It doesn´t matter if a statement is a lie – the art consists in making the audience believe it is true. And the audience does when the lie is repeated often enough! See this video .

One such  lie is the Climate lie, and here and here  and here and here and here, the fraudsters behind the New World Order gaining enormous sums on their bluff.

Eu-flag Club-of-rome-logoIn  2 articles I shall show you a manual of  manipulation  which I suppose you will never forget! For the EU is behind it in cooperation with Rockefeller´s Club of Rome!

But first a few quotations by the Club of Rome

The new multicultural man created by Club of Rome: “Humanity is therefore confronted with a pressing need to create and develop a vision of the future, of a new civilization, enriched by the diversity of cultures, wisdom and philosophies derived from the various regions of the world.”
Here are some of the present and past  Members of that Club 

Club-of-rome-integrationIn a report titled “The First Global Revolution”  published by the Club of Rome, a globalist think tank, there is  the following statement by co-founder Alexander King, former OECD Secretary General for Education and Science  and co-founder of the Club of Rome: "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.” E.g. Rademacher (from p.50) advocates an eco-tax (CO2-trading e.g)  for  creating a  socially, culturally, and ecologically sustainable world at the cost of economic growth in the West.

Nothing escapes this tidal wave of the New Order that carries all before it" (Club of Rome Declaration)

The Club of Rome is propagating its New World Order sustainability teachings through Club of Rome Schools , for instance.

Apart from money – the real motive is world government 
Vaclav-klausPresident Vaclav Klaus of Czechia said: Future dangers will not come from the same source (communism) . The ideology will be different. Its essence will, nevertheless, be identical – the attractive, pathetic, at first sight noble idea that transcends the individual in the name of the common good, and the enormous self-confidence on the side of its proponents about their right to sacrifice man and his freedom in order to make this idea to reality. What I have in mind is, of course, environmentalism and its currently strongest version, climate alarmism.
I may also add “and our prosperity."

Mr. Klaus even said environmentalism  implies impending world governance, about what to do with mankind. And he thinks it all started with Limits to Growth (by the Club of Rome)  He thinks we are selling our sovereignty video.

Sweden seems to have been the cradle of of this New World Order environmentalism instigated by Rockefeller´s Club of Rome,  (website).

HEARING at the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT  Under the Patronage of Mme Nicole Fontaine,

President of the European Parliament, May 2, 2001, An excerpt:

Muslime-schweizMuslim-ballade-Germany 1First the paper suggests a communist redistribution of income  - at a global level including a citizens´ pay worldwide - paid by the rich countries – adopted as an energy tax by the 2005 Bilderberg Meeting (Daniel Estulin ).

Then it advocates multiculturalism to promote trade and emphasizes the important roles of media education and training of professionals and users of new services:“Member states are called upon to examine ways of sustaining and promoting cultural and linguistic diversity in the new global environment, at all levels; Member states are urged to sustain and promote cultural diversity, in line with the relevant Council of Europe instruments.


“The history of how today’s broad based support for sustainable development in Sweden and it’s spread to other countries has to do with how social movements are created and sustained.


The purpose of this paper is to relate some of what the organization The Natural Step  (TNS, a Non-Governmental Organization [NGO] for Sustainable Development) has learned about building societal movements towards sustainability.

Social context: Popular opinion places Sweden as one of those countries re-known for being "neat."
In 2004 the TNS was sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers´ Fund 


TNS-Karl-henrik-robertSweden 1988: endless debate  …made many people sick and tired of the green movement. One TNS author working with cells launched a consensus building process amongst some of Sweden' s top scientists regarding sustainability: “What can we agree on?”


TNS-Framework founder Karl-Henrik Robert

Scientific colleagues merged forces to do their best. Imagining that if a society could share the same principles for sustainability, like when identifying the rules of a family game that everyone could enjoy playing together, then it could take on the challenge of sustainable development.

Due to the complexity of trying to predict threshold levels in nature, and of time delays, and scale problems, scientists were and still are incapable of agreeing with any certainty what specific details the future may entail.

The scientific consensus process yielded several benefits that would continue to serve as societal drivers towards sustainability. The most touted is the first consensus document, which roughly outlines the way in which the cycles of nature work, how they are being disturbed, and that society will eventually pay prices for this economically, socially and ecologically.

