“The Climate Movement Is Dangerous New Ideology directed against Freedom”

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[1] Czech President[1] , Vaclav Klaus: “The climate protection movement embodies a new ideology. Amazing that exactly Mrs. (German Federal Chancellor Angela) Merkel represents this. She has lived in a socialist society herself, you know. She knows the danger which is associated with such ideologies that are directed against freedom."  

The EU worries about its unpopularity. So 1. Vice President of the EU-Commission and responsible  for communication, Margot Wallström, rightfully feels she has done a bad job. She wants to be popular and democratic -and to disclaim the responsibility for not having informed us about the Euromediterranean/Eurabian Project, e.g. Now she sees an opportunity to profile herself in a positive manner:The climate change, which the EU announces as life-threatening to the planet - and sees as a fabulous goldmine, selling - nothing  - at fancy prices. Now, of course, she does not want to spoil this business by having sceptic citizens critcize her. Therefore, she adresses civil society, which agree with her. I.e. lobbyists like feudal governments, employers, trade unionists, businesses, well-paid loyal NGOs. In an attempt to set the agenda on the blogosphere, the EU has launched the blog "euractiv blog". 

Green EU blog
Besides, she has issued an [2] environmental blog, for civil society comments “which will be considered at the upcoming world climate conference on Bali Dec. 3-14”. The initiative, entitled 'Road to Copenhagen 2009: Your role in a post-2012 climate agreement', was launched on November 6. Here, where civil society and the few ordinary citzens knowing about the existence of "euractive blogs"  green recess-blog can make their comments. The latter will be considered just as much  as “the agenda of the citizens” after the French and Dutch No to the Constitutional Treaty - viz. not at all!. And as much as she and the Danish Prime Minister considered the harsh criticism on their blogs after the passing of the Reform Treaty in Lisbon 2007: Not a comment from Wallström. nor from the Prime Minister. Or as when I asked the reason for her and EU’s silence on the Eurommediterranean Project and the removal of our culture through the [3] Anna Lindh Foundation  and the [4] Danish Center for Culture and Development: She crimsoned and did not answer.

But now she can truly say:”We are democratic. We listen to "Civil Society" - even to the ordinary mob!” Of course she should add: “But anyway, we proceed with our own plans, which the stupid mob do not understand.” As expressed by President Sarkozy: “The Europeans are too dangerous for our Europe to be entrusted with referenda!"

Supporters of the green EU blog 

Multicultural Gro Harlem Brundtland

Now Wallström has allied herself with two spectacular , globalistic ladies: 1. Gro Harlem Brundtland, whose report 1987 started the whole climate religion through the magic Words “sustainable development“ , thus empowering the UN-step towards controlling world economy and development on behalf of the one-world state movement. [5] UN-statement A/RES/42/187on Dec. 11, 1987: The UN Plenary Assembly ” want "A long-term strategy for sustainable and environmentally sound development" under the agenda item entitled "Development and international economic co-operation". 2. Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, famous for having [6] accepted the Sharia and the Cairo-Declaration on Islam´s Human Rights of 1990 as an integrated element of UN Human Rights.


Sponsors of "euractiv"   
But who are the sponsors seen on this new euractiv blog? It turns out that they have the same aim as  EU, which on Oct.24, 2007 declared to be [7] illuministic: The one-world state.They are among others:

1.Exxon:Reportedly the biggest oil company of the world, an American multinational descendant of Rockefeller´Standard Oil, financed today by Rothschild´s J.P Morgan Chase and [8] Rothschild-Rockefeller partner Northern Rock. Pollutant.
.[9] CEFIC :Cocktail of national federations, individual companies, issue-based lobby organizations and 'senior advisory groups' of chemical industries which together represent 30% of global chemical production. Eleven members of the European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT) also lobby with CEFIC. The group enjoys privileged access to EU institutions, particularly the European Commission where it has cosy relations with some of the most influential directorates, such as DGI (Trade and External Economic Relations), DGXV (Internal Market) and DGIII (Industrial Affairs - a new and unique arrangement between the Commission and an industry). The world of the future, in CEFIC's vision, is a marketplace without borders. An enormous pollutant.

The ERT members are Bayer, British Petroleum, Hoffmann-La Roche, ICI, Norsk Hydro, OMV, Petrofina, Repsol, Rhône-Poulenc, Shell and Solvay. Other CEFIC members include Azko Nobel, DuPont, Dow Europe, Exxon, Elf, Hoechst, Monsanto Europe, Novartis, Procter & Gamble and Union Carbide. The ERT was re-founded by Per Gyllenhammmar of Volvo in 1983. He was also the advisor of David Rockefeller´s Chase Manhattan Bank. Several ERTs are Bilderbergers. (Andreas v. Rétyi: Bilderberger, Kopp Verlag, Rottenburg, 2006).
3.Honeywell: American multinational Airspace Technology. Air pollutant.

