Building the World State XV. “Holy” Russia – the Joker in the Destruction of the Old World Order?

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[1] Abdullah_satan_signWho is Vladimir Putin really?  Is he the only remaining opponent of the New World Order, is he still a communist as indicated by this KGB-affiliation and this very antisemitic article by his newspaper [2] Pravda on Aug. 26, 2008 calling on Putin to do as they did in communist days  – or is he a  piece in the hands of the [3] illuminists, too?  In the Middle East Russia now appears to be the champion of Iran – and the opponent of the USA and Israel.

Illuminati sign of Lucifer among brethren.

[4] New American, Jan. 9, 2009  Henry Kissinger ([5] Trilateral [5] Commissionist (TC), Member of the [6] US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), [7] Bilderberger has been [8] busy on an important New-World-ordermission in Russia with Vladimir Putin and Primakow - the link between Stalin and Putin.

A [9] Novosti story on July 13, 2007  reported on Kissinger's "closed door" meeting with Putin, Primakov, and a delegation of former U.S. officials at Putin's presidential residence. The Novosti article contrasted sharply with the absence of any coverage of the conference by the major U.S. media. All of the Kissinger-led U.S. team but one are high-level members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), lending credence to the belief that this is actually a project of the CFR, the premier organization pushing for a new world order for much of the past century.


[10] Medvedev-kissingerIn December, Kissinger was back in Russia meeting with President Dmitry Medvedev, Putin's protégé. Again, no coverage in the U.S. media.[11] Russia[11] Today, a Novosti subsidiary, reported.


Medvedev-Kissinger 2008.


Kissinger and his fellow globalists at the Council on Foreign Relations never seem to be discomfited working with the leaders of totalitarian regimes. Indeed, they seem to have the most cordial of relations with one another. They do not seem to be concerned that the Putin-Medvedev regime has been brutally suppressing all dissent and opposition — and killing those who refuse to yield to the suppression. Even "mainstream" media like the BBC [12] has noted that under Putin, the [12] KGB's power and influence have increased to unprecedented heights

"Four out of five members of Russia's political and business elite have a [13] KGB past, according to a new study by the prestigious [Russian] Academy of Sciences. The influence of ex-Soviet spies has ballooned under President Vladimir Putin."

Putin's has restored important communist symbols: • the Red Star, as Russia's official military emblem; • the Red Banner, as Russia's military flag; • the music of the [14] Dzerjinsky[15] Dzerzinskyold Soviet anthem, albeit with new words; • and his attempt, along with Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov,

to restore the giant statue of  [16] Felix Dzerzhinsky ) to its former place of honor in Moscow's Lubyanka Square. Dzerzhinsky was the founder of the [17] secret Soviet police, the Cheka, and has the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands

Russia has used its [18] conflict with Georgia to display its military power, reclaim a sphere of influence and frighten its neighbours.[18]


[19] Middle East Times Dec. 3, 2008: Russian Parliament passed constitutional amendments on Nov. 26,  paving the way for [19] Vladimir Putin to return to supreme power in the Kremlin – or for Medvedev to hold supreme power for Putin for the next 16 years. Furthermore, the mass media has increasingly come under the state's thumb, with the government now effectively controlling all TV channels and most of the central newspapers.

Governors and senators are effectively appointed by the executive branch. Political parties were defanged and brought under the Kremlin's control.  Many political analysts in Russia agree that the current rulers will not consider a peaceful power transition through election… they may be planting the seeds of widespread popular discontent, if not a revolution.

[20] Andrew Wilson - a Senior Policy Fellow at the [21] European Council on Foreign Relations and a Senior Lecturer in Ukrainian Studies, University College, London, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House).
“The Russian regime derives legitimacy from confronting enemies and the current enemy is the West. To prove that he is a strong successor, Medvedev will have to maintain this antagonism.
Why the West? In the words of Fyodor Lukyanov, the “idea of national prestige” is very important to the Russian elite. “All the time the talk is of respect, about pride, about how we managed to overcome national disaster and how we should now demonstrate to everybody that we are back.”

Having defeated internal enemies like the oligarchs and the Chechens, at least in the propaganda world, the Kremlin has moved on to external enemies. According to Lukyanov, it “organised a very intensified hysteria that was anti-Western”.

[22] Yushchenko_203The Ukrainian events were the Russian elite’s worst nightmare. They dramatically undercut the assumption that the Russian system had stabilised after Yukos, and combined the three threats the elite feared most: grassroots mobilisation, elite defections, and outside influence. The shock was reinforced when the Orange Revolution was immediately followed by demonstrations in major Russian cities against welfare reform in January and February 2005.

In 2004 Ukrainian opposition leader Yuschenko was [23] poisoned by dioxin Many think Russia was behind it

Once the Russian elite convinced itself that the “coloured revolutions” were a Western plot against them, it began to see domestic opposition as a “fifth column” which needed to be controlled.  Pavlovsky explains that “after the events in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan we had to struggle for the street. We had to organise someone on the streets so the space wouldn’t be occupied by our opponents.