The Launch

This cancer scientist began to recruit the necessary players in order to spread the news to a slightly larger audience- the entire Swedish population. Momentum was created in a step-by-step process, recruiting more scientists, then entertainers, then Swedish television, the government, and eventually the Swedish King. This was enough for the sponsors to hop on board. As a result, a thirty-seven-page booklet emblazoned with Det Naturliga Steget (The Natural Step) and an audiocassette was mailed to every household in Sweden, 4.3 million copies.


TNS consciously uses a series of pedagogical techniques to recruit people into collaboration. In this case the consensus process ran based on the social technologies of asking for advice, and asking “then what?” By asking for advice, people, and in particular academics, find it much more appealing to engage.


At around the same time as this process, the global attitude towards environmental issues began to change. In 1992 the UNCED took place in Rio, a widespread sense of alarm followed.


Ikea-flag_polesIn Sweden, The Natural Step is one of the key players in putting the environment squarely on the societal radar screen, and is by many people believed to be the main driver behind the warming up of business: IKEA, Electrolux, Scandic Hotels, Swedish McDonald’s, all major supermarket chains, construction companies and other forerunners utilized The Natural Step Framework and took a stance as role models. Not surprisingly, this supported market changes, and also altered many corporate standpoints. Businesses (in Sweden) say that customer attitudes and values became a major issue.

Larger segments of society began to get involved. As mentioned earlier, business also increased their engagement.


Various new TNS activities that sought new and strategic social engagement and public education sprung up due to motivated individuals: the Environmental and Challenger trains (mobile educational and marketing trains that covered the country), the King’s Challenge (a tri-annual competition for the best eco-municipality), the Youth Parliament for the Environment

(an annual TV broadcast event that engages around 50,000 students), and more and more municipalities.
Another outcome was the number of self-organized professional networks for the environment. These groups ranged in size from thirty to hundreds of people, and represented most major professions: scientists, engineers, doctors, nurses, etc.

Academia, industry and informed actors produced a series of consensus documents.


In her doctoral thesis, Hilary Bradbury cites the TNS pedagogy as being crucial for the initial recruitment into the consensus process, and for creating an “attractive conversation”.

Lieb´s+GanzerlAt the risk of losing the desired aspect of this societal momentum, the general proactive feeling in society, something had to be done.

The Natural Step Framework complements that, since core values are  about sharing an overall and relatively neutral principle understanding of the societal (global) dimension of social and ecological responsibility, TNS fits comfortably with most peoples' values (a sustainable future), without imposing a foreign morality on any individual. Interviews show that TNS' approach of engaging people on a value-neutral, intellectually solid platform, and then letting them fill in the rest, was another crucial element in allowing people and companies to approach and enter the dialogue without getting suspicious.

To help business plan for success, it is useful to define backcasting: one first defines success in the future on the principle level, and
then makes step by step plans to reach that goal. This is in fact the definition of a strategy. We coach them in applying the rules and playing this new game. (I.e. not achieved results – but mastering the methods  mean success, e.g. reduce CO2 - not necessarily global warming!) .


Ark of hopeWhen all employees in the entire organization were educated in the Framework the corporate culture has improved: morale, communication, a sense of purpose outside oneself and one's bank account.

“Ark of Hope of the Gaia cult around the Earth Charter” – When people can agree on something they act together – towards a world state if the madness has universal appeal.


By relying on self-selection, we increase the chances of meeting an organization that is ready for the process of change. Furthermore, there are already plenty of experts out there who do change management and consulting; our job is to have them share the same framework.

The more companies and organizations we succeed with, the more good case studies there are to show prospective change agents.

Firms begin to reach consensus themselves and to take public stands.


A movement is definitely underway, and like a wave approaching Manipulationshore, it is only a matter of time before it breaks. There are more leaders around than we believe, but we don’t see, whilst thehidden leaders” forge ahead in sustainable development.


Commercial, economic, social, and political forces stand a better chance of alignment and positive interference - creating the tsunami for social change.”

I am speechless. This is the greatest act of contempt I have met with in my study of the New World Order! But we here see the strongest weapon of the New World Order: Manipulation of us ignorant, contemptible underlings to be chased into the corporative dictatorship of the illuminists The climate religion is their most efficient tool to corrupt the fools which they are so insolent as to write.

The concept of sustainability can also be applied to the other functions of their world government, like economy, multiculture.

Besides, this document emphasizes  "neatness" as the precondition for the success of the New World Order attack. This "neatness" was created by means of Rockefeller´s Mental Hygiene.