulsory bogus credo of the Club of Rome: “We have reached the tipping point. And today even the US Government recognises that climate change is man made and happening,” she continued: ” Climate change grows and evolves on a daily basis. Meaning that from one day to the other, ideas we thought were solutions turn out to cause new problems. We have - for instance - unknowingly woken up a Golem (monster) created from biofuels...”
The EU is not infallible!! Wow, who would ever expect such a confession from the Parnassus in Brussels?

But how , then, about the 20 – or possibly 30% reduction of CO2-emission by 2020?

For it comes worse: Wallström places a bomb beneath the best tool of the EU and the New World Order to create its world state: Climate controlling.
“This week the director of the Rome-based World Food Program - Josette Sheeran - reported that skyrocketing food and fuel costs have caused a 500 million dollar shortfall in the agency's 2008 budget of totally 2,9 $billion. And we are only in March. It is extremely serious. The relief agency feeds almost 89 million people in 78 nations, including 58.8 million children. Josette Sheeran blames the booming economies of China and India, bad harvests and droughts… but the key factor is the growing demand for biofuels in the EU and the US.

Last year over 100 million tons of cereals were diverted to the production of biofuels – ethanol.

Global food reserves are now at their lowest level in 30 years. Over 100 million people in the world cannot afford the price of corn and wheat. In the world's poorest and least developed countries food prices have increased on average by 30% only this year.

It is clear that we cannot allow a continued production of ethanol based on cereal bio-mass. What we see today is only the tip of the ice-berg. A shift from first to second generation bio-fuels is now a matter of global security. This example and so many other alarming trends spell out six aspects that I think will be imperative to our planning:
1. as a chief principle Climate Change policies must be developed and agreed in a global multilateral framework.
2. the social dimension of sustainable development - the millennium development goals - has to be factored into the climate change agenda, or we will fail miserably.
3. we don't need to wait for the hydrogen society to arrive – we already have technology, the knowledge and the economy to address the technological side of climate change. An example is cellulose based methanol (second generation bio-fuels) which is an excellent fuel for fuel cells.
Comment: Cellulose is also derived from wood. Strong environmental forces are fighting the  felling of the rain forests referring to them producing the oxygen we breathe. So, the EU is producing yet another Golem.
4. we need democracy (which the EU has always told us was the main characteristic of the EU!!!) in the sense that there is no way Governments can fix this alone – therefore a post-Kyoto agreement must include hands-on tools for business actors and citizens/consumers.
5. it will require a strong leadership to mobilize actors like China and India – without having them onboard we will fail…
6. Hope. We actually have reasons to be optimistic as we already today have the necessary knowledge, technique and economy to fight the climate change.

But there is hope, of course!

Ms Wallström praises the EU package to reduce EU – emission, forgetting that biofuel plays a very important part of it!

But she has more hope for us:

"Not the inefficient – and [2] unnecessary – EU package, but female consumers are now to determine the Earth´s temperature: Climate democracy!
” But let me finish by making a point that I think is systematically overlooked in the debate on climate change and sustainable development… democracy!!  As world citizen's it will be our level of knowledge, our daily actions, choices and outspoken demands on products, companies and politicians that will determine the temperature… Therefore, this discussion should not only be for a small elite of politicians, business people and experts – who usually are male… 

That’s why a new multilateral agreement must provide tools, not only for Governments but also for citizens and business.
This idea based on track two diplomacy is a key driver behind an internet based project that I am hosting together with Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former Norwegian Prime Minister, and Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland.

The only honest woman in the EU I have heard of so far was sacked from her job as Chief Accountant to the EU Commission for denying to cooperate in fraud! Her name is [3] Marta Andreasen.

The project is called the "Road to Copenhagen" (World Climate Congress 2009) and it is about developing tools and giving as many people as possible a voice in the UN negotiations – in particular women. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my key message.
In the end, there can be no sustainable development without an equitable development and there can be no equitable development without gender equality… We must once and for all recognize that sustainable development and climate change - global security… cannot be effectively discussed or achieved with the involvement of only half of humanity. The challenges we face will require the energies of both women and men – I call it climate democracy."

[4] Margot Wallström is fed up with the EU
1. She wanted to publish the Reform Constitutional Lisbon Treaty before it it was signed in Dec. 2007. She was not allowed to. 2. She complains of the EU being a mens´s business, where the other [5] EU-illuminists Tony Blair, Carl Bildt,and Bertie Ahern etc. do the clandestine horse-trading already taking place behind closed doors to decide who will fill the new high-profile positions of EU Foreign Minister and full-time President of the European Council. Women are excluded from the high posts in the EU according Ms Wallström. 3. She is being sneered at by the EU VIPs because of her lack of a university education.

This is  incredible: First the EU  passes  a very very expensive CO2-control programme in spite  of serious  researchers´ stating the climate change is due to solar  activity and has nothing to do with  green house gases, whatsoever. Scientists have told the EU that  even 20 times higher CO2 in the air than we have today was accompanied by glacial ages.
Then even the  EU finds out that their biofuel programme is a disaster: Ethanol is being produced for cars which cannot  tolerate so much  booze. Whereupon they find that their  biofuel production already has brought about  a 30% rise in  food prices - and that 100 million people cannot afford to buy  wheat and corn flour!!! All because they strive to reduce temperature increase  of the air by 0,02 centigrades by 2050!!! Although they believe (unfounded) in 2 centigrades.

But they go on passing the bill to us: Their [6] ETS CO2-trading is very lucrative. They maintain it reduces temperature. But in the end the consumers have to pay for this new tax of the New World Order. Seeing that this whole bogus does not work they have but hope left - the hope that household women will be wiser than old male Eurocrats.

Now, is this just the speech of a frustrated woman?
Eurocrats are too smart to show emotions. This speech seems to me to be a link in the chain of bogeys held up to us by the New World Order (NWO) in order to make us realize that we cannot survive without their world state: Unnecessarily fighting natural "climate changes" like Don Quixote,  making the ETS  (European CO2 Trading System) an invisible NWO tax,
telling us, this is all of no avail, unless we link the construction of the social pattern of the world to them!!! NATO has been made the UN police force. And they have abandoned us to a very hostile Islamic invasion -  which they even support by all means! What do they want next?

This is a model of the old Hegelian-illuminist strategy: 1.Thesis: Make a problem ("climate change")  2. Antithesis: Fight the problem (famine) 3. Synthesis: Step towards the saviour, the world state (Take over of Social policy by the NWO - with the blessing of the unsuspecting masses).

It is not only incredible. It is a mega-scandal, which is being magnified by the fact that our media have left this unmentioned, as far as I know.

In my next post I shall enter upon the source of these mad ideas: The Club of Rome. 



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