In 2006 Russia introduced a law to make life difficult for foreign-funded [24] NGOs and to foster domestic equivalents. The Kremlin then began to create a network of NGOs that were loyal to Putin.  The authorities sabotaged the observation mission of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)


To discredit opponents, the “technologists” gathered compromising materials and engaged in black PR, character assassination and “information wars”.


Political technology in 1999-2000 created the illusion of change, but allowed no proper democratic transition. Regardless, many Western leaders rushed to embrace Putin as the new face of Russia.


United Russia predictably swept the elections, winning 64% of the vote and 315 out of 450 seats in the Duma.  


[25] Anna_Politkovskaya_byZelenskaya[26] Anna-politskovskajas-gravThat Russia is anything but democratic is also demonstrated by the political killings.

Journalist Anna Politkovskaja was shot down in 2006 for being critical to the Chechnyan war.


 [27] New Europe Jan. 19, 2009 : Germany gets 37 percent of its gas supplies from Russia.

Russia does not deal seriously with the European Commission or the EU presidency as representing the European Union, but is dealing directly with the big Member States and with Member States in which Russia has particular interests. Indeed, early last week, according to New Europe sources in Moscow close to the Kremlin, while Putin refused to respond to telephone calls from Commission President Jose Barroso, he called the Greek Prime Minister.

[28] EUObserver , Jan. 20, 2009: The leaders of Russia and Ukraine are less trustworthy than some African countries, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Tuesday (20 January.
Russia blames the US for the gas crisis: The[29] Guardian 14 Jan., 2009 


[30] Markelov[31] Litvinenko[32] Left: Recently    Russian human-rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov  and Novaya Gazeta reporter Anastasiya Baburova were shot and killed in broad daylight for having disclosed Russian army crimes in Chechnya.
[33] Right: Alexander Litvinko 
was probably poisoned in London with thallium – the trademark of the KGB. He died in 2006.

Kissingers visits to Putin remain enigmatic
, since the Council on Foreign Relations seems [34] to hate Putin for not submitting to their claims of New World Order world hegemony . Or are they just harmonizing the “Great Game”?
The Soviet-Union, Putin´s KGB-mother,  fell when the TCs and CFR-members, [35] David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger demanded it from Gorbachev!

It is difficult to determine Russias role in the New World Order after the fall of the New World Order project, the Soviet Union ([36] financed by Wall Street  and Fed founder Paul Warburg´s brother, [37] Max Warburg, in Germany, who also served on the board of the IG Farben (Zyklon B for Auschwitz) and Hitler´s Reichsbank), without turning to other sources.
The postulated letter from the illuminist guru of the Scottish Rite freemason lodge,[38] Albert Pike to Mafia-boss Mazzini  instructs
: “International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm."  

[39] Putin_and_Schroeder_number2 Putin has a past as a [40] KGB-officer - was even the [41] chief of the KGB-successor FSB 1998–1999.
His best friend, former German Bundeskanzler, [42] Gerhard Schröder (right) is a 33 degree mason [42] .

Few seem to know Putin´s deeper motives. Here is a wikipedia [41] statement that brings grim suspicions
: “
In June 2007, Putin organised a conference for history teachers to promote a high-school teachers manual called A Modern History of Russia: 1945-2006: A Manual for History Teachers which portrays Joseph Stalin as a cruel but successful leader. Putin said at the conference that the new manual will "help instill young people with a sense of pride in Russia", and he argued that Stalin's purges pale in comparison to the United States' atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In December 2007, the Russian sociologist Igor Eidman (VCIOM) qualified the regime that had solidified under Putin as "…"the traits of extreme right-wing dictatorship . Some analysts assess the socio-economic system which has emerged in Russia as profoundly unstable and the situation in the Kremlin after Dmitry Medvedev's nomination as fraught with a coup d'état," In his last days in office Putin was reported to have taken a series of steps to re-align the regional bureaucracy to make the governors report to the prime minister rather than the president.

Mr. Putin suggested in a recent speech that the threat posed by the U.S., "as during the time of the Third Reich," include "the same claims of exceptionality and dictat in the world."  
Russia has become, in the precise sense of the word, a [43] fascist state

What is he going to do now that his economy is collapsing and the rubel is being devaluated vigorously? Russia is a high-cost oil producer. It is [19] competitive when oil is above $75. It is sputtering when its Urals brand oil is below $50 (Now at about 35 dollars) [19] .

This mysterious man “looks like a lamb – but speaks like a dragon” (Rev. 13 :11).  Is Russia to be the antagonist of the West in [38] Albert Pike´s  and the Bible´s (Ezech 38–39, Matth. 24, Rev.) remarkably identical apocalyptic stagings – although wit different outcomes? I don´t know – but the [44] diabolically religious New World Order people do!


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