4.[10] Visa
:A Rothschild partner .
5. Shell: [11] Rothschild affiliated . Pollutant.
6. Oracle:Programmer Rupert Harper [12] working for Rothschild  on bullion and precious metal programmes -and for Barclays , a Rothschild partner.
7.  [13] Friends of Europe comprising all the multicultural, globalistic undemocratic illuminist traitors to European culture.
8. Microsoft: Bill Gates wife, Melinda, partook of the Bilderberg session 2004 (Andreas v. Rétyi: Bilderberger, Kopp Verlag, Rottenburg 2006).
9.Total: The fourth largest publicly-traded integrated oil and gas company and a world-class chemicals manufacturer, Total operates in more than 130 countries and has 95, 000 employees. Big pollutant.
10. Dow
: One of the worlds biggest plastic producers. Big pollutant
11. Air France
: Still excusing for the pollution of the Concorde. Pollutant.
12. DuPont: One of the worlds greatest producers of plastic packings  and energi-extraction equipment. Big pollutant.

The [14] ECX CO2 trade doesn´t reduce the CO2 emission very much worldwide. It is to be seen as the [15] UN-tax discussed by the Bilderbergers 2005 - as witnessed by the spy Daniel Estulin
Now, saving the globe through CO2 emission limitation is the new official EU religion. The ECX trading with EU emission allowances does not limit the CO2 emission. It only makes goods more expensive. And the concerns pass the bill on to the consumers.

 Therefore, it is indeed very odd, that the [16] Commission steps back from the rational way of doing it: “Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a method whereby CO2 released during energy production from fossil fuels is captured, transported and stored in underground geological formations. CCS is seen as a key component of EU efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, the whole procedure is superfluous, the [17] climate change not being caused by CO2. But where are EU´s logics and consequence?

Nevertheless EU wants to avoid a decrease of CO2 emission! With which arguments?
1."The technology is expensive." Yes, but the bill is being passed on from the ECX market to us.
2. "and faces public scepticism in terms of the safety of long-term underground CO2 storage." This is an odd argument: The method has never been discussed in public - to my knowledge!  All I have found is that the method is not dangerous, but that  [18] the public must be informed - something unknown to EU!
3. "It remains uncertain whether CCS will become commercially viable in time to contribute significantly to the EU's commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020."- Of course it would, if wanted! This is viz. another big busines - with nothing: Since 1996 [19] Norwegian Statoil Company is leading 1 Million tons each year of this gas into stores under the North Sea in order not to pay CO2-taxes.Australia is becoming market leader! And even a 10% reduction would be vital, if the climate thesis were correct.
4. The attitude of the EU appears to favour a more hands-off approach in terms of storage site approval: member-state authorities would draft storage permits. The Commission would then review the draft permits within six months, and the member-state authorities would have to take the Commission's opinion into consideration, and "justify any departure from the Commission's opinion", when finalising the permits.
5. Much to the dissapointment of some environmental NGOs, the Commission decided not to impose CCS technology on coal or gas-fired power plants from a specific date, arguing that the technology is "insufficiently mature to be mandated". "The Commission addressed the economic, social and environmental implications of mandatory CCS in the impact assessment and concluded that at this time a mandatory requirement should not be imposed," the draft says.

It seems that the EU Commission is more interested in profitable CO2-allowance trading on the ECX market than in spending money on getting rid of produced CO2.
Do these eurocrates and europoliticians believe in their climate sham themselves? They use private planes for their many sessions in stead of ordinary airlines. Now Denmark gets a Climate Minister to travel around the world on behalf of climate business.This does not limit CO2 emission! Not to speak of Al Gores house, which consumes 20 times more energy than a normal US house. Now Denmark has got a Climate minister, Connie Hedegaard, who participated in the [20] Bilderberg Meeting 2005 alongside with e.g. EU Commission President Barroso,  a meeting where  a UN taxation of the world population was demanded - without people noticing it - as witnessed by Daniel Estulin.This tax  they have obtained through the ECX market.

The EU is a UN vassal in the service of the dark forces behind the one-world movement! No wonder: Its forerunner, the European Coal and Steel Union, was [21] founded by the US Foreign Secretary, the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations as well as the CIA according to declassified US government papers!

I have just seen a shocking article on EU Referendum blog: The [22] Bali cclimate conference means an extra 110.000 tons of CO2 emission. These people do not believe in the climate lie themselves 

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